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The Tyranny of King Washington is the result of Charles Lee never joining the Templars
This results in Connor's village not being burned and him not joining the Assassins and meeting George Washington and becoming a Morality Pet to him thus him being corrupted by the apple without Connors influence.
  • Jossed
The Tyranny of King Washington is a vision that Connor sees in the Mowhawk's Piece of Eden.
  • Partially confirmed it's a vision that Connor and Washington both witness with Washington's apple
Assassin's Creed III will be released in September 2012.
Just so it can perfectly match the in-game time.
  • Well Ubisoft seems to be trying to get one game out a year, so this all but confirmed.
    • It is. They outright stated it'd be pointless to do the whole "save the world by December 21, 2012" thing if it's already past that deadline IRL.
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    • Jossed. It's coming out on October 30, 2012. Close guess, though.
    • Also confirmed. The game begins October 30, 2012.

Erudito's identity
He wasn't originally an assassin, just a smart guy who started investigating. As he unraveled the Abstergo conspiracy (which would be a great mobile spinoff), he went mad from the revelation and began sabotaging important Abstergo practices and spreading the word about the lies by messing with the animus dev diaries and ads. He was discovered and kept safe by the assassins, who eventually curb his unconcealed attacks on the global conspiracy to preserve secrecy. That's why his early hacks lean towards rambling about how the population are sheep and overuse of the red/white filter, while his last dev diary hack is a reassurance of safety and hope for those who are potential animus candidates.
  • But isn't it them? Like - Legion?

If AC3 takes place during World War II, the Assassin you play as will be the one who assassinates Hitler.
Subject 16 has already confirmed that an Assassin was responsible for taking out Hitler when he tried to escape his bunker. I don't think Ubisoft would pass up the opportunity to have you personally whacking him.
  • My theory is that if it takes place in World War II, you'll play as an Ally spy in an occupied France, while assassinating Templar Axis leaders.
  • Jossed for now. Also, even if it was set during World War II, it's unlikely you'd fight for the Allies, since both they and the Axis are controlled by the Templars... except Japan.
    • But not the Comintern thus if the setting is used you will probably play as someone from the Eastern Bloc.
      • Stalin's been confirmed as one of the four templars so the Comintern is also out at least to some degree. And considering the monstrosities the Japanese did, it would *REALLY* paint a massive question on the Assassins' heads about their true benevolence, considering the Japanese basically started the rush to war and were the first aggressors (even against the nightmares that were the Nationalist and Communist Chinese and the Soviet Union).
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  • Nonono, you'll assassinate Churchill. I don't care if he didn't die until '65 (it was an illusion cast by the Apple, or something), the chance to assassinate one of recent history's most beloved leaders is just too good to pass up.
  • Jossed. ACIII takes place in America during the Revolution. Still a possibility for future games, though.
  • Word of God says that they'll never do World War II because it's too clichéd.
    • And also because it'd be incredibly offensive. The idea that FDR, Churchill, Hitler, and Stalin started WWII and were all Templars is insanely bad for sales and PR on so many levels; not the least of which being the entire Pacific Rim erupting to point out that the *JAPANESE* were the ones to start World War II (kinda). On top of that, Western Audiences might be able to stomach spearing American, British, French, Canadian, and Amerindian troops during the Revolutionary War, but shooting them in "The Good War"? If they wanted to make the World War II as a game they'd need to do crazy retconning in order to make it palatable.
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    • It'd be a simple matter to prescribe the atrocities of the Japanese to Templar influence and manipulation, like the Sack of Nanking. After all, ACIII was able to get away with implying that one of the worst European atrocites, the spreading of smallpox through "gifts" of blankets, as a Templar ploy to spread their influence.
      • Except for the fact that that would involve retconning what ACII said about World War II starting because of the collusion of Churchill, Roosevelt, Hitler, and Stalin as Templars. If the Japanese were really under Templar influence, wouldn't that have been mentioned?

The third game will take place almost entirely in modern day, with some parts following Altaïr's lover.
There's no reason for them to use the Animus, as far as I can guess. In the first game, they needed the map from Altaïr, and the second game was just training Desmond to become like Ezio. There's a point to all this training, you're going to fight as Desmond in the third game. This makes sense, considering the fact that Desmond now has a modernized retractable blade. Ubisoft also mentioned playing a female ancestor. Remember the flashback Desmond had when he was suffering the bleeding effect? Where his genetic memory is passed on to the Templar Altaïr had sex with? There has to be somewhere they were going with that, and considering that apparently Ubisoft says that you'll play as a woman, it's just too much to be coincidence.
  • First off, Jossed because Ubisoft says they're done with both Ezio and Altair as of Revelations. Also further Jossed, as it takes place during the Revolutionary War.
  • However, they have also said that Desmond will have a larger role, and that this is the end of his "saga", but not the franchise, so there will be a larger portion in the modern day.

If AC3 takes place during the 20th Century, the Assassin you play as will be the one who causes the Tunguska Event.
The turn of the century, turning Nikola Tesla to the cause, fighting Thomas Edison and J.P. Morgan's dark designs. It'll be The Five Fists of Science only without the Lovecraftian monsters...maybe.
  • Recently Jossed with the Assassin's Creed: The Fall comic series. Word of God states that the Russia-centered plot will eventually relate to the Tunguska Experiment.

In the end of Assassin's Creed 3 it turns out that the three games were played from the eyes of a descendant of Desmond who controls him the same way Desmond controls Altaïr and Ezio.
If the Third game is played from Desmond's point of view there wouldn't be any excuse why you could save, restart levels and do similar things or even look at Desmond from the third person perspective any more.

The logical conclusion is that in the far future someone wants to find an object which Desmond hides at the end of part 3. Therefore the Animus is used again. It would make the perfect meta WTF-ending.

Think about it. In the beginning of AC 1 development it was planned to keep Desmond's involvement secret until the end where all the animus-mechanics are revealed in order to make a good WTF-ending (it was thrown over due to information leaking).

Couldn't it be possible that they decide to pick this plan back up?

  • This is Desmonds final game mostly because Ubisoft thinks that it is too much to ask from the players to remember what Desmond did in games as old as five years. This means either the games after 3 will function without any Animus technology, the game will be played through the commercially available Animus where it would imply that you are the ancestor or it will be played by a new modern character that maybe is more accessable to the audience by having a less tight continuity.

Word of God said that because it is Assassin's Creed 2, the protagonist has two hidden blades. That means in Assassin's Creed 3, the next protagonist will have three hidden blades.

You will have to fight Altaïr and possibly Ezio in AC3.
If you were enough of a dork interested enough like this troper to actually read the codex pages that you collect in Assassin's Creed II, you find a Cliffhanger, where Altaïr is aware he is going to die soon, so he might/might-not-have used the Apple to save himself from death. He then might have been granted immortality or eternal youth only at the cost of being the Apple's slave for the rest of forever. Ezio might have become aware of his age himself, and used the Staff to keep him young forever, with the same rules to the contract that the Apple might have offered Altaïr. So when or if you play as Desmond, you will have to hunt down all the Pieces of Eden, and have to defeat the Keepers of Eden, people who fell under the control of the Pieces of Eden, possibly including Altaïr and Ezio.
  • If so, that will be a Player Punch of epic proportions.
  • Jossed, Altair and Ezio are definitely dead.
  • Though to be fair to the WMG, in Assassin's Creed: Liberation you fight the ghosts of dead enemies at one point when drugged up, and they are skilled and dangerous opponents. In theory, they could make any previous protagonists fightable opponents through similar methods.

Assassin's Creed III will be released on December 21, 2012
I can definitely see Ubisoft trying to pull this off.
  • Well, it's already been confirmed by Word of God that there will be no new Assassin's Creed releases in 2011...

