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     Future Reviews 

He will eventually review The Digimon Movie.
And Friendzone Team will help.

Bizarre March betting pool

Every reviewer from AitorMolinaVs17TheFantasiaRevenge will have a crossover.

Aitor will make a crossover review for MyLittlePonyEquestriaGirls, but not with Kreisrambo.
It will be with Detective Enigma or another reviewer from AitorMolinaVs17TheFantasiaRevenge.

There will be a crossover review of Gravity Falls.
And it could have a storyline like Aitor Molina Marvel.
  • Jossed. It was originally planned but finished as a fanfilm review for Bizarre March 2017.

He will review Bolívar, el Héroe.
And he will compare it to Rakzol.

Kikiyama could have a similar role to Bill Cipher in a review.
It would be a waste not using him, specially since Aitor has to find him in the new canon.

There will be a crossover review with Plush Eeveelutions.
Aitor Molina has a Plush Umbreon, Nostalgia Skapokon has a Plush Espeon and Maiden Riku has a Plush Vaporeon.

     Aitor and Pandemia 

Not only they are played by the same actor, but their animated sprites look almost the same. Their dynamic, especially in the animated specials, is reminiscent of Austin Powers and Doctor Evil and Spectre put a similar twist with Blofeld being James Bond's brother.

If Pandemia made an invisible butler and a nazi without face who speaks in a kid voice, a clone doesn’t seem that far-fetched.

Every character played by Aitor Molina is a cousin from a different country.
  • Doctor Pandemia: Huronia
  • Aitor Molina: Spain, Basque Country if Elfarias is Spanish
  • Bator Medina: An Arabian country
  • Vocatard: Japan

Both Aitor Molina and Doctor Pandemia were created by Karl Talgo.
Same as the Retropokon robots.
  • There is more evidence on that because Wai creates a human body for Nostalgia Skapokon in the third year anniversary.



Aitor Molina is a Troper and writes these WMG.
  • Jossed, Ganchito writes the theories given by fans.

The show will end after The Dreamscape Kingdom.
So it could be measured as three seasons and a movie to avoid Seasonal Rot.
  • Jossed, the remaining parts of The Dreamscape Kingdom formed the ending of the crossover with Lonk.

The Christmas Revenge IS The Dreamscape Kingdom.
Both are animation projects that get delayed with no evidence of being made.
  • Alternatively, both will be The 2016 Halloween Revenge.
  • Jossed, the remaining parts of The Dreamscape Kingdom formed the ending of the crossover with Lonk.

The third anniversary special will be about bringing Leo back.
The teaser image implies that.
  • Maiden x Leo will be canon.
  • Jossed, the third anniversary special was a Spanish Affair review that established a new continuity and left Reddy in the previous universe. So there is no reason on bringing Leo back unless his new incarnation is discovered.

The Christmas Revenge will be about Rakzol or Pandemia trying to steal Christmas.
This time, they will sing the entire song from Infernals & Lemons.
  • Jossed, it's about Rakzol, Nostalgia Skapokon and Aitor Molina escaping from the supposedly ghost of Christmas to come. The subplot is about Pandemia trying to enjoy Christmas Eve with his henchmen and Ganchito. There is also a musical number with no relation to Les Misérables, Reddy rapping.

Sir Pokon will be The Scrooge in The Christmas Revenge.
Nostalgia Skapokon, Wai and MegaZak will be the ghosts from Christmas past, present and future respectively.
  • And Aitor or Martillo Smith will be the first spirit.
    • Jossed, the only Retropokon robot that appears is Skapokon (and a cameo by Darkpokon, which supposedly was one of the ghosts). Aitor and Martillo Smith appear, but not as spirits.

Karlova will appear in The Christmas Revenge.
It's delaying that much because they are looking for a voice-actress.
  • Jossed, it was delayed because Rakzol's voice actor. Karlova is just mentioned as caramel vodka.

The Halloween Revenge VIII will be more than two and a half hours and incluide pornographic scenes.
As a refference to SSXU, it could be reviewed it too.
  • Jossed, it's a villain team-up by Darkington.

If something related to Digimon is reviewed, Davuu Wart will be involved.
Something like a crossover review or a parody of The Pokemon Locos.


Ganchito was born in Huronia.
Doctor Pandemia and Johannes Lázaro are from here, that would explain why he views himself as the cousin of a hamster.
  • Confirmed, he proposes returning to Huronia after the third year anniversary special.

