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Thea will be a Composite Character of Speedy
She's already nicknamed Speedy and has a drug problem like Roy Harper, she is a girl like Mia and might later prove to have HIV due to her drug use.
  • This seems more like a Foregone Conclusion
  • Jossed. Roy has been cast in the show as Thea's love interest but how he plays into this is unknown.

Merlyn will slowly go from Ollie's best friend to greatest (or at least most personal) enemy
In much the same manner as Clark and Lex's respective arcs in Smallville.
  • It's pretty obvious considering his name is Merlyn, who is a Green Arrow villain.
  • At some point in the series, he'll learn archery to try to be better than Green Arrow.
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  • One natural story arc is that he either starts to claim to be Arrow or he starts to try to emulate Arrow in order to help prove to Laurel that he's become a better person. During this time, however, Ollie and Laurel re-connect (perhaps as Arrow/Laurel) and this starts him on the path to become Ollie's enemy due to the rivalry. This starts to leak over into Tommy/Ollie as Tommy starts to feel that Ollie keeps treating him like the sidekick and the party goer rather than the person Tommy is trying to become on top of everything else.
  • Not exactly Jossed, but close, as Merlyn's father is the expert archer, not Tommy.
    • But after "Dead to Rights", he may teach Tommy.
  • Seemingly Jossed as of "Sacrifice", as Tommy is definitely dead.

The lying is what will turn Tommy to the dark side.
In "Betrayal", there was some pretty strong undertones to his conversation with Ollie about Laurel lying to his face. Combine that with him thinking there's an infatuation between Laurel and the Hood... well... it hardly takes a genius to see him breaking down when he finds out who the Hood is.
  • The end of Dodger has Moira putting a hit out on Malcolm. His death will uncover the world of lies he has been living in. His friend is the Hood, his girl friend meet with a dangerous vigilante behind his back his friend's mother killed his father and his father left him to learn to fight and really did, in his own way, love him. His whole world will get turned on its head and all the lies will drive him to become the new Dark Archer.
    • At the end of "Dead to Rights", Oliver reveals himself to Tommy. And he looked pretty hurt when Oliver said he never planned on telling him.
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    • Jossed. Tommy remained firmly a good guy (if unhappy with Oliver) right up until his death.

Malcolm will die at the end of season 1.
Tommy will just happen to be in The Glades when the disaster-bomb-thing goes off, and Malcolm will sacrifice himself, to save him, which would bring about Redemption Equals Death. Then, Tommy, who has noticeably been going "downhill", will blame his father's death on Oliver, and will embark on a Harry Osborn-esque vendetta, thus setting him up to be the true Big Bad.
  • Confirmed.
    • Not so much...Malcolm is killed, but that doesn't save Tommy from dying.
      • Jossed. Malcolm's still kicking.

The John Barrowman character is...
  • Bruce Wayne. Or possibly just a relative to the Wayne family. Or Hush or Black Mask. Because why not?
    • Why not? Because Why are we putting Wayne in spoilers? isn't a villainous character and Barrowman's is. As for why it's not again why are we using spoilers for Hush and Black Mask? Its not like we are actually giving anything away is because they have little or no connection to green Arrow aside from they all know Batman so bringing either of them on before Batman ever shows up would be nonsensical. Bludhaven is confirmed to exist in episode 4 though so its entirely possible Bats will make an appearance at some point. If you held a gun to my head and told me to guess who Barrowman's character was I would say Count Vertigo.
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    • Bludhaven would be Nightwing. And I don't see the TV rights to Batman being given to the show due to the high value nature of them. Nightwing on the other hand would be far easier to bring into the picture while still referencing Batman.
      • I could definitely see Nightwing getting sent in by Batman to bring Green Arrow down for the casual bodyguard murder or at least bring him on a leash. Though the fact is that you can't have Nightwing without Batman being a major presence (even if he is entirely off screen) and there is next to no reason to mention Bludhaven if you aren't aren't foreshadowing the existence of the Bat family.
      • Fair point. Perhaps Bats sends Huntress who is far more akin to this version of GA than the rest of the Bat family. It might still be something of a leash thing, but at least Huntress would avoid a complete 180 on the current stance of killing.
    • I could definitely see Nightwing being brought in, and while Batman himself doesn't appear, and they never directly say 'Bruce Wayne' or 'Batman', they make slight references to 'someone who trained [Dick] to be like a Bat', or even show a, one sided, phone call to 'Bruce' or, slightly less direct, a call to Oracle.
  • I think he could be either Maxwell Lord, or Vandal Savage.
    • Jossed. He's Tommy's Dad. But we still don't know his name other than his last name being Merlyn.
    • Jossed all the way, Barrow is Malcolm Merlyn, the Dark Archer.

