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The author of this story is not in the U. S. Marines.
Think about it. Just because he has extensive knowledge on the subject of the weapons used by the Marines and some of the regulations involving them does not mean he is one. I mean anyone can look up the regulations that go along with American Property rules regarding what other countries can have that belongs to America. Furthermore anyone can look up miltary-grade weapons on Wikipedia. He may not even be an adult. For all we know, he could be a sophomore in high school who likes the Marines and likes guns. Did he ever once say he was actually in the Marines?
  • The latest chapter includes a picture of him in full combat gear. As irrelevant as this question is, it's Jossed.

The griffons were the ones who took the signal sending machine.
First of all, let me state that this is not my own theory, but it's interesting, besides the equestrians, the griffons are the only ones who know about the mistery from Magneus, and a she-griffon is spying on the Equestrians while they search Whitetail Woods, it's possible.

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