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    Pre-release theories 

The movie will introduce the Microverse to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
  • Confirmed. In an interview with director Peyton Reed, he mentioned that the Microverse was gonna be part of the third act of the movie (though it would be called the quantum realm instead).
    • Post Release follow up: The Microverse doesn't appear to be the one from the comics but something of an Eldritch Location of a sort.

Ultron will be involved in some way.
Considering Ultron is Ant-Man's Arch-Enemy, it would only make sense that he would appear. Even if he's not built by Pym in this version, he could still be tied into the story. Perhaps the story could be Hijacked By Ultron, or his parts could be a major MacGuffin (depending on his condition by the end of Age of Ultron).
  • Still not impossible, but interviews have implied that Tony is responsible for creating Ultron in the MCU.
    • In Avengers: Age of Ultron, Ultron is the result of Stark and Banner experimenting with Loki's staff and creating artificial intelligence based on algorithms contained within the mind stone inside. However, the term "Ultron" pre-dates the film and seems to be a dormant project revived by Stark and Banner, so Pym could have still been involved in the project in the past.
    • Michael Douglas has stated that in the MCU, Pym wasn't involved with the creation of Ultron.
  • Hank Pym makes a passing reference to the final battle of the Avengers: Age of Ultron in dialogue. Does this count?
  • Pretty much completely jossed.

Cross is not Yellowjacket / Darren Cross is an actor hired by the real villain of the story.
It had to be done. Admittedly, it makes more sense here, given Darren Cross' relative unimportance, that there would be some more recognizable force behind him. Maybe Norman Osborn?
  • In the end it will be revealed he was hired by Pym as Yellowjacket.
  • Nope. The Spider-Man franchise was not part of the MCU when the film was in production.
  • Also, if the characters needing to be recognizable was a concern, they wouldn't be making a movie about flippin' Ant-Man in the first place.
  • Jossed.

Wasp will be split in two characters
On one side we will have Janet van Dyne, Hank's (ex-) wife, and in the other Janet Pym, their rebellious daughter, who falls for Lang, and become the Wasp. Old Janet may be limited to a cameo, while Young Janet is the main female character of the movie.
  • Partially confirmed. Janet van Dyne will still be attached to Pym, but Evangeline Lilly will be playing their daughter Hope van Dyne.
  • Alternate guess: Janet will be the first Wasp, and, after being talked out of retirement (to save Scott's ass?) Hank Pym will dig up her old equipment and assume her identity. This should create a nice parallel with the comics.
    • Sort of confirmed. Janet Van Dyne was the original Wasp, and Hope becomes the new Wasp at the end of the film.

Hank will be deaged when he returns to action, or at least by the end of the film
Likely explained away as exposure to Pym Particles, but as part of the film is supposedly going to show Hank's 60s career, its possible, as an Author's Saving Throw to deal with those pissed at Hank's age, using the Pym Particles again will cause him to deage to his prime so he can take on one of his other identities while Scott takes the Ant-Man name.
  • Jossed. He only dons the suit in a flashback.

Janet van Dyne isn't dead
She'll have faked her death in order to avoid whoever was targeting her in the first place, or was kidnapped and the public was made to believe she was dead. Either way, at the climax of the film she will be revealed to still be alive, which will motivate Hope/Red Queen to switch sides and fight with Scott against Yellowjacket.
  • Alternatively, she'll be shrunk down and transported to the Microverse when an experiment with Pym Particles goes horribly wrong. Seeing as that was the explanation for how she survived "dying" in the comics, they could use it again here.
  • Confirmed on both counts. They Never Found the Body!

Hank Pym was not the only hero active during the Sixties in the Cinematic Universe.
He was part of some proto-Avengers group. We won't necessarily learn this during the Ant-Man movie, but it will gradually be uncovered. Possible teammates:
  • Janet Van Dyne (assuming she has some kind of superhero career before whatever happens to her)
    • Confirmed.
  • Whoever Star-Lord's father was.
    • Jossed. Star-Lord's father is Ego, who is most definitely not a hero.
  • A prototype for the Vision whose remnants are used to make Ultron
  • Any characters who could make plausible counterparts to the modern day Avengers.
    • US Agent, stand-in for Cap
    • Hercules, taking the place of Thor
  • Bill Foster
    • Jossed in that it's stated Pym is the only one to have access to the particles.
    • Though Ant-Man and The Wasp does reveal that he once worked with Hank.
  • The Sentry (although no one remembers him anymore)
  • Mar-Vell
    • Jossed by Captain Marvel.
  • Several members of The Invaders:
    • Namor the Sub-Mariner
    • Jim Hammond (The Android Human Torch (1939))
    • Thomas Raymond (Toro)
    • Montgomery Falsworth as Union Jack
    • Roger Aubrey (The Mighty Destroyer)
    • Jacqueline Falsworth (Spitfire)
    • Davey Mitchell (Human Top)
    • Gwenny Lou (Golden Girl)
    • Blazing Skull
  • Wonder Man
  • Black Panther, or more specifically, T'Challa's father T'Chaka in his younger days
    • At the very least, he was active in the 1990s.
  • Madeleine Joyce Frank (Miss America)
  • William Burnside (50's Captain America)
  • Monica Rambeau as Captain Marvel
    • Jossed. According to Captain Marvel, Monica Rambeau was a child in the 1990s.
  • Peggy Carter's daughter
    • Half Jossed: Peggy herself is shown to be an active member of Shield.
  • Members from 70s Mighty Avengers
    • Adam Brashear a.k.a. Blue Marvel is mainly active in 60s
    • Blade, a vampric vampire hunter can live a long time
    • James Lucas, father of Luke Cage would be a young cop in 70s
    • Kaluu, another immortal
  • Is nobody going to suggest that X-Men's First Class was that group/ a similar group? How disappointing.
    • As Marvel doesn't have the rights it'd be impossible though may be retconned in if they do.

