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Aliens vs Predator is a sequel to Konami's Aliens
  • The Aliens arcade game by Konami is a loose adaptation of Aliens set in an Alternate Continuity. The Capcom AvP follows this Alternate Continuity instead of the being part of the novels and comics Expanded Universe. Neither Linn Kurosawa or Dutch becoming a cyborg are mentioned in the novels or comics. Dutch's brother Detective Schaefer ends up looking for Dutch, but doesn't find him. This could mean Dutch underwent a cyborg transformation around this time, but it isn't confirmed. The other comics and novels confirm none of the details from the games, such as the unique Xenomorph hybrids, the pair of Yautja in the second game, or the city of San Drad/San Dorado, which appears to share a similar design to the Hadley's Hope colony on LV-426. The Chrysalis Xenomorph and Infectoid zombies from the Konami game appear in the Capcom game, suggesting they share a continuity more than with the films. Dutch's bio states he lost his arm in the second alien war. The first or second alien war could refer to Konami's adaptation of Aliens rather than just the movie, as the Aliens game is a Broad Strokes presentation that could be considered a war in itself, with Dutch participating off screeen. Or the second alien war takes place some time between the games.

Cyborg Dutch is the Terminator prototype
  • Cracked's theory is that the CDS serial number on Dutch's bio stands for Cyberdyne Systems, with Dutch's likeness becoming the inspiration for the T-800.

Linn Kurosawa left the series in favor of Capcom crossovers

  • Linn Kurosawa is invited to Eliza's party in SFA2 by Capcom founder Kenzo Tsujimoto, who goes by Mr. T in Adventure Quiz: Capcom World, and Commissioner T in Street Fighter x All Capcom, with the help of Pure the Mage from Capcom World/Capcom Kingdom, a nexus point where all Capcom characters can meet. Linn preferred the Capcom game worlds to her own world and chose to stay there, chilling out with Chun-Li in SFIII.

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