Ollie will target Walter at first because he won't believe that his mother is corrupt.
He'll think that Walter is corrupt and somehow influenced her to become evil.
  • Jossed

Tommy will end up taking the Dark Archer's mantle

Tommy will become The Question after breaking up with Laurel and subsequently get involved with the Huntress.
This is also what helps corral her more violent impulses.
  • Jossed

Malcolm will kill Moira before she gives Ollie any answers.
He will try to kill Oliver, but he'll escape. So, to ensure that he doesn't come back, he will have have Moira disposed of. He'll set it up to make it look like she died in a car accident. Then, Oliver will become CEO of Queen Consolidated, and he will use his new position to uncover what happened to his mother.
  • This is a possibility since in "Dead to Rights", Malcolm learns there's a traitor.
    • Jossed, Moira pinned the blame on Frank Chen alone in "Salvation" since Malcolm was getting close at finding out the truth.
    • Also jossed that she remains alive after revealing of The Undertaking to the press, and Oliver kills Malcolm.

Edward Fyers is somehow on Oliver's side.
With all of the happens on the island, it seems likely that Edward Fyers could be simply testing Oliver, in order to train him for something. Yeo Fei's supposed Heel–Face Revolving Door could support this.
  • Jossed

Yao Fei's daughter is Lady Shiva
You know just cause.
  • Jossed. She's Shado, an archer from the Green Arrow comics.

Slade will die while trying to take out Scylla.
  • Jossed.

There is another weapon that's called "Charybdis"
You know, to go with the whole Odyssey theme...
  • So far, this is Jossed.

Malcolm killed his own wife.
He probably did it reluctantly. Whenever his wife's death is mentioned, there's something in his eyes that indicates that someone may have forced him to kill her.
  • Alternately, Malcolm hired someone - a low-life thug on poverty - to rob his wife. Probably to prove to her that her work is meaningless/dangerous. But, accidentally or intentionally, the thug killed her. He chose to blame the poverty of Starling City rather than taking responsibility for his action.
    • Jossed. In the flashbacks in "The Undertaking," Malcolm describes how he listened to his wife die over the phone after she was mugged. His sense of loss was being magnified by his guilt over the fact that he might have saved her but ignored her phone calls because he was busy.

Ra's Al Ghul was the man who inspired the plan that Merlyn has
Now I'm not sure if copyright laws prevent this, but if I recall Merlyn was trained by the League of Shadows in the comics, and his plan of killing a city sounds very similar to the plan Ra's had in Batman Begins (and what Bane planned in The Dark Knight Rises).
  • Copyright laws are irrelevant - Warners produced both The Dark Knight Trilogy & Arrow, and own DC Comics. If Batman characters don't turn up, it's because DC don't want to confuse people by having two live-action portrayals of Batman running around, as seen with Smallville.
  • TV rights would come up though. As do the plans for those associated properties. This has complicated a lot of seemingly shared universes.
  • Confirmed! The Canary was paid a visit by a Dark Archer dressed exactly like Merlyn, who was an emissary of Ra's.
    • Jossed: Apparently Malcolm's plan is thoroughly against the Code of Honor of the League of Assassins and Ra's wants the pleasure of killing Malcolm Merlyn himself. Thanks to Moira Queen notifying him Malcolm is actually alive, he'll have the chance.

Sarah will return as Lady Blackhawk
Bonus points of she and Laurel bleach their hair blonde or use wigs as part of their costumes.
  • Jossed.

