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Cash vs Yandere: My Murderous Friends Won't Leave Me Alone! is a Ren'Py-based survival Otome Game currently in development by Soyasushi Productions about Midori "Cash" Kashuu, an ordinary Economics freshman, who just wants to live her ordinary college life. But two of her friends have enrolled in the same school as her, studying Medicine and Law, and they just happen to be terribly lovesick. Extremely infatuated. Enough to kill her other friends - and possibly her - if she doesn’t give them enough attention.


You don’t want to die just yet. It’ll suck to get killed so early. You have a good life in front of you. You want to get good grades, find a job, maybe a boyfriend or a girlfriend. And you can’t go to the police. The only way to survive is to keep them happy. And that means not to talk to other people too much. That also means to show them equal and undivided attention, without showing a little more favour to either of them.

It’s even harder than it sounds. Any misstep could mean your death. You don’t really care, but you probably would rather not die if you could help it.

Cash vs Yandere has been described, laconically, as "Yandere Simulator with you as Senpai".


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