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Individual games have their Wild Mass Guessing pages. If you think your guess is only relevant to one game, or one aspect of a game, or specific character like Altair or Ezio, put it on one of the following pages:

Here would be a good place to put WMGs for overarching aspects of the series.

A future Assassin's Creed game will take place in...
Ubisoft has specifically said that they're not interested in making games set in WWII, Feudal Japan or Ancient Egypt, as those would all be too cliche and "boring". Assassins Creed IV mentions numerous possibilities in an ingame file. Apparently, Ubisoft is reading the Wild Mass Guesses. However, it seems that the cut-off point is the 1900's, when cars became well-known, because;
Olivier Garneau ...we don't want to go through the effort of coding extra Animus features just for the sake of digging up memories of people driving around in cars. There are other and more efficient ways to experience that...
  • Mostly Jossed with Unity having a brief sequence set in 1944 Paris and Origins explicitly confirmed to be set in Ptolemaic era Egypt especially with Amunet/Aya making an appearance as a statue in II. If the voice-only cameo of Kiyoshi Takakura and the mention of the Japanese Assassins in Odyssey are any indication then it's likely that Japan will be the setting for the next Assassin's Creed game.
Specifically mentioned are;
  1. Twelfth Century - Holy Land / Crusades
  2. Thirteenth Century - Egypt and Northern Africa
  3. Fourteenth Century - Ashikaga Shogunate in Japan
  4. Fifteenth Century - Italian Renaissance
  5. Sixteenth Century - Ottoman Empire
  6. Eighteenth Century - French Revolution
  7. Eighteenth Century - American Colonies / War for Independence
  8. Nineteenth Century - Napoleonic wars; Taiwan
  9. Nineteenth Century - New England and American Midwest
On the other hand, cars didn't become commonplace until after the General Motors streetcar conspiracy - which could raise the cut-off point to anywhere between 1938 and 1950, making Chandler American Time an option.
And now the Wild Mass Guesses;
  • World War I. Fits well, as it had lots of intrigue that could feed into conspiracy theories (heck, it started with an assassination) and would allow for some interesting settings (you need to somehow cross no-man's land to get to your target in the other trench: how do you do it?). Could also bring in things like the Easter Uprising and Russian Revolution.
    • World War I itself wouldn't work, but the Irish War Of Independance would be perfect. The protagonist is arrested after the Easter Rising and meets a master assassin in prison. He is then released and fights in the war against the Black and Tans and the Auxies.
    • Semi-Confirmed. One section in Assassin's Creed: Syndicate has you play as Jacob's grand-daughter, Lydia hunting spies in WW1 London.
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  • Gilded Age America. Immigrants, Teddy Roosevelt, Muckrakers... could be fun.
  • The British Raj over India. Bonus if it involves Thugees.
  • The American West- the real American west, not the Hollywood version.
    • Probably not, considering the sudden surge in popularity the genre is getting thanks to Red Dead Redemption.
  • Great Depression America.
  • Moorish Spain.
    • The 2016 movie is set at the very end of it.
  • Central Europe shortly after WWII. Think The Third Man, only with more open violence.
  • Sengoku-era Japan, no. Pre-Meiji Japan, yes.
  • Korea at some point of the Joseon era. Admittedly, that's a lot of time to cover, but Korean history is unexplored in video games.
  • America in the 1960s, with the plot exploring the Templars' involvement in the Cold War and the Kennedy Assassination.
  • The Roaring '20s, with a mobster Assassin.
  • South America, as there was a rumour about it a while ago. They already had one brief level set on Brazil in ACIII, maybe it was a hint of things to come? If so, I'm placing my bets on War of the Triple Alliance and the overall mid-19th century powerplay on South America.
  • The Anglo-Nepalese War. Nepal is known for its mountainous terrain, and climbing high places is a big part of AC. Also, playing as an Assassin Gurkha would be cool as hell. The end would be sort of sad, though, since Nepal was historically defeated.
  • Egypt during the Twenties, taking us through Cairo, Alexandria, and King Tut's Tomb (plus Piece of Eden) and featuring history's greatest Adventurer Archaeologists.
    • There were rumors of Arno's saga extending into the Napoleonic conquest of Egypt. That's a bit earlier but could still work.
    • They are going to an Egyptian game which is every Hollywood Epic Movie ever. Now that they have experimented (tentatively) with multiple timelines, they'll do an Egypt game where you can visit Alexandria, Cairo, Thebes and Giza but each city is set in a different time. This allows us to meet almost every famous conqueror and figure in Egyptian history in one game so Akhenaten, Nefertiti, Moses and Rameses (maybe), Cleopatra and Caesar and finally Napoleon with the French.
    • Confirmed with Assassin's Creed Origins which is set in Ptomelaic era Egypt.
  • The Age of Conquistadors, preferably back when the New World was still new. Because A) You can't drop Mesoamerican Assassins on us with no explanation and B) is there a more obvious Templar than Hernan Cortes?
  • South Africa during the Anglo-Zulu or Boer Wars, with a Zulu assassin.
  • 1920s Berlin during The Weimar Republic.
  • Chicago during the Columbian World Exposition. Okay, there's really not enough there for a full game... maybe just an intro during "Jazz Age Junkies". But it's too good a setting not to use! Bonus points if HH Holmes is one of your targets.
Guesses passed on from Henchman4Hire;
  1. American Civil War: Room for both Templars and Assassins on both sides of the conflict. The Assassins would obviously get behind emnancipation and push, but there's also the fact that the ACW was the touchstone of federalization - all states controlled by a central authority - which has been the Templar goal since day one. "Brother against brother" might mean dynamic splits in both the Templar and Assassin orders, with Assassins who wish to end slavery finding themselves inadvertently fighting alongside Templars who wish to imperialize the Union. In turn, Templar slaveowners would receive unexpected assistance from Assassins who defend the rights of independent states.
  2. Bohemian Revolution: Gypsies versus aristocrats. Assassin's Creed on the streets of Paris, intrigue and deception in the halls of the Moulin Rouge. Secret Gypsy arts. Free-climb the Eiffel Tower!
  3. Great Depression: We all know those damn Templar robber barons caused the 1929 stock market crash - hell, maybe it was like the series finale of Leverage; just like when the banks failed in 2007/8, what if those fat cats caused it on purpose to steal a significant percentage of the world's wealth? Hitch a ride west with the Joad family and fight the power in California.
  4. English Civil War and the Commonwealth: Okay, Sean had a lot to say about the American Revolution - let's see him direct that snark at the corruption and upheaval of his own history. If ever there was a political figure that needs to be woven into the Assassin’s Creed mythology, it’s Oliver Cromwell. There is definitely an epic tale to be told, especially from the point of view of the Assassins and the Templars. Is Cromwell evil for wanting a republic rather than a monarchy? Some of his policies were definitely evil. And many people view him as a regicidal rebel rather than a patriot. Perhaps the story is one of shifting allegiances, with the Assassins helping Cromwell get into power, only to be appalled at what he does with it. And of course, it all started one Fifth of November...
  5. 12th Century England: This has to happen. Of course Robin Hood was an Assassin. It’s so obvious. And his Merry Men were his Assassin Brotherhood! It just fits together too well to be ignored. They could establish that the entire Robin Hood legend is based entirely on that era’s Assassin Brotherhood, and the main character could be Robin Hood himself. The battle against Prince John and the Sheriff of Nottingham is too perfect, because clearly John worked with or for the Templars.
  6. World War 2. Ubisoft will have to kick down and deliver this eventually. Visit London and stop some Nazi spies with Wintson Churchill. Fight alongside General Patton in the European Theater. Storm Normandy on D-Day! Or sneak into Berlin and assassinate Hitler himself in his very bunker! Ride motorcycles through the streets of London during the Blitz. Join paratroopers in the highest freefalls the games have ever seen. Help smuggle Albert Einstein out of Germany. Stop the Templars from getting the bomb. Attend one of Hitler’s rallies in disguise. Recruit new Assassins from all over the world. Hang out with Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin when they posed for that picture on the bench. Even Ubisoft admits it's kind of cliche for video games to take place in World War II, but there’s a very good reason for it. That conflict was one of the greatest the world has ever seen. And no game will give it as much reverence or treat it with such awe-inspiring grandeur as Assassin’s Creed. And we all want to stealth-stab some god-damned Nazis!
    • To add to this:

The Fall of Judea. The Real Life Game of Thrones is a fascinating mess of factions. It’s also the birth of Christianity. You’d play as one of the younger children of High Priest Yishmael Ben Elisha, who are believed to have died in Roman captivity. Whether you are an Assassin or Templar equivalent is less important than which faction you are a part of as the city destroys itself around you.

The story would start with an attempt to find a Piece of Eden known as the Choshen, which is believed to be some kind of Isu library. It ends up focusing around the Codex Judaica, eventually revealed to be the Bible itself, which is actually a code that can reveal the secret of the Numbers. The understanding is being passed down through the rite of Semicha, which is being lost. Turns out that at some point someone linked the minds of every Jewish person who would exist ever (including converts), and Semicha allows you to tap into that well of communal knowledge. (It throws the user out of the Animus when the rite occurs, briefly overpowering it. It’s described as if they thing just tried to simulate millions - maybe billions- of lives at once!’) All the arguments and debates are about preparing the mind for that knowledge dump. Then you use that knowledge to ask the Choshen the correct questions, allowing the Codex to be unlocked.

This explains why some Templars were really nice to the Jewish people (Rodrigo Borgia), while some were absolutely terrible (Tomas de Torquemada) and why the Assassins never seem to touch the issue. The Templars know that the Jewish people have a power they’ve forgotten they ever had and have been using various (ineffective) means to steal it. The Assassins know the same... and so have a tradition to leave the people alone, no matter what. Neither faction is aware that what the secret is hidden in plain sight.

It also explains why the Abrahmaic faiths took off the way they did; all three hold an actual truth, which people can sense, although they are entirely unaware of the fact that their religions are based around the source code of the Universe disguised as a religious document. (Although it does actually factor into some very vague pieces of Jewish mythology.) In other words, it is no coincidence that the Assassins were Muslims and the Templars were Christian and that there are very few Jews among either Order.

(This came out of A: wanting a game during that time period; B: a really interesting bit of Jewish mythology/theology I stumbled upon years ago; C: an explanation for why the Assassins Creed games tend to ignore European anti-Semitism, or even entire Jewish communities; D: why the Templars seem to flip flop on protecting and persecuting the Jewish people and E: why there are almost no Jewish assassins or Templars. Then I came across the Numbers and... this was the result.)

Another possibility would be a side game taking place during the run to the Constitution, focusing on Shays’ Rebellion. It would resolve Conner and Shay’s plotlines, with Shay instigating the aptly named Rebellion to push the fledgling US into setting aside the Articles of Confederation and adopting the Constitution, with a stronger Federal Government.

Connor stops the Rebellion and figures out that Shay is behind it, forcing the latter to flee the US. Connor successfully manages to include the Bill of Rights and avoids an article of Incorporation (for awhile, anyway.) However Shay has begun rebuilding the American Rite, and the end names him its new Grandmaster, with the implication being that the two will meet again in 1812 and end matters once and for all. For some reason, I see this working best as a Telltale style visual novel, with the ability to play as either Connor or Shay. (Connor‘a route focusing on learning of and tracking down the conspiracy; Shay’s route would focus on creating it, and avoiding discovery.)

I’d also like an 1812 game. As an aside, the Addams become Templars under the new American Rite. They are also deeply devoted to the US, which could lead to interesting discussions. Meanwhile, the slave owning Jefferson is an Assassin ally. More fun discussions!

Unless Ubisoft suddenly becomes willing to address anti-Semitism, there will be no WW 2 game, which is a shame. That’s the one time period where they REALLY couldn’t get out of it. I’d love a WW 2 game focused on Poland though. They never stopped fighting, and more Poles tried to save Jews than anywhere else. The estimates are between 100000 to over a million. We know the names of less than 10000. So I would really love a game focused on that area, where you are a partisan who gets recruited by the Assassins and Polish Templars (who are beyond pissed with their Order who, as it turns out, never actually had control of Hitler but WERE stupid enough to give him an apple. (Sage, maybe? Or follower of Juno?)) and have made a truce with their ancient enemies against an even worse foe.