Laurel could slowly become a villain

  • A wild stretch, but given how In Name Only the character has become, and adding the facts that Oliver cheated on her and Tommy isn't the best boyfriend she could have, Laurel could become a villain. She honestly did not like the idea of her mother tossing around the ideas that Sara was still alive because she accepted everything. When she saw that her father was supporting the ideas, Laurel destroys it by paying off some woman who looked like her sister to allow her mother some closure. Of course, when she found out that her mother knew all this time that Sara had gone on the boat and blames herself for it, Laurel's reactions were both genuine and brooding hatred driven towards her mother, adding more fuel to the fire.
    • Maybe. Though one part seems to be off - Tommy has been nothing but a good boyfriend. He just happens to be friends with a bunch of people with harmful secrets.
    • This is also pretty well Jossed. And Laurel isn't really In Name Only-she just hasn't become the Black Canary...yet.

Malcolm already learned that Moira betrayed him too, but got her to panic into selling out Frank Chen to prove her loyalty to him.
  • This seems to be Jossed.

Tommy's Face Heel Turn Will Begin
As of "Unfinished Business", Tommy's fed up enough with Ollie to quit running the Verdant club. He's gone to his dad for a job, and his dad's the Dark Archer. Naturally, his dad will be looking for an angle to get Tommy continuing his work.
  • Jossed.

During a fight with Dark Arrow, Ollie will end up picking up a new copy of the list resulting in DA's eventual overall defeat because Ollie now has a complete list.
We see in a flashback that he used some of the pages to keep a small fire going. Which means that his version of the list is incomplete. Thus eventually while he'd run out of people on the list, there would still be parts of the organization out there who might get away without Ollie ever finding out (perhaps his mother for instance). But at some point, Ollie will get a full and complete list which will allow him to find everyone involved.
  • Jossed.

Malcolm will kill Tommy... and blame Ollie
Storytelling logic says one of them should be dead by the end of this season. If Malcolm dies, that'll push Tommy into villainhood — but Tommy has no relevant skills or training; he'd be fairly ineffectual as a conventional villain. On the other hand, John Barrowman has really grown into his role, and it would be a shame to lose him. It's already established that he does not take losing loved ones well at all. If he accidentally killed Tommy while fighting Ollie (Tommy may be trying to rescue Ollie at the time), it would make his vendetta against the Hood a hell of a lot more personal. It might also drive him to the kind of crazy which prevents you from giving away your nemesis's secret identity. The only real alternative...
  • Jossed

Ollie will lose his secret identity at the end of Season One
As in, completely. Whichever of Malcolm or Tommy is left standing will go public with the facts, and Ollie will spend at least the first part of Season Two running from the law (although most of the police force won't actually want to catch him), with Diggle and Felicity his only contacts.(I consider this the less likely alternative to Tommy dying and Malcolm going crazy)
  • Jossed.

Malcolm will get some Joker Immunity.
In the comics, Merlyn is Olliver's arch enemy. So, one of the Merlyns should be alive. My best bet would be Malcolm, since he did not seem to be entirely dead, after Oliver defeated him. Tommy is a possibility, but this troper thought that the season finale was a nice end to his arc.
  • Jossed

is alive...And will blame Tommy's death on the Queens and Lances

Oliver joined Deathstroke's men on the island for a time.
This is assuming that Deathstroke and his men are part of the Russian mob. My theory is that Deathstroke's team are hunting Yao Fei presumably for something he did to their organization and that after receiving training from Fei a plot is hatched to infiltrate the mercenaries and steal their transportation off the island. So Oliver and Fei fake a falling out and Oliver joins up with the Russians and receives additional training from them. Oliver mock hunts Fei for a while as they plot to kill the mercenaries and steal their boat/helicopter etc. Eventually they spring their plan but it fails and though the mercenaries are killed Fei is mortally wounded and the means of transport is destroyed while Deathstroke escapes one eye poorer on a secondary means of transport that Oliver and Fei were unaware of like a hidden Zodiac or something. Fei dies in a heart wrenching scene and Oliver is left alone for another year or two. (Oliver had to learn Russian and gain the rank of captain somehow)
  • Jossed

Black Canary is Dinah Drake.
Similar to the entry above, but Dinah Drake instead of Sarah. After all, she was the original Black Canary.
  • Jossed.

Sarah washed up on the same island as Oliver did, or one that was close to it.
If she really is alive, then Sarah really doesn't have many options for places where she could have been rescued, so it would make a lot of sense for her to wash up somewhere near Oliver.
  • While still not entirely confirmed, this is supported by the episode, "The Huntress Returns".
  • Jossed. She became badass on a freighter.