There will be no Animus in AC3 and Desmond will learn to control the Bleeding Effect
As the Bleeding Effect kicks in, Desmond will start re-living the memories of his ancestors without the need to use an Animus, as he already briefly had with Altaïr in Assassin's Creed II. A significant part of the plot will revolve around trying to find a way to control the Bleeding Effect so that the visions don't just happen randomly. By the end, Desmond will have complete access to all his ancestors' memories (on paper anyway).
  • Jossed, Desmond's using the Animus 3.01.
  • Also Confirmed, as Desmond gains control of the bleeding effect through the Synch Nexus created at the end of Revelations

Assassin's Creed 3 will take place during the French Revolution.
Really, it's just so obvious choice. A conflict that fits perfectly in the series' theme, interesting period style, lots of beautiful historical buildings with plenty of decorations handy for climbing around...Can anyone give an example of another setting and period after the 16th century that has all that, and can convincingly tie to one mostly Caucasian man's family history?
  • Well, per The Truth puzzles, it is canon that Napoleon did mange to get his hands on a Piece of of Eden, which if I'm not mistaken is the same exact Piece of Eden that Altaïr and Ezio had for a bit (the Apple). So yep, it would be a perfect time period. They could set it from 1789 - 1815, which is the beginning of the French Revolution through to the Battle of Waterloo.
    • Adding in Napoleon would probably just needlessly complicate the plot. It would divide it into two parts that have almost nothing to do with each other. The Revolution itself has plenty to go for it, along with the fact that it had far more grassroot incidents that a single Assassin could credibly be a part of than the Napoleonian Wars. Plus that Maximilien Robespierre would be a far more interesting main villain; a man who goes from young idealist opposing the very institution of death penalty into a tyrant who executes dozens of people daily as counterrevolutionaries. That descent alone would make a magnificent central plot to the story, and the protagonist going from Robespierre's supporter into his worst enemy as the story progresses. Just for example. If Napoleon needs to be dealt with, a semi-sequel like the Brotherhood would be a better way to handle him.
      • Could be that Robespierre is a Templar Double Agent, used to infiltrate the Assassins. The whole 'get rid of the monarchy and install democracy' was in fact never going to happen according to Robespierre's plan. The Reign of Terror was what life was going to be like in the new Templar-controlled France. Permanently. That's not to say the monarchy was pro-Assassin. They could be, but they are probably neutral at this point. It could just as easily be that they were pro-Templar, and the whole Revolution was a plan to keep the Templars in control of France.
      • Like Assassin's Creed II, you could easily be fighting as another character like Ezio, perhaps a noble who was supposedly "lost to/erased from history." It would make it easier to get caught up with the crazy events that went on from the Revolution through Waterloo. And Napoleon wouldn't necessarily have to be an antagonist the entire time. Perhaps, in the chaos of the Revolution, the Assassins actually voluntarily GIVE Napoleon the POE, as he seems like the most reasonable person to wield it to bring France out if its Templar-orchestrated chaos (which one can historically argue that he was). Perhaps, they gave it to him just before 13 Vendémiaire (5 October 1795), which was the battle in which he distinguished himself and officially became a Badass. Maybe the POE causes Napoleon to lose it and become a megalomaniac. This forces the Assassins to turn against him, which they do by stealing the POE back during Waterloo, causing him to loose the battle and go into his final exile. However, the Assassin's don't kill him, as he may be useful in the future, though he dies before they can use him again.
      • "I know that symbol. That's a Phrygian Cap. It stands for freedom... and that, that's a Masonic Eye. Now those two come together in only one place—" Hey, what are those things on the Declaration of the rights of man and the citizen?
    • Close, but no cigar. It's finally been revealed that it is set in the American Revolution.
      • Could still work as a Gaiden Game in Style of Brotherhood and Revelations.
      • Building off this theory, it's possible that a Gaiden Game will feature the original Reign of Terror in France, and that the overall chaotic nature of the time period could shatter the factions for a period. Imagine boss battles featuring Well-Intentioned Extremist versions of the Assassins, and finding the player character forced to Enemy Mine with memebrs of the hated Templars. Add in Napoleon and Robespierre, and you've got a fun little Battle Royale, don't you?
    • Or, the game will feature "missing memories" like previous titles, to be filled with DLC Sequences. One of these could easily be the beginning of the French Revolution, the storming of the Bastille, which occurred in 1789. Providing Conner isn't KIA, he'd easily survive the fifteen years and possibly be called overseas to aid the French Assassins in guiding the people to overthrow Templar rule. He is a ship captain as well, so he could easily make the trip.
    • The DLC is announced to take place in America during the fictional reign of King Washingtons. But a french Patriot commander talks to you in an optional conversation and asks Connor if he would want to visit his family and country after the war.
Assassin's Creed 3 will take place in World War I
The theory of a game in one of the World Wars has, after all, been passed around, and since World War II got jossed, perhaps it shall be World War One?
  • Possibly focussing on or including the Russian revolution, which takes place at around the same time.
  • Jossed. It does take place during a revolution, though: the American Revolution.
    • Like with World War II, it would also be crazy controversial and the equivalent of kicking a hornet's nest with your bare foot and expecting to make a profit off the honey. It's less obviously so than World War Two, but there are enough national pathos tied into it and enough people who still know the basics that it'd probably wind up blowing up in their faces.

Instead of horses AC 3: 2012 will employ motorbikes
Motorbikes are more a pendant to horses than cars and it fits that the first game suspiciously specifically confirmed that Desmond has a motorbike license.

Desmond Lives
  • Again. After a little while he will be ressurected in order to fight off June. And start family with Lucy, have kids and only then dying for good. Revealing that we are indeed playing as his descendant.

Assassin's Creed III will take place in New York.
The coordinates Ezio and Leonardo get at the end of the Da Vinci Disappearance DLC point to an address in New York. Perhaps the two guys who took Desmond back to the Animus are leaving to New York as their new hideout, or one of Desmond's ancestors lived in Upstate New York?
  • Partially true. It's been concerned that at least part of Assassin's Creed III will take place in New York (along with Boston, Philadelphia, etc.)
  • Well, the present part of the story partially takes place in New York but only in a cave, deep in a forrest and in a short mission where you only climb a skyscraper.

Marquis de Sade will feature prominently in AC 3.
Assuming that the earlier WMG about AC 3 being set during the French Revolution is correct, de Sade would most likely to be a prominent Assassin of the period. Much like Machiavelli, de Sade is a historically vilified figure associated with all kinds of unpleasant activities, but who actually was ahead of his time in many ways, defending women's rights and opposing class society despite of his aristocratic station, like Machiavelli supported the idea of republicanism in most of his less known works. And to tip of it all off, certain writings of his almost directly state: "Nothing is real, everything is permitted"!
  • Possibly. It's confirmed that it takes place during the American Revolution, but the time period still definitely fits. The core ACIII game seems to be based around America, but exploring events in France and the rest of Western Europe is definitely a possibility for spin-offs. This being the American Revolution, it's likely that the Marquis de Lafayette will put in an appearance at some point, so his entry into the saga would be a nice bridge between events in America and France. If we do get to France in a future game, I doubt the developers would pass up a chance to work Marquis de Sade in somehow.

AC III will take place during The American Civil War.
It's arleady established that John Wilkes Booth was killed by the Assassins, and that Subject 16 had an ancestor at the Battle of Gettysburg (who may or may not be a common ancestor between 16 and Desmond). The Battle of Gettysburg is also perfect for nicknaming this Assassin "The Killer Angel".

Assassin's Creed III will take place in the Thirteen Colonies during the time of the French and Indian Wars and The American Revolution.
It makes sense. A resource-rich territory is a perfect battleground between Assassins and Templars. If George Washington doesn't turn out to be a Templar, he's a perfect Assassin Grand Master, as historians already believe him to be one of the great military spymasters of the era. Hell, the Founding Fathers might even not be aware that some of their fellow leaders are Assassins or Templars, which could lead to a fundamental split in ideology between them (one that can be seen later in the Federalist (Adams, Hamilton) and Democratic Republican (Jefferson, Madison) divide after the Revolution. They could use colonial cities like Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Charleston as settings. Granted, this is likely more possible if the majority of the Patriots were Assassin-aligned, and I have a sneaking suspicion Thomas Jefferson would have been the preeminent Assassin anyway, while Benjamin Franklin served as more of a da Vinci role.

Besides, the AMVs using songs from 1776 would make it all worth it.

  • While the ideological setting is near-perfect, the United States of the period lacks the distinctive architecture so prominent in the games so far; adventuring in 18th century American cities would be rather dull compared to Chrusades era Middle-East or Renaissance Italy. Also, the locations used so far have been picked on the basis that they appear exotic, but average gamers can still recognise landmarks and individuals here and there. Setting the third game in the US would make the events too familiar to the American gamers, as well as stretch the suspense of disbelief farther due to the more familiar history.
  • Confirmed! 'Assassin's Creed III will take place in the French and Indian Wars to American Revolution period.

Assassin's Creed III will be set during the French Revolution.
At the end of Brotherhood, while in the Vault, Shaun mentions the Phrygian Cap, which stands for freedom, and the Masonic Eye, and says they only come together in one place before getting cut off. That place is the Declaration of the Rights of Man at the beginning of the French Revolution; the cap is on the tip of the spear, and the eye is in the middle in the top. Like the Crusades and Renaissance, most people know about the French Revolution, and would recognize some people, but be in the dark enough to not know everything. Like II, it could span multiple years, possibly going into the reign of Napoleon. Incidentally, the Glyph puzzles in II mention that Napoleon possessed a Piece of Eden; this would give the Assassins and Templars a reason to go after him.
  • Jossed, ACIII takes place during the American Revolution.

Spanish civil war will be in 3.
It seems logical, it has a chaotic good vs lawful evil/lawful neutral just like the rest of the series.
  • Jossed. It takes place during the latter half of the 1700s, during and around the American Revolution.