One day an AC game will let us customise our own modern day Protagonist.

They've already set up two different Modern day POV's One who played Black Flag, (And I guess Unity and Syndicate too.) and the one that Played Rouge. The one we choose will be the factor that lets us decide which side we are on. Assassins or Templars.All you have to add is some Character creation and boom you've got an Assassins Creed RPG. While still having the historic angle.While we in the present decide the future of the War.

  • Actually, the protagonists of 'Black Flag' and 'Rogue' are the same person.

Abstergo is Ubisoft in more ways than one.

Abstergo Entertainment is notorious for being the Templars' Orwellian editor of history, producing media that reflects the politically correct versions of events, and as a caricature of Ubisoft itself (certain easter egg documents in the game actually imply Ubisoft was one of the companies it purchased). Meanwhile, Ubisoft does just about the same thing by producing games about ancient conspiracies and a laughably implausible fictional history that is not meant to deceive anyone - unless it serves to hide another conspiracy which may or may not be similar to the Templars', and because of the Assassin's Creed games, any leaks of it will be dismissed on the grounds of being too similar to fiction.

A future game will star Connors granddaughter
south Dakota
  • It will take place in turn of the century New England she will meet a man descended who discovers he's descended from Ezio Auditore. His surname will be miles and likely William's grandfather a sequel will star William Miles in early 80's and feature the creation of The Farm.

The next assassin's creed game will take place in the future.
  • Cyber assassin with a eye laser anyone? Search your heart, you know it will be awesome. ~Matti23

In the next Assassin's Creed game we will play as Templars.
  • We've already been in a Templar's shoes in AC3 and it wasn't that bad.
  • Although Juno's motives are unclear, it's likely she'll want to subjugate Templars, since they are the more powerful side in the Assassin-Templar conflict. Why not play as the bad guys who try to stop an even greater evil?
    • the rumored Assassins Creed Comet is said to star a Templar though its unclear whether this character deects to the assassins or not.
      • Assassin's Creed Rogue will indeed feature an Assassin that defected to the Templars

Assassin's Creed 4 will take place in the 1960s
The Templar-controlled CIA and FBI will be major players, and one of Desmond's immediate family (father, grandfather, uncle, cousin, take your pick) will be the player character. The Templars' and Assassins' involvement in the Cold War, the career of J. Edgar Hoover, the Bay of Pigs invasion, the Vietnam War, and the CIA's wars against communist regimes in Central America will all be explored. The player will use cutting-edge technology to assassinate Russian and American spies involved in cloak-and-dagger operations in major American cities, ultimately trying to avert nuclear war by taking out a major historical character. Naturally, the game will culminate in President Kennedy's assassination at the hands of the Templars.
  • Or by, well, the Assassins.
    • I'm pretty sure it's been established that the Templars were the ones behind the Kennedy assassination. Some of the supplemental material in II said that they used a hologram from a Piece of Eden to hide the gunman on the grassy knoll.
  • How can it culminate in JFK's assassination if Kennedy died before the Vietnam War?
    • There were political tensions in Vietnam long before Johnson officially declared war, and there were American troops stationed there (as well as a few American air strikes and naval operations) in the years before the US actually invaded the North. The game could touch on these events, with some foreshadowing about the outbreak of war towards the end.
  • Well maybe Alex Mason would appear then
  • Jossed the fouth game, subtitled "Black Flag" takes place in during the colonisation of the Americas as a prequel to Assassin's Creed III.

All Those Who Came Before were closest to the ancient Romans.
This explains a few things:
  • Why not one but three vaults are in Rome (in close proximity to the ancient city no less),
  • Why the Ones Who Came Before we meet have names of Roman goddesses (Minerva and Juno).
  • Why their characterization matches with their roles in Roman mythology:
    • Minerva seeing into the future to Desmond, and Juno forcing you to stab Lucy.

A Fission Mailed will happen sometime in the series.
Either as a glitch in the animus or whatever, but either way, it could happen.

Durandal, Joyeuse and Curtana/Cortana (same Sword, different spelling) are all POEs.
Excalibur was a PoE, and there were many Apples, so why not swords? They are all legendary swords (who's names have been used in gaming before), and they could all Pieces of Eden. Durandal was also indestructible, and was forged from the same steel as Cortana and Joyeuse.
  • Swords aren't the only legendary weapons out there. Plenty of staves and spears have worked their way into myth and legend. Since we know at least one POE was a staff, there could be others out there as well. The Green Dragon Crescent Blade wielded by Guan Yu, the Ruyi Jingu Bang wielded by Sun Wukong, the Spear of Longinus...we could go on forever.
  • If we're talking about legendary swords being PO Es, I like to think Kusanagi is one too.

Mass Historical Templar Guessing
Well, let’s start coming up with plausible historical Templars. I'll start: Abraham Lincoln (assassinated by the assassin JWB, perhaps the Top Hat was a Piece of Eden), Bill Gates (Still Alive, POE: Unknown), Tim Burton, meant to keep the masses entertained, stopped but not killed by the Assassin JS (killer of Batman Movie Franchise, Note, Burton fan, but this is WMG), The Founder Of TV Tropes (not sure of his name). His POE is this website (the effects are... similar).
  • Becky Fischer. Obviously a Templar.
  • Barack Obama. He's going to convince everyone to give up their individuality in the Assimilation Plot. POE: Unknown.
  • Shigeru Miyamoto. Because he's been running the video game industry from behind the scenes since Donkey Kong came out. POE: The Nintendo DS. The money it prints? IT'S AN ILLUSION! And he's able to pry into the POE and change its appearance every few years, leading up to it now being the prototype Nintendo 3DS. Its visions also inspire his games: he doesn't need Super Mushrooms to make the next Super Mario Bros., he has a Piece of Eden!
  • Joss Whedon. Keepin' the nerds from knowin' the truth by entertaining them till they are his personal army. POE: The apple can "enslave" people right?
    • Oh hell, what's the point? If you can name someone, they're a Templar (if not, they're an Assassin).
  • Gene Roddenberry: Totally an Assassin.
  • The Zodiac killer: Just like Ezio He recieved a pigeon from the Assassin base to kill the seemingly unconnected people because they were all Templars, also like Ezio he was never caught despite his high amount of kills.
  • Guy Fawkes: Also an Assassin.
    • No, he was a Templar. He was a devout Catholic and the Catholic church was run by Templars(he even fought in Spain for the Catholic side), and his goal in killing King James was to put a Catholic monarch on the throne so that the Templars would have more control over England. It had already broken away once from their control.
      • In point of fact, most of the Templars shown in the series are atheists.
  • HammerFall: Blatantly Templar propaganda. Vidic probably had "Bring The Hammer Down" playing when he raided the Assassins' hideout.
  • As heavily implied by this Cracked article, Ehud of The Book of Judges.
  • Marx was an Assassin, Lenin was a Templar. Marx developed the philosophy of communism as a counter to (Templar-developed) capitalism. Unfortunately, the Templars used Lenin to corrupt communism and create dictatorships.
    • Probably Jossed; Marx appears in Syndicate and has no knowledge of either group, although he does give you a few missions.
  • Oda Nobunaga was a Templar and Akechi Mitsuhide was a covert Assassin.
    • Confirmed for Nobunaga in Assassin's Creed: Memories. It was Hanzo Hattori, however, who was the one who killed him amid the chaos.
  • Todd in the Shadows is an Assassin who is against the Templar-run music industry. I mean, sure, his hoodie isn't white...but he constantly wears a hood! Like an Assassin!
  • Obviously Bill Gates has the Apple, hello?
    • Wouldn't Steve Jobs make more sense?
    • Apple are a Templar corporation using iDevices as an extension of the Apple to control the populace.
  • Simo Hahya was probably Grandmaster of the Assassins sometime in the mid 20th century.
    • DO WANT.
  • Hitler was likely a Templar, though he might have been removed due to the genocides, the Templars most likely not wanting to be recognized in as racists and bigots within their own organization.
    • Confirmed as I remember, but the Assassins took him out.
  • Robin Hood: probably an Assassin (if he's treated as a historical character in the universe of Assassin's Creed), who fights during the Crusades (at the same time that Altair is alive, no less!) and returns to find that England is now under the control of Prince John and the Sheriff of Nottingham, both Templars.
  • Claus von Stauffenberg and the other conspirators of the July 20 Plot were Assassins.
  • John lassetter and the heads of Pixar were Templars, they do secretly have a POE to give them eternal life only to work by using heart crushing moments in their movies they made (Like Inside Out, Up etc.) to fuel the Audience's sadness to the Piece so they can live forever.

  • First, there's the provenance of the crazy relics Abstergo is interested in, needless to say; they mention a "Christ-figure." My guess is that this is probably Jesus Christ, obviously; he wasn't so much miraculous or the Son of God as in control of these items. So...alien relics, perhaps? Also, maybe someone can submit the text pyramid and text rectangle to cryptanalysis; I didn't get the rectangle, or the square, but the pyramid...

Formatting issues, of course. Sorry about that, but...


I'm also not sure how well I interpreted the text; scrawled with blood on concrete, then washed away does not for legibility make. I think that the messages had something to do with the Subject 16 you read about on the terminals.

  • With the rectangle, start at the bottom right corner and read up. It takes a while to decipher and it helps if you write it down. Off the top of my head, the message is "they take my mind to make their plans, I spill my blood to show you the truth" or something similar. The triangle is read the same way and discusses the Templar plans to launch the piece of Eden into space to take over the world. I think.

(Sorry if I screwed up somehow and this already exists.)

Desmond's mother was Eva.
To explain Assassin's Solid: Desmond's mother was Eva, aka Big Mama, aka the surrogate mother and partial DNA contributor for Les Enfantes Terribles and thus Solid Snake's surrogate mother. This naturally means that Snake carries the same genetic memory as Desmond, because Eva's involvement in the cloning process means he is technically descended from Altaïr.

(And just for anyone who may not know; while that silliness was an obvious April Fool's joke, Altaïr's costume is unlockable in MGS4.)

  • Problem: Snake does not have any of Eva's DNA. Therefore, either the Japanese woman that donated the egg or Big Boss himself were descended from Altaïr.
    • It sure as hell would explain Big Boss, though.

Lara Croft will find the Pieces of Eden.
Just a note, I don't actually believe this but I think this would make a great fanfic!XD. Apparently in the new Tomb Raider games, there is no magic. "The ones who came before" could be referring to the Atlanteans in the Tomb Raider games. So the assassins ask Lara to retrieve the artifacts before the Templars do to save the world (again)! And the whole world being controlled by Templars for peace could be the Seventh Age. Oh and it could happen, Ubisoft is interested in buying Eidos so you'll never know. :)

Assassin's Creed is a prelude to the story of Ayreon.
The Animus is an early version of the Dream Sequencer.

Assassins are symbolically "married" to the Brotherhood, over and above their possible spouses.
Lucy and Altaïr are both shown to be missing their left ring finger, the same one that bears the wedding band in—at the very least—Christian tradition. The ritual removal of this finger could be used by the hashashin to remind its members who their real family is. Dem boys is crazy.
  • Considering that the protagonist of AC2 is a nobleman turned assassin from 15th Century Italy (which would mean he would probably be a Catholic prior to becoming an assassin), which would make this theory plausible. To add to this (or not), he has 2 hidden blades, meaning he severed BOTH his ring fingers.
    • Wrong on the non-WMG parts. Lucy was just holding her finger to look as though she was missing her ring finger as a sort of secret handshake, and Ezio still has both ring fingers (you can tell because he wears a signet ring on one hand) as a result of Leonardo da Vinci's modifications to the hidden blade he uses.
      • In the mission where you get da Vinci to repair the hidden blade bracer Ezio's father had hidden away Leonardo says that he's going to have to chop off Ezio's finger. It turns out he's joking as the design has been modified to make it possible to use with all finger attached.
      • Altaïr's journal states that he implemented changes in the organization to keep up both with changing times and changing Templar tactics, the arguably biggest change being to phase out the more theatric practices, such as maintaining fortress-bases, making their assassinations public for the sake of turning themselves into Memetic Badasses, and severing the finger. As Altaïr puts it, the Assassins are their creed, not their ceremony.
      • However, in the Assassin Initiation ceremonies seen in AC2 and Brotherhood, new Assassins are branded on their left ring finger, instead of having it completely severed.

Humans don't have genetic memory
Those Who Came Before do, and they passed it on to the assassins when they interbred.
  • Rebecca Crane went in the Animus, she joined the Assassins and her family is (assumedly) not part of the Assassins, though she might have been descended from The Ones Who Came Before still.

Dexter is Subject 16
  • Similarities are discussed on the Dexter WMG page.
    • Jossed

Mario is related to Desmond
*Cough* I'll get my coat.
  • Alternatively, Desmond is a gamer and when he heard the name "Mario" in what is a video game he immediately thought of one thing. The Animus is known to convert language into a form that will be familiar to the user, and as a side-effect of this changed Mario's introduction into the very thing Desmond was thinking of.
    • Well, the first game's manual does mention that slackers have become much better with the Animus since Abstergo switched it to video game controls. And Desmond is so good with the Animus, so you may be right about Desmond being a gamer, which adds plausibility to this guess.

Desmond is the direct and perfect reincarnation of Altaïr and Ezio
He just learns what he, as the reincarnation of them, should know from his past lives. Note that Altaïr's and Ezio's names mean less or more 'Eagle' which is the symbol of the resurrection. Templars knew that and they abducted him to use him as they please by manipulating him into taking his past (but carefully cut/censored) knowledge. Also, he is the only one which can make proper use of Apple and Pieces of Eden, as seen with Ezio. Thus he's the Messianic Archetype or The Chosen One and was hunted by Templars. But it took long researches to find him. That's why his parents sheltered his existence out of Templars' knowledge, because they were aware of his importance.

Every single magical artifact from human legend and history was in fact real, and likely a Piece of Eden.
Admittedly, this is less likely to be a WMG and more a reasonable conclusion based on evidence given...

Those Who Came Before are the Protheans.
Consider the nature of how the Pieces of Eden operate, and compare then with the technology of the Protheans. The Apple and the Beacons are very similar, and the effects of items like the Staff and the Sword are reminiscent of Mass Effect technology. Those Who Came Before also reported being destroyed by a calamity from the skies, which cuts awfully close to the idea of the Reaper invasion. And consider also that the Protheans were heavily interested in humanity.

Nathan Drake is related to Desmond
Distantly at least, which explains their similar voices. The Drake family branch broke away from the Assassins due to the betrayal of Sir Francis Drake becoming a Privateer helping the Templars in exchange for riches. When Sir Francis discovered El Dorado (A Piece of Eden bioweapon inside the corpse of One Who Came Before) he learned that his Templar benefactors planned to use it as a weapon for population control. He decided to redeem his family's honor by blowing up the Templar Island Base and hiding El Dorado. Gabriel Roman thought it was just a hidden treasure, but Navarro (who was a Templar agent) was looking for it, following the trail the Nazi's left only for destiny to intervene and return Nathan Drake to finish his ancestor's effort and redeem his family in the eyes of the assassins.
  • Later Nathan was pulled back into the war between the two factions by Chole (who is an Assassin) in order to keep Lazarevic (A Templar but not a popular one) from getting to Shambala which was an abandoned 'testing ground' for Those Who Came Before's genetic experiments on humans. Chole was supposed to consider taking Nathan, and the Drake family lineage, back into the fold but decided that keeping him out was better for him and better for the Assassins if they ever need a wild card.

The Animus is a time machine that uses Mental Time Travel instead of genetic memory.
Think about it. It explains the questionable aspects of 'Genetic Memory'. Desynchronization could just be a built-in failsafe against paradoxes. The bleeding effect would be due to his mind actually being there to absorb relevant information from his ancestors. It would also explain Minerva's knowledge of Desmond, as she is One Who Came Before and would therefore understand the Animus' time-travel properties.

The entire game takes place inside of a new, mass-produced version of the Animus, used for teaching purposes.
The Animus is the ultimate learning tool. What would be a better way to understand an event, than to actually experience it firsthand? That would explain why in the Desmond segments, the camera is still third person, and the entire series could be a simulation of how the Assassins defeated the Templars and helped mankind correct the mistakes it has made over the course of time.

The Animus works by turning the inborn Psychometry skill up to 11.
Everyone we've known to use the Animus has had the alien Psychometric bloodline ability: Eagle Eye. The Animus just amplifies the inborn psychometry and tunes it up several notches, pointing it inward instead outward. If you were to put a "normal" human in the Animus, it would just be a hunk of junk.
  • Jossed: In Assassins Creed Brotherhood, Desmond asks Rebecca if she has ever been in the Animus. She said once. She went to a Prussian fighting in a war with guns and such, and she said to Desmond "her ancestors were boring. Nothing like yours".

Assassin's Creed takes place in the Tiberium universe.
The world is going to complete unicorns and light outside, and we never see anything beyond the facilities where the Animus units are being kept. The description of the chaos and destruction is very reminiscent of the collapse of national governments under the strain of Tiberium. Also, ancient societies and brotherhoods abound, along with Precursor technology. Clearly, someone is being manipulated by Kane.
  • Jossed: If you look out the windows in the warehouse it seems rather okay, also if you look at the signs in said warehouse you'll see they're written in Italian. Italy being the first country exposed to Tiberium.

Assassin's Creed takes place in the Dragon Age timeline
Assassins are Mages (I mean, how come they can do so many awesome things, unless they are Mages, specifically Arcane Warriors) and Templars are, amazingly enough, Templars. The Templars are in a role-reversal with the Chantry, since they control the religions. Quite obviously, Minerva and all those other things are the Maker, her minions, and all those Dragons. The Animus is just something that artificially induces the Harrowing through a Lyrium drip via IV.

Every Assassin is spiritually bonded to the people destined to die by their blade/snake/spear/whatever.
This would be an explanation for the after-killing conversations Ezio and Altaïr have with their targets. They have a chance to talk before the bond is broken by the death and they go back to reality. In addition to that, they also can forgive their target and bring them back to life, which explains how after Maria was stabbed, she ran off after Altaïr 'killed' her, and later fathered his child.

The Saboteur is the WWII Assassin's Creed
The Saboteur shares the building climbing of AC, has a car named Altaïr, and the trunk you need to steal from the Nazis could easily be a POE. It was outsourced to allow Ubisoft to create an AC in a different era, and keep it to a trilogy.

A closer-to-modern-but-not-quite times AC will replace horses with the bicycle
  • Now, that'd be just sad.

The entire series is in the mind of a conspiracy theorist tripping on LSD
It would explain everything.

World War II was organized by the Templars to end racism and overpopulation
The Templars had wanted to get rid of prejudice for a long time (which is why they orchestrated the civil war), but despite all their success, prejudice was still alive and well in places like Germany and East Asia. To solve this, they orchestrated World War II and the holocaust. Everybody knows the affect this had on casual racists, they were disgusted by the actions of Hitler and the Emperor of Japan, and realized they were wrong (its more advanced than that in real life, but I'm not going to go into detail right now). After the war, enough support was built up to allow the civil rights movement to take place, as well as other equal rights movements in other nations. The war also served to set back overpopulation. This whole thing really fits into the Templar's whole Well-Intentioned Extremist agenda.

Life is a confusing plan; don't believe a word anyone says!
So you've deduced that you're a Hashashin, and you want to find another. So you go and tell your BFF Forever (yes, Best Friends Forever Forever) that you support the Assassins, thinking "hey, they're my BFFF, they're just like me!" If you don't get a response of disbelief, sarcasm, or Idiot Ball, you might get the "oh hey, so am I!" Sweet! But...Templars never reveal themselves anyway, what with the Mind Control thing. So how do you know your BFFF is really an Assassin, and not a Templar in disguise? Or an Assassin disguised as a Templar disguised an Assassin?! Well, they're your best friend, so you can trust them with anything, right?

...right? Well you won't be believing that when you end up in an underground facility with your ex-BFF exchanging "I knew you knew I knew you weren't an Assassin!"

This goes along with the "nothing is true" part of the Creed; essentially, everything is a lie, doubt everything. Soon you (may) end up doubting your doubtings of your doubtings and end up just wanting everything over and done with. Or end up doubting further. Although I doubt that...

In conclusion: instead of opening your mouth, continue to pretend to be the Unwitting Pawn; the true Assassins/Templars (if you swing that way) will come to you.

Of course...who knows? All this advice could be coming from a Templar...

A later game will provide a Templar's point of view.
As it turns out, Maria is not the only Templar (or former one, at least) ancestor of Desmond. At some point in time, the Miles family tree happened to have a Black Sheep who became a Templar agent. Said ancestor was something of a Anti-Villain Well-Intentioned Extremist who was likely just working for the wrong side. We now get to have a Sympathetic Viewpoint of the Templars as well as offer up some potential new gameplay elements.
  • As of Brotherhood, this is confirmed....sorta. The Templars are still bastards, but multiplayer is a training simulation at Abstergo.
  • For the purpose of clarification: A single-player campaign that has a Templar protagonist. That sounds kinda like DLC material though.
  • Confirmed...although hints aside, you don't find out Haytham Kenway is a Templar until the end of his segment in 3.
  • Confirmed again with Assassin's Creed: Rogue with Shay Cormac as an Assassin turned Templar.

The Ones Who Came Before planned for the Pieces of Eden to be used to save humanity
But not by the Assassins. If you wanted something to get done long after you had gone, who would you trust to do it properly? The plucky, undertsaffed and out gunned guys with nifty fashion sense and some extra senses, or a global, powerhungry ruthless conspiracy with acces to the most modern technology of the time? I thought so. Every win the Assassins have had against the Templar plans have only weakened humaity's only hope. The OWCB don't care about our free will, only that their greatest invention survives in one form or another. Humanity is going to burn to death and it's all your fault, You Bastard.

Desmond isn't really in the Animus.
In fact, Desmond is long dead. His memories are being replayed by someone else entirely through an Animus.
  • Semi-confirmed as of Black Flag.

The Patriots are tools of the Templars.
The way the Patriots control the public opinion and media would be just in accordance to the Templars' goal. Big Boss and later Snake and Raiden became Assassins to oppose them.

The explanation of Synchronization
It's not about how close to the original memories the gameplay is, it's about how well Desmond understands his ancestors. The reason the sync bar goes down is because he doesn't understand what it's like to have a sword slice you, and yet still be able to walk away from it as Altaïr and Ezio do, or drop off a building and walk away. The reason it increases in the game is because Desmond started to understand his ancestors better and better - he starts off seeing Altaïr as proud and strong, something Desmond probably can relate to in some capacity, but then saw the guy stripped of all his possessions and rank, which he can't understand at all, and he sees Ezio start off as a rich and happy noble, which he could never imagine. But over time, he saw the sights they saw, he got into their minds and bodies, and learned about them more and more, just as Altaïr and Ezio understand themselves more in their own journey, thus increasing the synchronization more and more.
  • That explains why they can't kill innocents.

The Hidden Blade is a Nasuverse-style conceptual weapon.
As long as its user takes the enemy by surprise or counters the enemy's attack successfully, it will One-Hit Kill no matter what. Like the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception, though, the question is executing the move. Good enough against the games' human opponents, but against the Eldritch Abominations of Nasu's setting...?

The Ones Who Came Before are the Great Race, H. P. Lovecraft's Yithians.
Pre-human civilisation? Check. Technology so advanced it looks like magic? Check. Mind-altering powers? Check. Underground stasis vaults scattered across the world? Check. Time travel or precognition abilities? Check. Strong but dispassionate interest in humanity? Check.

This ties pretty well into the previously-mentioned WMG that the Animus uses mental time-travel rather than genetic memory, too. Mental time-travel is what the Yithians were famed for.

The Pieces of Eden can also function as Energon Harvesters.
They have to get their energy from somewhere. So they are built with a means to extract energy/energon from any source to power themselves. Optimus Prime referred to the one in his show (looked like an Autobot scaled Apple) as being built by the ancients, but he's referring to the Ones Who Came Before and not ancient Autobots.

Eagle vision allows the user to see all around them.
Think like Wrath's Ultimate Eye - it allows them to see 360 degrees all around them, at all angles. Thus, the camera isn't just an animus thing - it's Altaïr's and Ezio's actual vision!
  • It would explain why Desmond can see behind him.

Desmond is from...where? "The Farm" is in...
C'mon, let's hear some guesses!
  • Western New England. Mostly cos I think that'd be awesome, but also because Desmond speaks with an accent indicative of someone of middle class background from west of Boston. And also cause his voice actor is from Connecticut.
  • New Mexico (Desmond mentions it being in a desert IIRC and NM is the most desert-y place in the US this non-American troper can think of.)
    • American troper here, the southwestern United States has quite a bit of desert, extending from the western parts of Texas, through Arizona and New Mexico, southern California, Nevada and Utah.
      • You could keep a lot of mystical artifacts in New Mexico. Say, in an abandoned but secure area... like a military base or something.
  • According to the Desmond's Journey sidegame in Revelations and the Encyclopedia, The Farm is in the Black Hills in South Dakota.

Assassins are trained in everything on "Farms" and later get specialized training
Obviously, nobody can do everything. However, the Assassins need to do multiple things in order to help out the entire group. Not only were they all trained in the physical sense, but also mental and most likely social. In Revelations, 16 makes reference to programming language on the Animus Island. "Hello World!" is a simple program to start off. Desmond likely understood this reference, as he didn't ask about it, and in Desmond's Journey mini story, he said that they started training early on in life, and Desmond didnt run away until later in life, so it's entirely possible that Desmond was trained to be a modern Assassin in the most basic form. However, you can't just have everyone be OK at their job. So they specialize in certain areas. Computers, History, Combat, Politics, and probably Languages to name a few.

The final Assassin's Creed game will focus on Desmond's mother
I originally thought that the final AC game would center on Desmond, but there's a problem - namely, how central the Animus is to the gameplay. For Desmond to be the sole protagonist would require significant changes in gameplay. Instead, we will have a parallel plot of Desmond and his mother (who we will call "Mom" for now). The Mom storyline will take place in the Cold War, and could span the globe. Desmond will get plenty of screentime, and players will control him using a slightly different scheme.
  • This was altered from my original theory. With Desmond's father now a major character, there would be little reason for Desmond to explore his dad's memories. If his mom is dead or missing, on the other hand, then there could be plenty of reason. Especially if, as other WMGs have suggested, his mother is the one with the stronger bloodline.

Memories can only be passed down the male line.
Because of the way biology works. Men create sperm all their lives, and according to the way that genetic memory probably works, DNA memories are updated in every batch of sperm. Meanwhile, women are born with their entire supply of eggs already formed.
  • But both kinds of gametes are still formed from germ cells which are segregated from somatic cells very early on in development. Genes in somatic cells are modified throughout life according to the particular cell type's needs, but germ cell genes are not.
  • Anyway, Jossed by the multiplayer which is part of the canon: you can see several women among the Animus-users in the opening, and there are several female character options to choose from.
  • Also Jossed by new discoveries in epigenetics: your DNA and gametes are constantly changing while you're alive.
  • Also Jossed by Desmond's file in Black Flag. Altair was his ancestor on his mother's side, while Ezio and the Kenways were on his father's.

Cain is still alive.
And in the final Assassin's Creed game, Desmond will kill him.

The Freemasons are Assassins.
Compare their symbols. They look rather similar, if you ask me. Besides, it would be a twist for such a maligned organization to be on the good guys' side.
  • The AC wiki says they're Templars, though the evidence suggesting this is circumstantial. I am currently debating this issue here, here and here. (NOTE: This has since been fixed.)
    • It may not be confirmed outright, but there's lots of evidence to support it. George Washington and Teddy Roosevelt, two US Presidents who were Freemasons, were confirmed to have had an Apple, and one of 16's notes indicate that it was the Freemasons who brought it across the pond, so it's certainly not a coincidence. The Freemasons were always extremely secretive, and some real-life conspiracy theories claim the Freemasons are Templars who control the US behind the scenes (lots of the conspiracy stuff in AC is based on real theories). One theory also blames the Freemasons for faking the moon landing, which was confirmed to be not fake but a Templar mission to get an Apple that was on the Moon for some reason. Too many coincidences for me.
  • The Freemason ideals have many things in common with both the Assassin and Templar ideals. It's possible that both sides are infiltrated in their ranks and trying to control the organization for their own ends.
    • Confirmed most of the Freemasons end up being the friends of Connor the protagonist of AC III including of course George Washington. So yay you don't have to kill him.

The series is in a Stable Time Loop, and Desmond and Adam are the same person.
This would explain the the "precognition" of "Those Who Came Before". This would also explain why Desmond and Adam are voiced by the same guy.

Jupiter is the the one who seeded the Assassin line.
Considering how the mythological Zeus/Jupiter liked to mess around with mortal women, that his wife Hera/Juno was known to be a bitch towards said mortal women (and their offspring — think Heracles/Hercules and his reason for starting the Twelve Labors), and how one of his motifs was the eagle, and it makes a lot of sense.

The Assassin's Creed games were marketed by the Assassins themselves.
Think plot of The Last Starfighter. The Assassins in fact control Ubisoft in real life, and are using the games of the AC franchise to get the word out there about their war about the Templars and their secret war. The final game in the franchise will be specially tailored to each state/province/etc. where it's distributed, with contact information for local Assassin cells to contact as a hidden easter egg. Only the most serious and talented gamers will be able to access this easter egg, and thereby be recruited into the order.

The Assassin's Creed games were marketed by the Templars
Think about it. They were only a few years from launching their satellite when the first game came out. The Assassins may become desperate and try and appeal to the public to help stop them. But to prevent this, the Templars either infiltrated Ubisoft or convinced the company to make the games. This way, if any of the Assassins or Assassin sympathizers try to inform the public of what the Templars are doing, they will only be marked as "insane and obviously plays too much video games".

Computers are a new type of animus. We are in the future and we are controlling Desmond, who is our common ancestor.
  • If this WMG is true, does that mean that our propensity toward gaming is due to Genetic Memory?

A future game will allow Desmond to die.
But instead of respawning, the game will just cut to a silent black screen with nothing on it. The only way to retry the level will be to quit the game and restart it.
  • I guess it's confirmed, with his death at the end off 3.

Desmond's game will take place After the End.
The solar flare destroys most of the world's power supplies, so Desmond is forced to crawl out of the animus (it hugely malfunctioning as the Assassins try desperately to log Desmond out before it fries his brain could make for a trippy tutorial). The almost complete destruction of society would be a great excuse for the small city sizes, the lack of population and the lack of supplies of the guards/military. The plot could have Desmond tracking down the temples, to ensure nothing like 2012 happens again, or finding a viable method of Time Travel to get back in time and stop the flare before it does any damage.

Eagle vision is actually a mild form of Omniscience
The precursors' sixth sense, "knowledge" is omniscience. Minerva knew that Ezio would find the vault under the Vatican, and how Desmond would eventually see the message via the animus. Juno also mentions that the humans "see the blue glow". Just like how Eagle Vision makes various people glow. It also explains how Ezio/Altaïr can use their eagle vision to identify people they've never met before, as well as things like guard patrols and secret, invisible messages that should be imperceptible. Ultimately, the gods used their future knowledge to leave relics and messages to ensure humanity's continued existence.
  • Whoa. I had a theory almost exactly like this. To elaborate on yours a bit, Eagle Vision appears as vision because it's the only way for humans to perceive it; their brains simply can't interpret the signals they're receiving any other way. If our brains were more developed, we could sense the knowledge in a different way, one that we currently have no baseline for.

The Sicarii were the ancient Jewish precursor of the Assassin Order
Just read that article! Concealed daggers, anti-Roman zealotry, you name it. The Sicarii were the Hashhashin, before their time. Bonus points because they would blend in with the crowd by pretending to mourn their victims.
  • New guess: Barabus, the revolutionary freed in place of Jesus, was either a member or joined up after being inspired by JC.
  • Fridge Horror: Judas, who helped assassinate Jesus, is believed by some historians to have been a Sicarius. The Templars hint that Jesus used the Apple to perform miracles. Was... was Jesus a Templar?
    • No. Judas was an Assassin sent undercover to see what Jesus was up to. However he came to believe in Jesus's teachings and finally Jesus asked Judas to betray him, just like in The Last Temptation of Christ. The Templar Saul of Tarsus then converted Jesus into a religion and vilified Judas as a villain, classic AC style. I am pretty sure Ubisoft will never tackle Jesus so we'll never know in either case.

Desmond is the Kwizatz [[Franchise/Dune}} Haderach
.The reason why he's descended from Assassins from every important point in history? He was deliberately bred that way.
  • The Assassins foresaw the creation of the Animus or something similar and deliberately bred an individual descended from as many assassins as possible.
  • Alternately, the more Assassins Desmond had genes from, the greater his ability to use technology from "The Ones Before".
  • Actually, given that the Bene Gesserit are founded well after humans have left Earth, Desmond is the original Kwizatz Haderach who does something so epic that they spend thousands of years trying to create their own version of him.
    • Bene Gesserit founded after humans left Earth? Sure, and the Hashashin were founded during the Crusades.

Desmond's bloodline has a thing for Second Loves.
  • Altaïr had Adha, but she was kidnapped and killed, and in the Codex in AC II he admits that he loved her. Instead, he ended up with Maria, a Templar turncoat.
  • Ezio had Cristina, but she refused to come with him and died during the Bonfire of the Vanities. From the Repressed Memories in Brotherhood, it's pretty clear he loved her, and if his other relationships are anything to go by, he hasn't had anything similar since.note  Revelations will most likely feature Ezio's Second Love, and probably bring an end to his storyline via the conception of Desmond's ancestor.
    • Well, Ezio does meet his second love Sofia, but his children aren't conceived in the game.
  • Desmond has Lucy, but Juno forces him to kill her at the end of Brotherhood. Whether she survives or not is up for debate, but she tells you "there is another." The meaning is pretty obvious. Which leads to...
    • Lucy is dead and buried by the time of Revelations.
      • It isn't specifically stated that Lucy is dead. They only say they've buried her, meaning she might not have been completely dead but still skin-dead enough to fool all medical devices that could monitor her lifesigns, and thus be buried alive.
      • Rebecca is just as hot anyway. Plus Shaun is nowhere near the ladies man that Desmond is after absorbing the memories of Enzio. Desmond WILL get the girl in the end.
  • Most likely jossed, considering that Desmond is now dead.

We will soon follow one of Desmond's female ancestors.

Subject 16 is...
  • Cole McGrath.
  • James Heller.
  • Nathan Drake.
  • Batman
  • going to try and pull Grand Theft Me once Desmond unscrambles his memories.
    • Some people are speculating that this is still a possibility, given the way Clay clings to Desmond for a good chunk of time before finally shoving him at the gate; the theory goes that Clay used that time to hitch a ride in Desmond's brain.
      • the Desmond recordings in AC:IV reveal that Clay had passed on all his memories and experiences to Desmond (which would explain the "Lost Archive" DLC for Revelations), including Clay's time being mentored by William Miles after Desmond left. So in a way, he did sort of hitch a ride by becoming a part of Desmond, similar to the way Altair, Ezio and Connor did.
  • All of the above?
    • None of the above, actually.

Desmond will relive the life of a Templar ancestor.
Think about it. What better way would the Assassins have to gain intelligence on the methods and motives of the Templars? Relive the life of a Templar. There is already a high chance that he has at least a few Templar ancestors. Maria, a former Templar, is already one of Desmond's ancestors. It wouldn't be to outlandish to think that she was born into the order from her side of the family. Therefore, they would also be Desmond's ancestors, allowing him to experience their lives through the Animus. Obviously, this would be a bit of a radical change for a main series game, but it would make a nice side-addition.
  • Her entry in the in-game Database and Encyclopedia seems to suggest she wasn't. Then again, there's nothing that explicitly confirms it...

If there's ever a modern-day game, Daniel Cross
will be The Dragon to Alan Rikkin.After all, he defected to Abstergo in Assassin's Creed: The Fall and the multiplayer mode of Revelations confirms he's both still alive in Desmond's time and the head of Operations for Abstergo.

