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Cyrus is gay and everyone else already knows.
At least among the adults. There's no way his as-yet-unseen psychologist parents and step-parents ("I'm being raised by four mental-health professionals") can have missed it, and as for Andi's parents they seem to have no problem with him hanging out in her room or the Andi Shack which is putting a lot of trust in the Westermarck Effect considering the experience they already have if they don't at least have strong suspicions of it.
  • Alternately, Jonah is gay and Cyrus isn't. This would allow for An Aesop on stereotyping people along the way to the Plot Twist.
  • Or Alternatively, Jonah is bi and Cyrus is gay and they get together. This would then show a Gay Aesop in which love doesn't have to always be the traditional boy/girl pairing, it could be same-sex as well.
  • Cyrus IS gay; It was confirmed when Season Two premiered. Buffy also knows, but it's uncertain as to who else does.
    • And Jonah...probably isn't. There've been hints that part of the coming-out story they want to tell is the first unrequited crush on someone straight.
If Jonah turns out to be straight, one or more of the other characters will also come out as LGBTQ+ so the show can have a same-sex couple with a happy ending
  • Confirmed(ish) in the series finale. TJ holding Cyrus' hand certainly appeared more than friendly.
If the show hadn't been quite so successful, Bowie's career would be.
They made him a touring musician to provide a sort of back door to the showbiz-glitz High Concept that's worked so well for Disney since Hannah Montana in case the show worked but sputtered. They could write him into a major-label recording contract if needed to boost the ratings. Since the low concept Slice of Life format's been a runaway success, he'll be loading his instruments in his old Subaru to go to local gigs for a while yet.

This show will have a crossover with Stuck in the Middle
They're both produced by Horizon and not It's a Laugh Productions, so it would make sense for Andi and Stuck to have a crossover.
  • The chance is kind of low. Do note Andi is shot in Utah while Stuck is shot in Los Angeles. Also the crossover for it has a high chance of happening on just Stuck than on both; think Charlie Shakes It Up, where the crossover only happened on the former's show and not on the latter, due to Andi being episodic, and having Previously on… and On the Next segments that begin and end the episodes.
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  • Jossed, both series have ended without one. There was no good place in the story for a crossover, either.

Ham never wanted to go along with this in the first place and is glad the truth is out.
That's not to say that he doesn't love Andi and want to be the best "dad" to her he could (heck, he probably built Andi Shack), but that the Big Lie was entirely Celia's idea and he went along - but kept contact with not only Bex but Bowie - to keep peace in the family. This also explains why Celia hasn't made the slightest move to keep legal custody of Andi - she knows that besides a protracted legal battle *never* being good for the kid, she'd need Ham's 100% collaboration to have even the slightest chance of winning, and still probably wouldn't since Bex isn't nearly messed-up enough to lose her kid that way.

This show will be integrated into the DCLAU
Raven's Home is already in the DCLAU. On the first episode, Booker wears the exact same bathrobe that Andi wore in "Home Away From Home"
  • Jossed, the show stayed independent throughout its entire run.
The electric bike didn't last long.
It didn't break all at once since that wouldn't have gone unmentioned but the cheap plastic gears kept stripping a little at a time and the battery took a little less of a charge with every recharge so that it needed a little more "help" every time Andi tried to make it go until she was basically just walking with it.
  • It's so contrary to everything else we know about Andi's life before Bex came back even though it's literally the first thing we see of Andi, that I suspect it's The Artifact from an early draft of the pilot script.

This show is Terri Minsky's own take on The Secret Life of the American Teenager, but refined and adapted for middle school.
Well the show does edge near to Teen Drama territory, and some plotlines from that show were modified to fit middle schooler sensibilities. Not to mention both shows are episodic.

The Dress Code protest is the result of Executive Meddling.
Sudden School Uniform plots are incredibly common among Disney kid coms, Disney Corporate doesn't exactly not have a dog in the fight - they market a line of character-branded tween clothes - it adds up. Minsky dialed it back as far as she could.

Charecters Reacting To Cyrus Coming Out
  • Andi will most likely approve but could be a little shocked/upset. Maybe she could be Cyrus’s Amber? Not likely though.
  • Iris. This is a tricky one. While they are dating she could feel betrayed but maybe understand. Maybe they’ll be friends or she’ll never appear again.
    • Iris and Cyrus broke up civilly, without her finding out.
  • Jonah is also tricky. How will Cyrus come out to Jonah. It’s clear Disney doesn’t want to say the word “gay” so will Jonah be cool with Cyrus or be like “Oh sh!t get me away!” An upcoming episode is called “We Were Never”. This makes me wonder...
    • Jossed. "We Were Never" wasn't even about Cyrus and Jonah, and when Cyrus comes out to him in "One In A Minyan", he's fine with it. Also, Cyrus ended up saying the word "gay" - a first for a kids' show.
  • Amber fairly knows because she was there when Cyrus turned back. Possibly blackmail?
  • Marty has absolutely zero relation to the storyline.

Buffy’s mother will die in Late Season 2/Early Season 3
Season 1 was about Andi’s Birth. Season 2 was about Cyrus’s Transitioning to understanding himself. So I can assume someone’ll die. Andi And Cyrus have had First-Episode Twist so Buffy’s Mom could die. Since her mom’s in the milatary it is even more plausible. It would be very tragic. Of course who’s not to say a Death theme will be about Jonah? Or a metaphorical “death”?

When Andi finds out that Cyrus is gay and has been hiding it from her for a long time...
Andi will either:
  • Be furious and upset that he kept it away from her and then asking Bex and Buffy why they know this but never told Andi.
  • If she also knows he is in love with Jonah, she'll slap him, also be furious and upset, and she'll end up running in tears.
  • Will lead to Andi not wanting to talk to Cyrus for a few episodes because of this "friendship betrayal" of sorts.
  • Slowly yet surely accept him as is, as Bex, Buffy and Jonah try to help her accept him and they two will finally reconcile.
  • Jossed in Cyrus' Bash-Mitzvah. Andi seemed to accept the news, and immediately started joking with Cyrus about how confusing Jonah is. They walk off arm-in-arm at the end of the scene.

The mid-season 2 finale won't be the last we see of Jonah having panic attacks.
Gradually, as the rest of the season and the series progresses Jonah will be revealed to have an anxiety disorder of some kind and he'll be shown having another panic attack later again on.
  • Confirmed, via the episode "Perfect Day 2.0"

Jonah has Abusive Parents
Of all the main characters, he's the only one whose home life we know nothing about. His lack of social skills and anxiety and panic attacks could be the result of a stressful home life. He's ok with dating the emotionally abusive Amber because it's what he's used to or better than what he's used to at home. And he seems very willing to go to camp for eight weeks even though he won't see all his friends all summer. Maybe he wants to escape a bad home life.
  • Seemingly unlikely after we saw Jonah's mother, though he could very easily (and did) feel embarrassed.
Possibilities as to why the show got cancelled
  • Low ratings. If you look on Wikipedia, the show's average viewers in millions for Season 3 are significantly lower than that of the previous two seasons. It is most likely because cable is dying and streaming is taking over, which is not the show's fault. Andi Mack is by far the most popular and talked about Disney show and new episodes always get advertised.
    • The show's drop in ratings is either a systemic or cyclical problem, not a problem with the show itself. Even at the end of season 3, Andi Mack performed better than most of its contemporaries, including fan-favorite Raven's Home and shows in their first season like Coop and Cami and Sydney to the Max.
  • High costs. Andi Mack is more expensive for Disney Channel to produce than their other shows. Notice how it's shot on location, unlike other Disney Channel sitcoms, which are filmed on a set and are relatively cheap to make.
    • Another finance-related possibility is the Utah Film Commission not giving Disney enough tax credits to make Season 4. Disney have stated that they are dissatisfied with Utah’s incentive program and intend to film their projects elsewhere. If this doomed Andi Mack, then it will doom any future seasons of High School Musical: The Musical as well.
  • Stoney Westmoreland's arrest. His controversy caused his scenes to be deleted and the cast to do reshoots. Maybe it was too overbearing and Disney cancelled it to save themselves any more trouble.
  • Storylines being too mature, controversial, or progressive than Disney is comfortable with broadcasting.
    • People say that it's because of the gay storyline and that Disney are homophobes, but I don't think so. If Disney were actually homophobic, they wouldn't have allowed Cyrus to be gay in the first place.
    • However, the storylines could hypothetically go places in Season 4 that would cross the line on what Disney would allow, such as a canon relationship between TJ and Cyrus.
      • Rumors swirled about a Channel Hop to Freeform but that didn't happen, possibly because of actors looking to move on to the next project with Sofia Wylie moving on to other Disney projects and Joshua Rush whose character was the fan-favorite Breakout Character becoming more active in politics.