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Nakamura Missed Her Mom

Nakamura is the hardest character to read in the story. However, an astute enough reader will pick up a few things. For example, post-Time Skip, Nakamura is now living with her mother at Tokawa. Tokawa can also be read as Sotogawa, "the outer side". All through the story, Nakamura has stated she wants to go to the "other side", which everyone had interpreted as either the other side of the mountains, or some philosophical concept of "other side". But she may have been talking about where her mother lived all along. Given her poor relationship with her father, and her own boredom of the town, and how she apparently dyed her hair like her mother's, with it being a more natural black post-Time Skip, it isn't too far-fetched.

  • There's also her observation of Kasuga's mother, when she's biking around looking for Kasuga. Nakamura describes her looking like an idiot, but her eyes and facial expression look analytical, possibly drawing comparisons and constrasts between her and her own mother. And when Nakamura shoved Kasuga off the stage, he landed right near his mother. So Nakamura may have seen her through the crowd, and her desperate attempts to get to her son may have been what convinced Nakamura to let Kasuga go.

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