A character will die in The Christmas Revenge.
  • Rakzol will die and a clone of him will replace him.
  • Ganchito will die and Lugosi will be brought back as response to Brian's death.
  • Maiden will die for not having powers.
  • Oscar will die and resurrect with the power of bots.
  • Lemon Emon because his ancestor was Jesus.
  • Celio Hogane will die because he hasn't been used lately.
    • It would be a cool metaphore for his Kickstarter.
  • Slendy will appear to die again.
    • Confirmed!
  • Nobody will die.
    • Semi-confirmed, plenty of characters die, but they are revived in the end. It's hard to tell due to the missing scenes.

Is going to be a Civil War or Batman V Superman parody or review.
It would be cool watching how Aitor would fight Oscar.
  • Confirmed, Batman V Superman was reviewed, but it didn't have plot.

Bonder from Cutrerama is Aitor Molina in the future.

It will be revealed that Aitor Molina has a brother.
  • Doctor Pandemia or another character played by him
  • Karl Talgo
  • Oscar Alejandro Bossi
  • Lonk Plays
  • David Chánatos
  • Lemon Emon
  • Maiden Riku
  • Rakzol
  • Rolmex
  • Ganchito
  • Reddy

Ganchito is evil.

A girl from the show will become the Big Bad.
My bet is on the Boar Girl or Lugosi Lavey.
  • Ashe from the Niggapokon review will probably return for the Yrion Diary.

Ganchito is actually Lugosi's mascot.
She send him to oversee Aitor while she escaped from Pandemia.
  • Probably Jossed since Ganchito comes from Huronia.

Elrubius will be the Big Bad.
Or Elfarias, since it's his Expy.

Jolinbo will be the Big Bad.
If he manages to escape from the "vortexito".

Jolinbo is actually a Babadook.
The ending of the review is actually The Teaser.
  • Jolinbo is a Babajupe.

Aitor Molina is a Time Lord and Martillo Smith is his TARDIS.
  • Juan Merienda is a Time Lord.

Mothman: The Animated Series, Pikeyo and Red Leo Media are canon.
That explains why characters like Johannes Lázaro or Padre Manuel reappear.
  • Probably Jossed, Infernals & Yrions established that Father Manuel comes from a previous timeline, which is Pikeyo's.

Reddy is this universe’s Madoka.
And Leo is Homura.

Pandemia is angry with Sir Pokon de Joy.
Sir Pokon actually made "pandemia" mean "bread".

Pandemia cancelled The Dreamscape Kingdom in-universe.
For dealing with interdimensional travel and dream-world manipulation, unless Kikiyama or Dreamcrusher show-up in the new canon.

Brodimert is up to something.
He acts too nice around Pandemia. Does anybody believe he won't betray him?
  • Probably jossed, since Abelardo is the one who wanted to betray Pandemia in The Dreamscape Revenge.

Only Aitor Molina is real en the entire show.
Probably Jossed, he jumped to a new continuity in the third anniversary special.

Aitor Molina was in love with a woman called Karlova.
He only likes the Karlova caramel vodka subconsciously for the name.

Rakzol will die and/or be replaced by a clone.
The Christmas Revenge was confirmed to be delayed because his voice-actor didn't record his voices.
  • Father Manuel is the only character with replaced voice-actor, Sebastian Exe to Panshios. Changing a voice-actor doesn't neccessarily mean changing the character.
  • Semi-confirmed. Rakzol didn't die, but Ashe and Ajete are his replacements. See the theory bellow.

Agitox is the Rakzol from the continuity adter the third year.
In case that Guerra De Consolas is produced.
  • If not, Agitox and Rakzol will eventually fight.
  • Agitox is a Rakzol clone done right.
    • Probably jossed since Ashe Ylum seems to actually be Rakzol's counterpart with Agitox being just a cameo on the Halloween special about Niggapokon. Rakzol will probably not be used as a regular character because "Guerra de Consolas" is still on Development Hell.
    • Another Rakzol-Agitox replacement could be Steven Star, who makes cameos in the last Halloween specials.
  • Semi-confirmed, semi-jossed. Word of God says that Rakzol won't be used in the Revengeverse again because Guerra de Consolas, so both Agitox and Ashe are his counterparts in the new universe. On the other hand, the fourth year anniversary special introduces a substitute for Agitox called Ajete.

Maiden x Rakzol will become canon.

