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I Wanna Be the Guy caused this to be created.
I told you it's an Eldritch Abomination that can warp through time. We must put a stop to The Guy's evil game before December 30, 2068, or all games will become Eldritch Abominations hell-bent on the the extinction of mankind.
  • If this is confirmed, will we have job classes like in Final Fantasy I, III, and V? If so, I call Blue Mage!

Action 52 was created in order to put an end to crappy cash-in games.
By exemplifying everything terrible about games of the era (terrible glitches, half-assed level design, total lack of game balance, etc.) the developers sought to inspire all other development teams to spur themselves on to greater heights, sacrificing themselves in the process. They're unsung heroes of the industry! To paraphrase the AVGN:
...The whole point [was] to make so many shitty games there'd be no shitty games left to make[!]

Action 52 was badly done on purpose.
It cost 200 dollars, it was advertised heavily and preached false expectations. It sounded like a good deal, so people bought it only to find out the pice of shit they had aquired.It was just a big scam. The promotional material was pitched more to investors and rental stores than consumers, suggesting that they were the real targets of the scam.

The Cheetah Men are supposed to be protecting you from the rest of the cartridge.
Think about it. Dr. Morbis is trying to take over the world, so he creates several subspecies, including the Cheetah Men. When the Cheetah Men run out on him, he tries to figure out how to maximize the effectiveness of his subspecies. The solution? Wear down their defenses with a massive onslaught of bad video games! Hence, Action 52.

Meanwhile, the Action Gamemaster (presumably you) has just caught on to Dr. Morbis's evil plot. To prevent you from revealing his plan, however, the game sucks you into your TV set. When you come to, the Cheetah Men have already found you lying in the forest. You explain the plot to the Cheetah Men, who agree to help you take down the evil Action 52, escape out of the game, and bring an end to Dr. Morbis once and for all. This would explain why all the enemies in the Cheetah Men game are sprites from the other 51 games.


Action 52 is an Eldritch Abomination that could have been an awesome but dangerous game that was instead translated into a shit normal game.
All of the games in Action 52 were originally good games, but they caused terrible effects on players because they weren't from this reality. In order to "flatten out" the eldritch aspects to make it safe to play, the gameplay was broken. In other words-if you find a copy of Action 52, and it's not shit, run as far as you can. And definitely don't play Time Warp Tickers.

Mash Man is actually Fuzzy.
At the very least they seem to be the same species ( Perhaps we are meant to believe that Fuzzy, not being able to make the impossible jump in Fuzz Power, eventually lost his hair in the process and needed to travel to another land in order to learn to jump higher. How would he find this type of training? Go to some place where he would have to jump on top of and consequentially mash several hostile creatures to survive, of course!

On a lesser note the man from Sombreros is actually Billy Bob (Billy Bob takes place after he got thrown in jail for killing unarmed crooks. He suffers from Taxi Driver-style delusions, and resorts to violence when he feels justice must be taken into his hands or that "the bad guys" are responsible for Marylou's "disappearance"), and the ship from Atmos-Quake is actually a self-contained battle suit which the guy from Non-Human wears (his mission went from bad to worse Doom style; what they believed were space pirates, simple and arrestable, actually had A MIND OF THEIR OWN).


Non Human is a sequel to Barkley: Shut up and Jam Gaiden
Everything from the mutated looking enemies to the mutated enemies, to the main character who resembles a generic B-Baller who jumps high indicating that he would have a knack for basketball suggest that this could be the case, the faces appearing below the screen are the tortured souls of deceased B-Ballers who died in the Chaos Dunk. The main character's goal is clearly to retrieve a basketball or save Hoopz Barkley from the furious B-Ball spirits of the past. The fact that the remake was made by Chefboyardee, the creator of Shut Up and Jam Gaiden heavily supports this theory.

Action 52 is an allegory of the United States.
It's no cheap endeavor to live in the US, but there are 50 states (maybe more) under its jurisdiction, so you have a lot of options in terms of places to live. The only trouble is that all the states are full of more problems than anyone could be bothered to count, and they're all at the mercy of a small army of men wearing suits gathered in marble buildings who have forgotten why they decided to rule their homeland in the first place. Action 52 was created to illustrate that lifestyle.

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