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Visual Novel / Hourglass of Summer

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From that first moment I wanted to protect you...

At the end of the school year, Kotaro Makimura resolves to confess his love to his crush, Kaho Serizawa, and plans to become her boyfriend by the end of summer vacation. On the way home from school, he runs into a cloaked stranger and accidentally gets covered with a mysterious powder. When he wakes up the next morning, he is shocked to find that it is the first day of September. As he returns to school, his friends tell him that his girlfriend Kaho has died in a traffic accident. But wait! He hasn't even spoken to her yet! And why is the second term suddenly started up when summer break was supposedly just around the corner?

A Visual Novel released in Japan in 2002, Hourglass of Summer is unusual in that it (a) was released in America, (b) contains no hentai, and (c) can be played on a DVD player. It was later adapted into a two-episode OVA that was released exclusively in Japan. While it never received the amount of success as other visual novels like CLANNAD or Tsukihime, it is still fondly remembered by Western audiences as their first foray into the visual novel genre.

Provides examples of: