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Project JPDE, more commonly known as simply JPDE, is a fan-made freely distributed visual novel created by Tumblr user Meinos Kaen. It is based in the world of RWBY, a popular web series created by Austin-based company Rooster Teeth.

JPDE is played from the view of The Protagonist David di Kabegis, a strange newcomer to the world of Remnant who arrives through meteoric crash landing. Upon first awakening, with a dreadful case of amnesia, he encounters Penny Polendina, and from there the game kicks off as David attends the notable Beacon Academy to train as a Huntsman with combat skills he is unaware of ever obtaining. The team is rounded out by The Leader Jacqueline B. Ivory and Bunny-Ears Lawyer —emphasis on 'Bunny ears'— Evelyn Damerot.

The game's story begins from RWBY's Volume 2, and at the moment, has plans to reach and go past Volume 3. The story itself runs congruently with RWBY's canon story- while events from this story are at times referred to, for the most part the adventures of Team JPDE are self-contained.


Behind the game's actual story, an optional part of the game involves spending time with other characters from RWBY and, slowly but surely, forming a relationship with them. Meinos Kaen has made the lofty claim that he will give at least every female character introduced pre-Volume 4 their own route.

As of right now, JPDE has reached version 2.14.

For those interested, a link to download the game can be found here:

There is a translation into Russian language:русская-версия-0-2/


Tropes in JPDE:

  • Adapted Out: In JPDE's 'verse, Raven Branwen is a fully human bandit clan leader unlike in RWBY canon where she became the Spring Maiden gaining access to the power that come with it.
  • Born in the Wrong Century: A stranger example. While David isn't even a year old much less a century, he has the mannerisms and opinions of someone more akin to Earth than Remnant. An especially striking example is his disapproval of the Vytal Festival, as while everyone else is looking forward to it, he believes it to be a glorified blood sport.
  • Dating Sim: This fangame is mostly an adventure story, but you can go on dates with many of the RWBY characters. In a twist, the creator has confirmed on the creator's blog that Penny and Evelyn will always develop feelings for the protagonist, so the dating-sim portion is meant to determine the third girl to develop feelings for the protagonist, rather than the first.
  • Decoy Protagonist: Some see Penny to be this. The game starts off from her perspective, and in the earliest days of JPDE's development, the way it was advertised to many seemed to imply that Penny was The Protagonist.
  • Difficulty Spike:
  • Distracted by the Sexy: David all the time. While by no means lecherous, when first meeting with any of the female characters one of the first things that happens is him momentarily losing his train of thought while noting how impossibly beautiful they are.
    • Even happens with some of the males. Upon meeting Ozpin and Ironwood for the first time he notes that Ozpin is a Silver Fox and that Ironwood is Tall, Dark, and Handsome with a Heroic Build. He also takes note of Sun's spectacular abs.
  • Dug Too Deep: The fate of the city of Peak.
  • Fix Fic: Sort of, though the fangame is really only fixing how significant a character is to the plot. Specifically, according to one of the creator's posts on the creator's blog, the reason this fangame was created is because the creator grew fond of Penny Polendina's character in the original RWBY series, but was disappointed when Penny's role in the series turned out to be minor. This inspired the creator to create a fangame where Penny would have her own team.
  • Grievous Harmwitha Body: Davids and Penny's solution to ending the double battle against Coco and Velvet.
  • Ghost Town: Peak, a thriving mining and research town where Pyrobsidian was first discovered. The inhabitants, after a decade of success, suddenly vanished.
  • Hero of Another Story: The story of RWBY plays out behind the scenes of the one in JPDE's with the two for the most part not crossing paths but as David and co progress through their tale the choices they make will begin to throw the canon RWBY story off the rails.
  • High-School Dance: Not implemented yet as of the demo's current update, but the creator has confirmed on the creator's blog that once the demo finally reaches Day 183, that will be the weekend of the Vytal Dance.
  • Hot Scientist: Professor Peach definitely counts as this, doubling as a Hot Teacher.
  • Insert Player Name Here: While the protagonist has a canon name, David di Kabegis, the player is free to change his first name to whatever they wish it to be.
  • Lethal Chef: At the beginning of the game, Evelyn claims that Jack is one.
  • Limit Break: The heroes' Semblences turn out to be this: the protagonist's Semblence allows him to share, copy, and potentially even take others' Aura; Penny's Semblence locks away her human personality so her robotic side can become more powerful, Evelyn can see into the past and future, and Jack can draw kinetic energy from the air around her, resulting in freezing the area.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Weser crosses it when they attack a defenceless Janara so badly that surgery was need to save their live.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: Happens several times through the story at varying levels.
  • Oblivious to Love: Jaune of course, but even more so than in the series if that was possible. Not only is Pyrrha visibly upset when Jaune only refers to her as his best friend, but if you do Pyrrha's dating route, he thinks that Pyrrha has a crush on David and calls David oblivious when David and Evelyn leave Pyrrha and Jaune alone while shopping. But the crowning moment come in Pyrrha's fourth event when she has decided to be with David instead and Jaune is helping her, it's unbelievable:
    Jaune: I've figured it out. Pyrrha wasn't trying to get together with David, she was asking for his help in... Trying to romance someone else.
    Nora: They.. What?
    Jaune: Sadly, their efforts were... In vain. The guy didn't return her feeling. Hell, he didn't even notice her efforts, or see her as an actual girl... But David did. Hell, he knew from the start. And seeing her hurt and struggle because of it... He couldn't leave her alone but she wouldn't let him be close enough to help her, so he forced that closeness. And now it's his turn to not notice... But I think he's about to have a wake-up call. And unlike the first guy... I think there's a good chance he'll return her feelings.
    Nora: Jaune... Do you... Do you know who the first guy was?
    (Nora smashes something off screen)
    Ren: Yeah, if she hadn't done it, I would have
  • Original Character:
    • Two new kinds of Grimm are introduced in this story. Wa-Lang is a Praying Mantis Grimm capable of invisibility, while the Oppel is a Bat Grimm with very keen hearing.
    • The protagonist, whose last name is Di Kabegis but whose first name you can choose, was created solely to be the protagonist of this fangame. Evelyn and Jack are also original characters created to be the protagonist's teammates in addition to Penny.
    • While the game does include several of the villains from the show (three of which you can date), they are more background characters threw much of it. Instead the game focuses on its own villains all of whom are original to the game (those being The Boss, Weser, Howard, Andrea, Bella, and Thilla).
    • While Professor Peach does exist in RWBY proper, the only thing we ever learn about her is her name. As a result she is largely an original character, her appearance and personality are unique to the game.
  • Secret Path: Currently there are three characters in the game who's routes can only be access by the player if they have already reached three hearts in the relationship of someone important to that characters before at set date in game.

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