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Mashu is Nayuta's father posing as his manager under a fake name to manipulate him.
When AAside comes out, either we'll get an event story where Nayuta learns that they're related and has to deal with the emotional consequences of being manipulated by the very father who abandoned him, or GYROAXIA's band story will tackle the subject.
  • OP here, I’m starting to have doubts on this one. I don’t think Mashu is going to appear in the game and Iryuu Koga (a character from the manga, and the vocalist of the band Ren saw as a child) seems more likely to be Nayuta’s father. Also, Nayuta doesn't seem like the gullible type; even if his father were to disguise himself as a different person, he'd probably be able to recognize him.
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  • Jossed. Nayuta’s father is actually Iryuu Koga.
Sakutaro, Futa's beloved saxophone, is named after his deceased friend.
This could also explain why he dislikes hospitals.
At some point Jun will get an Important Haircut as part of his Character Development.
Blinding Bangs are typically associated with extreme shyness, and if Jun’s character arc focuses on him getting out of his shell (or maybe even an actual job), he’ll probably end up getting it cut to reflect his growth.
The band Ren saw at the music festival as a child was the band lead by Nayuta's father.
If this is true, there will be an event in AAside where this is revealed (rather than it being revealed in the main story).
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