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Gary's inability to trace Nokia phones will become a Chekhov's Gun.
Come on, how could they turn down something like that?It'll be his Achilles' Heel for sure.
  • Already talked about in the second episode. Well, that was fast.
    • That was just a complaint that she encrypted her phone, not specific to Nokia.
      • He says the two things he can't read are encrypted and Nokia siginals
      • Product placement? "Don't want an autistic superhuman to listen in on your telephone signals? Buy Nokia!"

Nina will eventually learn to plant post hypnotic suggestions
The Ghost could do it and they have the same basic power.
  • The Ghost's power required touch and actively suppressed free will. Nina's power just erodes willpower to make a person suggestible.
    • A recent episode did outright state that the power and duration of her pushes increase as she uses it more, and her push on Rosen had more in common with a post hypnotic command than any push we saw her use in season 1.

Wilson is planning to use the Alphas team to do something horrible.
Hinted at by the Ghost. And Marcus Ayers.
  • Not so much Wilson in particular (seeing as he's dead), but the shadowy part of the government he works for, as a whole. In addition to Wilson's disregard for the personal needs of the Alphas, Cley seems to dislike them all on principle, and the people at Binghamton are implied to be experimenting on them. So odds are, the government in planning to find a way to either control or wipe out the Alphas.
    • Based on what Marcus said, I'm theorizing they are going to attempt to remove the powered part of the brain, which will have the unfortunate side effect of lobotomizing them.

Nina is being set for a Face–Heel Turn plot arc. Whether or not it sticks or is just a temporary thing will depend on the show's direction.
It's pretty obvious from her character and the nature of her power, especially once she finds out whatever ruthless schemes the government seems to be secretly hatching for the Alphas.
  • She also doesn't seem to have any drawbacks. Perhaps her drawback is the natural result of being able to get your way.

Nina already has had a Heel–Face Turn pre-series. It will be brought up and we will have flashbacks.
With her powers the risk of abuse without truly knowing it is great. That is why she is the peacemaker of the group and the Team Mom or Cool Big Sis now — to make amends to her conscience.
  • I posit that she accidentally talked someone into committing suicide before Rosen found her.
    • It seems likely that the one she pushed into suicide was a now-dead boyfriend since she mentioned how she hurt him and "what [she] made him do" to Rosen as well as “bad memories” from the suicide jumper's death in the pilot. In an unguarded emotional outburst, she probably yelled at him to jump off a building/out a window, which he did under her influence, and Rosen chose to protect her because he recognizes that it was accidental.
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    • Confirmed. They had a fight and she yelled "Why don't you kill yourself" at him. Presumably this is when she discovered her power.
      • Jossed, but then sort of confirmed. It turns out that she wasn't responsible for her boyfriend's suicide, but she was responsible, indirectly, for her father's.

Rachel is a lesbian
That's what she's not assertive enough to tell her parents when they set her up on dates.
  • I got the sense it was more of an old country/new country thing; for instance, her mother's insistence that "You don't want to stay single forever!", not to mention their perception that she's damaged goods.
  • Jossed as of episode 5. She'd totally do a guy if she could, but the whole super-senses thing is kind of a barrier.

Summer Glau's character will be crazy
The "coming up" trailer showed Summer Glau. Whichever character she plays on a tv show is already crazy or becomes crazy at some point (See: Sarah Connor Chronicles, Firefly, The Cape). Let's just hope it's not a bad omen that the show will get cancelled.
  • Only if she becomes a main character. A show's likelihood of getting canceled is directly proportional to how much Summer Glau is featured.
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  • Jossed. Skylar is Properly Paranoid (she helped build a device that can track down anyone on Earth for the government!) but not insane.

Anna will be set up for a running, season-long Heel–Face Turn at some point.
She appears to genuinely feel for Gary, showing remorse for hurting and deceiving him, to the point where she tries to turn him, and maybe Gary's small grin after her parting message means he think he can still save her.
  • Jossed, because she's dead.
  • She may have still been on her way. The meeting she was killed at was said to have consisted of Alphas wanting to "come out" to the public and, even suggested, they wanted to avoid violence, which Red Flad didn't want. Gary says at one point that he can get people to change their minds and had been in frequent communication with Anna. Perhaps she had already started on her Heel–Face Turn when she was killed.