Corey Stoll is NOT playing Darren Cross
So we all know Michael Douglas is portraying Hank Pym in the upcoming movie, and Corey Stoll is playing Darren Cross/Yellowjacket. Cross is Pym's former protege who is trying to get his hands on the technology of the Ant-Man suit.Or so the audience (and Pym) thinks.What if, we only see Cross either by himself or with a small pool of other characters? The big twist of the movie: Cross doesn't exist. He's a fragment of Pym's consciousness, a split Yellowjacket. The Cross seen on film is the young Hank Pym, as Pym sees himself during the scenes with Cross. The other characters who Cross interacts with are completely unaware that their employer, an old man, is delusional. Pym is unaware that he's so ill, all he knows is that someone is out to get what he built to use it for evil, so he hires Lang to foil his own evil plan that he doesn't even know he has.
  • Tyler Durden says this was Jossed.

The next solo Ant-Man film will be a prequel
To allay all the fan backlash against the setup for the movie, the next Ant-Man movie will be a prequel, starring Hank Pym and Janet van Dyne, and be a period piece of the 1960s or 1970s. While Marvel's post-Phase 3 plans are unknown, this might involve Time Travel in some capacity.
  • At release, the backlash against the movie seems to be non-existent. Doesn't mean there won't be a prequel though.
  • Jossed. The next movie is titled Ant-Man and the Wasp and Marvel confirmed that Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly will be playing the title characters. There could be more flashbacks, but the actual film itself is still following the modern heroes.

Unknown Cast Guesses

  • Judy Greer: Janet Van Dyne/Young Janet (Only other actress with a wikipedia article. Easy.)
  • Abby Ryder Fortson: Cassie Lang (EASY.)
    • Confirmed.
  • Michael Pena: Black Tarantula/Tarantula (Not a lot of big roles for hispanic characters in the MCU unless they've race-lifted someone, so it's likely either of those.)
    • Jossed. He's going to play some minor character named Luis. Probably a former criminal partner of Scott.
      • Not a criminal, it would seem. Apparently, he is a security worker at Pym's company.
    • You are both wrong, he is part of Scott's heist crew. And kinda right, since he later takes part in Scott's infiltration to the Cross-controlled Pym Tech building, disguised as a security guard.
  • David Dastmalchian: Richard Fisk (Dastmalchian has a pretty clean image, even as Thomas Schiff, so I think the former is more likely, but neither are inconceivable.)
    • Jossed again.
  • Wood Harris: Bill Foster (Trained actor who was also a key cast member on The Wire. Of course they're going to give him the key black character related to Ant-Man.)
    • Jossed again.
  • T.I.: Tom Foster (They're not going to waste a gimmick casting on even a slight fan favourite hero, so I doubt T.I. is doing Bill Foster.)
    • Jossed again.
  • Gregg Turkington: 70s Hank Pym.
    • Jossed, Turkington has a minor role as Scott's employer; a body double with Douglas' digitally deaged face was employed to portray the younger Pym.
  • Bobby Cannavale: Some criminal (was in a photo with T.I. and Dastmalchian.)
    • Jossed. He's going to play Paxton, who is a cop.
  • Martin Donovan: 90s Hank Pym (He looks pretty darn close to Douglas, such that you could see the progression from Turkington, to Donovan, to Douglas.)
    • Jossed. Donovan plays Mitchell Carson, a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent who turns out to be a HYDRA mole from back in the days.

Some elements from Avengers: Age of Ultron will appear in the movie
Even though Hank Pym is not Ultron's creator or may not appear in Age Of Ultron, he might have something to do with his development. It's possible that he and Howard Stark worked together at some point in the past, probably a prototype of Ultron. Tony reactivates the program but it went rogue which results to the events of Age Of Ultron. So, it's likely that in Ant-Man, Hank hires Scott to steal from Tony in order to remove any evidence of him having connection with Ultron because he is ashamed for starting something which became a monster. In exchange for that, Hank gives an offer to Scott which either to help Cassie, Scott's daughter, or to erase his criminal records etc.
  • Confirmed, sort of. Not Ultron, but the incident in Sokovia is mentioned several times, and one major action sequence takes place at the New Avengers compound. The Falcon also appears.

