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Ruby is with Chaos
Not only that, but she is of a very high rank and position. Perhaps the Bride of Abaddon.

Ruby is corrupted with Chaos but not taken over
In terms with how the character is, Ruby's Determination and Goals are so pure that Chaos is not able to be taken over her completely, similar to the Soul Drinkers Chapter, Ruby will be able to resist it's temptation with Hope and Determination.

Yang will be made a Saint
Considering that nobody really knows of her abilities, and that she isn't considered a psyker by the word of the Lady Inquisitor, the Guardsmen will interpret it as a being with powers gifted from the Emperor. Also considering Warhammer 40k works on a Clap Your Hands If You Believe belief system, Yang grows in power as a result.
  • Confirmed.

Blake is with the Tau
No reason, just a guess.

Blake is with the Imperial Guard
Due to her cat ears, she's mistaken as a Felinid, Abhumans with feline features.
  • She could be in a Penal Legion, as mutation is considered a crime in the Imperium and those who aren't purged by the Ecclesiarchy or employed in special units of the Imperial Guard might instead end in those.

Ruby is with the Tau
She's a Gue'vesa (human auxiliary) attached to an Ethereal retinue for matters of Tau/Imperium diplomacy.Her overly optimistic and idealistic nature would make her very receptive to the "Greater Good" ideology of the Tau. (as long as its darkest aspects are kept hidden from her of course)

Well, technically she IS Dead All Along from Remnant, but she'll also end up Dead All Along in the Warhammer 40K verse. Basically, she'll be in Chaos territory, but since the Chaos Marines are, well, Always Chaotic Evil, they'll likely react to a little girl suddenly appearing in their territory by NOT asking her to join them, but just torturing, raping, and murdering her. That, or they'll still be in the torturing and raping part before getting around to the murdering part, and she'll be an Almost Dead Guy by the time Yang finally finds her. Needless to say, Yang's Unstoppable Rage upon learning of her sister's grisly fate may reach Suicidal Cosmic Temper Tantrum levels.

    Spoilers from Chapter 10 onwards 
The Remnant people was sent to the 40K verse by a fragment of the Emperor's soul

The circumstances leading to Yang and Weiss meeting in 40K are just too good to be the result of chance, let's resumes them, first for Yang:

  • Arrives in a planet of the Civilized World class, technologically advanced and pleasant, in the agricultural region made of mostly farms, a medium-sized Hive on the horizon, very far from the barbaric feral worlds or the Gothic cyberpunk nightmare of Hive Worlds or Forge World, it helps on giving a good first impression.
  • Is attacked by a Chaos raid which lacks the strenght to overrun the planet (or else Yang's story would be over very quick) but still shows her how monstrous and barbaric the Chaos followers are, inciting her on enlisting and thus moving out of Woadia.
  • Meets Vadiik, a very experienced and open minded woman that not only doesn't try to burn her at a stake the moment she realize Yang isn't an imperial, but even introduce her to this new universe. Needless to say, in an Imperium of Man brainwashed for ten millenia by the Imperial Faith, that's pretty much exceptional.
  • Ends in a Imperial Guard regiment that's not too much of a hellhole. Sure the Drill Sergeants are assholes and Commissars are well... Commissars, but nothing close to the inferno some regiments can be (the Valhallan 18th or anyone from Krieg to cite a couple of examples)
  • Has her first deployment in the same planet Inquisitor Weiss Schnee will carry out her plan for assassinating Inquisitor Ezzelino, and being an Aura user apparently meaning also being an extremely powerful psyker, was pretty sure to finally end in Weiss' presence.

