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The Nerd's review of ET at the end of the movie is actually Reverse Psychology .
The beginning of the movie established that the Nerd's hate of shitty games drives gamers to buy and play those shitty games, so by proclaiming that ET was not that bad, he's actually convincing gamers to put it to rest, since it's not the massive steaming pile of refuse in cartridge format that everyone was hoping he'd say it was.

Mcbutter will be back.
Maybe not in another movie, but she might come back for revenge against The Nerd.

The sequel will be about finding Atari's lost treasure.

The Nerd will become Mr. Hyde in the sequel.
And it will be a parody of Dark Universe.

The sequel will have the chick and the black guy as villains.
They weren't liked by many fans and that would leave room for Mike Matei, Kyle Justin or Doug Walker.