There will eventually be a crossover with DaSuisa.
Aitor Molina appears in some photographs with Venga Monjas and Ciego que en realidad ve is in Lawl of the Dead.
  • Alternatively, they will dub characters in DigimonResumido.
  • Semi-confirmed. Venga Monjas make a cameo at the beginning of Spiderwoman vs. The Mummy.

Undertale will be parodied.
There was an entire episode dedicated to YumeNikki and Aitor Molina has been posting some mash-ups.

The next crossover with Lonk will have a villain team-up.
Doctor Pandemia and Isaac should join forces!
  • Rolmex should trap Aitor in his dimension this time.

Pistolín will eventually appear in the show.
It was the funniest part of Bad Animations 40, even if it wasn't planned as an humoristic episode.

Bizarre March isn't canon.
It's just Kikiyama playing with Aitor's mind forcing him to watch bizarre movies.

The Reddy from the new continuity will be different.
He was a hedgehog in the Red Leo Media canon and a human in the previous one.
  • Probably jossed, since it seems to be just a "main Reddy" fucking-up every continuity he visits and his non-screentime is reviewing characters in Lawl Nova.

Aitor will eventually get a girlfriend.
  • New!Universe Lugosi
  • New!Universe Boar
  • New!Universe Keygen
    • Resulting of Aitor V Ganchito: Dawn of Catastrophic Music
  • Zurfura
    • Resulting on Aitor V Vai: System of a Down
  • Ghost Rock
  • Ashe Ylum
  • Rakzolia is best waifu!
  • A new character played by Zendaya.
  • Nicole Preckles from Ram Lop Studios is said to be Aitor's real-life cartoon waifu.
    • Nicole Preckles played by Zendaya.
    • The dark Preckles version from Aitor Ragnarok.
  • Ganchito

Pulebons will eventually appear.
He voices Tai in Digimon Resumido.

Aitor, Skapokon and John Dimicco will eventually (and officially) team-up.
To face an evil version of Panpizza.
  • If they manage to get Panpizza, they could fight the canon version of Darkpokon.

Plush Umbreon is the live-action counterpart to Ganchito.
Ganchito's only live-action appareance was in his debut. Since then, Aitor and him only appeared on animation at the same time. It makes sense since Aitor wouldn't put "stolen characters" in his story-driven reviews.

Pandemia's Henchman from the first episode will return.
He didn't die, so he is possible unless he doesn't exist in the new canon. At least Boar Girl was mentioned to be in Mars and was replaced by Lugosi. Diego returned as Abelardo's voice.

There will be a Rick and Morty review or a parody.
Change alternate universes with canons, Rick with Reddy and Morty with Aitor.
  • Alternatively, Destra is related to Reddy, both being redheads, making him more likely to be Morty.
  • The animated intros from the fourth year anniversary special could be a reference to the random clips from the Rick and Morty openings.

Eventually, there will be an Anti-Revengeverse formed by Alternate Company Equivalent.

The fourth year anniversary special will introduce a time traveler.
It was confirmed that a new character will be introduced doring an Aitor Molina Vs. self-retrospective. Since it deals with time and the newcomer is said to be totally new, it must have some connection with time.
  • It may be a parody of Sonic Generations or the Loquendo helpers, coming from the future to impose copyrighted music and text-to-speech.

John Dimicco has always been Dreamcrusher.
John appeared at the end of the non-Halloween Retropokon special with Dreamcrusher's mask. It could imply he's trying to continue The Dreamscape Kingdom or that Dreamcrusher was John from the previous continuity. It would be Fridge Brilliance because Oscar Alejandro Bossi played both in the first year anniversary specials from both Aitor Molina Vs and Retropokon.

Boar Girl will return in The Alien Revenge.
And it will be an actual boar girl, since the special has been confirmed totally animated and starts with John and Darkpokon in Mars.

Bad Animations 51 will be just a poster.
Two minutes of a single image with music by Kevin McLeod.

The Charismatic Fire is Hammer Smith in this universe.
Or Pistolín. Or Both.

Juan Merienda is this universe's Elfarias.
Elfarias hasn't been even referenced inthe new continuity. Juan Merienda started as a forced meme, then became a literal dead meme and Retropokon adopted him as a recurring character. Elfarias is a parody of John Cena and El Rubius OMG, while Juan is a Take That! to obsessive fans of these.

Aitor is in a Lotus-Eater Machine.
Everything since the first year anniversary special has been a dream created by Kikiyama.

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