Scott Lang will receive an offer to join the Avengers at the end of movie
Since Kevin Feige mentioned that the Avengers roster will change after Age Of Ultron, it's possible that Scott, as Ant-Man, will receive an offer to join the Avengers. And since this movie is in between Age of Ultron and Captain America: Civil War, he might end up as a government-sponsored superhero in exchange for having his criminal records erased and some financial assistance for his daughter.
  • Confirmed-ish? The Stinger shows Captain America talking about needing help to rescue Bucky Barnes, and Falcon says he knows a guy (Scott) who can get them in.

It'll be revealed that the Avengers Initiative actually dates back to the 1960s...
And was given its name by one Janet Van Dyne. This would be a great way to incorporate a nod to her comic version being the one that gave the Avengers their name, and a way to somewhat appease fans decrying her lack of founder status within the MCU.
  • Jossed. Hank and Jan were early superheroes, but the movie says nothing about them founding the Avengers.
    • In addition, Captain Marvel reveals that Nick Fury began the Avenger Initiative in 1995, eight years after Janet's disappearance, and six years after Hank's retirement. Furthermore, the name came from Carol Danvers' Air Force callsign.

HYDRA is responsible for Jan's death
.Maybe it's during a mission or she stumbled something which she's not supposed to. This might explain why the early Avengers Initiative shut down before Nick Fury resurrected it and Hank's retirement as Ant-Man. It might also cause the strained relationship with his daughter, who might blame him for her mother's death, which explains taking up her maiden name.
  • In the movie it was some Soviet separatist, but given how much havok HYDRA caused during XX century, it's still possible they were responsible.

At some point either near the climax or in the stinger Scott will try something risky and end up growing into Giant-Man

The Falcon will appear.
Less of guessing and more reporting a rumor, but a recent leak claimed Falcon has a cameo near the end of the movie. May be connected to the theory above about Lang joining the Avengers.
  • Confirmed. Falcon actually has a fight scene against Ant-Man and then reappears in The Stinger.

Hope Van Dyne is actually Janet.
The lab accident that allegedly killed Janet (or, according to some sources, caused her to leave Hank) actually slowed her aging down so she has since started pretending to be Hank and Janet's "daughter" Hope.
  • Jossed. Hope is Jan's daughter, and the legacy aspect is very important to her character arc.

The second Stinger will tease a possible Young Avengers spin-off
Cassie will be listening to her mom fight with Scott and start getting mad, only to start growing bigger. Once she notices, she'll get startled and shrink down to ant-size. When Scott finds her, she'll grow back to normal size and hug him in relief.

Hope will wear a modified Yellowjacket suit as her Wasp outfit
A shot in the trailer of her intently looking at the tiny suit certainly supports this.
  • She does get a suit at the end of the movie, but it's not related to the Yellowjacket armor. It's said to be a new Wasp suit Hank and Jan were working on before Jan's "death".

Egghead will have a cameo
As a home-made decorative egg Cassie Lang makes at school, to make fun of how crappy a villain he was.
  • Jossed.

Pym will be working out of the new Avengers HQ seen at the end of Age Of Ultron
The facility is shown to have a team of scientists and it's not that hard to imagine they would hire Hank. It could also possibly tie into the rumor about Falcon having a cameo, since he seems to be based there as well.
  • Jossed. Pym doesn't trust Stark and instead sends Scott to break into the facility.

Jocasta will appear in some highly-modified way
Going by the trailers, this movie won't be comic-booky enough to have her as an actual robot, but perhaps Pym's answer to JARVIS or his live-in help.
  • Jossed.

Jocasta will be based on the Ultimate version
Well, not exactly - there was no actual Ultimate Jocasta. However, in Comic Book/Ultimatum, after Hank finds Janet dead, he takes her body back to the Triskelion and tells Iron Man to take her inside and open an encrypted file titled "The Jocasta Project" - heavily implying that if it hadn't become an Aborted Arc that Ultimate Jocasta would be a robot replica of Janet. In this film, Hank will salvage the body of an Ultron drone or even Ultron prime, and reprogram and redesign it so that it fills a similar function.
  • Jossed.

The Wasp will appear in The Stinger
Just for Pun.
  • Confirmed sort of. The first stinger shows Hope getting a new Wasp suit, setting her up to take over her mother's identity in future movies.

Scott Lang will die.
And then Hope Van Dyne will become the new Ant-Man.
  • How can he die? He's in Captain America: Civil War.
  • Jossed, but as mentioned above, this was a Foregone Conclusion since he's already been confirmed for future movies.
    • Though it is true that Hope did take over for a character who did seemingly die though we know better by the finale.

