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Activison has gone suicidal
They are killing all their big names. Yes, even Guitar Hero.
  • Less suicidal and more Too Dumb to Live. Reshuffling at the top has brought in business executives unfamiliar with the games industry, but very familiar with, say, the household goods industry, who then try to apply that business model to it. Acquiring very high profit Cash Cow Franchises and pressuring their developers to release them on an "annual or semi-annual basis" leads them to believe Nothing Can Stop Them Now, and they are not Industry Savvy enough to realize that they are driving those very franchises they now depend exclusively upon into the ground, while simultaneously driving away their top talent developers who are responsible for the quality of those franchises to begin with. Their language used when detailing their market plans are designed to placate their investors who do not know any better rather than focus on a sustainable model, which means that this could be a very drawn out and slow death.

Bobby Kotick is Azathoth
Think about it. Both are in positions of great power, both are nearly mindless and both seem to be blissfully unaware of the evil they cause.
  • Nah, I wouldn't say that. At least you can't blame Azathoth for the trouble he makes.

Activision is a subsidiary of Pentex.
Fairly obvious really.

Activision has become a ponzi scheme
Bobby Kotick's comments at investors meetings seem peppered with buzzwords designed to bloat the appearance of Activision's success (while discouraging its consumer base.) While this success is genuine, its policies for its franchises are myopic, pumping up the year to year profits with high profile franchise sequels to encourage more investment, but in a model that is unsustainable over the long term when the market gets fatigued of them. Once the company peaks and it is clear all the blood that can be squeezed from the stone has been, Kotick and the other big investors sell their shares, make off like bandits, and leave the company a wreck to be bought up piecemeal by other publishers, worth considerably less than before with little prospect of turn around.

Is it just me
Or are all the above WMGs just glorified "Activision is stupid" And "Activisoin is evil" Due to record amounts of Felony Misdemeanor? Seriously, I don't care if this is WMG. It eners the point of COMPARING VIDEO GAME VILLAINS FAVORABLY TO REAL LIFE PEOPLE!
  • how is this a wmg? It looks like discussion.

Activision WILL succeed
They ends up buying every other major video game company, like Valve or Nintendo. Because Take That!.

Activision brought Sierra for the sole purpose of ruining another company over
Given that Activision pretty much used little of what they inherited from Sierra (they only used Radical Entertainment, High Moon Studios, [PROTOTYPE], Crash Bandicoot and Spyro) and screwed over MANY upcoming titles (such as Brütal Legend, WET, Ghostbusters: The Video Game, 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand and several others), as well as their recent actions, it seems that they did it only to just to ruin another company over.

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