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The show will address the idea of Clover and Julien getting together.
And in a dark turn she dies after that, which would explain why is that in the first movie they have problems with the fossa.

The other Madagascar characters will eventually make cameos
Alex the lion made an appearance in an episode of The Penguins of Madagascar, so feels like a possibility.
The boom-box playing "I Like To Move It" in the first episode was where Julian first heard that song.
The version used was the original Reel 2 Real version and not any of the versions used in the movies. It's altogether possible that Julian only took it on as his Signature Song after he used it to defeat the foosa.

Julian is a Bisexual.
He's always been incredibly Camp and promiscuous, and there's that whole "I'm a lady" bit from the beginning of the second film. However, it's shown here and in the third movie that he is, in fact, interested in women, even when he has just as much fun showing off his booty to men.

Maurice's patience with Julien was lost after episode 5.
Here he seems a lot happier and less snarky about working for Julien than in
The Penguins of Madagascar, or in the second movie where he smiles when Julien falls off a building. Maybe the fossa costume was the last straw.

The Penguins will appear.
It's inevitable.Here's a quick plot: One of Kowalski's inventions goes haywire (big surprise) and blows all the Penguins to Madagascar, where they meet the lemurs, and Skipper and Clover's paranoid natures cause them to fight each other, until Karl shows up...
  • Jossed.
Julien was caught in a fishing net
Caught by some people! Have an episode with some people in it, that could be fun.
  • Jossed, but very close. Julien was caught in a fishing net... by animal pirates. Then several episode later there was an episode with human field biologists.

A lot of Clover's paranoia and violent tendencies are a result of being abused as a child.
Crimson lacks almost any capacity for empathy and is likely a sociopath or narcissist, meaning one of their parents might have been as well, and Clover mentioned several times that Crimson was "the favorite child." A common dynamic in families with narcissistic parents is the "golden child and scapegoat." One child is spoiled, bragged about, and can do no wrong, while the other is neglected, blamed for everything, and criticized for everything they do. Given Crimson's manipulative personality, she could have constantly blamed Clover for her own destructive actions. And Clover's "paranoid" behavior seems more like a combination of actual paranoia with hypervigilance, a common symptom of PTSD and anxiety disorders. Under stress, it seems hard for her to NOT hurt other lemurs, which could be to physical violence being the only thing that could keep her from being abused in the past.

  • This is supported with The fossa. Clover can defeat armies of them by herself to the point where they avoid attacking out of fear of her, while the kingdom seems helpless against them in the movie and Clover is nowhere to be found.
    • Alternatively, she ends up marrying Sage and can't be reached for some reason. Maybe they were summoned by Jarsh-Jarsh?
  • The latter is confirmed.
The show ends with the party they are having in Madagascar 1
Tying everything all together, might as well!
  • Confirmed.
Willie is a teenager.
This is a completely random theory about a random background character, but this is how it goes:In the show, he has an extremely high pitched voice that sounds almost nothing like how he sounds in the first Madagascar movie, where he has a more normal voice ( he is the lemur who says "I like them" - King Julien calls the lemur "Willie" and he looks exactly like him ). Since this show is a Prequel and Willie likely isn't that old, it may be possible that his voice is so high pitched because it's still changing and by the time the Zoosters came, he grew up. Also, in the show, he constantly yells "WE ARE ALL GONNA DIE", which shows that he is very panicky and nervous, as well as constantly thinking about death, which are traits that show up in some teenagers, while in Madagascar, he seems to be more calm and, well, not paranoid about death, meaning that he grew up to be a well-adjusted adult.

Sage was adopted.
I mean, really, he looks nothing like an indri lemur, even compared to his brother and other mountain lemurs. Maybe that's one of the reasons why he ran away - he knew about it and felt out of place, and wanted to, for lack of better word, "find his purpose". That said, what kind of lemur is he?

Clover marries Sage and leaves to be queen of the mountain lemurs
Given the amount of Clover and Sage shipping in Exiled, this seems like the most reasonable way to write her out of the kingdom to explain where she is during Madagascar 1. This could work well as a series finale plot point as throwing a goodbye party for her would have a bit of End-of-Series Awareness as a goodbye party for the audience.
  • Confirmed.

Pineapple is Frank
Think about it, he seems to host the afterlife and even has authority to give out resurrection. Pineapple is actually the lemurs chief sky god Frank in a form he is comfortable with.

During the episode focusing on Ted's macho alter ego, someone will yell "Snake? Snake?! SNAAAAKE!!"
Because come on, it's pretty much obligatory.

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