The Series will not see season 2 but will end on a awesome cliffhanger.
The final members of Red Flag will appear, including special guest star Peter Mensah who will play a man who can amp up an Alpha's power. Working in conjunction with Summer Glau - whose power is to temporarily mimic another Alpha's ability - they will combine their powers to super charge an EMP emitting Alpha. This Alpha will unleash an EMP knocking the USA into third world status. At the same time his mole Clay "liberates" all the resentful, powerful Alphas in Binghamton. End result, a country on the edge of anarchy with a lot of hostile norms targeting any and all Alphas as targets.
  • Being as the show shares a universe with Eureka and Warehouse 13, I doubt they would let the Series finale impact The 'Verse like that. Unless it is a massive Crossover.
    • It could definitively be a massive Crossover, but not after the first season. Probably the next, when Eureka finishes its run. This would lead to Alphas and Warehouse 13 being the only shows left, so it would be easier to have more Crossovers and big stories that overlap both series. Hell, maybe Eureka (the town) gets destroyed by an Alpha, and the surviving characters will appear occasionally on Alphas and Warehouse 13.
  • Jossed because season 2 has begun.

Lee is either a mole or will have a Face–Heel Turn.
There is just something off about his character.

At some point, Gary will have to drive a car.
Gary really wants to drive a car, and sometime near the season finale he'll get the chance. It will be hilarious.
  • As of the latest episode, Bill is giving him driving lessons.
    • BRAKE!

Its all Kevin's fault.
Original timeline Kevin altered the timeline, creating ripples. The most immediate one, of course, was felt in Eureka. But remember back in season one when that Scientist gained super powers from exposure to the artifact? Powers that originated from his mind. Wouldn't be surprised if altering the timeline led to the Artifact somehow saturating the world with its rays, leading decades later to children being born with advanced genetics.

Gary is Doctor Rosen's son.
Doctor Rosen returning Gary to his mom in the fourth episode looked very much like a dad returning his son to his ex-wife. Perhaps Rosen is Gary's father, but doesn't want to tell him yet still wants to know him, so keeps him around as an Alpha?

The first alphas came from Haven
They're the descendants of the Troubled. Nobody's made the connection yet because the Haven community is so good at keeping the Troubles under wraps. (And keep in mind, they've already established a Syfyverse that includes Alphas, Eureka and Warehouse 13.)

Rosen is an Alpha
They have mentioned plenty of times now how they listen to him and he helps them yet he's not an Alpha. That and Rule of Drama would suggest the season finale will have Rosen forced to use his power to help the others from some serious danger.
  • I'll bet it's some kind of mimicking power, he can use other Alpha's powers for short times, but not as well as the original can. Fits in with the whole therapist thing. Maybe he does it by talking to the person. They can call it "connecting with that person's soul" or something.
  • Given he frequently uses "we", "us", "our" etc pronouns when referring to the group/Alphas this is indeed fairly heavily implied.
  • All his science is Magic-Powered Pseudoscience, and without knowing it he has the power to detect, suppress and enhance other people's powers.
  • His ability is basically to be a Hive Mind for the team, sucking in all their insecurities and problems. It's not just working in a team that helps them, it's his particular brand of "therapy." That would tie in with the theory above, if he chose to use it to mimic powers, but would be in-character for him to suck in the negative aspects.
  • His power is that of super intelligence, but not the TV Genius type. He truly understands the root causes behind Alphas, more than anybody else in the world. He chooses to use that for a good cause, and has learned how to fake his own medical tests so that they don't reveal him as an Alpha. If anybody else knows, it's Skylar Adams (because she built a device that could locate any Alpha in the world), Stanton Parrish (having almost 200 years of experience with Alphas can't hurt), or both.
    • To clarify, the device was designed to locate Anyone in the world, Rosen just suggested that with the right programing he could find all the Alphas in the world.

