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Carson is secretly rigging the game in Jamie's favor
Piper made it no secret she wanted Jamie eliminated on day 1. Carson may appear to be her whipping boy, but he's still the host of the show and he can decide who wins the challenges.
  • Jossed, though if Ivy is to be believed, he's been rigging the game in HER favour instead.

If Jamie is the big winner of the show, Piper will have a Villainous Breakdown
She'll have thrown every unfair advantage at them to get them eliminated but either through luck, skill or even Deus ex Machina, they still keep coming up on top, making her go into a raging fit, and on camera.
  • Jossed. Piper gets fired for declining ratings, but she doesn't exhibit any special reaction to Jamie winning.

There will be a Friend or Idol Decision
Whoever Jamie hooks up with, they'll end up on the voting block and Jamie gets told "vote your friend/lover out or lose the next game."
  • Jossed. All the potential love interests have been eliminated, and such a scenario never occurs.

One or more of the contestants are faking their archetypes
Since Jamie is told to choose between being a Sweetheart, Villain or Flirt, it's not improbable to think that the others might be doing the same, especially since Adam warns Jamie to not trust anyone, even himself (and given that he was renamed as this season's "Bad Boy", in contrast to his previous label as "The Boy Next Door"). The most likely to be acting up are:
  • Teagan
  • Ivy
  • Han
    • Confirmed that Zeke was faking his because he is an exotic dancer and not a firefighter.
    • Same with Ivy, who's a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing
    • Played with with Handsome Stranger/Adam as he was the Boy Next Door on Season 9, but the Bad Boy Season 10.
    • Jossed with all the others; the story concludes with no further indication any of the others been faking their personas.

Derek is behind the rumors of Jamie
Think about it: He knows how the game works, considering he’s a super fan, he could’ve thought spreading rumors about the biggest threat would be a way to take Jamie down. And he’s not above manipulating or taking advantage of other contestants (ex. Taking advantage of Ivy’s crush on him for a showmance). For all we know him asking Jamie to team up with him could be a way for him to know Jamie’s weaknesses
  • Jossed. In Chapter 16, Ivy is revealed to be behind the rumors of Jamie. In Chapter 19, it's revealed that Carson has been helping her, suggesting that he might be the initial source of the rumors, which is confirmed in Chapter 20.

Carson interrupting Mackenzie and Adam in the Acting Challenge was deliberate sabotage.
  • Think about it. We know by the end of the book that Carson was in league with Ivy. After Jamie and Ivy do their scene, it's pretty clear Ivy will be second place at best. Given the dynamics of the Final Four, it's a safe bet that if Ivy's up for Elimination, she'll be the one who gets eliminated, so Carson staged an argument in the middle of Adam and Mackenzie's scene to mess them up and cause them to lose in order to keep Ivy out of the Bottom Two.

In book 2, one of Ivy or Vince will have changed their ways while the other is still their same old self

Slater is the villain of the All-Stars season, using Ivy as The Scapegoat
Chapter 3 has Slater scolding Ivy for pestering Jamie about the rodeo club date, and the following chapter has him accusing her of destroying Bianca and Yvette's sandcastle without other people noticing. As someone who has observed Ivy's reputation among her fellow Season 10 contestants, Slater may have used it to his advantage to win the season while playing up his charming side.
  • This gains more traction in Chapter 6, when he plays dirty during the Laser Tag Challenge by tripping and shoving the other contestants, indicating a ruthless personality.

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