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Black is going to die next book at the hands of Catherine.
  • The hints are there, and shit will hit the fan with all the other Calamities.
  • It would just the sort of thing the Universe would do to kick him in the ass after he tried thwarting it.

Cat forges a new Name
  • Instead of taking the White Knight Name when the White Knight falls to Black and Cat, she will take a more appropriate name, Grey Knight.
  • It will be more along the lines of "The Apostate", "The Heretic", "The Unstoppable", etc... From the way she's getting into the habit of almost literally spitting into the face of Fate and coming out on top.

Assassin is....
  • Scribe
  • The one named member of the Black Guard
  • . . . .

Juniper and Aisha will enter/have already entered a forbidden romance
Said romance will be leveraged by Heiress against Squire.

Squire will go through a Sulla/Cincinnati arc.
  • Her name might not be "Dictator", but it'll be something to that effect and when she'll relinquish the name, it'll be a bigger game-breaker than Black's rage against the heavens.

Ranger is not the actual Name of ranger
  • Her aspects are far too overpowered for that. She's most probably an expy of Artemis/Diana and her real Name might be something like Lady of the Hunt in elvish, with connotations of divinity.

The Dead King isn't actually in dormancy
  • He's actually collaborating with Malicia in order to lure the First Prince in a false sense of security.

Kilian is going to manifest some kind of Fey/Mage related Name like Enchantress.
  • Consider that Masego is currently working on unlocking both her fae and human magics fully.
  • It'll happen when Catherine is in deep shit and backed into a corner by a Hero. Cue Kilian's Big Damn Hero and the Hero being utterly shocked that the Villians used the Power Of Love.

Heiress is trying to either create a new Name or resurrect an old one.

Robber is either already Named or is going to end up with one

This is all part of Fate's plan
  • It has grown so disgusted with the forces of Good behaving like assholes that at this point, it's thrown up its hands and gone "You know what's a fitting story for you? Tragedy!" It plans on letting Cat and the Knight have their fun and let the Empire rule for a couple generations as a Bolt of Divine Retribution meant to teach the Good guys humility and as an example of people who take their destiny by the horns rather than simply trust in the nature of the world to see them through.

Dread Empress Triumphant did take over a layer of Hell, and is making a bid to take more
  • The world above is much less of a challenge than Hell, and Triumphant is nothing it not ambitious and one heck of a diabolist.

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