Hank is planning to double-cross Scott.
Why doesn't Hank just send his daughter to steal/destroy the Yellowjacket suit? She's a kick-ass Action Girl and, judging from the voiceover in the trailer, already has plenty of working knowledge of the Ant-Man suit.
  • Word of God has already confirmed that Hank doesn't want Hope wearing the Ant-Man suit because he's worried she will suffer an accident similar to the one that took her mother.


    Post-release/Pre-Ant-man and the Wasp theories 
Scott will get a new suit in a future movie.
Since the one he has now is basically an antique.
  • Very likely. Captain America changed his suit for a more modern one in his second movie.
  • Possibly Jossed if concept art is to go by as it shows him in very similar if not the same suit
  • Confirmed. He shows up with a new (or at least heavily modified) suit in Captain America: Civil War.

Hope will show up in Civil War
In an unexpected cameo.
  • Jossed. Kevin Feige said that there are many characters in Civil War and he wants her to be in another movie where the Wasp II can be properly introduced. Also, Evangeline Lilly is pregnant so she might not have time to squeeze in while production is ongoing.
  • Specifically, it's been confirmed she was going to appear in the movie as part of Team Cap, before being cut as mentioned above.

The HYDRA agent who made it out with a sample of Pym particles...
... is a setup for an Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. tie-in episode.
  • Most likely jossed. It's been a year and so far nothing has come of it in the TV show.

Scott will name every single ant he works with in the future, and remember each and every one.
It worked with Anthony.

Cross got the footage of Hank's exploits when Natasha released all of SHIELD's secrets
In Captain America: The Winter Soldier Natasha exposes every secret SHIELD had to the world. Naturally, the files detailing Hank's decades worth of missions would've been included.

This will eventually happen in the MCU.
It's too good a scene to miss out on.
  • Concept art has come out with this idea but nothing has confirmed if it will actually happen on screen.
  • Confirmed as of the trailer for Civil War.

The bug zapper was the original way Yellowjacket died.
Edgar Wright's version was more comedic, and that would have made a great capper to a superhero comedy. In the current version it serves as a scene-ender between fights.
  • It looks like it only made him crazier, since he went to Scott's daughter right after that.

Ten years from now...
Cassie will be a teenager... hello Stature!

The Infinity Stones will be used to help save Jan.
Hank said going sub-atomic messes with your perceptions of time and space. Those are two of the Infinity gems, and we haven't seen Time yet.
  • It's possible Hank will go after them against the other heroes protests in an attempt to use them to get Jan back.
  • Scott could use the Time gem to go back to 1987 and grab Jan after she disables the bomb and give her the means to come back.
  • Jossed. The Infinity Stones have no part in bringing Janet back.

A future film (possibly Civil War or the 4th Iron Man) will have Hank meeting Tony.
And the amount of snark will be off the charts.
  • RDJ'S contract is due to expire soon and while he has said he wishes to come back, if Marvel wants him then his hands are tied.
  • Jossed for Civil War.
    • They never meet onscreen before Tony's death.