AC3 will centre around the first descendant of Altaïr and Ezio.
According to the writer of Revelations, Altaïr and Ezio are on different sides of Desmond's family tree... which means that at some point, the descendants of Altaïr and Ezio intermarried.note  Since when that happened hasn't been revealed, Assassin's Creed III can take place any time from 1530 or so to the modern day (Desmond might be that first descendant).
  • Desmond is the convergence of Altaïr and Ezio's bloodlines. Also, Sofia being a descendant of Altaïr is a very big stretch since until meeting Ezio she wasn't involved in the whole Assassins Vs. Templar business.
  • Wouldn't really work, since Ezio is stated to be the LAST connection in the bloodlines of Sixteen and Desmond, meaning that the bloodlines converging later would contradict this.
  • Jossed.

Assassin's Creed III will not feature Desmond at all.
  • Bear with me. In Brotherhood, Juno and Sixteen talk about a woman that will help Desmond defeat the Templars and save the world. Specifically, Juno says that it is not Lucy, and that Those Who Came Before cannot sense her ("the Cross clouds the horizon"), thanks to the Templars. Sixteen, meanwhile says that the key is Desmond's son. Then in Assassin's Creed: Embers, we met a female Chinese Assassin named Shao Jun. The order has been annihilated by the new Emperor and she travels to Italy to seek help from a retired Ezio. After a short period where Ezio refuses, he offers her advice and a parting gift (to only be opens when she loses her way) before she returns to China. This is such an enormous plot hook that it can't possibly be not followed up. Put it together: AC III will follow Desmond's female counterpart, either a Templar or an Assassin/regular person that Abstergo is using to explore Shao Jun's memories in their continuing quest for world domination, who will ultimately escape (or be set loose) and track Desmond down.
  • Or it'll star Daniel from The Fall.
  • Jossed. Desmond's story is billed as being concluded in 3.

Shao Jun will be the ancestor character in Assassins Creed III
If only because Embers showed her to have a hidden blade-type device in her shoe. With one on each wrist...
  • That would somehow require her to be related to either Altaïr or Ezio. Also the next game will likely move beyond The Renaissance.
    • Technically, she only has to be related to Desmond, and later Ming Dynasty China is pretty different from Renaissance Italy...
  • Jossed. It is Connor Kenway, in the 1700s.

The Crystal Skulls will be vital to Assassin's Creed III
E-mails Desmond can find at the end of the first game make mention of them (along with other unimportant plot aspects like Subject 16 and the Bleeding Effect), specifically that the Templars hold them in the modern day and use them as untraceable communicators, and that Vidic himself is in possession of one. Meanwhile, one of the few English phrases on Subject 16's mural reads "Within Quetzalcoatl's hunger and Emperor Jiajing's sin lies the answers". In Project Legacy, we see Giovanni Borgia steal a Skull from an Aztec city, and he is later contacted through it by a Chinese man, who is most probably Jiajing. Given that the skulls from Mexico and China are probably what 16 was referring to, maybe the "answers" he says they contain are the solutions to the solar flare Jupiter mentions he, Juno and Minerva were working on at the time , that Desmond and co. will have to find, by digging through Shao Jun's memories to find the Jiajing skull, and preparing an assault on a Templar facility convieniently located in New York to get Vidic's crystal skull, giving Desmond a chance to finally get some revenge on Dr. Vidic.
  • Jossed, never mentioned.
    • ACTUALLY...The crystal Apple Connor's tribe has seems pretty darn similar in function to what we've heard/seen of the skulls. Close enough?

Assassin's Creed III's plot
In light of the newly released images of the game, establishing an American Revolution setting and a Native Assassin, Tthis troper decided to do a bit of reading up on the American Revolution on The Other Wiki and searched up the roles the Natives played in the Revolution. To her surprise, most of the Native Americans sided with the Crown, and one of the powerful supporters was Joseph Brant of the Mohawk nation. Said nation was a part of the Iroquois Confederacy based in New York. A possibility that our Assassin will see the events of the Revolution unfold from here, who knows? It would make sense considering the key to saving the universe is in New York and Desmond is under a tight deadline at the moment.
  • It is confirmed that there will be other natives in the Frontier that attack Connor in random encounters. Those can very well be Empire-alligned Natives mistaking Connor for a Patriot.

A spin-off will involve Connor matching wits with Napoléon Bonaparte
We know that Napoleon had a Piece of Eden in his possession at some point, so it's likely that he was a Templar. Even if he wasn't, he's just too juicy a character to not be involved in the Assassin's Creed saga in some way. And as dictator of France, he was known for having an extensive network of spies around Europe, which would be a good environment for an assassin to work his magic. And since the events of ACIII seem to be focused around America during the Revolution, it would make sense to have a follow-up set during The Napoleonic Wars (possibly even the War of 1812), where Connor could see the events of the Templar-Assassin struggle on an international scale and get a look at its effect on the dynasties of Western Europe.
  • And as a side note: we know that Napoleon was involved in a long campaign in Egypt around 1799, right? Wasn't one of the Pieces of Eden hidden in Egypt for a few thousand years...?
  • This is beginning to seem unlikely. Since one of the third game's biggest selling points is that it's the first game in the series that lets you move out of the big city for long stretches of time to interact with ocean and forest environments, a game set in 18th-century Paris (where most of the action in a game about Napoleon would probably take place) would just seem like backtracking. But you never know.

Connor will be unrelated to Ezio directly and will end up marrying Ezio's female descendant
Another case of the bloodlines gathering together to eventually end up on Desmond. Likewise it's unlikely that he's directly related to Altaïr either.
  • The developers seem not wanting to give a straight answer concerning Connors and Desmonds relation, it seems they try to put a twist in here.

Connor will have a much cruder Eagle Vision/Sense than Altair and Ezio
It doesn´t seem likely at the moment that he will be related to Altair and Ezio, so maybe he has less TWCB DNA and can use Eagle sense only to look easier through fog. When asked during a Comic-Con panel if there were any heavy snowstorms that would make it possible for Connor to simply walk up to guards in a convoy and kill them one by one without one of them suspecting a thing it was said that this would hinder Connors vision as well, even though Ezio could see through smoke bombs in every game with help of eagle vision. Dogs are also used in 3 to track down a specififc target via scent which sounds very similiar to Ezios ability to see the paths guards use in Revelations, but this could be chalked up to Ezio being older and more experienced in Revelations when compared to Connor.
  • Jossed, his eagle vision works the same way as Altair and Ezio.

Connor Won't Have Eagle Vision/Sense
During a certain part in Revelations, William says that only those with genetic material from Those Who Came Before have access to Eagle Vision/Sense, which he admits he doesn't have. From this, we could infer that Ezio and Altair are Desmond's paternal ancestors. Now, Connor's gameplay has been described as being more like a "predator." Being half Native American and having grown up hunting for food, maybe he has honed his tracking and hunting skills so keenly that Eagle Vision/Sense would be of no use to him in finding his targets. This would make a great reason for him to come from William's bloodline, rather than Desmond's mother's.
  • If this is true then perhaps Bill could take his turn in the animus, which would give Desmond a little more freedom. Eagle Sense is an established gameplay mechanic though, so Connor might have 'Hunter's Sense' or something similar which functions close to the same.
  • I thought that William's comment of "I don't have the right genetics" meant he didn't have a high enough concentration of First Civilizations genes to control the Apple. The indication is that Desmond's FCG are coming down both his maternal and paternal lines.
    • Sort of confirmed by Word of God, that says that Ezio and Altair are not related.
      • While true there's also the possibility that their descendants married and their line produced Desmond's mother or father.
  • Given the apparent wolf motif of Connor, rather than the Eagle motif of Ezio and Altaïr, perhaps the "Eagle Vision", something sight-based, is replaced with a wolf-themed sense built around scent. Could make things more interesting if targets picked up on this fact and used water to throw off the trail, making them harder to identify (at least, by smell).
  • The "Design and Combat Interview" had one of the developers saying they reworked the triangle button (presumably the one from PS3 controllers, which is the eagle vision button) to give the ability to switch tools while fighting. The Eagle sense wasn´t used or even mentioned in the demos, too.
  • Jossed, Connor does indeed have Eagle Vision.

