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Yosuke, Teddie, Naoto and Adachi are Akira Ootoshi, Shigikiyo Yagyu, Koichi Hayase, and Jo2uke's Counterparts in this fanfic.
They share the same voice actors in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle. Also, The Personas in this Universe are the SBR Counterparts to the Stands in the previous universe.
  • They might get versions of Red Hot Chili Pepper, Harvest, and Echoes as their Relationship Values with Johnny are reaching their maximum.
    • Hilarity Ensues if Naoto hears Bruce Willis quotes from her new Persona and decides it might get annoying, especially if it starts using profanity.
    • Bonus points if Yosuke uses a guitar to control his Persona at some point and belts out a face melter to defeat a powerful Shadow.
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    • There might be a scene where Teddie accidentally switches bags with the true culprit and wondering why he has a bag filled with Chinese cabbage.
  • Adachi being related to the Joestar family through a technicality, like Josefumi Kujo and using Soft and Wet instead of Magatsu Izanagi
  • Naoto getting a crush from an unwanted suitor and saying, "I got a feeling so complicated". Her friends might try helping but only make the situation much worse.

Johnny Joestar is actually the grandson of this universe's Joseph Joestar.
Jonathan being reborn into the modern-day world would be stretching things a bit, but as per the rules of Made in Heaven, everyone from the previous universe should be in this new universe in one way or another. So, Joseph is Johnny's grandfather who married Suzie Q. She bore two children, a pair of twins: Holly and George Joestar after Joseph's father who died in WWII. Holly went off and married a Japanese man named Yoshiteru Kira, giving birth to Yoshikage Kira who here is Johnny's very distant cousin thanks to rumors of his sociopathy. George however married to Johnny's mother and Dojima's sister, who gave birth to Johnny and Nicholas. Thus preserving the Joestar line through several counterparts in this new universe, the only exceptions being this universe's Josuke, Giorno, and Jolyne's counterparts.
  • Better yet, Part 2/Battle Tendency still occurs in this universe in a sense (With Joseph discovering The Ripple while on a business trip and being forced to combat the Pillar Men). The Nanjo Group and Speedwagon Corporation both took part in the coverup of the incident, which eventually led to the Kirijo Group being formed.

Each of the Shadows will reference a JoJo villain in some way, shape, or form.
Because Shadow Yosuke channeling Wamuu through his wind attacks couldn't have been a coincidence.
  • Will Shadow Yukiko reference Eisidisi by crying a torrent and confusing Johnny and the others in the process?
    • Or maybe she'll use a "CROSSFIRE HURRICANE!!!"...What? Shadow Yukiko looks like Magician's Red.
      • Jossed. Shadow Chie referenced Esidisi with a bit of Enya to go with it.
    • Semi-Confirmed now. Shadow Yukiko seems to be an amalgamation of references, said references being Gwess from Part 6 with mood-swings and also Esidisi and Kars from Part 2.
  • Will Shadow Teddie get banished into the void of the Midnight Channel and forced to stop thinking?
  • Shadow Naoto is like Hol Horse, awesome at first but turns out to be incompetent?
  • It seems like the eyes of the Shadows are in reference to Risotto Nero, with black sclera and yellow pupils.
  • Shadow Gyro seems at least partially inspired by Death 13.
  • Shadow Kanji is partially inspired by Yellow Temperance.

