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     The Heroines 

Satomi is being kept hidden from the Orochi Clan and NESTS.
  • They're aware that a perfect Kyo clone already exists, but NESTS assumes their target is a male. Not knowing that Saisyu Kusanagi has a daughter, whom he left in the care of the Yajima family.
    • While NESTS was wasting their time looking for a clone, the Orochi Clan knew Saisyu had a daughter. Which they kept to themselves, in hopes of beating NESTS to the punch. But their attempt to make Saisyu reveal her name and whereabouts ended in failure, since they hadn't anticipated that he'd be able to resist Vice's mind control.
    • It's also no coincidence that Satomi became a student of Yuka's grandfather, who happened to be an old friend of Saisyu. Her foster parents had been left instruction to take her to him, once she was old enough to enroll. As her training progressed, she eventually inherited the Kusanagi flamesnote  just as Saisyu knew she would.

Kyoko is a spy for the Kirishima Clan.
  • Her orders to track down her cousin was an excuse so the the Kirishima Clan could spy on the Jahana Group.
    • Think about it: she wasn't involved in the previous tournaments, yet already knew about the Jahana Group. Near the end of her normal mode route, Kyoko recognized Saki as being one of them. And Saki addressed Kyoko by name, as though they'd already met.
    • And when she finally corners Chiho and defeats her, Kyoko disobeys orders by letting her go. It's dismissed, due to their familial connection. But in hindsight, it seems more that Kyoko let her go because she had already achieved her true objective: she now had proof of the Jahana Group's involvement in the tournament.

     The Jahana Group 

The Jahana Group is an offshoot of NESTS.
  • Their involvement in the VG Tournament, the kidnappings and experiments, the Hybrids... it all fits with NESTS M.O. And there's no way they'd overlook a martial artist as powerful as Yuka, given Miranda created 'False Yuka'note . And if the WMG about Satomi turned out to be true and they ever found out about her...

Miranda is Geese Howard's ex-wife.
  • Which, by extension, makes her Rock's biological mother.
    • As for why they split: Miranda was a greedy bitch and just as ambitious as her ex-husband, who didn't want to share power. They divorced after a heated battle (and angry sex), with Geese getting custody of Rock.
    Miranda: (after sex) "...I'm leaving you, Howard."
    Geese: (rolls eyes) "Predictable."
    • It might also explain why Rock was told his mother was "dead".
    • Miranda knew fighting for control of South Town would be time consuming, not to mention costly. So she moved to Tokyo, where she met and eventually married Reimi's father in order to build her new empire, by taking control of Jahana Corp.

Saki has Orochi Blood.
  • Saki possess the combined powers of Iori Yagami, Vice, and Rugal Bernstein, and also exhibits signs of possibly suffering from the Riot of Blood, given her insanity and hunched over posture. Her ending is even loosely reminiscent of Iori's KOF '96 team ending.
    • She may, or may not be aware of it herselfnote , but it's doubtful that someone as thorough as Miranda wouldn't be. Why else would she give such a lofty position to such an obviously unstable woman she barely knows? Especially considering it'd all but guarantee her daughter's demise.

     The Setting 

Advanced V.G. takes place in the King of Fighters universe.
  • While it's easy to dismiss Advanced V.G. as a homage to KOF, the sheer number of similarities between both narratives (as seen in the previous WMGs) lends itself to the possibility of both sharing the same setting.
    • Both series take place between the mid 90s - 2000s era and the level of technology appears to be the same, given the existence of Kyo clones, the K unitsnote , and 'False Yuka'. Thus, it's possible that Miranda could be a former NESTS agent.


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