Who's a Templar during this period
Lot's of interesting choices to pick from in this time period. Let's get the ball rolling:
  • King George III: Not all Brits will be evil, but the king himself seems ripe for a Big Bad role.
    • Aaaaand Jossed. In fact, Haytham and the other Templars go as far as to mock him and those loyal to him.
  • Benedict Arnold: A chance for Ubisoft to play with Betrayal Tropes. This could also set up a possibility for Arnold to be assassinated during an attempt on Washington's life, similar to the mission where Ezio defends Prince Suleiman in Assassin's Creed: Revelations.
    • Benedict Arnold missions for the PS3 have been confirmed
      • Jossed. He's an arse and a traitor, but there's no indication he's a Templar, or even serving a higher cause than his own profit.
  • Alexander Hamilton: He was actually conspiring with Aaron Burr, but Connor ends up offing them both.
    • And Hamilton's real-life philosophy is similar to that of the Templars.
  • Sam Adams: his actions with the Sons of Liberty were definitely Templar-ish.
    • Jossed, while not a member of the Assassin Brotherhood, he definitely prefers them over the Templars.
  • Charles Lee: One of the screenshots shows Connor lunging at him.
    • Confirmed. He was inducted by Connor's dad.
  • Some of the Founding Fathers. The American government is built on philosophies that resemble a loose mix of those of the Assassins and Templars as described in the games, so it would make sense that the new nation was an attempt to an armistice of some sort.
  • George Washington. According to 16, he did get his hands on Apple and pass it down through the Presidency, where various people used it to control the people. That's a pretty Templar-ish thing to do. Given that Connor seems to be friends with him, the reveal will probably come as quite a Player Punch.
    • The revelation about the mentor being the villain was done in the first game. Plus, would Ubisoft be brave enough to make one of America's Greatest Heroes a bad guy? It would make for a better twist, but still...
      • It's worth noting that the entire conflict in real life was very gray in terms of morality and goals. As expected in an Assassin's Creed universe, Ubisoft will be mixing up the history a lot. They did the same with in-universe content detailing how World War II was orchestrated by the Templars on both sides of the conflict. Who's to say they aren't attempting the same here? Hell, it'd be a pretty interesting twist if the entire revolution is really just a Templar Civil War.
      • Maybe Jossed. There's an episodic DLC called the Tyranny of King Washington which has him doing a Face–Heel Turn and Connor now having to be the one to put his old friend down.
    • Washington's Apple IS discussed by Desmond and company, but never appears in Connor's memories. Shaun states that Washington probably obtained it after the end of the war. So they didn't forget about it, at least. I bet the DLC will feature it, though.
      • He does. The DLC is a vision that he and Connor witness. in the end he has Connor dump it in the ocean
  • Napoléon Bonaparte: He's not directly linked to the American Revolution, but he becomes a shifty ally of the US around the time of Jefferson's presidency, he tried to found a global empire that he thought would last for thousands of years, and we know from one of the in-game puzzles that he possessed a Piece of Eden at some point.
  • Marquis de Lafayette: He was one of the key players in the American and French revolutions, and he was instrumental in America's victory against Britain. His noble background gives him access to the kind of wealth and power that you'd expect from a Templar, and he was a major opponent of Napoleon, possibly indicating an internal dispute within the Templars. If they do make a spin-off featuring Napoleon in a major role (see above WMG) it's likely that he'd have a big part in it, since he'd serve as a bridge between the American Revolution and Nappy Bones' rise to power in France.
    • Possible, but probably jossed; we meet him in-game, and he is working at cross-purposes with the known Templars and seems to be wholly out of the loop they'd be communicating in. He could just be doing a really good job of faking it, but this seems unlikely.
  • Marquis de Sade: Because video-games need fanservice, dammit!
  • Horatio Gates: he failed spectacularly at the battle of Camden. Connor may have had a hand in that particular defeat. He also took all the credit for the victory at Saratoga, when it was Benedict Arnold who did most of the leg work, so he isn't a very sympathetic character. However, if Washington turns out to be a Templar, as speculated before, there's no telling which side Gates could be on, seeing as he was involved in the Conway Cabal, a conspiracy to remove Washington as the commander of the Continental Army.

La Volpe will make an appearance
... as Francis Marion, the Swamp Fox. The partisan's style of combat fits the Assassins, striking quickly and than disappearing. And Marion's men attacked mainly supply convoys, that would be fitting for a thief.
  • La Volpe will have been dead for a couple hundred years by the time of this game. Not to say he couldn't have had any descendants who could appear, but no La Volpe himself.
    • Or counter point. La Volpe is a title passed down from generation to generation and a La Volpe will make an appearance.
    • OP phrased herself badly- she meant on the off chance the rumors of him being immortal were true.
  • Francis Marion does indeed make an appearance! But only as a target in the assassin recruit missions down in South Carolina.

Connor discovers the vault by the end of the game.
Revelations reveals that the Vault is located in upstate New York. Seeing as how New York is one of the locations in the game, this probably sets up a quest to stop the Templars in finding the Central Vault. He might end up discovering the very secret that the Assassins need to prevent mankind's extinction.
  • Jossed. Actually, the Templars of the period are the only ones to even gain knowledge about the vaults existence, but after finding it and not being able to open the door they quickly decide to stop caring about it.

The game will probably be the last game to be set in the Animus.
The next game will feature Desmond as the main hero who will save the world from a large solar flare.
  • Though there is the problem of ACIII being confirmed to end Desmond's story, not the franchise as a whole.
    • Downer Ending anyone?
      • Confirmed.
      • Possibly Jossed at least partially Black Flag is said to feature an Animus like gaming device that will allow users to relive others genetic memories without having the subject present

Connor won't be the only ancestor we visit in this game, but he will be the 'main' one.
Ubisoft have stated that Desmond will attempt to save the world by "visiting the memories of one (or more) ancestors". Therefore, there will probably be a few sequences in which we visit other ancestors. Since Desmond has thus far been used to find Pieces of Eden, the other ancestors will be those who have found other PO Es relatively early in their lives (compared to Ezio at least) and therefore won't need so much synch to access the POE memories. Connor's story is stated to take place over a span of roughly Brotherhood and Revelations together, so those memories will probably be the ones with most player time spent in them. Plus he's the only one featured so far in trailers and promotional material, so he's obviously really important in the game.
  • Confirmed! The first three sequences are played as Haytham Kenway, Connor's father.

Benedict Arnold works with the Assassins...
He'll be captured by the Templars on the American side and framed as a traitor in history by them.
  • Assassin's Creed is known for its twist in the way we perceive history and how the history we know was written by the Templars. While not proof, it'd make sense they would make Benedict Arnold into a fallen hero without anyone ever realizing what he did was for the good of the colonists and humanity. Not to mention, there are the reasons why he betrayed the US...

Charles Lee is Connor's father
We know Lee had a Mohawk wife. Is it possible that his interracial marriage and children caused him to lose prestige, causing him to hate them? Alternatively, the screens we see of Connor and him fighting is tough love.
  • Jossed! Connor's father will be Haytham Kenway. However, Haytham was the one who inducts Charles into the Templar order.

The entire American Revolution will be revealed to have been organized by the Templars.
We already known from Assassin's Creed II that George Washington have access to a piece of Eden, and from the information from Subject 16's glyphs that the Templars are very good at manipulating and eventually taking control of governing systems and ideologies that they originally opposed (the Templars originally tried to suppress Christianity and opposed the rise of capitalism, but they eventually embraced these social change and took control of the Catholic church and founded Abstergo Industries). It is totally within character for them to realized that the age of monarchies was coming to an end, so instead of fighting against the tide of social reforms, they allowed the founding of the United States and put their agents into the new government to ensure the Order can survive the new age.
  • Jossed, The Revolution was caused by the same events that caused them in real life.

Connor will have some thing to do with wolves.
Altair and Ezio both seemed to have connections with hawks\eagles.Sense wolves are seen in the trailer, maybe Connor will have a more wolf like approach to the game.
  • Confirmed. He does move in a completely different fashion to Ezio and Altair, and hunts in the woods to get pelts.
    • The DLC will give Connor Wolf Powers

Connor joins the Assassins in 1772
  • Jossed by new teaser trailer: Connor joins the Assassins in 1770.

William will be killed at an early point in the game
Given that he's the leader of what's left of the Assassins, he can probably shed a lot of light on the order, and if he's related to Connor, he may know enough to spoil the events of Connor's life for the audience. There's also the matter of Daniel and the multiplayer agent being dispatched to kill him at the end of Revelations.
  • Jossed, William lives.

The method of saving the world will have disappeared from the Grand Temple, and Connor has something to do with it.
Revelations ends with Desmond, William, Shaun, and Rebecca outside the Grand Temple of the First Civilization. It stands to reason, then, that the first section of the game will be a platform/parkour sequence as Desmond as they traverse the Temple looking for whatever it is they can use to save the world. When they get there, however, they discover that "it", whatever "it" is, is gone, long gone, and it will be realized (somehow, maybe through Shaun's research of Assassin archives or something) that its disappearance has something to do with Connor, thus providing a reason for Desmond to go back into the Animus and relieve Connor's life; to try and figure out what it is exactly that Connor did and what happened to the thing they need to save the world when the sun goes out of whack again.
  • Confirmed...sorta, To find the way how to save the world, they have to bypass a door that needs a certain amulet to open it, they use the Animus to find out where Connor hid it.

There will be treasure/special missions and items hidden on Boston's tidal flats.
Boston, and all through the Gulf of Maine, have very dramatic tides. In Boston, the tides fluctuate by 3 meters (10 feet) every day. That's a whole storey of a building. And if you take a look at a map of the city at the time, you can see that the tidal flats surrounding Boston are pretty freakin' expansive. Perfect place to hide things. Not sure how long each tide would last in the game, but it would present a good timing challenge.