Perhaps the alternates the Persona characters represent aren't that obvious?
Because I highly doubt TIM would just follow something as obvious as the Persona characters being the alternates of whoever the voice actors played as in All Star Battle.
  • Perhaps Nanako is Erina's alternate? She is sweet and will most likely get close enough to Johnny in the future, much like Erina got close to Jonathan. Though like Lucy, there are no true romantic feelings between them, only now it'll be a brother-sister bond.
  • Naoto's the alternate of Mista or Hol Horse perhaps? They're the only two characters who wield a gun, and they both wear hats to boot. Though Naoto will obviously have a more lawful nature than either of them.
  • Dojima is Abbachio's alternate? Both are cops, although Dojima stayed clean while Abbachio was a dirty cop.
  • Perhaps Yukiko is Lisa Lisa's alternate, thanks to her more refined personality but with a hidden danger that shows when she actually cuts loose in battle.
  • Mitsuo is the alternate of Telence T.D'Arby due to their obsession with video games.
  • The Fox is Iggy's alternate, due to them both being intelligent good animals.
  • Yosuke is Speedwagon's alternate, due to their shared even balance of being the butt-monkey, awesome, and supporter of Jonathan/Johnny.
    • He'll perhaps get a scar similar to Speedwagon's if he makes it through the fic.
    • A crazier one is if he's Whamuu's counterpart, the reason why Shadow Yosuke was able to use the Holy Sandstorm was because he was Whamuu in a past life and his Shadow unwittingly drew from his past life's memories. The reason why Yosuke's so different from Whamuu is because he was raised by a normal family and not a megalomaniac like Kars. On top of that, Jiraiya's powers are oddly similar to Whamuu's, don't you think?
  • Chie is either Jean Pierre Polnareff or his sister, Sherry Polnareff's counterpart. Think about it, they're so similar. Chie and Polnareff both represent the Chariot Arcana, they both love martial and athletic pursuits, are best friends with someone who can control fire, and are far more hotheaded than the rest of their team, and both look down on their own intelligence when they're really quite smart.
    • Going off that logic, that could mean that Yukiko is Avdol! They both control giant bird monsters with fire powers, both are best friends with someone who represents the Chariot, and both are the nicest members of the team.
    • Yosuke is totally a Zeppeli given him being a total bro and foil to a Joestar, most likely Caesar given that when his Shadow tried to kill him, he used the special technique of his killer for extra irony.
      • Crap! Yosuke's a Zeppeli! He better get some life insurance filed out, ASAP!
    • Maybe not. Remember that Gyro was always the second main protagonist of Steel Ball Run and the story is just starting. Maybe TIM plans on introducing Gyro later, not that it'll completely save Yosuke from dying since this IS a JoJo fic.
  • Marie is the alternate of Fugo, due to seeming like she is incredibly mature but still anger-prone and likely to snap at people.
  • Teddie will either be an alternate for Speedwagon (considering his commentary during the fight scenes) or FF for inexperience with the real world.
  • Kanji is an alternate to Okuyasu Nijimura, due to acting like a teenage delinquent but also being much more than just that.
  • Turns out most of the voice actors were replaced with new ones for the adaptation for Diamond is Unbreakable. Okuyasu is still voiced by Wataru Takagi, though.

A Ripple or spin user will appear in story
And like in canon Johnny will assume it can help him walk again.
  • Maybe not. With Personas being the fill-ins for Stands, it's highly possible that neither the Ripple or Spin exist in this universe.

Shadow Chie or Shadow Yukiko's Charming Prince will resemble Silver Chariot
  • It makes sense, Chie's issue's have been developing differently than in canon so it makes sense for her Shadow to take a different form, and a robotic knight with super speed would be a great way to highlight her fears of being The Load or that she's just being Johnny's friend out of pity.
  • As for the Charming Prince being Silver Chariot, all of the Shadows in the TV World are made out of mankinds repressed feelings and Igor's knowledge of Pucci's antics and Shadow Yosuke's Winds of Oblivion/Holy Sandstorm make it obvious that this is a rebooted universe, maybe some of the previous universes collective unconscious still exists affecting the TV World leading to the Charming Prince to take Silver Chariot's form?
    • Jossed. It was the Avenging Knight that channeled Silver Chariot. Not the Charming Prince.

A member of the Investigation Team will die before the end
  • Because underneath all of JoJo's camp, the villains are very viscous and competent in ways Madara and Aizen wish they could be. A Vanilla Ice or Hero Killer type villain will come along near the end and kill a beloved teammate (most likely Yosuke, because he's practically a Zeppeli) in order to harden the IT's resolve to not make their death be in vain.
    • Possibility that some of the non-IT Social Links might be caught in the crossfire? JoJo has a pretty high civilian casualty list when one looks at it after all...