Now for Weiss:

  • Was transfered in the 40K verse after reaching her 61st birthday, meaning with already a good chunk of life experience and probably having been in a high position among the Schnee Dust Company (if not its new CEO).
  • Arrived on a planet of 110% certified badasses that just fend off a Chaos raid (of course, they are the descendants of the Tanith First and Only!), in the middle of a pile of rubble and in a 10 years old body, meaning that people would naturally think that she lost her family in the raid and thus sent in the Schola Progenium.
  • Thanks to her previous 60 years of experience in leading and fighting, coupled with her great self-discipline made her get on the top of the class ranking, such as even when it was (maybe) discovered that this "Schnee Dust Company" doesn't exist, she was allowed to still stay, which ended with her in the path to become Inquisitor.
  • Also thanks to her Aura (maybe) giving her extremely strong psyker powers and that they are of Telepathy and Empathy, she had been able to uncover a lot of heretic cults with unparalleled efficiency, making her the new raising star of the Inquisition and thus able to try to change the Imperium according to her old beliefs back when she was on Remnant.
  • Carries out a plot to kill Inquisitor Ezzelino on the same planet at the same time the 111sth Woadian Rangers are present, among them Trooper Yang Xiao Long.

That's a lot of good coincidences leading to both women to be in advantageous positions and meeting each other, and seeing the sheer size of the Imperium and the gap between Weiss and Yang's world of arrival (Tanith Nova would logically be on the Segmentum Pacificus, while Woadia is in the Segmentum Obscurus), all these "coincidences" just can't be coincidences anymore, someone or something clearly engineered the path Weiss and Yang took.That someone could be the Emperor himself. In the canon omake A Spark of the Divine, he said to Weiss that the strain of being on the Golden Throne split his soul into several fragments, each of them with its own knowledge and agency. Due to the Warp's Timey-Wimey Ball nature, one of those "shards" ended in the Remnant universe and started looking through Remnant's history who could suit his needs the most, people with the strength of body and mind to guide the Imperium toward reforms that it desperately needs, and found what he was looking for in team RWBY, and then put them in situations such as they will have the resources (Weiss being Inquisitor) and the strength (Aura and monstrous psyker levels) to change things.

The Remnant people appears in the 40K verse in the reverse order of their death
Weiss died much later than Yang and came first. Yang only appears just now. If the trend continues, since she was still alive by the time of Weiss' death, Blake is already here and actually predates Weiss (either as Maion or the someone else) by a few years to decades and Ruby should show within a couple months or years.
  • Jossed. Pyrrha, who died between Weiss and Yang, appeared centuries earlier than either.

Maion is Pyrrha
In her chapter of introduction, Maion mentions that it has been "many years since she began her journey on the Path of the Warrior", which could imply that she was here since a few years, but not for decades like it's the case for Weiss. So if the above WMG that Remnant people appears in the 40K verse in the reverse order of their death, that would only leave Pyrrha as a known named character that died after Yang but before Weiss.
  • Jossed, sort of. Maion is an Eldar that inherited Aura control from her grandmother, Pyrrha.

Maion is Blake
Maion keeps referring to the Chaos Space Marines she and her squad fights as "humans", due to the widespread extreme xenophobia in 40K, it's possible that she was rejected by the Imperium and as a consequence lost her egalitarian views from her life at Remnant and see herself as a Faunus first and foremost. Besides the fighting doctrine of the Striking Scorpions, favoring stealth, ambushes and rapid and lethal strikes, fits perfectly with Blake's fighting style.
  • Jossed as with the WMG above. Maion is an Eldar from 40K.

Josephus is Qrow
From what little we know of him, Josephus is a newcomer on the Eye of Terror scene, and is hinted to be very powerful and on a path to a meteoric rise among Abaddon's inner circle, mirroring Weiss' rising star status among the Inquisition. He also seems to have the raven as an animal motif: his personal badge is a raven surrounded by the Chaos eight-pointed star, worn on the capes of his personal guard, and his Space Marines sports avian mutations, such as feathered arms. Besides, what better choice as a patron god than Tzeentch, the god of (among other things) change and mutation and whose strongest servant take the form of humanoid birds, for someone whose main power is to transform in a crow?

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