Assassin Tombs will return.
But with the twist that, as part of some sidequest, Connor will visit the remains of characters we interacted with during the Assassin's Creed II era, which have ended up in New England. Some possible candidates:
  • Machiavelli. He was an important figure in the order, and his database entry mentions that his final resting place is unknown.
  • Ezio. If only because it would be both touching for Connor to pay his respects to one of the order's greatest Mentors, and a nice Continuity Nod to the Ezio/Altair scene in Revelations.
  • Iskender, the Egyptian Mentor Ezio had his recruits save in Revelations. The incident with the memory seals could possibly be elaborated on.
  • Shao Jun. It would be an good way to deliver some closure on a few things, like whether her mission back to China was successful, or what was in the box Ezio gave her at the end of Embers.
  • Yusuf. It's a bit harder to swing, what with him being buried by the end of Revelations, but he could always have been moved out of Constantinople sometime after 1512.
    • Jossed, There are no tombs in the game.

Secret locations will be TWCB temples and Desmond will be navigating through them
In Revelations Jupiter talked about six temples, each of them devoted to a different method of surviving the solar flare. Exactly like the six lairs of Romolus and six Assassin tombs. When asked the developers don´t want to talk about those missions like about everything else Desmond-related. Desmond and his gang are already knocking on the front door of one of the temples at the end of Revelations. If this isn´t enough foreshadowing I don´t know.
  • Jossed.

Benjamin Franklin gets his hands on an Apple while in France.
According to 16, Washington's Apple was sent over by the Freemasons from Europe. Benjamin was both an active Mason, and in France for a good portion of the Revolution.

Connor will run into a TWCB that was the basis for a figure in Iroquois mythology.
Or, since the last three games may have played out the surprise god angle, evidence hinting towards it will exist in the Grand Temple.
  • Jossed, but he still meets Juno.
  • Alternately, confirmed. The cave where the gang meets in the present that Kenway was trying to get into is first civilization technology, and Ziio tells Kenway about tribal myths surrounding it.
    • Also, there is the "crystal ball" that Connor uses that sends him in the direction of Achilles where Juno speaks directly to Connor.

There'll be at least one Twilight reference
Connor is a Native American with a wolf motif, after all.
  • Oh dear God I hope not.
  • Thankfully, Jossed

Connor will be able to sic wolves on people.
Wolves do appear a lot in the trailers, and it is Connor's animal motif after all. They would work the same way as Assassin recruits did in the last two game. You could befriend them in the wild, train them, and with a push of a shoulder button they would come from nowhere and violently maul whoever you're locked on to.
  • That would be absolutely hilarious! (I'm an awful person.)
  • Sadly, it seems wolves are not fond of Connor and the place of assassin recruits is already filled by some pals of Connor that may or may not be assassins. But this still sounds like something they would do as a cheat code like they did in Brotherhood with the unicorn and sisterhood cheats.
    • AAAAAND jossed...
      • For the main game. Confirmed In the Tyranny of King Washington DLC Connor is capable of summoning a wolf pack to aid him.

Connor is Altaïr's descendant
Think about it. WHO did we meet in the previous games that is from ENGLAND, AND, is related to Altaïr? Maria Thorpe, Eglish Noblewoman, Ex-Templar. Maybe after the Mongols invaded Masyaf their son, Darim, or one of his children went to England and their descendants went to the Newfound Land (that's the name at that time right?) And one of them fathered Connor.
  • Connor doesn't have to be related to any of them. He or his descendants most likely married into either of their bloodlines at a later date.
    • Original poster here, if the newer ancestors are not the descendant of an older ancestor that is just gonna create too many bloodlines that need to mix in too little time. My ideia makes it relatively simpler, for the playable ancestors so far that is.

The Boston Tea Party will be featured...
And Connor is the one who talked the people into doing it. Either intentionally or not.
  • Confirmed and 100% correct

October 30th 2012 will be an important day
It always bugged me that the release date of Assassin's Creed III is 30th October when it was around the 15th November for all previous games. They probably changed the date to let the game appear more current for one of the events.
  • Sorta Confirmed, the games story begins on October 30

Connors life will be viewed through an Abstergo Animus.
The colorscheme of the new Animus´ void rooms with light blue/white and some hexagonical strings is very different from the white rooms the Assassins machines utilize. Possibly Desmond will be captured and forced to relive Connors memory for further informations or because they can´t kill him yet.
  • Jossed, they're using the same animus as before.

The American Revolution is a cover for a Templar Civil War
Both Connor and Ubisoft developers have made it clear that we'll be fighting people on both sides of the conflict. I'm willing to wager that either one or both Templar leaders (not necessarily George Washington) have a Piece of Eden and are combating for control of the order. With the British Empire better supplied, equipped, trained and militarised, the Templar Blue Coats will manipulate Connor with a more sympathetic light without revealing their true colours so he will help turn the odds in their favor.
  • Jossed

Connor will end up assassinating one of Shaun's ancestors
One more reason for Shaun to hate Desmond.Possibly Jossed
Benjamin Lincoln will serve as comedic relief.
Being beaten by your enemies four times and present for the worst defeat your cause ever suffered makes you ripe for some serious schadenfreude.

Samuel Miles will make an appearance, and it'll be revealed as a Easter Egg that he is also an ancestor of Desmond by virtue of one of his descendants marrying a descendant of Connor.
I mean, c'mon, how can there be a Revolutionary-era figure named Miles and it not be made important?
  • It seems he is unimportant after all, jossed.

The US release of the game will not contain any missions that have you kill members of the colonial army
Consider that in all the footage we've seen of the game so far, Connor has been exclusively been killing members of the Royal army. This is likely an attempt to avoid controversy in the US. The international releases will contain such missions.
  • Hardly likely, considering they made it perfectly clear from the beginning that Templars and Assassins are fighting from both sides of the conflict. Connor taking one side simply because of avoiding people throwing hate mail at Ubisoft is a pretty stupid and cowardly move. Also, kinda jossed from the latest trailer where we see Connor kill a few colonists.
  • Obviously jossed.

There will be missions where you kill members of the Continental Army, but they'll either be fictional or guys who's deaths would be addition by subtraction for the Continentals.
Would allow there to be balance in the death count without having the controversy of Connor killing anybody every American knows about from history books.
  • The Assassin's Creed series is really well known for their historical accuracy when assigning targets, they only let you kill people who actually died around that time period.
    • But there have been some fictional and/or composite characters in the past (especially early on in the series), usually with the hand-waving that the Templars and/or Assassins have wiped them from the history.

Connected to the previous two WMGs, Charles Lee will be revealed to be the main Templar on the Colonist's "side" and the most important American killed by Connor.
As mentioned in the "Who's a Templar" WMG, there has been a screenshot of Connor lunging at him. In addition, he screwed up during the war and was thus drummed out of the Continental Army. Plus, he wanted Washington's job as Commander of the Continental Army, but didn't get it. Oh, and he died in 1782, which puts him firmly in the time period of the game, unlike other candidates for big-name American assassination targets such as Benedict Arnold.
  • Confirmed, Lee is the games Big Bad and Connor kills him at the end.
  • I would say Jossed. Haytham Kenway (aka Connor's father) is the one in charge of the American Templars and is more the Big Bad than Charles is. Charles Lee is more the games The Dragon.

The Continental army will be similiar in function to the Sultan-alligned guards in Revelations and the only target will be Washington(in a missed attempt).
I mean this in the sense that you will be able to kill bluecoats without penalties but only because they have to enforce the Anti-Roof-Walking law and see you stealing civillians. The only mission where you have to actively kill a target is when Washington gets the apple and it becomes apparent that he is a Templar. You will try to kill him but it ends in a missed attempt like Ezio with Rodrigo.
  • Jossed.

There will be at least one Shout-Out, Easter Egg or reference to Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.
AC and MGS have had a history of referencing the other. And come on, you'll be fighting with the original Patriots. It'd be too good to pass up. Maybe an unlockable Big Boss/Naked Snake skin? Or a child will sing the nonsense "La-Li-Lu-Le-Lo" at some point? Something along those lines.
  • Jossed, Sadly.

We will find out how the Freemasons were created. a third faction to broker a sort of peace or armistice between Templars and Assassins. It has been alleged that Freemasons were created by Templars. However, their symbol has an Assassins-esque vibe to it. Perhaps the Freemasons were Templars and Assassins tired of the war, and wanted a form of peace. Most of the people with connections to the two groups were Freemasons, explaining why many of the Founding Fathers were from that group. The Lodges? Formed to negotiate between both groups. At one point later in history the Templars slowly took control and displaced the Assassins and slowly dominated the lodges. With very few representing the Assassins within the Freemasons today. And furthermore, considering the fact that the Founding Fathers were Masons and that the game wants to paint the war in a balanced light, having the group be solely Templar or Assassin will cause a major Broken Base (and depending on who founds the group, the ones complaining would be either the American or British players)
  • Jossed, sadly. This troper was hoping they'd bring up the Templar implications, but it isn't even mentioned.

