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An Ajin who grows a new head isn't really a copy
  • This is based on the assumption that the original consciousness can't be transferred to the regrown body. Except, Sato's teleport tricks show separated body parts are still linked together - the fried hand didn't regenerate until the body was destroyed elsewhere. More definitively, in the base invasion, Sato regrows from his arm and remembers seeing Kei, even though the arm had been separated before that. If he was being copied, you'd expect him to only remember everything up his arm being cut off. Memories can transfer, so there's no reason consciousness can't either. Presumably Sato was just messing with Kei's head.

Kaito the Ajin?
There's probably some secondary way of telling who's an ajin that invalidates this. But wouldn't this just be a kick in the teeth?Like I seem to recall him at least sometimes seeing BG when their hidden, so you'd think he'd see his own if he had one.On the other hand A) I have no idea if those can show up for an ajin that never died before & B) considering that if no one knows he's an ajin he is infinitely safer, maybe its hidden cause its safer to let Kai get hurt. To an ajin death is infinitely less dangerous than discovery.

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