Sarah also became a Badass on the island.
She will be Black Canary (look at the picture of her in "Dead to Rights"). She will continue her relationship with Ollie.
  • So far, jossed. She was rescued by a freighter and introduced to Anthony Ivo. She became badass aboard said freighter.

Fyers's employer is also the man who trained Malcolm
No real reasoning behind this beyond the fact that it's two mysterious figures with ties to the backstory.
  • Fyers's employer is shown to be a woman. Also, the man who trained Malcolm is Al-Owal, a member of the League of Assassins.

Felicity has a crush on Walter.
She all but says it outright. Which, if they do get him back, could lead to some interesting divided loyalties.
  • Jossed (seemingly) but it definitely seems like she's got a crush on Ollie.

Death Predictions for the season 1 finale:


  • Malcolm: He sacrifices himself, to save Tommy. Semi-Jossed, he's killed by Ollie, not to save Tommy.
  • Moira: Malcolm will discover her treachery, and have her killed. Either that, or he'll have her killed for her connection to Ollie. Jossed
  • Walter: He's simply taken a few too many bus rides. There's really no reason to have him on the show, if he keeps disappearing. Jossed, he dosen't even appear in the finale.


  • Shado: She could be killed by Fyers, in an attempt to avenge her father. Either that, or she'll commit suicide, due to grief. Jossed.

Manu Bennett's character was originally supposed to be Captain Boomerang, but got changed to Slade Wilson at the last minute.
He's an Australian mercenary with a ridiculous scarf; that basically spells Captain Boomerang. I initially assumed he was Boomerang, and was very puzzled when he introduced himself as Slade Wilson. It would explain why Deathstroke, a villain in the comics, is such a nice guy on the show, and helping Ollie. Boomerang was always more of an anti-villain than Deathstroke.
  • Jossed: In an interview, the creators of the show reveal that Slade was supposed to be an American, but Manu Bennet's performance was so good they decided to change him to an Australian.

Isabel Rochev is Robert Queen's daughter.
  • In the comics, she was a lover of Queen's, which the show probably won't go into because she seems to be about Oliver's age. She definitely has some connection to him-since her name is on The List.
    • After Ollie and her slept together in Keep your Enemies Closer, lets hope not.
    • Jossed. Hard.

Felicity will become Black Canary.
In "Salvation" she says she got Diggle to leave her alone by yelling at him in a really loud voice. Which just so happens to be one of Canary's schticks. Plus, she's already in on most of the secrets. And certainly Canary is also known as a great martial artist which goes well with Felicity being less lethal than Ollie and Dig.
  • Except, Felicity's entire thing is being good with computers, and Black Canary is useless with technology.
    • Well, this series isn't known for being very faithful to the comics, to say the least.
      • Its not made changes just for the sake of changes though, and that would be an incredibly silly change to make. I mean, why would they turn a character who's known to be terrible with technology into a Hollywood Hacker? They haven't made a change that big yet, and I doubt they will.
      • This has been Jossed.

Slade and Shado will become a Battle Couple on the island.
Perhaps they do but circumstances force Ollie to cause a rift between Slade and Shado... and this is where Slade comes back into the picture in the modern day, looking for Ollie. Either for revenge, grief, or to fix things.
  • By the looks of "Identity", Oliver may have indeed caused something.
    • Jossed-Slade had feelings for Shado, but she cared for Oliver. They never get together anyway before her death.

Malcolm really was killed.
Ollie only told Tommy that Malcolm wasn't dead to comfort Tommy in what could be (as was) his final moments.
  • Word of God has confirmed that Oliver was lying to Tommy, but is somewhat more ambiguous about Malcolm's actual fate.
    • Confirmed in episode 5, Season 2. Diggle and Olvier-the two people who would know for sure, say that he's dead.
    • Jossed as of "State vs Queen". Unless Lazarus Pit.

Walter Steele is the real Big Bad
He killed off his friend and faked his own kidnapping
  • Jossed.

Hal Jordan is on that Ferris Aircraft flight.
  • Obviously, the show being what it is, he won't have any powers, though we might at least get a reference to him (possibly Fyers will try to shoot down the aircraft, but due to the actions of a 'heroic pilot', there will be no casualties...or he'll be the only survivor. I haven't figured that part out yet.)
  • Jossed. A missile was about to strike the plane when Shado was about to reform the guidance chip and Oliver replaced the old guidance chip with Shado's one.

While on the island, Shado became pregnant by Oliver.
As in the Green Arrow comics, Oliver may not have consented to sex and doesn't know he has a child.
  • Shado will combine in role with Connor Hawke's mother, with her young child absorbing Connor's role of "surprise kid" for Oliver.
  • Because an at-most 4-year-old is too young for superheroing, Connor's sidekick aspects will be performed by Roy Harper, Thea, and/or Diggle instead.
  • In addition to or instead of the above, Connor Hawke will be Oliver's half-brother from one of Papa Queen's affairs.
  • Jossed, she was shot by Ivo and is dead.

Moira is working for Ra's al Ghul.
At the end of "Broken Dolls", she told her lawyer there are some things no one can know.
  • Ra's al Ghul and the League of Assassins have been introduced as of Ep 5 - S 2.
  • Jossed, as she never knew the name Ra's until a revived Malcolm told her about Nanda Parbat

Roy is a Red Herring
He was brought in to distract from the producers secretly setting up Thea to become Ollie's sidekick.
  • Jossed, Roy joins Team Arrow.

Black Canary was in a relationship with Sin
Sin is a Tom Boy and their relationship could be a nice parallel to Canary's relationship with Nyssa.
  • Jossed. Sara thinks of Sin as a little sister type.

Moira will be executed by the state.
And its going to be the saddest episode ever.
  • And to Kick the Dog, the citizen will cheer for it and rub it in on Oliver and Thea.
  • In a best case scenario, she receives life imprisonment instead. Worse case, she dies under different circumstances.
  • Jossed entirely as of "State v. Queen", as Malcolm threatened the jury into releasing her

Isabel Rochev is really Talia al-Ghul
It wouldn't be the first time she infiltrated the boardroom.
  • Likewise, Isabel could be Nyssa while the actress cast as Nyssa is really Talia. Talia could have disappeared and Nyssa/Isabel could be trying to draw her big sister out, upshow her or quit the family business. In the comics, it was Nyssa who had a Russian mother. She only found out years ago that her father was Ra's al Ghul.
    • Why would Talia pretend to be another member of the League?
    • Jossed. Isabel is mostly her own character, with minor elements taken from Ravager

Robert Queen was faithful to Moira, but she told Thea he cheated in order to cover for herself.
  • To take it one step further, Malcolm Merlyn is actually Thea's father. In Episode 21 he states that he and Moira "will always have a connection".
  • Piggybacking on that theory, perhaps Oliver is Malcolm's son, explaining why Malcolm says "Oh no" at the end of "Darkness at the Edge of Town" after finding out that Oliver is the Hood.
  • The first part is correct, Thea is Merlyn and Moira's daughter, while Oliver isn't their son.
    • Jossed, Robert Queen wasn't faithful. In "The Undertaking", Moira mentions not wanting to talk about his indiscretions as he's trying to explain Malcolm's plan, so obviously he did actually cheat or Moira's delusional and they just don't talk about it. His cheating is also confirmed in Season 2, as we meet a former mistress of his.

No one will die in the season 2 finale.
People keep speculating about who is going to die in the season 2 finale and the writers have stated they liketo do things no one expects, so I think having no one die would be a pretty big surprise.
  • Well, they killed off Moira in "Seeing Red", three episodes prior. Maybe that was the big death for the season.
  • Jossed. Isabel Rochev gets neck snapped by Nyssa.

Predictions for the Second Season
  • The woman who authorized the airplane explosion takes centerstage and becomes the Big Bad.
    • Jossed, since it was Amanda Waller the whole time.

Death predictions, Season 2 edition
  • Laurel - she's becoming increasingly irrelevant to the plot.
    • Not to mention becoming very self-destructive.
    • Jossed
  • Malcolm Merlyn - he pissed off Ra's Al Ghul. He's screwed.
    • He'll likely be petty enough to kill Moira beforehand.
    • Jossed for this season. He's even been made a regular for Season 3.
  • Sin - Can't imagine she survives too much longer.
    • Jossed

Laurel will die sometime during season 2.
As a person, she's drowning herself in work, booze and pills. As a character, fans are getting sick of her "woe is me" bullshit, no matter how justified it is (her boyfriend dead, a serial killer almost claiming her life, anyone would be a wreck). I figure she OD's during the season finale.
  • Jossed, she's still alive as of the season 2 finale. And she got better.