How Desmond's story ends.
Near the end of the game, Desmond begins picking up the memories of his more recent ancestors. Unfortunately, he soon reaches the last one - the night of his own conception. It turns out that this is something that should never happen - everyone who has ever seen it has gone mad at the sight of their own parents having sex. The irony is that the Templars know about this, but the Assassins don't. If Lucy had been alive, she would have stopped him before he reached the final memory. The next game has Rebecca, Shaun, and Desmond's father searching for the only viable alternative - Desmond's twin sister.

Francis Bacon will play a role in this—————-as the Count of Saint Germain
According to some conspiracy theories, Francis Bacon did not die in 1626 but lived on through alchemy and intervention by higher beings and went on to become the Count of Saint Germain——gameplay wise this can be interpreted as meeting images of TTC Bs and having a Piece of Eden with him. The Count has tried to spread the enlightenment through the creation of a "United States of Europe" to fight a "threat"—-a threat that in the game could be interpreted as either the Assassins or the Templars. He also had a hand in the creation of the Declaration of Independence, which makes it possible for this to be included in this game, and the founding of British India, and tried to stop the French Revolution. This can be interpreted in two ways——either he is an Assassin and wants to create a enlightened USA and USE to destroy the Templars and usher in a Golden Age——knowing the French Revolution was a Templar orchestrated plot. Or a Templar trying to create two allied superpowers as a bulwark against the Assassins and any Assassin-caused event that would weaken their influence and will eventually unite to form the "New World Order", the legacy of the United States of Europe being incorporated into the European Union, which was created by the Templars to fulfill Germain's vision. As for him, if the latter case is used, he is assassinated by an Assassin in 1786 that took away his Po E after a battle, possibly causing him to crumble into dust, while in the former case he could be still leading the Assassins today, or he could be assassinated by a Templar in 1786.

Lucy will return, in some form.
Oh, she's still dead. But as such as important character/love interest in Desmond's recent return to being an Assassin, it could seem awkward to just have Desmond get over her death, after finally getting out of his coma. A lot of people thought she might have survived the climax of Brotherhood, so the announce of her death in Revelations came as a shock to them. Maybe she'll pop up as a hallucination, or a manifestation of the Animus/some First Civilization technology? It just would seem weird to have such a random bridge dropped on her without any closure.
  • Confirmed, she is mentioned in an optional conversation where Desmond's discusses what he went through when he was "possessed".

There will be three targets for Desmond to assassinate in the modern-day.
What, you really don't think Ubisoft's going to end Desmond's story without showing him perform everything he learned from his ancestors' lives? In all seriousness, in the multiplayer component to Assassin's Creed: Revelations, there were three main Templars: Daniel Cross, Laetitia England, and Warren Vidic. I would thus not be surprised if Desmond put his skills to good use by taking out them out, one at a time.
  • It is heavily hinted to be this. (if the achievement list is anything to go by.)
  • Kinda jossed. Cross and Vidic are killed but there is no third major Templar. The killings also happen in the same mission, the first two Desmond missions are only for acquiring TWCB batteries.

Connor's ideology will reach Blue and Orange Morality levels at times.
Connor's sense of morality is pretty much the Assassin/Templar conflict in a nutshell: "freedom to make one's own choice" vs "oppression and forcing one's views on another." However, this is not a universal definition of good and evil, and therefore a strong point of conflict. This will inevitably reach moments (or at least a moment) when he or his allies get a big What the Hell, Hero? by either people content to live within Templar/British control or accuse the Revolution of being one massive hypocrisy, accusing the Patriots of forcing their ideology of "freedom and liberty" on Loyalists to equal or greater degrees. Whether or not this helps him see the grey and gray spectrum or convince him to assassinate certain Colonials is another matter.
  • Confirmed.

There's gonna be one hell of a Break the Cutie moment for Connor
And it'll make him start seeing shades of gray instead of black and white.
  • Sorta Confirmed, Seeing his village burned down and his mother dying in front of him probably wasn't fun.
    • Happens towards the end as well. After backing the colonists, he eventually learns it was Washington who ordered the destruction of his village, causing him to withdraw support from the colonists. In addition, he eventually learns that after the war ends, the colonists moved in and took his people's land anyway, almost making his efforts a Shoot the Shaggy Dog story.

Desmond will encounter and/or fight Daniel Cross.
Unless they wanna make Daniel a viewpoint into other Assassins in other games, there's no reason for Daniel and Desmond to not meet and have a bit of a scrap. Hell, Cross could be on the team with Desmond at the start of the game! Daniel Cross and Desmond have encountered each other once before: Cross was the one who captured Desmond and brought him to Abstergo in first place! Furthermore, Cross has been obsessive about Desmond and wants to re-capture him for the Templars. With how everything is building up on top of the Criss Cross achievement name, chances are the two will fight one another and.
  • Confirmed! They encounter each other on everyone of Desmond's missions, Desmond killing Cross in the last one.

American British = Bad, Canadian British = Good
One of the multiplayer maps is the Northwest Passage, a very obviously Canadian-based near-Arctic location. Given the probability that most multiplayer locations are based on story locations, and the timeline of events the game covers, it's not out of the question that Connor will visit Canada at some point. If so, the British soldiers in the non-warring Canadian territories might not treat Connor with as much hostility as the Revolutionary-fighting troops in the Thirteen Colonies. Maybe some "Canadians are polite" stereotypes might be at play, but given how much more amicable the Canadian situation was, the soldiers there will probably be shown as more human - or at the very least, less jerkass - than those further south.
  • Jossed, Connor does not visit Canada during the main storyline.

Benedict Arnold will be the victim of a Piece of Eden
Maybe he turned traitor because the Templars brainwashed him into doing so. Connor may only discover this after he assassinates Benedict Arnold and his dying declaration includes something like "Thank you for stopping me from doing any more damage."
  • Confirmed in T To KW Washington uses it to corrupt Arnold.

Desmond will kill his father
One of the achievements announced is Daddy Dearest. William Miles is currently one of few known present day assassins plus has been characterized as being a Knight Templar (trope wise), Abusive Father, manipulative, and so forth. It even drove Lucy away to becoming a Templar. What if it effects Desmond too and has to stop William from going too far.
  • Jossed, William is alive and breathing at the end, can't say the same for Desmond however.

The Battle of Quebec (or both) will feature
Considering the first was the battle that ended the French and Indian wars (Maybe Connor assassinates Wolfe or Montcalme), and was a big one, or the second one was the battle which kept Canada from joining the revolution (Maybe Connor kills Montgomery). Also, it's Ubisoft Montreal making the game, so, I mean, it's same province, so it woulda been fairly easy to do research
  • Jossed, though given that both Wolfe and Montcalm (opposing generals) were both Freemasons and were both killed by stray bullets of unknown origin during the same battle in 1759, this could have been an awesome story.
    • Well sorta confirmed. The Battle of Quebec in 1775 is one of the contracts your recruits could do.

The Nightstalker is a vampire.
Seriously, could it get more obvious? He's scared of the light, murders people at night, and is covered from head to toe. Given that vampires are inhuman, it's very possible he's covering up some sort of Red Right Hand that outs him as a supernatural being. In fact, it could be a signifier of his entire species. After all, we've never seen vampires in the AC universe before.
  • Oh so jossed! While his profile may make him look like a serial killer who fears the light, he is secretly a devoted Assassin.

The Headless Horseman's pumpkin head is actually a Piece of Eden.
Considering that the side mission proved that the Headless Horseman is just a normal person, this is most likely Jossed.

Desmond is just barely alive at the end.
otherwise who is in the Animus going through more of Connor's memories
  • For the moment Jossed, as Ubisoft have stated that this will be Desmond's last game (though it could be a case of Lying Creator}.

The plot of Assassin's Creed 4; AC3 ending spoilers.
  • Shut up and take my money Ubisoft!
    • Jossed.

God was the final remnant of the First Civilization after the Toba catastrophe
If Minerva's vision of Desmond's supposed future would have been true, then it's not hard to imagine that God was much like Desmond, a human with First Civilization DNA or a lesser member of Those Who Came Before who helped lead the remnants of humanity after Earth's destruction. Because of his guidance and knowledge on how to properly use the Pieces of Eden, he was, in Minvera's words, "remembered as hero. Later as a legend. And in time...As a god."
  • Alternatively, he was more akin to Juno, a survivor of Those Who Came Before that is sealed away in some deep, ancient chamber. The whole "thou shalt have no other gods before me" aspect would be either out of jealousy towards his fellows or an attempt to convince humanity that he was real, unlike holo-ghosts such as Minerva. Perhaps, unlike Juno, he's been content to remain sealed away and "immortal" as a backseat driver of civilization.