There will be some JoJo alternates that are actually pretty close to their originals as Social Links.
After all, Irene is very similar to Jolyne despite living a happier life. Whose to say some alternates very close to their originals won't appear?
  • An alternate of Enrico Pucci will appear, due to the mention of a church that wasn't there originally in the shopping district. Most likely as the Devil Arcana for irony.
    • Confirmed as of Chapter 17.

This version of Persona 4 is Steel Ball Run, if it were a mixture of Phantom Blood and Diamond is Unbreakable.
For all intents and purposes, this takes place during Johnny's youth much like how the first few chapter of Phantom Blood took place when Jonathan was a boy. However unlike Jonathan, Johnny is not seeking out to make friends yet is drawing closer to people and creating True Companions out of the future members of the IT.

The original Giorno is still alive.

Because Gold Experience Requiem protected him like many fans theorized, and he's still actively fighting evil. As more Persona users develop in Inaba his Stand will lead him to them. Then, he'll meet Johnny and try to become a father figure or mentor figure to him to make up for what his dad did to the original Jonathan. His Arcana will be The World for Irony and because he's completed his Character Development by Persona standards, he could even be a major stockholder for the Speedwagon Foundation and the Kirijo Group. Supporting this theory TIM has stated on forums that he wished that Giorno had his character fleshed out more and that he thinks Part 9 will have Giorno be the main protagonist again. Why would he waste the chance to do it himself?

Persona and Stands are the same thing, only with different names.

In canon, there have been shown multiple ways to get a Stand (Ripple: Theorized and supported due to the Spin), special connection to another Stand user (DIO and the Joestar's), being born with one, (Avdol, Kakyoin, Polneraff, Jesus), the Bow and Arrow (Too many to list), the Corpse Parts (Everyone in Steel Ball Run), and the Wall Eyes (Jojolion). What if facing your Shadow is just another method of gaining your Stand and due to said method the Stand works differently than normal (Based on mythology instead of Arcana, music, or fabulous fashion, plus the ability to switch due to the Wild Card). Supported by canon by the differences between 'normal' Stands and Corpse Parts Stands and that Persona and Stands are manifested by projecting your Fighting Spirit and the Persona have been shown to work exactly like Stands in this fic all the way down to the Gorn.

  • Well the Stands/Personas being based on mythology is nothing new. After all, the last half of enemy Stands in Part 3 were named after the Egyptian Gods. What's different however is the powers and how they are used.

Inaba will become a Weirdness Magnet as more Persona users manifest.

As theorized above, a Persona has all of the abilities of a Stand, this includes the Weirdness Magnet drawback. Around the time Yukiko gets her Persona, the Investigation Teams over-all weirdness will reach critical mass causing them to attract random psychotic Person/Standa users that the IT will have to fight to protect the town on top of trying to find the killer, mainly in lulls between cases like between Mitsuo and Naoto. And Naoto and Namatame.

  • But how would that work unless it rains more than usual and causes Namatame to work overtime?
  • No, Persona users from outside of town will attack the IT, attracted to it for reasons they can't understand, but its really due to the Weirdness Magnet power that causes Stand/Persona users to congregate.

Nyx and Izanami will turn out to have been nothing more than pawns of HIM, Dio!

Because it is a immutable, unbreakable, cosmic law (along with a Zepelli dying) that every Big Bad will have to play second fiddle to Dio in the JoJo-verse, even when he's dead. Heck, Nyarlathotep might be his reincarnation. It would make way too much sense.

  • Or perhaps Dio is Nyarlathotep himself, created by the universal reboot. Due to Pucci's belief that he was acting on God's will, the universal energies caused by the Big Bang accommodated that belief, but Pucci's definition of God was so skewered that it created Nyarlathotep. Nyarlathotep had Dio's memories and desires, and his desire to see mankind destroyed is due to being dissatisfied that this new universe is not like the one he planned with Pucci. He also could be manipulating Izanami from where he was banished, specifically to punish the 'perversion' of Jonathan before having her kill humanity.

Gyro Zeppeli and Diego Brando will make an appearance sometime in the story.

