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The William Shakespeare of Stratford at least wrote this play.
On the perhaps tenuous grounds that the "Forest of Arden" has the local connection which would have endeared itself to a man of that town, even if it could be an Anglicization of the Ardennes as well.

Rosalind is trans and gay, and Orlando is bi.
Rosalind is way too comfortable in her disguise as Ganymede for her to be plain cisgender. Not to mention, when she recovers from her faint upon seeing Orlando's blood, "Ganymede" wishes that he'd been born a woman- something that could be identified with being trans and wishing to have been born cisgender. The gay part would stem from Rosalind being trans, as she fell head over heels for Orlando. Meanwhile, Orlando himself is attracted to Rosalind and Ganymede (Yes, it's Sweet Polly Oliver, yes it still counts) which would make him bi.

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