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Visual Novel / The Queen of Blackwood High

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Brooke (brown hair) & Kendra (blonde)

The Queen of Blackwood High is a Visual Novel developed and published by RhinoGearz, released 15 Feb, 2019.

Having decided to switch schools due to bullying and trouble making friends, Brooke, a girl new to Blackwood High, again finds herself the main target of bullying by another girl after she accidentally ruins her shirt. The girl, Kendra, is known as The 'Queen' of Blackwood High because of how she practically rules over all her classmates through fear. Brooke, sick of bullies, stands up for herself this time and for those that Kendra picks on too. She also gets the feeling that there may be more to Kendra than just a mean, cruel girl. Throughout her senior year at Blackwood, she slowly gets to know Kendra, discovering parts of Kendra she never expected—and parts of herself she wasn't aware of either.




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