Assassin's Creed 4 will backtrack through time
  • With Desmond's story done, we no longer have to follow a linear path of time, simply put, Ubisoft can place the next story before the events of ACIII. Like say the 1200's with the Scottish war of independence, or the beginning of the Assassin's and the Templar's or even pop in and say hi to Mr. Jesus himself.
    • Confirmed! ACIV takes place in 1715, 40 years before AC III

The Templars are feared by Juno
Minvera may advocate humanity's freedom, but it is Juno who noticeably takes action against the Templars. It is she who had Lucy killed and she who manipulated Connor into driving back the Templars from her little hidey-hole. Why? It's not explicitly stated that the "spark" she needs has to be of Assassin / First Civilization blood, and even if that was a criterion, it wouldn't be hard to convince them "Oh, FYI, get an Assassin on your side for this or force it with a kidnapped specimen." Nor would it be likely that the Templars would be stupid enough to ignore a warning of "Do not touch this one thing until this specific date; failing to comply will doom your entire species in the long term." No, these are not what worries her. What she fears is competition... a rival world-conqueror who A) would not be willing to take this lying down, and B) might easily overpower her immediately after releasing her, assuming they have the appropriate firepower on hand - which they inevitably would. Similarly, now that she's been freed by Desmond, her biggest concern is mopping up the Templars before they can recover from the Abstergo attack. The world is not big enough for the both of them...

Future games will feature Area 51
What kind of Conspiracy Kitchen Sink would the series be without it? Considering past revelations about the Templars, it's a pretty safe bet that they've got some hand in running it. And considering all the major theories about Area 51 (i.e. that it's full of strange hoarded technology and dissected alien remains) what better place for the Templars to stash some of the unrevealed Pieces of Eden? Hell, considering the revelation about Juno's captive state, maybe there's even a dead One Who Came Before kept in cold storage there. A game set during the Cold War would be the perfect place to introduce it, but they could also probably feature it in the fourth game, when the inevitable arms race in preparation for the fight against Juno begins.

Future DLC theories
A What If? deal about George Washington becoming king of America was the first one to be announced, but there's obviously going to be more. What do you think future story DLC could be?
  • First vote is for a couple extra Haythem memory blocks. Perhaps concluding with the American branch of the Templars tracking down and wiping out the Assassins (possibly with a final fight against Achillies where you damage his leg and or kill his family as a Kick the Dog) leaving it in the state it's in by the time Connor seeks them out.
    • While a Haytham DLC is possible, the fight with Achilles and killing his family is unlikely. Achilles' family died of illness (Typhoid fever, if I remember correctly), not of a Templar attack. However, an Achilles-Haytham fight would be an interesting possible DLC mission.
    • Jossed The Tyranny of King Washington will be made up of all three story DLCs

Lucy Stillman was a Death Seeker
When Desmond was ranting to his father he said "I wanted you to be possessed by a space god so you could murder me" when describing Lucy. Given that Warren also had to tell Lucy not to let her feelings get in the way, and that she was starting to express doubt (as well as her cryptic "I'm not sure I can do this anymore) and it may be that by the end Lucy had despised what she had done and become and sought death willingly rather than live with her betrayal

We're not yet done with Connor
Granted, I'm not sure how it would work what with Desmond's story being concluded and him being dead and all, but given the nature of the game's ending, there's going to be-I would hope-an Assassin's Creed IV on the way. Since Ubisoft's intent is a new AC game every year, and given the two years it took to develop ACIII, it seems likely to me that there will be at least one more spin-off game focusing on Connor to give Ubisoft time to make a full-on sequel. There's still plenty of stuff he could theoretically do, relating to the loss of his people's land to the Colonists and general dissatisfaction with the former Patriots and all that, it seems logical that the next game we get will be a continuation of Connor's story, perhaps told from the perspective of whoever it is managed to hack into the Animus at the end of III. Or, Ubisoft could REALLY throw us a curveball and the next game will be...
  • Jossed, we're moving onto a Pirate Assassin in ACIV

The next game in the series will be called "Templar's Creed"
The Templars (at least the Colonial Templars) are given as much justification and valid points about their methods and beliefs as the Assassins, in addition to their flaws. Since Assassin's Creed: Liberation is already being used in-universe as a piece of Templar propaganda, and since Abstergo is still around at the end of III with all their Animuses why not have the next game be from a full-on Templar perspective? If they can make the Templars sympathetic with understandable motives and beliefs (and III suggests they can), that'd be even better.

Epilogue: The person in the Animus during the playable epilogue will be revealed to be "Subject 18"
It's not really hard to come to that conclusion based on what we know at the end of Assassin's Creed III:
  • Short of a total Ass Pull in the next game Desmond is dead.
  • William is captured near the end of Assassin's Creed III. It's possible that the hackers during the epilogue are working for Abstergo and are using what little data they may have gotten from him before he was saved.
  • As for why the handler seems so friendly? Abstergo needed someone new to run the project: someone less likely to get the test subjects killed, driven insane, ect. Vidic was a total hardass and it's well established over the course of five games that he's far more concerned with results over the well being of the test subjects. Despite that attitude biting him in the ass more than once he never seemed to learn his lesson. Now he's dead thanks to Desmond. Abstergo has no leads on another Piece of Eden and their plans are on hold for the foreseeable future. If you need results then why not put someone a bit more reasonable and able to hide their true intent while "Subject 18" looks around in Connor's memories?

The King Washington DLC happens because it isn't Desmond in the Animus anymore.
Given that the Shard's abilities bleed into Desmond, we can assume that the Pieces of Eden do interfere with the Animus in some way. Shaun and Desmond theorize that Washington got his hands on an Apple of Eden at one point after the events of the game. Now, let's assume that every Piece of Eden held by Altair/ Ezio had potential to screw Desmond over, but his lack of side effects (except with the Shard, which was SUPPOSED to affect the user) was because he was supposed to be in the Animus; his genetic connection to the ancestor protected him. With a stranger inside a presumably hacked Animus, it is likely that if/when Connor comes within a certain range of Washington's Apple (whether he knows it or not), the Animus will begin corrupting the files it has on Connor's life before and/or after this event: instant DLC recipe!

How Desmond (possibly) survived
Naturally, we want to WMG that he is still alive. It would be more interesting to think about how.
  • Brain Uploading. One of the survival methods Juno mentioned when you plug a battery in was this. However, she said that while it was possible to store a mind in this way, getting it back out required something terrible, which caused them to move on to other possibilities. What if this terrible thing was the imprisonment of another mind to take the first one's place? Desmond might have simply switched places with Juno, setting her free (as a psychic ghost or something?) and leaving his body behind, "dead" in a sense.
    • For what it's worth, when Desmond is getting killed (or whatever), his hand gets roasted black in the process. There might not be a useable body left behind.
    • Considering the precedent set by Clay back in Assassin's Creed: Revelations, plus the fact that Connor has so much unused potential (Juno even says that he's made a big difference...and that he'll do so once again), I would bet money that Desmond is going to be around in some form to give the player character a conduit to Connor.
  • He is only dead From a Certain Point of View. By being at ground zero when he released Juno, Desmond was the first she would enthrall. It knocked him unconscious. And now he no longer has the thing he was living to fight for, his freedom. So Desmond Miles, as he was, is no more.
  • Are you guys aware of the Ankh? That Piece of Eden has the power to resurrect others. So while it may have been Desmond's last game as the main character, who's to say it was his last alive? Now, in the next game, you and the rest of the Assassin's must stave off Juno and her forces. The Assassins and the Templars meet up somewhere along the way, and have a huge blowout. However, the two end up finally agreeing to work together to defeat Juno. Along that story, your character (who may or may not be customizable), finds the Ankh, and can now resurrect Desmond. Juno attempts to stop you, as a First Civ-Human hybrid will prove to be a great flaw in her plans. The Templars have a Heel–Face Turn and join the Assassins, and work together, lead by you and Desmond, to stop Juno, and save the world. That was long winded.

The world will be saved. . . .
This is coming from someone who hasn't finished the game yet. The sun will start baking the earth, and all will despair . . . until Haytham Kenway comes out of fucking nowhere and PUNCHES OUT THE FUCKING SUN. He then proceeds to replace the sun with his naked body, and all solar energy gathered increases by 407.3%.

Daniel Cross is a descendant of Duccio de Luca
There once was a man named Duccio, a rat with lecher's taste
Whenever he would show himself, my fist would find his face
Which character got his ass handed to him every time Desmond showed up?

