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Visual Novel / Burokku Girls

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A blocky world filled with girls...

Caught inside malfunctioning Virtual Reality equipment, Takeshi finds himself surrounded by a world of blocks... and beautiful girls!

But a creeping menace lurks in the darkness...

With no apparent way to escape the mysterious virtual land, Takeshi joins forces with Asahi - an Overworld archer girl - and Dawn, an unusually flirty healer. All too quickly he's introduced to the horrors of the Underworld: the Darklings.

Led by a trio of femme-fatales, the Darkling army forcefully consumes Overworld villages and turns their peaceful, defenseless inhabitants into wretched Underworld minions. Is there any way to stop their horrifying onslaught?

What plagues the mysterious land of Burokku?

Can Virtual Reality girls have real feelings?

And will Takeshi ever make it safely back home?


Burokku Girls is a Visual Novel produced by Silver Cow Studios, featuring a boy named Takeshi trapped in a virtual world apparently inspired by Minecraft. It is currently available on Steam.

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  • Ms. Fanservice: Every single girl seen thus far qualifies. Every. Single. Last. One.
  • Stripperiffic: Plenty of skin is on display from the female cast, as most of the outfits seen thus far leave absolutely nothing to the imagination.
  • World of Buxom: Very much unashamedly portrayed as such, as each of the girls seen thus far has a mammoth set of breasts.

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