The neurotransmitter that PO Es use to enslave humans is the "genetic pump" described by Warren Ellis in Supergod
Morrigan Lugus describes faith as a narcotic effect "triggered by awe and fear of an anthropomorphism of your environment." In prehistoric times that translates to "sky gods" in the clouds and rolling hills mistaken for "earth mothers", but in history this role is mostly played by smooth-talking demagogues. If you are suspicious of authority, due to knowing "nothing is true"(anyone who claims to have all the answers is so full of unicorns and light his eyes should be brown), and "everything is permitted"(no two societies have the same laws, so they are made by imperfect people and you should use your own judgement of right and wrong) you can call the pig out and demand straight answers which he can't provide. If someone with strong will and that same suspicion is hit by a POE, they can realize the effect is an override and choose to resist it.
  • Fun theory: if this is true, then it may be possible to create some kind of biological countermeasure - a drug or a genetic treatment that makes you immune to demagoguery as well as PO Es. That would be a revolution equivalent to the invention of writing.

Erudito is Consus
In the final entry of Divine Science: Chapter 1, it is revealed that Giovanni Borgia gets possessed by a member of Those Who Came Before, self-addressing as "Consus, the Erudite God." Erudite as in "Erudito", perhaps? It's known that Those That Came Before are both long-lived and anti-Templar, so it wouldn't be surprising if such an entity decided to meddle in Abstergo's affairs.

Assassin's Creed shares a timeline and world with Grand Theft Auto
Or possibly Saints Row.

It's impossible to properly relive the memories of an ancestor of the opposite gender
Three games so far and all of Desmond's ancestors have been male, the Assassin's Creed multi-player scenarios do not seem to be proper memory revisitations. Plus, it makes a bit of sense since the Animus works on Genetic memory, the missing or added piece of a chromosome one ancestor had or didn't could make an enormous difference in synchronizing with an ancestor of the opposite gender.
  • Probably Jossed: in Brotherhood, Rebecca mentions having explored the memories of a Prussian mercenary who was one of her ancestors. She also said it was boring, which most likely eliminates any kind of Sweet Polly Oliver scenario.

The Assassins are actually the Delta Knights
Consider: Both are an ancient society of warriors who live in secret. Both are devoted to protecting ancient, advanced technology from those who would misuse it. Leonardo da Vinci is a member of both. Also, look at their logos. The Assassin Insignia looks a lot like a very modified Delta.

Desmond is a mental patient
He's been diagnosed with severe schizophrenia and committed to the Abstergo Mental Hospital. Dr. Warren Vidic and Nurse Lucy Stillman are attending. He's been having increasingly vivid hallucinations of "past lives" while simultaneously losing more and more connection with reality. He sees his doctor as a cold bastard trying to subsume his "eagle vision" with drugs, and sees the more comforting Nurse Lucy and fellow patients Shaun Hastings and Rebecca Crane as his only friends in this obvious worldwide conspiracy against the "Chosen One," which is of course Desmond. He seems to even lapse into Borderline Personality Syndrome when he starts babbling more and more about some "Subject 16." However, when the good Nurse tries to administer Desmond a new drug, he suffers a severe psychotic break, overpowers and stabs her with the needle. The doctors are becoming increasingly convinced he's beyond help at this point.

The Assassins are just as bad as the Templars
All that talk about "working in the shadows to serve the light" is just that. Talk. The Assassins have their own agenda, and they are just as fanatically devoted to to is as the Templars are to theirs. The Templars believe in order and control. The Assassins believe in Free Will, and they believe it in so strongly that they will readily kill any leader who gains too much power over their subjects, regardless of how benevolent or well-intentioned they are. Both sides want the Pieces of Eden to further their own agendas. The Templars and the Assassins represent the opposing extremes of a spectrum of political philosophy; neither of them is the "good guy."

All of Ezio's love interests are Desmond's ancestors.
Ezio managed to have children with Rosa, Caterina Sforza, Cristina Vespucci, all the female Assassins, and who knows how many other women. Most of those children were likely taken away and raised by the Assassins (although Rosa could have easily just joined the order herself), and went on to have their own children. Desmond is the culmination of all their bloodlines.

The Legend of Zelda is a prequel universe to the series
Mostly supported by the [spoiler:Apple using a blinding light to kill people in the Brotherhood novelization] (I haven't played the game yet), and Din's fire from Ocarina of time having much the same power (Albeit much more subdued).However, I have expanded upon this a great deal since I realized the coincidence.The goddesses could be either prankster or benevolent Those Who Came Before, and the magical item in the games are pieces of Eden, the most obvious being apple and Din's fire, Papal Staff and byrna staff? Staff of byrna? I forget which, but it's the one makes you invincible. (Alternately, both the byrna, somoria, and pacci staves are all the papal staff with abilities limited by creativity and beliefs on what it can do.) the triforce is also a Piece of Eden, but more reveled because it was left behind by the goddesses in the presence of the king.The Assassins and Templars may or may not be pre-solar flare, though I'm pretty sure it's pre for continuity's sake and the whole "not being in the history books" thing is a lot easier to explain and would make for a more interesting psuedo-plot. Other expansions on this include wind waker and on being post-flare with impeccable timing, and the great flood was part of the Noah's arc thing. (please excuse my lack of biblical knowledge, I haven't read and my only church service was an easter concert with one sermon about not being a conspiracy theorist).
  • Perhaps the Sheikah became the precursors to the Assassins.
  • (Same troper) Maybe the symbol for Hylia became an eagle when humanity was hit by the solar flare and all the documents were destroyed.
  • (Same troper for a third time, I like this theory.) Obviously the Gorons, Twili, Zora, kokiri, et cetera were wiped out by the solar flare.

Desmond will never get his own game.
He's simply been a Decoy Protagonist all along and Ubisoft have been trolling us all these years with all these teasers about a game finally all about him. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
  • Confirmed.

The Pieces of Eden are sentient and have been playing everyone (including the Precursors, Brotherhood and Templars) since they were created. Something of a Skynet-meets-Cthulhu situation.
  • They caused the uprising of Humanity because the First Civilizations were starting to figure it out. They then manipulated certain laws of physics and nature to make the cataclysm far worse than it should have been (hence why a CME- which should only cause blackouts and some auroras in the sky- led to the reversal the magnetic poles and the atmosphere).
    • And the thing is, they are powerful enough where this could be true without anyone knowing, since that's the way the Pieces want it.
  • Just like the [[BIONICLE Energized Protodermis]], it's the ultimate Living MacGuffin that is pulling all the strings and is the real Man Behind the Man.

Ezio shaves with the Hidden Blade.
Yet more Mundane Utility.

Connected to the previous one, the Po E are artifacts that act as a psychic Hate Plague dispersal units, in addition to their other uses. This is why those in possession of or in pursuit of the Eden-pieces are so often involved with violent things like war, assassination, genocide, etc.
  • Duh.

Genetic Assassins see everything in the third person.
  • It's one of their assassin-superpowers, alongside Eagle Vision. It gives them a much greater awareness of their surroundings- they can see everything in the immediate area, as well as look directly behind them if they want.

The Animus is NOT historically accurate.
  • The story is that what we know of history was altered into what the Templars wanted us to think happened, and the Animus shows us the truth through the eyes of someone who actually experienced it. While that's partially true, it still doesn't mean we're seeing the events in an accurate light. Think about it: when you remember something that happened to you, is it 100% true to the objective events of what happened? Memory isn't perfect, and it lies to us. We see the historical events as Altier and Ezio remember them, but that doesn't mean they're perfect memories that depict the truth of the events.
    • That's kind of the point.

The First Civilization (Those Who Came Before) was a colony of Time Lords.
Yes, I know it's a cliche, but think about it: they're a species which look just like humans, except much more long-lived, with incredibly advanced technology, and the power to see the future. The Pieces of Eden even look a bit time-lordy.
  • Only a bunch of humans killed em. The Doctor would not be proud. (Being genocided by a solar flare while splitting resources is no excuse!)
    • He'd be more likely to be mad at the enslavers who built mind control devices than the slaves who rose up. Plus it really was the solar flare that killed them.
      • If anything, The Doctor likely enabled humanity to kill off the ruling Time Lords.

The series will go MMO somewhere down the line.
Not in the traditional WoW style MMO RPG though. It'll be more like a massive multiplayer competitive sandbox. Maybe something like what Watch_Dogs seems to be implying. Up to 30 players (or more) on small maps within huge city(cities?) chose either to play as Assassins or Templar, and occasional missions pop up where the assassins have to steal something or kill someone and Templars have to stop them, or vice versa. Could make it work along the lines the multiplayer they have now, they did introduce team matches in Assassin's Creed III after all. And they implied even after Desmond's story is finished it's not like the two groups are suddenly going to make buddy buddy.

Assassin's Creed 4 will star
Eve, the one Clay told Desmond to find in Eden (Note that for the purposes of this WMG, I'm assuming the Eve Clay told Desmond to find is a descendent of Eve with the same name. It's probably still workable if they meant the original Eve though.) She's the one hope the game brought up that's still open to the Assassins, and her genetic memory would date back to the time of Those Who Came Before (Desmond and Shaun talk about the possibility as if there would be no major hurdles.) The remnants of the Assassins will find her and stick her in an Animus. She'll play as different female assassins throughout history (At least 3 have been mentioned in canon) going backwards in time instead of forwards, culminating in Eden, where she would learn some way to stop Juno straight from Those Who Came Before.

The next Assassin's Creed will see Connor traveling to his father's homeland
It would make sense. In a conversation with one of his recruits, Connor expresses interest in visiting England one day. It would make for an interesting game, exploring British cities during the Industrial Revolution.
  • Not to mention, the time period would be just about right for The Napoleonic Wars, with all the intrigue and espionage that they entail (and we know for a fact that Nappy Bones had a Piece of Eden at some point). Plus, they've already introduced sailing ships in III—Trafalgar, anyone?
  • Actually, as I recall, he states that he wished to visit Ireland when speaking with Duncan Little.

Some Templars are about to defect to the Assassins, and vice-versa
With Juno's return at the end of 3, there's a threat relevant to the struggle between the Assassins and Templars. The Templars fight for peace through control, the Assassins fight for peace through freedom. Juno wants to control the world. You would think the Templars would want that, but consider that many Templars likely want to be the ones in charge. Someone else fulfilling their goal isn't what many of them will want. So they'll probably defect from the rest of the Templars, and some will (reluctantly) team up with the only other group that knows what they're dealing with, the Assassins.
Meanwhile, the Assassins are, ideally, opposed to what Juno is doing. But they're only human; a lot of them won't be able to handle the scope of what they're up against, people like Desmond who were raised on Assassin beliefs, but don't really believe. Some of those will probably surrender willingly, joining the loyal Templars in servitude.
There was never anything wrong with the Animus translation program.
Desmond just so happens to speak a little Italian, French and whatever other languages go untranslated in the games. The animus doesn't bother translating things Desmond already understands. (Note that the untranslated bits tend to be things someone new to the language would learn first- things like "hello", "goodbye", "thank you", "I'm sorry", place names and various swear words.) Mohawk is a notable exception, as that's never translated, and it's pretty unlikely Desmond was fluent in that. It's likely they never had a translation program for that.
  • Desmond didn't have a complete education and he worked exclusively in the US. Seems unlikely, if perhaps not impossible.
    • He DID work in New York, which is a place where many people from different countries gather.

The French Revolution was initially an Assassin-led movement.
It'd be an interesting concept. A reckless bunch of Assassins overthrow the monarchy and try to set up a new government in line with the Creed's principles and objectives. The revolution quickly gets out of hand, with the Assassins' ethics being corrupted and misinterpreted. For example, the Assassins' avoidance of organized religion could be twisted into state atheism. Their willingness to kill people who oppose them leads to the mass executions.
  • Considering the overall chaos caused by the various factions and their infighting, it's likely the Assassins had an Enemy Civil War that allowed the Templars to position Napoleon as Emperor. And considering how many people Napoleon ticked off, there was probably another Enemy Civil War between the European Templars, allowing the scraps left over in the New World to gain prominence; hence, the American Abstergo group is the main Templar threat in the modern world opposed by a weaker Assassins organization.
    • We'll be able to find out in the new Assassin's Creed: Unity, since it is set in France, supposedly during the French Revolution. It was a Templar movement. But some Templars did try to prevent it.