Ant-Man 2 ideas
  • Scott will be living with his ex-wife and her boyfriend so he can be close to Cassie. He will be working for Hank along with his friends so they can do honest work for once. They will be trying to track down the recreated Pym particles stolen by Hydra.
    • Jossed.
  • Paxton will come to Hank for help on a case that will introduce the Maggia into the MCU. The case will be a deal between the Maggia and Hydra that give Scott a lead on the stolen Pym particles.
    • Jossed.
  • Focus will be more on Scott inheriting the Ant-Man title from Hank, who will have to come to terms with what he wants to leave behind as his legacy. He will ultimately retire completely from involvement with heroics, leaving Scott the Pym particle formula to use as he sees fit.
    • Jossed.
  • Hawkeye will be involved in the film, likely at the behest of his brother who is working the Maggia case or trying to track down Carson. He will have a larger role than in Thor and it would give the viewers the iconic moment of Scott riding one of his arrows.
    • Jossed.
  • Villains
    • Crossfire-a former criminal associate of Scott's. He will be an Evil Counterpart in that he was also released from jail and couldn't find work due to his past, but instead of working to redeem himself as Scott did went to work for the Maggia as a weapon designer. He will be part of the deal with Hydra where he tries to sell some of his personally designed weapons to them.
      • Jossed.
    • Egghead-a scientist in the employ of Hydra doing work on the stolen Pym particles. He will be an old rival of Hank's who will have done something that motivated him to create the Ant-Man suit in the first place.
      • Jossed. He only appears in a flashback as Ghost's father.
    • Whirlwind-a Maggia enforcer that gained wind powers from Terrigen infused vitamins. He will be the main fighter that Scott goes against throughout the film before he is ultimately defeated and then found by someone who wants him to join the Masters of Evil.
    • Taskmaster-a Hired Gun working for Carson who wants to make a profit from the stolen Pym particles. He will demolish anyone trying to get to his employer before finding that going against people with actual superpowers is too much and saying Screw This, I'm Out of Here!.
      • Sadly, Taskmaster has been confirmed to be owned by Fox, so we won't be seeing him in the MCU.
      • Now completely Jossed. As of 2019, FOX is now owneed by Disney, and Taskmaster made his debut as a character in the Black Widow solo film set between the events of Civil War & Infinity War. No connection to Carson has been established
    • Norman Osborn will try to take over whatever remained of Pym Industries. If Spider-Man will appear in the next film, why not a villain from his Rogues Gallery?
      • Jossed.
  • Janet will be brought back from the Microverse and it'll be revealed she didn't age during the time she's been there.
    • Jossed. She did age.
  • The Avengers will mock The Falcon for being beaten by an ant-sized guy, prompting Scott to fight them one by one. Tony's armor will be short-circuited and, to the joy of fans who think the mainstream Captain America overreacted when Hank and Jean fought, will defeat Cap just as easily (if not easier) than he defeated The Falcon.
    • Jossed.
  • A flashback will reveal that Hank learned of the Pym particules' nasty side-effect when it induced him and Janet to physically hurt each other. Fortunately, it wasn't blown out of proportion like it was in the comics.
    • Jossed.
  • The relationship between Scott and Hope will have too many similarities to the one Hank and Janet had in the comics.
    • Jossed, no real lip service is given to their dynamic outside of that they work well together.
  • J. Jonah Jameson will appear and Simmons will play the role.
    • Jossed, though Simmons does appear as Jameson in Far From Home.
  • Stark International will take over Pym Industries, prompting Hank to fear a repeat and send Scott to fight the Avengers again.
    • Jossed.
  • Cassie, her mother and her stepfather will be introduced to Hope.
    • Confirmed for Cassie.
  • It will star Scott and Hope in co-leading roles, officially titled Ant-Man & The Wasp —- giving the MCU its first (or second) leading superheroine in a movie.
    • Confirmed.
  • Scott will turn giant during the climax
    • Entirely divergent idea: They change tacks in such a way that allows them to do some version of Ant-Man's Big Christmas. It's the closest thing the Ant-Man segment of the Marvel universe has to a modern "iconic narrative" to match Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The problem: Ant-Man's Big Christmas needs an Ant-Man who's maybe willing or able to do some terrible things to not exactly deserving people. Which is not, and has never been, Scott Lang. It's kind of become part of Hank, depending on interpretation, and was ALWAYS baked into Eric O'Grady, so I'm guessing (considering Peyton Reed is talking about maybe doing a prequel), that Ant-Man's Big Christmas is likely on his mind in some capacity.

Janet Van Dyne is in the Sub-atomic world K'AI

If the Quantum universe is the MCU version of the Microverse, then maybe Janet is in K'AI or some of the other worlds in the Microverse.

  • Jossed.

Janet will use the regulator Scott threw away in the microverse, to return to normal size.
  • Jossed. Hank gets her out.

There will not be a direct sequel
Instead, there will be a Wasp movie that picks up on the plot threads of this movie, with Scott as a supporting character.
  • Jossed as Ant-man and Wasp is a direct sequel, just puts a bigger emphasis on hope

Falcon will start using a system based on Pym's communication tech.
I don't think it's necessary for MCU Falcon to control birds, but I see a link there.
  • Possibly Jossed as Redwing is confirmed to be a bird like Drone in MCU. Though this could always changed later.

Dr. Pym will be pestered by the US Military even more now to get access to his size change tech.
Dr. Pym's spectacular public escape from the Pym Tech building with his keychain tank will mean that the US military will even more want to get a hold of his inventions. After all, the ability to carry large vehicles easily in a pocket would mean that that vehicle combat would be revolutionized. For instance, any commander can appreciate the possibility of not just sending soldiers carrying their own tanks until they can be enlarged and used on favorable ground, but that tech could be used to allow crews to free vehicles from traps as easily as if they were bicycles. Furthermore, military logistics would never be the same when you can deliver a whole army's vehicle fleet and supplies requisition with potentially one transport. Given Dr. Pym's stubborn principles, he is not likely to give ground on his tech, but he'll still never hear the end of the arguments.
  • Jossed.

Wilson mentions that he "knows a guy" in the post credits scene, but he wasn't talking about Ant-Man.
He was talking about Peter Parker (Or at least a major character from the Spidey-verse).
  • There was already a reference to Parker - When Luis is telling Scott about the story that turns out to both be Stan Lee's cameo as well as Falcon looking for Scott, the person who Falcon asked about 'finding a guy that shrinks' said 'we've got all kinds now, we've got a guy that jumps, a guy that swings, a guy that climbs walls'.
    • It's been confirmed that the reference was written about Spider-man was made before they confirmed they had rights. Just marvel being cheeky, however they may rewrite it to be such now.
  • Jossed. He was Hoping that Scott could help them fight some of HYDRA's other super soldiers.