Pre-release WMG on the "Tyranny of King Washington" DLC
Achilles wrote on his final letter to Connor that the Davenport Homestead is the representation of the traditional idea of The American Dream and the liberal, progressive ideals that the Founding Fathers stood for. If so, in order to show the player that the DLC's version of America is not the one we know, the very first scene in the DLC will be King Washington sending the Continental Army to destroy the Homestead in a preemptive strike to remove the Assassins' presence in America since they are a threat to his rule. The scene will play out in a deja vu of the Fall of Monteriggioni, with the Continentals mercilessly massacring all the residents (Complete with a tearjerking death scene for Norris and Myriam).
  • jossed

Haytham will play a major role in "The Tyranny of King Washington" by inducting his son into the Templar Order.
News out of the VGAs says that not only is the story an alternate history of the US, but also of the game's protagonist; namely, that in this version Ratohnhaké:ton never became an Assassin, and never took the name Connor Kenway. Which suggests that Haytham will still be alive, because if Connor never became an Assassin, he never would have killed Haytham to get at Charles Lee. If that's the case, then they'll be able to have Haytham play a larger role in the DLC Perhaps along with the rest of Connor's targets in the "real" timeline because again, if Ratohnhaké:ton never became an Assassin, it stands to reason that the rest of Haytham's Templar Circle-including Charles Lee-will probably still be alive too. This will allow the game to approach Haytham and Ratohnhaké:ton's relationship from a slightly different approach than in the real game because if Ratohnhaké:ton isn't an Assassin, he most likely isn't going to hold the same baggage about his father being the local Templar Grandmaster that he did in the real timeline. If that's true, then it might actually lead to a reconciliation between the two and the big shock at the end will be Ratohnhaké:ton taking the Kenway surname as he did in the real timeline...but by being inducted as a Templar, rather than an Assassin, by his VERY proud father Haytham. It would be an excellent twist on what "might have been" between Ratohnhaké:ton and Haytham if Ratohnhaké:ton had no connection to the Assassins, but instead got to see the Templar side of things first. If they're going to do a full-on AU, then what better way to showcase how very different things could be? Also, Haytham in general is just all kinds of awesome so seeing more of him would be great.
  • Somewhat jossed. We learn from the first episode of the DLC that Connor still remembers everything that happened in AC3, so he still holds some of the baggage toward the Templars, though it's still possible he may work with them to overthrow King Washington. Also, according to Zio, Haytham is already dead, though its possible she was wrong about that.
  • jossed

Tinia saved Desmond.
Over the series, there were three of the First Civilization who interacted with the modern assassins. Minerva and Juno were there at the end, but where was Tinia/Jupiter? He could be the ace in the hole who manages to keep Desmond alive/bring him back after Juno's escape.
  • While I'm not sure about him bringing back Desmond, there's certainly room for him being a good guy who will help the Assassins. Compared to Minerva and especially Juno, he does not come off nowhere near as condescending towards humans. Zeus, one of Tinia's names, has been associated with eagles, the most prevalent Animal Motif of the assassins, and if you look at his design, his helmet has an eagle-like design (A very common trait with the Assassin hoods) and wears a half-cape much like Ezio (Though unlike Ezio, it covers his right arm).

The next AC protagonist is somebody who has been reliving Desmond's memories.
Once you find all of the "pivot points", it's revealed that there is an "Animus Cloud", where memories that have been recorded by the Animus can now be relived by anybody with access to the Cloud regardless of whether they are a blood descendant or not. This opens up the possibility that Desmond's actions in the first three games were being relived by an individual in the near (or far) future as a way to figure out how to defeat Juno.Possibly Jossed: The next protagonist is the player who is using an animus like Game console made by Abstergo to relive others genetic memories

The final protagonist will possess the knowledge of every Assassin that existed.
With the reveal of the existence of the Animus Cloud, it is theoretically possible for a single person to relieve every memory that the Animus has recorded, regardless of blood relation. The final protagonist will be taking advantage of this to jump through the memories various Assassins (and maybe Templars too) in order to find a way to defeat Juno.

The divergence point in the Tyranny of King Washington is the loss of the Templars against the Assassins.
In the original timeline, after wiping out Davenport, Haytham's Templars discover the staff with the Apple. Haytham knows what it is, knows that it can drive people crazy, and decides that he doesn't need it. His plans are going fine at that point. So he seals it away, or sends it back to the Templars in Europe for safe keeping, and better use against the Assassins over there. The Staff and Apple are out of play.

In the TKW world, the first raid on Davenport is a total loss...for Haytham and the Templars. Achilles and the Brotherhood wipe them out. Unfortunately, this is not a good thing. Washington discovers the Staff and Apple. It drives him nuts with the power, and he begins his rampage. The Assassins try to stop him, but fail. Meanwhile Ziio and Ratohnhaké:ton are living a normal life, until Ziio (either out a sense of responsibility or guided by Juno) tries to steal the staff away from Washington. Thus starting the plot. neither jossed or confirmed The only thing that is made clear is that the entire DLC is a vision of Washington becoming a tyrant. It's partially made clear that with Connor's help he is able to resist it's influence It's left open to as to how exactly Connor is out of the picture

Charles Lee has (or had) a homosexual crush on Haytham Kenway.
When he first meets Haytham, he seems a little too enthusiastic and friendly towards him, and in the beginning of Sequence 4 when we find out that he's a Templar, he vilifies Native Americans, which could be a sign of jealousy instigated by the fact that Haytham had an affair with a Native American woman. Also, in the final sequence just after Connor assassinates Haytham, Charles' voice cracks as if he were holding back tears, and he plans to take away something important from Connor, just as Connor did to him.

The alternate reality seen in The Tyranny of King Washington was created by a time-altering Piece of Eden.
According to the Assassin's Creed wiki, there's a Piece of Eden which can manipulate time. Who's to say it can't change the course of history?

In the Tyranny of King Washington, Ratohnhaké:ton will have to kill the now Brainwashed and Crazy Davenport settlers.
  • Godfrey and Terry are Ax-Crazy, Myriam's a Cold Sniper, Norris is a Mad Bomber, Big Dave is once more a soldier, Father Timothy is a Sinister Minister, Dr. White lives up to his 'White Death' nickname by Playing with Syringes, and the rest are no better. Even worse, none of them have any idea who Connor is, have no knowledge of Davenport, and have become corrupt parodies of the elements of the American Dream that they represented in the original timeline.
    • In The Betrayal, Connor meets Big Dave, who's remained a simple metal worker.
  • jossed

Ratohnhaké:ton will have to kill Connor Davenport.
  • Achilles' son survived in this timeline, and also has the Piece of Eden that caused this whole mess. He's convinced that the Assassins can 'fix' things, and that an insane King Washington is a better option than a Templar presence. Ratohnhaké:ton has to kill Connor to return the world to what it should be.
Not likely Connor Davenport died of typhoid fever an alternate history likely would still not have spared him and Achilles is likely still dead
  • Jossed

The alternate reality seen in The Tyranny of King Washington is a shared dream.
The flashback before the mission begins shows Connor and Washington meeting at a campfire and Washington pulling out an apple. He is showing it to Connor to ask what he should do with it. He and Connor somehow trigger a shared journey to the DLC world. Both experience corruption by their newfound abilities and go mad, ending on such a depressing note that the two reconcile over their decision to hide the apple forever.
  • Confirmed

In the alternate reality seen in The Tyranny of King Washington, Haythem Kenway was an Assassin .
Ziio gives Connor his father's bracer and hidden blade, which now look more traditional than the set he owned in the regular timeline. Zion also mentions that A) he is already dead at some point before the Revolution, and B) he belonged to a "Brotherhood."

Connor will rescue his Assassin's in Episode 3
  • I think they will be with the Resistance and were capture, being one of your missions to free them to assist you in your mission.

The Tyranny Of King Washington is a construct of Connor's mind struggling to reconcile his animosity towards Washington with what else he knows and believes.
  • What it says on the tin, especially since we know about Connor's opinion of him after he authorizes the raids against his tribe, and the accusations that he somehow was responsible for the older ones after he was retired. As an addendum, Tyranny will eventually reveal the *truth* about the earlier razing of Connor's hometown and the death of his mother.
  • Jossed

The Kenways are direct descendants of Altair
Haytham is English, but his first name is Arabic. Who was Altair's wife? That's right: Englishwoman Maria Thorpe.
  • Jossed. The Ibn-La'Ahad and Kenway lines converge at a latter time, according to materials that you can acquire during the "real world" portions.

The Pioneer was somewhat like Edward
It's said in her hacked file that while she never joined the Assassins, she did give them a lot of business. Kinda like how Edward wasn't a member until later on in his life, but he made sure the Templars' grip on the West Indies was shaken up.

If Connor shows up in a future AC game, his injury will have really crippled him
It won't be to the extent where Achilles needed a cane to get around, but more like an older Altair who could barely run past a jog, now having to leave the fighting to the next generation of Assassins.

The river flowing through the Davenport Homestead is the Miskatonic, and the city of Arkham was later built on the site
Because why the hell not?

Terry is a werewolf
His 'temper problem' is that each month he turns into a wolf and tries to eat everyone.

Emily Burke (the Pioneer from Multiplayer) is Connor's future wife.
Based on information revealed in Abstergo emails in Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, Connor married a blonde with a "colorful character," which certainly matches Emily's profile. Plus, as she's against the Templars, it's easy to imagine the pair having run across each other at some point in their lives, with Emily possibly even joining the Assassins.


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