The Lady in the Lake is one of Those Who Came Before.
Think about it. A mysterious, godlike being guarding over Excalibur, an established Piece of Eden. She has too much in common with Those Who Came Before to not be one of them. In fact, the 1990's movie "Merlin" which depicts Merlin's life even depicts The Lady In The Lake in a fashion similar to all the Ones Who Came Before that we've seen so far! How come nobody else has thought of this?
  • Believe me, I was hoping for it once I heard of a game set in London. Any chance she could be Minerva? Mythologically, both characters fulfill similar roles, helping heroes out by providing advice or weapons.

Assassins Creed 4 will be the most Ambiguous of moral conflicts.
While pirates in the Golden Age did pretty much run on Rule of Cool, they were still at best Chaotic Neutral and at worst provided handy examples of vileness. Since its likely our protagonist is harrying Templar targets on the high seas, he may very well resemble a Villainous Protagonist more than an Anti-Hero.

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag is not the actual Assassin's Creed 4 game
It's in fact the Assassin's Creed III: Liberation for the actual Assassin's Creed IV. It's all a trick by Ubisoft.

Adriano Maestranzi, the Italian leader of the Assassins in modern day, was part of WW2
He would have been in his late 20s during the war and was most likely the guy who killed Hitler and his double at the end of the war.

The new modern day main character will have to take some levels in badass
He may have been someone who's never thrown a punch, but after some time reliving Edward's memories, he'll be able to fight like a trained killer.

A future ''Assassin’s Creed’’ title will be set in Victorian England
Specifically, it would start in the 1870s and go as late as the turn of the century, and your NPC allies are the contemporary suspects of who was Jack the Ripper; in-context, Jack the Ripper is not a single person, but actually multiple Assassins who are killing prostitutes (and some others) who are Templar informants (but not Templars themselves). The main Templar antagonists are the London Police. Furthermore, events associated with Spring-heeled Jack also take place, with the player character (bonus points if he’s actually 'named Jack) being the truth behind the myth of these stories. Some events of the game would include:
  • the attempted assassination of Queen Victoria by Roderick Maclean, a Templar who must be killed by the player character early on, which causes Victoria to start swaying towards supporting the Assassins
  • the Whitechapel murders, culminating with the assassination of a fictional female Templar, who is actually the last known victim of Jack the Ripper and was never identified in real-life, with the gruesome way she was killed in real-life being the Templars’ doing to smear the Assassins
  • Montague Druitt, a real-world suspect of being Jack the Ripper, is one of your allies and, instead of committing suicide like he actually did, he was killed by Templars who then covered up his death as suicide, with the player character being a second too late to save him

The game would introduce new free-running abilities such as uncanny vertical jumps, running along walls for a short distance, and wall-jumps, the trade-off being that they draw a LOT of attention. There would also be side missions based on Sherlock Holmes stories and real British urban legends similar to the Frontiersman Tales in Assassin's Creed III, and would of course be called Mysteries.

Connor will get a second main title game
Connor, now embittered by what’s happened to his people at the hands of the Americans, moves north to Canada and lives with the natives in the area, including Tecumseh, while still leaving on missions to deal with the Templars on occasion. About thirty years after the end of the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812 breaks out and Connor sides with the British rather than the Americans, personally fighting the forces of William Henry Harrison during the Battle of Tippecanoe, but fails to affect the battle’s outcome and the British-aligned Native Americans lose. Over the course of the game, Connor learns that the Templars in America—British and American alike—are being led by a European general who has risen to power in recent years. With his last target, Connor finally learns the man’s name: Napoleon.

Bonus points if parts of the game take place in France during the French Revolution and La Fayette fulfills his promise to show Paris to Connor...right as the people rise up and storm the Bastille.

  • Further bonus points if this game also includes a sequence taking place in the Theatre Royal at Covent Garden, this time with Connor going there to thwart the historical assassination attempt of George III by James Hadfield.

A future Assassin’s Creed title will be set in Japan
But not in the Feudal Era; instead, it will be in the Meiji period, featuring a native-born Japanese Assassin. The Japanese Assassins will, of course, feature lots of ninja-like characteristics such as shuriken replacing throwing knives and “stealth suits” that make them less obvious in darker environments. The Templars, on the other hand, would be the few remaining samurai as well as Americans who have just arrived in Japan. Commodore Perry would appear, and likely be a Templar, but the main conflict of the game would involve the Satsuma Rebellion: the last stand by the samurai against losing their privileges is instead a whole plot by the Assassins, now with the support of Emperor Meiji and the newly formed non-Templar government of Japan, in wiping out the Japanese Templars.
  • Expanding on this idea, after this troper FINALLY completed Revelations, there's in-game justification for an AC title taking place in Japan. At the very end of Revelations, Altair recalls the instructions he gave on the whereabouts of the Apple of Eden in his possession (paraphrased): "Tell them sent it to Cyprus, or Cipango, or that I dropped it into the sea." Cipango is another name for Japan. Since no one actually knew that the Apple was in Masyaf all along until Desmond's time, both Templars and Assassins may well take the whole "it's in Cipango" thing seriously, hence investigations by the Japanese Templars, later reinforced by American (and possibly Dutch) Templars as well, only for them to scour the entire country for years and never find the Apple. The Assassins don't know this either, but are actually protecting ANOTHER First Civilization site or artifact that the Templars don't know about: Yonaguni. (also directly mentioned during Altair's arc)
  • Adding to this. One of the files you get in Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag has Abstergo Entertainment talking about potential new settings. An ancestor from Desmond on his mother's side was involved with the Ashikaga shogunate, so it wouldn't be too far off.
  • Alternatively, it could take place during the fall of the samurai with the Assassins as the samurai trying to fight off the new Templar government. It would allow for some of the new game play elements introduced in the more recent installments to be implemented and provide a nice aversion of the typical "Assassins=Ninja" stereotype.

Edward Snowden is an Assassin.
Think about it: Hatred of control and surveillance, ability to mysteriously disappear, the fact that he's constantly wearing a grey hoodie...
  • I knew the government was infiltrated by templars!

The Apples will be used to save the world in a different way than the first attempt.
Juno mentioned that, as a special property of the Apples power, and i paraphrase: "If a hundred people sat enthralled then they may make a wall disappear if they will it away."In the end, the first civilization sent the apples into space after using it to control people, hoping to "enthrall" everyone. What if instead of trying to enthrall people all at once (the space sending example) then saying the necessary words, you could use the special property or power of the apple spread it slowly. You create a religion so to speak. After this is done, keep the apple with you and use faith or the special reality warping property of the apple to will the disaster away.
  • Further, i guess someone wanted the human/precursor hybrids dead for their immunity to the eden artifacts.
  • further, oh look, no need to free juno.

A future Assassin’s Creed title will be set in the Roaring Twenties
The player will be a member of the Sicilian Mafia who is closely associated with none other than Al Capone. Capone, however, is a rogue Assassin and the player is at first not really a member of the Brotherhood, but another rogue who later joins the "real" Assassins. Other crime families are either Assassins, Templars, OR unassociated third parties (depending; this is actually the source of the conflict between crime families). This would also be where the Kenway and Auditore family lines converge and eventually produce Desmond (bonus points if the player character is Desmond's grandfather or great-grandfather).
  • Only possible point of disagreement: would the Assassins ever pose as gangsters? Their whole MO is to pick off those that oppress the weak. Templar mobsters, sure, but Assassin mobsters? Maybe Assassin Elliot Ness, though.
    • The Assassins do ally with gangsters and pirates historically. Ezio hung out with thieves' guilds, Connor joined the Pickpocket society, Mary Reade founded the Pirate Republic. I am sure that if they were to go to the Roaring Twenties, Ubisoft will find a way to sell the Assassin-Mob alliance, like say showing how they opposed Communist unions which is true historically, and the reason why many gangsters were supported by politicians and some cops. The Communists might be the Templars here. Now I am sure that it makes zero sense that ideally the Assassins should be allied with the Communists against Templar gangsters but recent AC games like Unity and Syndicate shows that Ubisoft is a little timid these days.
      • Pickpockets who make the best living they can are one thing; the Mob used kind of a "if-God-didn't-want-them-to-be-sheared-He-wouldn't-have-made-them-sheep" mentality that is characteristic of Templars. Frankly, we know the Templars will adopt an ideology without any firm convictions if it helps get them control people; maybe both the Communists and the Mob could be their own sick recruiting grounds, pitting two power-hungry jerks against each other to see who rises to the top.
    • Elliot Ness would work better as an informer, a la Washington or Abberline.
    • Could Jimmy Hoffa fit into it somehow?
      • Nah, Elliot Ness, J. Edgar Hoover and others are all Templars for sure. Exaggerating threats of mafia influence so as to increase their power and their career. The Assassin's ties to the mob would be the speakeasies in Harlem which they run (the Harlem Renaissance is obviously an Assassin movement as the "Jazz Age Junkies" tease at the start of Unity confirms) and they also protect the gay underground in Greenwich Village. So I don't think the Assassins will be tied with gangsters or the cops. They will be allied to the people caught in the middle, persecuted by both and they will assassinate targets on both sides of the Mob and the Cops. It's what Assassins generally do, the Templars are Playing Both Sides in each conflict (in general) and Assassins kill targets on both sides, Crusader and Saracen, Byzantine and Turk, Patriot and Loyalist, Pirate and Pirate Hunter. So a Roaring Twenties game would have Assassins attacking both the Mob and the Dirty Cops.
      • I've got it: a former mobster assassin and a former cop assassin unite to go after the bigger threat of Templar-backed German Bundists.

  • Further bonus points if this era's Assassin robes are styled like trench coats.
    • The Assassins would favor Zoot Suits in my opinion.

Every Assassin ancestor in the series will contribute to the final battle
Don't tell me it wouldn't be fitting and positively EPIC for the very last battle in the entire series, the Assassin's Creed boss to end all Assassin's Creed bosses, to involve the player character—through the bleeding effect—to get help from every single major player character in the series. Picture the rooftop of Abstergo headquarters, where the modern Grand Master of the Templars has just failed to make his escape as the player character catches up. They enter single combat, using everything in the environment around them as weapons, and as the player does so, the bleeding effect suddenly causes crystal clear visions of all the playable ancestors from previous games fighting the key Templars of their respective games: Altair against Al Mualim, Ezio versus Cesare Borgia, Connor fighting Charles Lee, perhaps even Desmond (if he turns out to be irreparably dead) beating the shit out of Vidic (or possibly Daniel Cross). Hell, even Haytham could be in there fighting Braddock! The final part of it could have the player pinning the boss to the ground and punching him, each hit punctuated by a change of scenery to the ancestors once again, in identical poses to the player and delivering merciless blows to their respective enemies. And, of course, all sorts of Pieces of Eden would come into play here.

