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Nikolas Volker is partners with the "Shadow Government" conspiracy
Both have reasons to conspire against Eckhart, and an alliance of convenience allows both to achieve their objectives.
  • Possibly confirmed. He was seen talking to the Speaker with plans in mind.
  • Definitely confirmed later in the season.

Had the series continued, Eckhart would have become President Evil.
The final few episodes don't exactly paint him in a positive light — first, the reveal that when he was VP, he ordered Ray Marks' assassination for defying orders, then his half-joking suggestion to Macabee that they form an entire Elite Army of Agent Xs to serve the executive branch directly (which clearly worries her), and in the final episode his decision to ensure that the Russian Prime Minister doesn't survive being shot. Altogether, this implies that his pragmatic approach to governing was starting him down the slippery slope.

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