Both characters were intrinsically important to Johnny's growth as a person in SBR. Gyro especially. Even with the IT, who's to say that Gyro won't show and somehow become Johnny's best friend? (Sorry Yosuke, but Gyro kind of has you beat in being a total bro). Diego because as an alternate to Jonathan, Johnny's going to need his own version of Dio to make his life hell in some way, shape, or form.

  • Diego's inclusion is more of a likely possibility thanks to George mentioning a 'British punk' in Johnny's flashback. Who else is British that could surpass Johnny in his father's eyes?
    • Confirmed with Gyro, who appeared in chapter 11. He has even been brought into Inaba as of Chapter 16.

Shadows in this universe, and Personas as an unintended result,, were a failed experiment by Kars to harness the power of the human psyche in physical form.

Because it wouldn't be shocking if the ancient mad scientist Pillar Man was somehow involved in the very concept of Shadows. Perhaps rather than creating the Stone Mask, Kars hoped to become a perfect being by mastering all aspects of the subconscious. Unfortunately, he still needed the Red Stone of Aja, thus leading to this universe's version of Battle Tendency.

Johnny's a Tsundere

That is all.

  • "S-Shut up! It's not like I want to be your friend or anything, stupid!"

Hamuko's corpse will play a huge part in the fic.

Especially considering Minato/Hamuko is considered the second "Messiah" of the Persona World. Izanami might want the power that is still dormant within her body for the deity's plans for humanity.

Funny Valentine is the current president of the United States of America.
Honestly, it would not be that surprising.
  • Also, thanks to Valentine probably having a Persona with similar powers to D4C, he'll pull out alternates of Johnny in an attempt to kill him. These alternates ranging from just a similar Johnny to Shirou from Fate/Reach Out to the original Yu Narukami.
    • Partially confirmed. One of Johnny's hospital flashbacks mentions a speech by President Valentine.

Since Persona 4 Arena + Ultimax are technically canon, Johnny's subtitle would be "The Bishōnen Tsun-Tsun Snark Sensei".
  • Maybe "The Former Star Bishie"?

The events of Persona 4 Arena will be combined with the events of Eyes of Heaven.
  • Maybe the quest to find the Holy Corpse will take place in the TV world?
  • Finally the characters can meet up with their counterparts from the previous universe.
    • Johnny meets Jonathan, and maybe Jonathan will get a Persona of his own?
    • Battle Tendency!Joseph predicting the lines of the Investigation Team and bewildering them with his tequila dress? Bonus points if the males of the investigation team are forced to crossdress with Joseph.
    • Diamond is Unbreakable!Josuke getting his pompadour insulted by the Investigation Team?
    • Combination attacks between characters and their SBR counterparts?
    • Teddy and Speedwagon get into an argument about who will be Mr. Exposition.
  • DIO is somehow behind the plot.
  • All of the characters in Eyes of Heaven had moments referencing moments from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure when sitting at the table at Cafe Deux Magots. How will the investigation team interact with Cafe Deux Magots?
  • The Female Protagonist from the last game becomes important to the plot since she's the "messiah".
  • Jossed, TIM confirmed that if he does do Eyes of Heaven, it would be crossed with [1] since they are both [Crisis Crossover crisis crossovers] that involve [Timey-Wimey Ball time shenanigans]
  • The story will end with Jotaro and ADKoT Johnny teaming up and destroying Heaven DIO, thus resulting in the birth of ADKoT's world. And the epilogue will probably feature a reenactment of that scene with Jotaro encountering Koichi and bringing young Jolyne/Irene along, but replacing Koichi with the members of the Investigation team.
The one behind the serial killings isn't Adachi; it's Diego Brando.
  • Gyro's vague memories of being attacked in his own home describe the killer as a man dressed in green with a cap, and Diego fits the bill.[2]

The Megami Tensei references for the Retro Game Dungeon will be replaced with references to the SNES Stardust Crusaders RPG.
  • The Battle Theme will even be the catchy Stand Fighter BGM.
  • Maybe the interface will pop up in the battles against the Shadows, complete with pre-battle Tarot Card Readings affecting the way the characters battle, characters brainstorming ways to overcome Shadows or taunting them to demoralize them.

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