Various Costumed Heroes
Just like Slade Wilson and Billy Wintergreen, Roy and Diggle are decomposite characters. Since, apparently, Roy will be getting a costume prior to the end of season two, he'll likely be going by Red Arrow. If and when Diggle ever joins the troupe in a costume, he's going to be Arsenal. Arsenal will be using his sidearm and a rifle, of some kind, whereas Ollie will be teaching Roy to use a bow.
  • Jossed: Roy is Arsenal. Diggle still doesn't have a costume or codename.

When Slade comes to Starling City, he will bring his new girlfriend, Terra, Princess of Markovia with him.
The country's been mentioned already and her powers will be explained by being a trait of the royal family.
  • Jossed.

Laurel Lance will become a vigilante. But not as the Black Canary.
She'll become Cupid, a villainess in the original comics who's obsessed with Green Arrow and has a vendetta against Black Canary for his affection. In the show, she'll become more of an Anti-Hero rather than an outright villain.
  • She might become Black Canary now that Sara is dead.
    • Jossed: Someone else is Cupid.

This series will become part of the planned DC Cinematic Universe
Similar to how Joss Whedon is planning a SHIELD television series that is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Arrow will become part of the new DC Cinematic Universe alongside Man of Steel and the upcoming Justice League movie, as a result of the show's popularity (the first episode being the most watched CW debut in 3 years). This would definitely help DC to build their desired movie universe (perhaps Arrow could appear in the Justice League movie, or Henry Cavill's Superman (from Man of Steel) could appear in an episode). They have so many good DC characters introduced in this show (Deadshot, Deathstroke, China White, Huntress, the Royal Flush Gang, Firefly, Merlyn, Black Canary, and Speedy) so the new DC Cinematic Universe could gain so much by including Arrow. What if Huntress or Deadshot from Arrow appeared in the new Batman reboot?
  • Then again, it could also be set in the world of Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Trilogy, and later this season or next, we could see the Lockdown of Gotham by Bane.
  • They referenced Bludhaven in Episode 4, which means that Arrow is part of a greater DC universe. This could mean (1) Arrow is set in the upcoming DC Cinematic Universe, (2) Arrow is set in the Dark Knight Trilogy, and Bludhaven is part of that universe, or (3) Arrow is simply its own DC universe and won't tie in with any of the movies.
  • Jossed, Word of God states that there are no super powers in this world. So it might be the same world as Nolan's Batman, but not the rest of them.
    • Not necessarily, as the show's creators recently said "Never say never" about superpowers appearing on the show.
    • Might actually turn out to be true. At SDCC 2013 it was announced, alongside a Superman/Batman movie following Man of Steel and a Justice League movie in 2017, that there will be a Flash film in 2016. The CW just recently announced that Barry Allen will be introduced in season 2 and through his intro will bring super powers into the world of Arrow. It's all looking more like a DC Live-action Universe now, as the introduction of the Flash on television as well as on the big screen afterwards is all too convenient. (This troper is unaware of how the embargo affects The Flash, though).
    • For what it's worth, the Flash preview confirms that if superpowers weren't a part of the Arrow universe, they definitely are now, due to the particle accelerator's explosion opening up a some sort of dimensional rift.
    • Unfortunately re-Jossed by Geoff Johns, who thinks its better to give both the TV producers and movie producers creative freedom.
    • Well, there is a possibility of a Crisis Crossover. Only way to have this show, plus The Flash (2014) and potentially maybe even Constantine, without mucking up each show's continuity too much during the crossover. There's the added benefit of having several pre-established properties to help build up to it, so it won't feel like we're waiting 20+ years before we see something happen (okay, that may be a bit of a stretch).
    • Pretty much put a nail in the puppy, the whole DC movie universe has been planned out and has pretty much recast The Flash as well as The Suicide Squad creating a whole universe with no link at all with the TV version.

Fyers' mysterious female employer is Isabel Rochev.
She's a major Green Arrow villain, so it makes sense.
  • It could also be China White. She would have connections enough to know who Yao Fei is and why he was needed to take the blame
    • From the last flashback in the season 2 finale, it may have been Amanda Waller all along.
  • Definitely Jossed. Season three confirms it was Waller trying to kill China White.

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