Season 1 Finale
The final episode of Season 1 is called "Original Sin". Therefore, This Troper predicts we'll either see the first worldwide, horrible and game-changing act of terrorism (etc.) that Red Flag attacks with, or the first Alpha (Doctor Rosen?) is revealed, "normal" humans learn of their existence and a key piece of information is revealed. We might even see both (though it's a long shot)!
  • Confirmed. The existence of Alphas has been revealed to the world.

Alphas is not in the same universe as W13 and Eureka.
It's actually a parallel dimension of W13, and Eureka because they're connected.

The biggest difference is that in Alphas, there are no Artifacts. The Alphas are the artifacts!

  • Don't believe me? Well, listen to this:

    • What is an Artifact? It's a seemingly mundane item with an unusual ability and often a severe negative drawback.

    • Now, what's an Alpha? It's a seemingly mundane human with an unusual ability and often a severe negative drawback.

All the same people live in both worlds, but may have different professions or details due to changes in the major weird thing.

  • Most likely this is just the writers keeping the show interesting by giving powerful Alphas a Necessary Drawback .

Hicks' son is an Alpha
It was hinted at slightly in "Catch and Release" that Hicks' son and potentially any children Bill has with his wife could become Alphas. Hicks said that he never noticed anything different about himself until high school, though if the writers want his power to develop sooner, then they could, since Zoe is already exhibiting hers. Also, they established that the children do not need to have powers identical to those of their parents, though they could be similar. Considering this, his son might end up with powers similar to Marcus'.
  • Semi-confirmed in season 2. Tyler is shown to be able to bounce a bottle off the the rim of one container and into the neighboring bin without even turning his head.

Hicks has a cousin named Dante

Skylar is an ancestor of the Tams.
Fairly straightforward. Somewhere down the line, the Tams inherited the Alpha genes. Simon is a moderately gifted Alpha, while River got the whole genetic shebang.

Gary is being set up for a Face–Heel Turn.
He's largely sympathetic to one of the main villains and feels a certain connection to her. He doesn't have any stated objection to Red Flag's mission—even when he was stopping Anna's plan, he never said he disagreed with it; he just didn't like that Red Flag had attempted to kill Dr. Rosen. Given the Gray-and-Gray Morality of the show itself and the hinted nature of the government's real plan for the Alphas, it's quite possible that Gary could decide to forgive Red Flag for that and join up.

Massive crossover
Eureka and Warehouse 13 have already had crossovers, now Warehouse 13 and Alphas have one. Sometime in the second season there will be a crossover between all three, probably involving an artifact or alpha showing up in Eureka.

Anna already had a Heel–Face Turn in the middle of "Rosetta."
There's a WMG above that states that Anna will have a Heel–Face Turn, but I posit that she already had one during "Rosetta". Think about this: How did Gary know that she had mislead him about the routing number of the truck? Because she told him by pointing out that he had mistaken the sound representing "2" for the number "1" when translating a date. If she hadn't pointed that out, Gary never would have caught on that she had lied to him earlier. I submit that it wasn't an accident, but something that she deliberately tipped him off to, hoping the team would stop the plan. Her reason for doing this was stated quite plainly by her: "I don't want to hurt people either, but sometimes we have no choice." The plan was created by the other leaders of Red Flag and Anna was secretly against it, but she thought openly declaring her opposition to Red Flag would be dangerous, so instead she went through with the plan and found a subtle way to clue Rosen's team into it. Her DDOS attack on Gary was so Red Flag would think she was still one of them, allowing her to oppose them from the inside.

