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Gediman's reaction to the Newborn isn't just a case of Admiring the Abomination.

It's a father's pride. He claims that acquiring some of Ripley-8's genetic code has given the Queen a human reproductive system, and unlike a Xeno Queen's usual egg-laying, such a system can only reproduce sexually. When the Queen sensed her new uterus was ready to produce offspring, she learned of the need for a mate from Ripley-8's secondhand memories, so sent her first batch of drone offspring to kidnap a human male. Gediman's previous weirdly-erotic interaction with one of the drones through its cell window marked him out as the perfect candidate, so she had him pasted to the wall, female-on-male raped him, and got pregnant with the Newborn, which grew at the same accelerated rate as a drone would. The experience drove Gediman (more) insane, but he knew what was happening and was cooing to his child when he saw it born.

  • An alternate scenario: The doctor noticed the Queen's human reproductive system while it was contained and had her artificially fertilised to see what would happen. The whole break out sequence starts when the Queen begins to notice that something is wrong and things start hurting. and she wants Ripley to help her.
    • That just makes it even worse to think about!

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