There will be an AC fighting game
Imagine something where an inquisitive Original Generation character uses a POE to try and see the past, only to end up ripping a hole in time which brings many of the strongest Assassins and Templars of the past, present and future in one big brawl, perhaps with Juno as the final boss. Every character has an Arcade mode ending showing what they get for ending the war once and for all, whether for good or evil.
  • Alternatively, it could simply be a self-contained non-canon fighting game based on Abstergo's video game engine (e.g., the Assassin's Creed multiplayer mode) with the player characters and key Templar targets as playable fighters, with a few different costumes for each depending on what was available in the game or for how long the character was around (for example, Young Ezio and Old Ezio). It would probably work best like Mortal Kombat, with Fatalities as super moves. Destined Battles like in SoulCalibur would be a must.
  • Playable characters could be:
    • Ancient Assassins: possibly Darius, Iltani, Wei Yu, Brutus, Amunet, Leonius
    • Ptolemaic Egypt: Bayek of Siwa
    • Third Crusade: Altaïr, Al Mualim, Robert de Sable, possibly Abbas, Malik, Darim, Maria, Qulan Gal, or Genghis Khan
    • Renaissance: Ezio, Rodrigo, Cesare, Yusuf, Ahmet, possibly Mario, Machiavelli, Manuel Palaiologos, or La Volpe, Shao Jun, Aguilar, Maria
    • 14th Century: Jacques de Molay’s advisor, possibly Thomas de Carneillon and Jacques de Molay
    • Golden Age of Piracy: Edward, Adewale (both young and old), Roberts, Blackbeard (because it would be a shame to exclude him) possibly Kidd, Hornigold, and El Tiburon, Blackbeard
    • Seven Years’ War: Shay, Achilles (pre-injury), possibly Liam O'Brien, Hope Jensen, Kesegowase
    • American Revolution: Connor, Haytham, Charles Lee, Aveline, Madeline de L’Isle, Washington (based on The Tyranny), possibly Ziio, Kanenkoton, Agate, Gerald Blanc (as a joke character), or Baptiste
    • French Revolution: Arno, Elise, Pierre Bellec, Napoleon, Francois Thomas-Germain
    • The Raj: Arbaaz Mir
    • Victorian England: Jacob, Evie, Henry Green, Starrick, Jack the Ripper, possibly Lucy Thorne and Maxwell Roth
    • Russian Revolution/World War I: Nikolai Orelov, Rasputin, Lydia Frye, Sergei
    • Modern: Desmond, Daniel Cross, Clay (utilizing Animus-style Reality Warper powers), Juhani Otso Berg, possibly Gavin Banks, Galina Voronina
    • First Civilization: Minerva, Juno, possibly Tinia (if he turns out to be more important) as final bosses. Aita could serve as the second to last boss.
    • Secret Characters: Aiden Pearce and T-Bone Grady (using the ctOS to hack the battlefield), Jason Brody and Vaas, AJ Ghale and Pagan Min, all of whom can only be unlocked by completing Arcade Mode with certain characters. Now adding Takkar and Ull.
    • and of course any of the Animi Avatars from the regular multiplayer mode
  • Everyone should also have win quotes depending on who they fought. For example:
    • Altaïr calling Al Mualim out on his treachery or apologizing to one of the other Assassins for being forced to kill them
    • Ezio repeating “Requiescat in pace, you bastard” after defeating Rodrigo or Cesare
    • Edward cursing Haytham for betraying his teachings and going to the Templars
    • Connor remarking on avenging his mother after beating Lee or wishing that their fight had never happened with Washington
    • Bellec saying something along the lines of “I should have killed you right then and there” after beating Elise
    • if Vaas is included, he asks “Do you know the definition of insanity?”
  • Each character would have two different outfits, wherever possible and allowing a character to fight themselves, much like in other fighting games, and would include:
    • Altair in his normal Assassin robes and in his unique armor (even though Ezio is the only one shown wearing it)
    • Al Mualim would have his regular black robes and possibly a white version of them based on Altair's from Revelations
    • Ezio in his white robes from when he was younger (possibly accompanied by the Armor of Romulus) and the gray robes from Revelations
    • Rodrigo in his red hooded robes from the second game and his papal robes
    • Edward in Walpole's Assassin robes and one other, possibly in the more stereotypical pirate outfit that can be worn, or alternatively the Templar or Mayan armor
    • Kidd in and out of disguise
    • Roberts in his pirate outfit from later in the game and his "captive" clothes from earlier. Hell, let's throw in his John Standish costume.
    • Connor in his robes and in the wolfskins and warpaint from The Tyranny of King Washington
    • Washington in his presidential outfit from the main game and his royal outfit from The Tyranny
    • Germain in the civilian outfit he’s first seen in and his Templar robes from later in the game
    • Jacob and Evie in their respective default outfits and Master Assassin robes
  • Now to ask, who should develop it? Perhaps the same team behind the Persona 4: Arena games?
  • I just thought of it. What stages should be involved? I'm also thinking the backgrounds should change as the fight goes on like Killer Instinct 2013. There should be a stage for each character.
    • Ptolemaic Egypt: The Great Pyramids
    • Third Crusade: the training ground (Altaïr) and courtyard (Al Mualim) at Masyaf and Arsuf (Robert)
    • Renaissance: a bridge in Florence (Ezio), the Vatican (Rodrigo), Monteriggioni in ruins (Cesare), Istanbul (Yusuf), Cappadocia (Ahmet), the Great Wall of China (Shao Jun)
    • 14th Century: the medieval battlefield
    • Golden Age of Piracy: the deck of the Jackdaw (Edward), Port-au-Prince (Adéwalé), the Observatory (Roberts), Charles-towne (Blackbeard)
    • Seven Years’ War: Lisbon during the earthquake, the deck of the Morrigan (Shay), the Arctic temple (Achilles)
    • American Revolution: Davenport Homestead (Connor), Fort George (Haytham), New Orleans (Aveline), Chichén Itzá (Madeline), on top of the pyramid from The Tyranny (Washington)
    • French Revolution: the Bastille or Café Theatre (Arno), Versailles (Elise), the Palace of Justice (Bellec), Jacques de Molay’s tomb ( Germain)
    • Victorian England: on top of the train hideout (Jacob or Evie), Buckingham Palace (Starrick), Whitechapel (Jack), the Alhambra, which catches fire during the course of the fight (Roth), the Buckingham Palace temple
    • Modern: the Grand Temple (Desmond), Abstergo headquarters (Cross or Berg), Animus Island from Revelations (Clay)
    • extra stages would include the Roman Colosseum, Boston, New York (especially if set during The Division), the Aquila, Belle Eqoque, World War II’s Eiffel Tower (including a zeppelin), and the Bunker if Aiden is included
  • This is starting to turn less into an AC game and more of a Ubisoft mashup! May as well throw in Rayman and Sam Fisher!

An Assassin will be in a future Super Smash Bros. title
As arguably Ubisoft's most famous and successful series in recent times, especially since Rayman has kind of dropped off the radar, any of the playable Assassins would make a good addition to the Super Smash Bros. roster. Altair would probably be the best choice, since he was the original Assassin's Creed hero, though perhaps using the Fire Emblem policy as well where he's accompanied by a slightly similar character from the most recent title (at the time of this post, that would be Edward Kenway), in the same way that Marth is a constant to represent Fire Emblem and has been accompanied by Roy in Melee, then Ike in Brawl, and likely Chrom in the upcoming release. The Assassin's Final Smash would inevitably be to use the Apple of Eden to stun the other players, or alternatively to call in the Brotherhood to fight for them.

We'll eventually meet Desmond's mother
Since it turns out she's descended from Altair and other ancestors of hers have been Assassins, it would only make sense for her to finally get some character development.

First Civilization naming conventions
Thus far, four members of the First Civilization have been specifically named: Minerva, Juno, Tinia, and Aita. Thus far, Roman and Etruscan names have been used, but none of the names which are also those of planets have been used for Those Who Came Before. This is likely the same for any other First Civilization characters that will appear whose Roman names would be given to planets, using their Etruscan names instead: Turms (Mercury), Turan (Venus), Mariś (Mars), Satre (Saturn), Nethuns (Neptune)
  • Mmm, sort of Jossed. We've seen Precursors who draw from other regional mythologies; Mercury is actually Hermes Trismegistus, the version of him popular in Hellenized Egypt. It could just be a result of I Have Many Names, though; who knows what they call each other.

The final Assassin's Creed game will be set in Europe in the 1970s and 1980s
And one of the main characters will be Raymond Belle - the inventor of Le Parkour.

If they ever do an Assassin's Creed game set in the 20th century, it will be centered on the Cold War
Because it's the best "Cloak and Dagger" fictional setting in the 20th century, it would show the Assassins' and the Templars involvement in geopolitics in a way that no other game in the series has yet managed to do, and it would set the stage for the 21st century in a big way. If they keep moving forward through history, they'll have to explain the Cold War eventually.

Of the two AC games coming out in 2014...
One of them would be AC 5 which will most likely continue following RL as he/she gets in to deep with the Assassin/Templar war while the other could involve the Altair II crew going by what they've learned in Russia. Or, perhaps, the second game is like Liberation: meant to be a game released to the public with Erudito hacking the game to show the ugly truth they're trying to hide.

Shaun and Rebecca will have to take levels in badass
They're usually the brains of the operations, but there's gonna be a point where they'll have to stop running and fight back. Since Rebecca's ancestor was a sniper, perhaps she takes some of that knowledge to take guys out.

The next main AC game has R-L on board the Altair II
As said before, s/he will have to get out of Abstergo and end up joining the Assassins. The real world segments in between chapters would involve him/her following the cryptic notes in William's book and finding out more secrets.

A future ''Assassin’s Creed’’ title will be set in 19th century Latin America
More specifically, it will be three successive games following three generations of Assassins, starting in the Mexican War of Independence, moving on to the Mexican-American War, and concluding with the Spanish-American War. During the course of it all, the player would encounter such historical figures as Joaquin Murrieta (the historical inspiration for Zorro), Pancho Villa, Emiliano Zapata, Victoriano Huerta as an antagonist, Venustiano Carranza as an ambiguous figure who switches sides and/or betrays the player (kinda like Jack Rackham in Black Flag), and Miguel Hidalgo, the first player character's Assassin mentor and father figure whose death is the driving force behind the plot of the first game.

The second game would include the player participating in the Battle of the Alamo (on either side, as they could succeed in either the successful capturing of the fort on the Mexican side or be one of the few survivors on the Texan side), and culminate with a battle with the Templar Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, though failing to properly kill him as he died long after the war in actual history. The third game, at the turn of the century, would involve the player receiving the Mondragon rifle, either a prototype provided by willingly provided by fellow Assassin Manuel Mondragon or stolen from him if he's a Templar, preventing the Templars themselves from using the rifle before its real-world introduction in much the same way as commandeering and then destroying Da Vinci's war machines.

The last Assassin's Creed game will be set in the present-day and take place all over the world
Specifically, it would take place in key cities and other locations related to each of the main characters throughout the series, with the player character searching for various artifacts and receiving "help" from the previous player characters via the bleeding effect. These areas would include:
  • Jerusalem (Altaïr)
  • Rome or Florence or Istanbul (Ezio)
  • the former site of Davenport Homestead (Connor)
  • New Orleans (Aveline)
  • Great Inagua or Nassau (Edward)
  • Paris (Arno)
  • London (The Fryes)

Ubisoft will have an outside studio develop an AC game or two
How can we imagine what an AC game developed by Hideo Kojima or Platinum Studios be like?

Jacque de Molay's execution
In Templar documents, he willingly sacrificed himself to being burned at the stake so they could go in the shadows. If there is ever a game that shows that period, he probably went to the fire kicking and screaming in an epic Villainous Breakdown. Because history's Written by the Winners, the Templars can stick with the Heroic Sacrifice story.

There is never going to be an Assassin/Templar truce
Meaning they'll always be at war with each other in one way or another!

Jack the Ripper will be a major player in Victory
He could be an assassin, or your player character is actually him.
  • Why would a brutal murderer of defenceless women be an Assassin, and why would Ubisoft have you play as him?
  • He wouldn't be allied with the Templars to the point that both Assassins and Templars would actually fight over who gets to kill him.
  • Or, perhaps the prostitutes were working for the Templars, and the Templars made the kills more brutal to frame Jack.
    • Jossed. Jack is a boss from the DLC in Syndicate. And he's an ex-ASSASSIN!

Otso Berg and Sigma Team will defect from Abstergo. To help the Assassins fight Juno.
Berg and his team are loyal to the 'Templar Creed' more than they are to Abstergo. Also, Berg has had more than one conflict with his Abstergo superiors. Also, he seems to be the only Templar who thinks that ignoring Juno, or trying to manipulate the cult that worships her, is a bad idea. Either Abstergo will decide that Berg, and possibly all of Sigma Team, need to be eliminated, or Juno will make her move and take over Abstergo. He'll turn to the Assassins for help. This will not be a Face–Heel Turn in any way, as he's still a believer in the Templar Ideals, but it will be a firm Enemy Mine scenario. De Costa and Hastings will get into epic snark wars in the database.
  • Partially Jossed, since De Costa is working for Juno. So, she and Sigma Team seem unlikely to turn. However, the fact that they have yet to kill Berg, may point towards him helping to fight Juno later.