There will be references to the events of "Original Sin" in Warehouse 13 and / or Eureka.
  • This seems especially likely to happen in Warehouse 13. An artifact will act up and people will assume, due to the events of "Original Sin", that whoever is being affected by the artifact is an Alpha.
    • This is discussed on the Headscratchers page. One take is that the W13/Eureka universe and the Alphas universe are functionally separate, and they won't be crossed again. (Compare the Alphas/W13 one-way cameo crossover with W13/Eureka's two-way whole-episode crossovers.)
      • It'd be a good joke though.
    Pete: ...Artie, is there any artifacts that give people Alpha powers?
    Artie: No, you can't.
    Pete: Oh come on, Artie! I'd use my powers responsibly! Please, please, please, please-
    Artie: Pete, I'm saying that if we had them, wouldn't we have used them on agents as soon as they were hired?
    Pete: That...makes perfect sense. Dang.
    • One could argue that Pete is already an Alpha. He does get 'vibes' when something bad is about to happen, after all.

The end of "Original Sin" was another Batman Gambit.
The Big Bad, having just manipulated Rosen and company big-time, follows up with a straightforward exposition and job offer? He could very well have been that arrogant - he's certainly confident that he can adjust when Rosen does the opposite - but he could just as well have anticipated or even counted on precisely that.
  • Rosen is pretty smart, though. He saw through the original plan — have the government take out Red Flag so they couldn't go public. It's not his fault that no one listened. If Parish's real plan all along was just to have Rosen go public instead, then Parish is actually a wasteful moron and not an evil genius because now the good guys know he's alive and have captured or killed a huge number of his loyal soldiers.
  • Also, Parish seemed pretty ... well, maybe not surprised per se, but at least a little nonplussed when Rosen made his move. With the "let's go public" faction out of the way, Parish probably didn't expect anyone else to take up their banner.

Stanton Parish is right.
Stanton Parish stated that war was inevitable in "two years, maybe three". He seems like a person who at least fancies himself a Chessmaster, and it is stated that he has no empathy towards anyone or anything. The logical conclusion is that Stanton, seeing that war was inevitable, decided to get a head start on said war and make sure that he was on the winning side of it. It seems likely, since Alphas lacks Comic-Book Time, that seasons 3 and/or 4 will show the start of a war between Alphas and normal humans, or at the very least will show war being very narrowly avoided by someone acting as a Spanner in the Works.

Many of Rumiko Takahashi's characters are Alphas
Superhumans with exaggerated character flaws? Older Than They Think. The one that gives the game away is Ranma Saotome: super-talented martial artist whose abilities stem solely from Pride - hit him with something he can't see coming and he is down like a ton of bricks. Give him time to regain his center and he's better than ever. He's Hicks with a better support network and engaged to Bill's equivalent - Akane Tendo, a short-tempered Tsundere who gets Super Strength whenever she's pissed off. (BTW, would a Jerk with a Heart of Gold be the Spear Counterpart of a Tsundere? A better definition of Bill there is not.)

Some Alphas are also mutants.
Some abilities can be explained by being at the peak of what a human can do. However, some Alpha abilities simply cannot happen without some biological structure in place that we don't have. For instance, the ability to perceive outside the visible spectrum simply can't happen without receptors in the eye that capture those wavelengths. Likewise being able to see radio waves. He would have to have a sense organ for them, and the visible representations he sees are a type of synesthesia.
  • In Gary's case, what we are shown is just an Extreme Graphical Representation of what's going on. He doesn't actually see the waves in the same way that you would see a physical object.

Gary is a Troper.
Think about it. With what basically amounts to direct internet access inside his head, It would be hard for him not to hear about us, and whenever he isn't helping be a secret agent, he's troping. Think about it, it makes sense. He even mentions several government goons at the office being Jerkasses in season 2!

Anna is coming back.
It would explain the fact that she has a twitter account.
  • Wasn't that Gary running the account as the memorial he alluded to in the prior scene?
    • Confirmed; a very, very brief shot at the end of the same episode shows Gary posting a Tweet on the account (that, yes, actually was posted on the account at the time of airing). Notably, this was the same episode in which Stanton Parrish told Gary that it wasn't him who murdered Anna, but the government.

Nina's ability will continue developing.
Her hand will develop the calloused region Ghost from the first episode did.
  • Semi-confirmed, a recent episode stated her pushes become much longer lasting as she used them more.
  • The Ghost's calloused hand was a side effect of his ability — he required skin-to-skin contact in order to exert control. Nina's ability operates via eye contact and vocalization.

