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The entire plot is one giant LARP session.
Not my theory, copied from here:

"I've become convinced that the characters of Akiba's Trip 2 are really just playing a game. A game within a game. Basically, they're just LARPing. It's apparently a LARP with erotic elements, but a LARP nonetheless.

The heroes and villains are all otaku, hanging out in Otaku Heaven. And they're playing an otaku game.

How else could glowsticks and manga books and rolled-up posters be effective weapons? Synthisters are stronger than normal people, but they can be hurt by a rolled-up poster? It's all make-believe. Even Zenya Amo's weapon is described in-game as just a glowstick.


You can greatly improve your rolled-up poster's power by having your sister add a big onion to it? Yes, because she's an NPC helper to your PC team. She just adds a modifier to your pretend weapon's damage.

Synthisters “die” when stripped and exposed to the sun. But later you find out that, no, they just turn back to normal people. Shizuku lets this slip long before you're supposed to “know” about it; she straight-up tells you this when you go back to the shrine to speak privately with her. You're looking for a cure for your condition, so why not do a little sunbathing right then and there? Because you'll lose the game by “dying”. It's all meta-knowledge; when you get turned back to “normal”, you're out of the game. And, this is also the reason you later pretend not to know of this “cure”; because it's a game and you don't want to lose.


Shion has ten Ph Ds at the age of 26? She's the president of a major corporation, but has plenty of time to hang out with otaku at an otaku bar in Otaku Heaven? Nope; she's just a player character. And a rather Mary Sue one, at that. But that's cool, because it's all a game. In fact, most of the girls are a little bit Mary Sue.

You're in a group called the Akiba Freedom Fighters, and you patrol the streets with them to dish out vigilante justice, and this is okay? In such a peaceful society as Japan? Yes, it's okay, because you're just playing.

When you get arrested, you're let off with a simple fine, even though you're supposedly killing people with your Striprism hugging pillow. Why? Because the only crimes you've actually committed are disturbing the peace and indecent exposure.

There's a couple of sidequests to put down uprisings of disgruntled idols. Forty-eight of them. But you don't have all 48 of them on-screen at once. Why? Because they don't have enough NPC players to fill all those roles. Besides, game balance is a concern for these encounters; one or two PCs could never stand against 48 NPCs at once. So, you fight several of them at a time, and they (get dressed and) return as new enemies after being defeated. This is a very common setup for large encounters in LARP games such as IFGS.


Your current main quest will always wait while you do a couple of sidequests, or just chat for hours with your sister. Because it's all a game!

Oh, and the people on Pitter (what are they called, peeters?) know that Kati is a member of the Akiba Freedom Fighters, and that she works at MOGRA, the headquarters of said Fighters. Why don't the bad guys ever go and attack that bar? Because it's just a game; the bad guys restrain themselves because the PCs need to have a fighting chance, or else the game just sucks."

Soga's sword is a Zanpakutou, and its two forms are its Shikai and Bankai.
When Soga powers up, so does his sword, to the point where the game considers the two forms of his weapon separate items, complete with different names: Izayoi and Izayoi Oboro. From the Encyclopedia regarding the latter (emphasis added by me):
Encyclopedia: The true form of Soga's sword. Yes, this sword is so badass it actually has a True Form Change. And the end result is basically perfection.
Therefore, we can conclude that "Izayoi" is the Shikai, and "Izayoi Oboro" is the Bankai.

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