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The show is anti-gay propaganda.
Richard is deliberately written as the scummiest person on television to make the viewers think all gay people are like this.
  • The fact that Jeremy who is a decent person and could have served as a counter point to this is actually straight. Not only that but he was coerced into a gay marriage. This is either deliberately hateful or completely oblivious, though that is true of the show at large.

If the show had continued, it would be about Richard and/or Allen redeeming themselves or suffering Laser-Guided Karma.
That's the only reason I could think of why someone would intentionally write characters that awful.

The entire show was a Springtime for Hitler ploy that was intentionally awful.
And you all fell for it.

Allen Gregory was a warning.
Its writers never intended the show to be successful, because that wasn't the point behind the show. They became sick of the trend affecting sit-com shows; humor too dark to enjoy, poor morality lessons and characters being hated because the Sadist Show humor made them unsympathetic. Allen Gregory exists to show what over-use of these tropes in animated sitcoms could lead to-one of the most hated shows ever conceived. Basically, the show was a warning to what the current trends in adult sitcoms may lead to if they aren't controlled. Unfortunately it was good enough at this people thought they were serious.

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