The explosives used against Pym Tech is nitramene.
Nitramene was first shown in Agent Carter as an invention of Stark. Given Hank's rivality with the aforementioned inventor and his own refusal to give up his tech, his stealing of a Stark tech would carry a lot of irony.
  • The explosives are clearly marked as C4. The reason the place implodes is because they blew up the containment for the imitation Pym particles.

Some parts of the subatomic/Quantum world resemble Yggdrasil/the Bifrost from Thor, as shown during the credits of that movie.
This could give us clues as to how the Bifrost works: it shrinks distances thanks to the Pym particle. Science and magic are indeed the same thing....

Howard Stark was intentionally trying to alienate Hank Pym...
It was already established in Captain America: The Winter Soldier that Howard was killed by HYDRA, and it has been speculated that he was aware of HYDRA's infiltration. Going off of this speculation, and based on everything he went through with Vanko, and in Agent Carter he knows how important it is to keep dangerous tech out of the wrong hands. While he may not have known Mitchell Carson's allegiance, he still knew it was better to have Pym protecting his tech and force him to walk away, then risk something so dangerous as the Pym particle getting to HYDRA.

When Janet Van Dyne DOES appear she will be played by...
Catherine Zeta-Jones. Because it would be awesome.

The Asian writer from Luis' final narration works for the Daily Bugle
She apparently specializes in superhero news and makes a reference to Spider-Man.
  • She could be either Isabel Bunsen or Kate Cushing. A viral marketing for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 shows Daily Bugle articles written by them about the presence of superhuman threats in New York.
  • At the time if filming they didn't have the rights but it could be done now.
  • Possibly jossed in the actual film itself. Luis explained that the Asian writer is a guerrilla writer. A guerrilla writer is someone who works as a writer independently of a company. That means the Asian writer is someone who doesn't report to a company like Daily Bugle. However, she may end up being hired as a writer later on due to her reporting on superheroes, but with what she states at the end of the film, she comes off as being pretty much an independent writer.

Hydra's Pym particle sample will lead in to Eric O'Grady aka Irredeemable Ant-Man
Mitchell Carson, who in the comics was a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent meant to become the successor to Ant-Man but fellow agent Eric O'Grady took it from him. Here he is a former director who turned out to be a Hydra agent and he escapes with a sample of Pym particles at the end. This points to the possibility of the third Ant Man, albeit with a tweaked back story, perhaps as a Hydra agent gone rogue or as a guinea pig .

Alternately, Hydra's Pym particles will become a weapon of the week on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is no stranger to making plots out of left over phlebotinum from the movies and while Hydra go no suit Cross was shown using the particles as an effective assassination weapon. Kills instantly, no noise, little mess and almost no evidence remaining. Sound like their territory.

Darren Cross isn't dead.
As we see, Cross wasn't necessarily "killed", but was uncontrollably shrunk when his suit was sabotaged by Scott. Now, we already know that uncontrollable shrinking puts you in you Quantum Realm, and that it is possible to survive and return from there. So, Cross isn't dead, he's merely trapped in the Quantum Realm like Janet is.

We'll see Scott become Giant Man in his next appearance.
The mechanism he uses to grow himself back to normal size and escape the Microverse at the end looks very similar to the Giant Man function of Hank's suit as shown in The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes!.

A sequel/prequel will focus on Hank's attempts to find Janet, journey the Microverse, and showcase their original adventures
Ideally, Hank would manage to devise a way to travel to the Microverse to track her down and begins a big search through the dimension for Janet, possibly fighting micro-warlords and such, before the two find each other and team up with the Micronauts and such. The story is intercut by flashbacks to their initial meeting, first adventure and courting, and the events leading up to Janet's final mission, and eventually, the two manage to escape to the regular sized world, happily ever after (with or without a de-aging to better tie with the comics).Ideal title would be 'Ant-Man And the Wasp', because she deserves equal billing, and a possible spin-off/sequel could focus on Janet's reconnecting into the world after being gone so long and making friends in the MCU, titled simply The Wasp.This would raise the question on what to do with Hope, but we could just go with a Rachel Summers resolution and have her float around somewhere and live alongside her mom.
  • Title is confirmed, but it's said to Scott and Hope as the focus.
    • Confirmed now that Janet will play a role as Michelle Pfeiffer.

Luis has superpowers
Those one punch knockouts weren't normal. He has mild super strength, a touch based telepathic attack, or something. He probably doesn't even realise it.
  • Or Hank Pym secretly shrank him a little - say 95% of his usual size - so his punches would have a little more oomph. Come to think of it, Hank hits pretty hard too. Of course he has been knocking punks out since the 70s but maybe Pym Particles produce potent punches.
    • Except Luis had apparently knocked out that big guy in the prison when he was last released, well before Scott had even met Hank Pym.

Cassie will have to get a new pet
Aside from the difficulties having an enlarged ant would bring about purely on a physics level, she would also need to be constantly supervised by Scott so that it doesn't revert to instinct and try to eat her. They'll return that pet to where it came from and get her something else that's suitably weird and ugly. Like Lockjaw.
  • Assuming Scott doesn't talk Hank into making Cassie an ant-control earpiece of her very own, perhaps calibrated to affect only the giant ant, not normal-sized ones.