Nina taking a level in jerkass between seasons wasn't entirely her own fault.
On behalf of Stanton Parish, Dani subtly sabotaged the group by using her abilities on Nina to exaggerate her existing insecurities and nudge her off the slippery slope.

Nina didn't really drive her dather to suicide
He was already suicidal. What was going on in that house, the fighting with his wife all the time, not having much time to spend with his daughter, etc, would be enough to make anyone depressed and potentially suicidal. When Nina unthinkingly used her power to prevent him from leaving, she actually saved his life, as her command not to leave her behind overrode his impulse to kill himself. However, the impulse still existed and the more her command repressed it, the stronger it grew. When she later released him from the command, he became free to act on the now-strengthened impulse, leading to the scene we witnessed in the episode. All these years, Nina has been blaming herself for causing him to do something that he probably would have done anyway eventually.

Kat's Knife
It has the initials "J.D." on it. Jacob Dunham?
  • No its Jefafa Dun Ham
    • Spoilers from the season 2 finale: Parish briefly threatens Jeff Kowalka with a knife on the exact same style as Kat's.

"Kat" is an alias
If Kat has had her ability since birth, like most Alphas, then it's entirely possible that even the memory of her own name is buried in a part of her brain that she can't access.

Danielle is a descendant of Stanton Parish
Through her mom most likely, since it doesn't seem like Rosen is. The love he has for her doesn't seem romantic, and the speech he gave about being proud of her definitely seemed like one he would give to a grandchild (or great grandchild).
  • Mentor/mentee relationships often bear significant likeness to parent/child relationships, particularly when there is a sense that the older party has somehow rescued or saved the younger.
    • The same things are also seen in dysfunctional relationships where the stronger party is grooming the younger for a specific purpose.

Kimi Millard can't talk
Her Alpha power is more like Anna's than Nina's. She can't speak coherently, and the sounds she can make don't so much influence people as they drive anyone who hears them into murderous and/or suicidal insanity. That's why we've only ever seen her whisper. If she were to speak openly, everyone in earshot would go nuts.
  • Or she doesn't have a Compelling Voice, but her alpha ability is knowing exactly what to say to any specific person that will make them kill themselves. Either this or the Brown Note theory is hinted at when she uses her ability on Cameron, and Nina doesn't just tell him not to kill himself but specifically orders him to forget what Kimi said to him.

Rosen is going to undergo a Face–Heel Turn
His manipulative tendencies have been pointed out a few times, and he's got it in him to be a Magnificent Bastard (evidenced by his handling of Senator Burton in "If Memory Serves"). Add to that the fact that he seems to be getting more comfortable with the same sort of ends-justifies-the-means mentality that Stanton Parish has, and his willingness to use Parish's very humanity (including his remorse over Dani's death) against him...

Rosen will become an Alpha
After he was photostimmed, the only ways out are this or writing him out of the show.

Not to mention the fact they even had a foreshadowing where the guy who was exposed to it in the sewers didn't appear to know he was an Alpha until the incident.

Though if anything Nina could have forced Rosen to sleep before the lights went off.

Stanton Parish is well and truly dead.
Rosen made a specific point of saying that his healing isn't involuntary, and Parish himself said that he would not be welcome in his new world. Believing his work to be finished, he's chosen to let Hicks' bullet kill him.

Kimi Milard is Nina Theroux's long lost sister.
In Cause and Effect, Nina mentioned she hasn't spoken to her mother, father and sister in years. However, in When Push Comes to Shove, we get scenes of Nina's back-story involving her parents and no one resembling a sister is seen. Plot hole or foreshadowing?
  • Assuming Kimi is the one putting "blocks" in people's heads and knowing what she does, is it any way possible that Nina wasn't actually responsible for her father's suicide and that Nina was given a block from Kimi to forget what she looked like? This will also mean the name Kimi Milard is a new identity.

Skylar is a Terminator.
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