Connor came into conflict with Shay at some point after he returned to America, which we may get a game of.
  • After Shay successfully completed the mission Haytham sent him on by killing Charles Dorian in Versailles and retrieving the box that had been sent away from the Colonies he ended up returning to America (since the ending monologue has him explicitly refer to himself as a Templar of the American Rite) following the events of Assassin's Creed III to rally whatever remained of the Templar Rite there against Connor's rebuilt Assassins, thus bringing the two into some kind of as yet unspecified conflict. If we ever see this, it will be in the form of a game where you take turns controlling both Connor and Shay at different points in the story (thanks to a new Animus interface that can allow you to experience two different ancestors at the same point in time) and feature setpieces like a pitched naval battle between the Aquila and the Morrigan and a final battle between Connor and Shay that has you switching between the two at different points in the fight; you start as Connor, but as soon as you get Shay on the ropes, you switch over to him and now you're fighting Connor and have Shay turn the tides instead, and so on and so forth. You could call it Assassin's Creed: Nemesis, or something, and would act as a Grand Finale to both Connor (who really could use one) and Shay's stories.
    • The 'Swap' won't be due to an Animus Feature, but rather because there will be two Animus running the same memories in parallel. R.L. and Numbskull will be controlling Connor and Shay respectively. Both of them racing to be the first to discover whatever First Civilization Tech/Sage Location that's associated with their battle. This will also be the finale of the Abstergo Entertainment arc.
    • Alternatively, the memories take place contemporarily to each other because Desmond is actually descended from both Connor and Shay, so he has genetic memories from both at the same time. As a gameplay mechanic, this would probably be handled similarly to switching between Batman and Catwoman in Arkham City.

Soviet Russia, certa the 1920s - 50s will be the focus of an Assassin's Creed game
The final boss will be Stalin. Think how badass that would be.

Assassin skills don't come from training or mental discipline- they're a side effect of being damn stylish. The corollary to Terry Pratchett's "assassins= killers plus style" theory. This is how a fairly ordinary pirate can achieve all their skills by donning their robes.

A future Assassin’s Creed title will be set in medieval England
If and when Ubisoft finally decides to jump back several centuries for the series, it will be back to the era of the Third Crusade—therefore making the player character of this game a contemporary of Altaïr—but in England instead of the Levant. Richard the Lionheart would likely reappear, but the antagonists are Prince John and the historical inspiration of the Sheriff of Nottingham while the player character is a member of the group which inspired Robin Hood's Merry Men, with Robin himself (probably as Robert the Earl of Huntington, the arguably historical Robin Hood) would be the player character's mentor, playing a gameplay role mixing those of Achilles/Al Mualim and Mario/Yusuf/Blackbeard, being both the one who instructs the player but also an active Assassin who is still out taking missions. Other characters filling the roles of noted Robin Hood characters and/or their historical inspirations would also play a role in the game. Gameplay would still be recognizably similar to the post-gunpowder games, just replacing guns with bows, and particularly muskets would be supplanted by longbows, and therefore would be much more similar to the first two games of the series. Bonus points if the player character here is a distant ancestor of the player character from Victory.

Instruments of the First Will and Initiates is analogous to the conflict between Templars and Assassins
Instruments of the First Will serves Juno who may seek to strip the free will of humanity (similar goals of the the Templars but with a precursor head instead) while the initiates were initially dismissive at first but in a sense fought for information freedom and ended up working with the assassins

Assassin's Creed 2016 will have ties to the movie coming out
Regardless if the person going through the memories is an Assassin, Templar, Initiate or even someone else, events going on in the movie and game will tie into each other like Unity and Rogue did.

Recursive Reality: The true nature of the First Civilization

Syndicate reveals that the First Civilization was an old civilization that had many eras, milennium and changes. They are also Advanced Ancient Humans and towards the end they developed AI, robots and other biotechnological objects. They also invented humans and created them as robots. However, why is that the First Civilization technology mirrors real-life advancement in nanotechnology, biotechnology and applied quantum physics? Why is it that the First Civilization want to recreate The Singularity which many tech writers feel is on the horizon? The answer, the First Civilization are human beings. That is to say they are the human beings of real life several centuries into the future, and the humans we play in the games are merely the robots we built to replace us.

What we see in AC, including the historical portion, the past and the like, is merely a post-apocalyptic civilization several centuries into the future. The First Civilization are human beings after a Singularity several centuries into the future of today's 21st Century and the original robots they created were programmed with pre-singularity history, memories and emotions so as to better control them and also make sure that they wouldn't rebel against its makers. After the Solar Flare, the robots rebuilt civilization by following the unconscious pattern of their pre-set memories and so unintentionally recreated history almost exactly as how it was originally. So you have the Second Roman Empire, the Second Ancient Egypt unintentionally echoing the First Civ's original ancestry albeit with some changes to accomodate their limited programming. This explains why the AC history is like reality unless otherwise stated, why the pieces of eden and other video game stuff are everpresent to guide "humanity" and historical figures, why the Assassins and Templars manipulate and feature in every historical conflict. Also why Minerva tells Desmond that the Solar Flare happening is the true Cosmic Reset and Desmond would become the Second, or rather "Third" Jesus. Yes this is like Matrix...but bear with me.

On a meta-level this explains the relationship between AC history and true history. It works in the whole games-about-games thing which justifies the Animus. Ultimately, all characters in a game are robots so making them literally robots replaying a history that itself is a replay of real life history makes sense and justified everything in an absolutely over-the-top fashion.

A Sage is involved with the Hermeticists
As of Unity there is a Sage controlling a faction that's probably the Rosicrucians (even if they are renegade Templars). And that Sage was the Count of St. Germaine, who is said to have trained Cagliostro, whom Aleister Crowley (founder of yet another Hermetic Order) considered to be his past life. Still with me? Then consider this: Crowley's Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn was devoted to "Babalan", a mysterious goddess who would usher in a New Era for humanity. Who exactly are the Sages devoted to? Juno, who could easily fit that description!

Possible Sages
  • Albertus Magnus (note that, going by established timelines, he could actually potentially have met Altaïr)
    • His timeline overlaps with Jacques de Molay, so unlikely, unless two Sages can exist at once.
      • It is possible; it's been suggested that David Bowie was a Sage and his lifetime overlaps with John Standish's.
      • Wait, that doesn't make sense. Bowie wasn't heterochromatic. One of his eyes was permanently dilated due to an injury.
      • Two Sages CAN exist at the same time. Thom Kavanagh (the writer of the Letters in Black Flag) and Black Bart lived in the same time, with the former dying just ten years before Edward arrived (at which point Bart would be a teenager in Wales).
  • Nostradamus.
  • Rasputin (confirmed to be a Templar but that's not stopping him from being a Sage as well)
  • A member of the Nazi party, or an original character affiliated with Nazis. A scientist Karin Magnusson was involved in studying heterochromia- maybe she was actually looking for Sages.
  • St. Nicholas. His bones really did give off some kind of mana and the thugs who stole them were Templar-aligned. Yes, Virginia, Santa Claus can be in Assassin's Creed.
  • Jayabaya, a former king of Java who allegedly ordained a prophecy of some sort and was also purported to be a reincarnation of Vishnu.

The 2nd to last game will be set in the present
And will feature the assassins going after Abstergo's board of directors. Probably because the templars tried to betray the assassins in their war against Juno, and so they had to be eliminated for the good of winning the war. As such, the journey around the world will be seeking out ways to destroy the inner sanctum, the guardians and the general of the cross.

A future Assassin's Creed will be set in early 19th century Ireland and act as a conclusion for both Connor and Shay
Building on an above-mentioned WMG about Connor and Shay having gotten into some kind of conflict after the events of Rogue and III, the conflict itself will actually take place in Ireland (and partly in other regions but mainly Ireland) which both of them would have legitimate reasons to be in: Connor expressed interest in visiting Ireland with fellow Assassin Duncan Little, and Shay is himself Irish and, as the new leader of the American Rite, would be in a position to go elsewhere in the world either to support his fellow Templars or to find new recruits for the American Rite. The conflict itself is a secret war not recorded in the history books, even by the series' standards, which is heavily grounded in secret First Civ sites that draw heavily on Irish and Arthurian mythology. Bonus points if a young Ethan Frye, Starrick's father and/or grandfather, and Arno also come into play.

We'll get an Ax-Crazy protagonist
Jack The Ripper does count on this, but he's more of a villain protagonist. This one would be the kind of guy or girl who's considered the nuclear option for the Assassins to use on hard to reach targets by how mutilated he leaves their targets and how traumatized they leave witnesses and survivors.

The very last Assassin's Creed will be set during the time of the First Civilization
What better way to conclude the series than to go in-depth on the MacGuffin civilization? Specifically, it'll take place mainly in Atlantis and, in addition to recurring characters like Juno and Minerva, it will also include numerous other characters as truth-behind-the-myth versions of ancient legendary characters.

Those other Assassins
With the knowledge now that the Assassins before were the Hidden Ones before the word assassin existed, could that possibly mean that the actual Assassins came about in there historical manner and purpose and ended up mingling with the Hidden Ones before essentially being combined intentionally or otherwise by Altair into the Brotherhood we see in the first game and afterwards? Could there be Hidden Ones that didn't join the Assassins?

Abstergo is not the only Templar Company
It makes sense that the Templars would control multiple companies, attempting to have fingers in as many pies as they can. In addition if one of those companies was to collapse (say if some journalist found out about the 16 animus test subjects before Desmond; the resultant scandal would at least hurt Abstergo) it would be less of a crisis.If so...

One of said companies is Blume
Aside from hints that they exist in the same universe consider two particular pieces of Eden, the Apple and the Observatory, the latter being the focus of the AC game to be most closely linked to Watch_Dogs, via the final Convoy; Black Flag.The Apple allows the user to control the minds of others, while the Observatory allows them to monitor anyone, anywhere in the world.Now the latter sounds a lot like what Ct OS can do, and the former is similar to Bellwether. It would make sense if the idea was that while Abstergo try to find the Pieces of Eden, Blume attempt to build substitutes for them, and yes the Ct OS and Bellwether are not as all powerful as the Pieces of Eden, but they are not hidden in temples the Templars cannot find without a lot of additional work.

Desmond is still alive inside the Animus, like Clay.
To my understanding, based on the amount of blood used for his wall art, Clay didn't die in the Animus, and yet some of his consciousness survived inside the Data core therefore it is possible that Desmond did as well. Indeed if Abstergo downloaded the data off the Assassin's Animus to access any data the Assassin's left behind then it's possible Desmond might be inside their computers.

The other Assassins may also have been revived in this way.
If the Animus could preserve the consciousness of the users, albeit accidentally, then it's possible that the consciousnesses of the individuals whose memories it is accessing could be restored in the same way.

Charlie's Angels is loosely based on the Los Angeles Guild of Assassins.
Whether the franchise was created by the Assassins, the Templars, or just someone who was aware of their activities, the Charlie's Angels TV series and movies are based on the actions of the Los Angeles Guild of Assassins. The Angels themselves are three veteran Assassins, maybe even sisters a la the Frye twins. Bosley is a support person similar to Shaun Hastings, and Charlie himself is the Mentor of the guild.

The Animus is the basis for the "Nerv-Gear" Virtual Reality Tech of Sword Art Online
By 2018, the Animus as refined by Layla Hassan, with but a drop of blood or strand of hair, is not only able to re-create decades-long and fully-accurate simulations of entire lands and eras down to the last blade of grass, but populate it with a cast of artificial intelligence that are able to intuitively and accordingly react to the user's choices, even if it contradict actual historical events (much like how Kirito and Asuna's adopted Artificial-Intelligence daughter Yui is able to become self-aware through persistent interaction with others). One can surmise that stealing a unit and reverse engineering it to simulate a world thematically structured around a rough set of European Fantasy cultural-and-linguistic-templates (much like how Aletheia the Isu scientist created interactive "memories" of Elisium, Hades and Atlantis that Alexios the Eagle Bearer can understand by using a Greek Cultural "template") is what allowed a disgruntled young Templar called Akihiko Kayaba to so quickly develop the massive 100-Level Heroic Fantasy world of Sword Art Online by 2022, so soon in his mid-20's after graduating from university.

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