Anthony will return!
Anthony will return from the dead, as a cyborg, or even an Antdroid.
  • Jossed in Ant-man and the Wasp, but who knows for Ant-man 3

Mitchell Carson had a hand in Howard Stark's death.
As payback for letting Hank leave, for not defending him, and for saying that he deserved that bloody nose.
  • Well as he's Hydra and Howard's death was from an 'accident' (most likely car tampering) he'd be a good suspect.

The Pym Particles are related to the Aether.
Hank mentions that the particles "change the texture of reality" and his descriptions of the Quantum Realm (not to mention the depictions of the Quantum Realm itself) are pretty reality warping. The power of the Pym Particles is, in some way, connected to the power of the Aether, the Reality Stone.
  • Jossed as before their destruction in the gap between Infinity War & Endgame, as well as during the time travel section in Endgame: there's no confirmation Aether was on earth during the development of the Pym Particle.

Pym Particles are fallout from WWII-era HYDRA's use of the Tesseract, and actually "shrink" things by warping space.
The Tesseract turned out to be the Space Stone, which has the power to manipulate the fabric of space itself. The stated rationale for how the Ant-Man suit works doesn't hold up under critical examination: if the Particles simply compressed atoms, either Scott would still weigh the same and he'd crush Antony trying to go for a ride, or his punches' force would be reduced in proportion to his mass. But the suit's powers could be justified, if the Particles don't actually shrink matter at all, but rather, they compress the space that matter happens to occupy. Much as the Tesseract can punch a linear wormhole between two distant points in space, the Pym Particles - residual Space Stone energies, left scattered all over Europe by HYDRA's primitive and inefficient Tesseract-powered weaponry - could likewise compress the three-dimensional space where an object or person is located, making it appear to have shrunken relative to the space around it.

In fact, the subject of the "shrinkage" is encased in a form-fitted bubble of warped space, that travels with them and separates the space their matter occupies from the space outside it. Within this bubble, the target is actually still the same size, so far as the laws of physics are concerned: they don't have trouble with the Square-Cube Law or scale-based disruptions to physiology, because they still have the same proportions relative to the space they're exposed to. (The universe has grown astronomically just in the time since the first Ant-Man comic was published, yet its physical laws aren't any different just because Real Life space got bigger in total.) From the subject's point of view, everything outside the bubble seems to have grown enormous around them. From anyone else's point of view, looking into the bubble, the subject appears tiny, and their weight is effectively reduced for purposes of the world acting on them (Antony carrying Scott, Hank keeping a tank on his key chain, Luis not even feeling there's a miniature superhero on his shoulder), because gravity and the effects of mass are byproducts of bent space, so the bubble's own space-bending properties can diminish their effects proportionately.

However, while mass is diminished when it passively exerts itself on the world outside the bubble, other forces revert to their proper scale when they're emitted from the target outward. The kinetic energy of a shrunken Scott's punch gets de-compressed as it leaves the bubble, slamming home with the power of a full-sized man in the tiny area of a space-compressed fist. The Particle-shrunken cameras worn by the ants initially broadcast their feedback as miniaturized wavelengths that you'd need a microwave-detector to pick up, but they stretch out into normal radio waves when they leave the camera's bubble. The Yellowjacket suit's lasers fire at a frequency which ought to read as UV when the suit's scaled down, but their rays revert back to the proportions of the wider universe when they escape the bubble, so their color appears the same when observed from outside no matter what size the suit is. The tiny Thomas the Tank Engine that crashed onto a police car had its mass effectively magnified in proportion, yet its momentum when it went flying out the window was that of a plastic toy only a few inches long. Hence, its magnified mass broke through the wall and squashed the car's hood and roof a bit, but the force of its landing didn't crush the vehicle's engine into the pavement.

This would resolve the quandary of Scott retaining the power to project kinetic energy like a full-sized human, yet still jump on an ant's back without crushing it with a grown man's dangerously-concentrated weight. It also, incidentally, explains why it's safe for his little girl to keep the giant ant as a pet: big as it might look, its ability to exert force for any purpose but to lift its own body remains that of an ordinary ant. Even if it went wild and tried to bite Cassie, its mandibles wouldn't be any stronger than a normal insect's, and further weakened by their bite-force being dispersed over a surface thousands of times broader than a normal ant's chompers.

Hank Pym doesn't trust Hope.
While he might have honestly feared he'd lose her like he lost her mother, he also feared she'd double-cross him and deliver the Pym particles to Cross like she did with Pym Industries.
  • Possible especially how he reacts to Hope using the communicator seemed more of a fear based response than annoyance.

What's happening in the second Stinger is...
  • Bucky is trapped in a vise because HYDRA had incorporated a remote-control mechanism into his metal arm, without his knowledge. When events early in Civil War alert them that their "Winter Soldier" didn't die when the Project Insight helicarriers self-destructed, but is wandering around AWOL with a head full of HYDRA secrets, they activate a kill-command to make Bucky's own arm try to strangle him. He manages to immobilize it temporarily by jamming it in the vise, but he's stuck there and has to contact Cap, the only person he still remembers or trusts, to save him. Rogers, knowing zilch about such advanced technology, asks Falcon what can be done to deactivate the arm's suicide command, and Falcon - having just learned from personal experience that Scott can disable robotic super-prosthetics from within - recommends calling in Ant-Man to help.
  • Jossed. Steve and Sam trapped him in the vise because his programming was reactivated, and they needed to restrain him until he regained his senses.

The three Spider-Man sightings were during his Training Montage.
  • Different witnesses saw Spidey jumping around, climbing walls, and spinning webs. In the MCU, Peter has just gotten his spider-powers and is learning how to use them in what would otherwise be his training montage if he had a solo film. This explains the sightings of him randomly using his powers but not quite doing any superheroing yet.

Dave's full name is...

Baskin-Robbins is secretly behind many things that happened in MCU.
That's why they always find out.

The stolen Pym Particles will be used to create Goliath
Possibly setting up a role as part of the Masters of Evil or even a Thunderbolts movie.
  • Jossed. Goliath was mentioned to be a project that Hank and Bill Foster worked on in the 70s-80s, Bill was the only one to grow and only was said to get up to 21 Feet Tall.

Scott lied to Hank about not remembering Subatomic Space.
We know that the reason why Hank didn't put the suit back on for the film because the years of wearing it "took it's toll" on him (indicating some sort of physical problem from shrinking and enlarging so much over the years). This troper believes that Scott remembers going into the Quantum Realm and then returning back to normal size, but lied to Hank in order to keep him from attempting to go into the Quantum Realm himself to find his wife (which may take multiple times in order to do a thorough search, which could cause more harm to Hank).

Ant-Man and Wasp will be about...
...Hope helping Steve free Scott and the others from the Raft (in the opening, which would be a great cameo for the other Avengers not on Team Stark) and focus on the two of them going on the lam and deepening their relationship with one another while trying to solve another sub-plot, notably rescuing Janet from sub-space.
  • Jossed. He's already freed by the time the movie starts, though was on the last leg of house arrest.

Scott will receive a What the Hell, Hero? from Hank and the rest after the debacle in Civil War
Hank and Hope will scold Scott for getting entangled with the whole Cap vs. Tony conflict and for losing the suit (I don't know if the suit is confiscated from the government or if Scott got it back when Steve freed him and the others from the Raft). Likewise, Cassie (depending if she grows up or they use another actress) call him out for getting caught again and not contacting her which puts a strained relationship between them.
  • Confirmed, it in fact is the cause of tension for the first half of the film.

Doctor Strange (2016) and/or another sorcerer will have a hand in rescuing Janet
Parts of the shrinking sequence looked a lot like the places The Ancient One showed Strange, the crystal/mirror/origami things in the Quantum Realm were very reminiscent of the sorcerers' magic, and Strange also went to a world "where time doesn't matter" and returned.
  • Jossed.

Janet will be the Big Bad for Ant-Man and Wasp
  • Extended periods of isolation can drive people insane in real life and Janet was completely alone in the Quantum Realm without even gravity to distract her.
  • She has a super suit that gives her flight, shrinking, and super-strength (when shrunk) and runs on Pym Particles that can make people "sick" even if they're protected given enough time and she was in the Quantum Realm for an eternity (or a second, time doesn't matter there).
  • She may have been expecting Hank to rescue her and he didn't and she's bitter about it.
  • Hope couldn't save Dave before he went insane so she's extra determined to save her mom.
    • Dave never even shrunk, let alone go insane from it.
  • Hope is apparently a villain in the comics while Janet is a hero, so they switched roles for the movies.
  • Jossed.

Predictions for the Big Bad of Ant-Man and the Wasp
  • Crossfire: Darren Cross's cousin who is out for revenge. He'll used very advanced weaponry and his skills as a former a CIA operative.
  • Whirlwind: He will be an old enemy of Hank Pym who will go after Scott and Hope after Hope becomes the Wasp. He will be revealed to have had romantic feelings for Janet and believes that the "fake" Wasp is insulting her memory. He will also want to kill Hank, blaming him for Janet's supposed death.
  • Egghead: A Mad Scientist with a history with Hank Pym.
  • M.O.D.O.K.: We feel he's gotta be introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe at some point, and of all the upcoming projects on the relatively near horizon, this seems like the most likely candidate.
  • All Jossed. It's Sonny Burch and Ghost, who's an Anti-Villain, with Egghead only being a Posthumous Character.

Dave will become super-villains Whirlwind
Whirlwind's name in comics is David and he was at one point Wasp's chauffeur, a job similar to being Ant-Man's getaway driver.
  • Jossed in Ant-man & Wasp.

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