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  • The Homestar Runner cartoon Cheat Commandos: Shopping For Danger! revolves around this premise. The villainous Blue Lasers are at the supermarket, picking up their groceries, which the Commandos assume must be part of some sort of plan to "make it snow at the beach". It turns out that they're half-right; the Blue Laser Commander was convinced that the mildewy grout in his shower was the reason his organization couldn't crush the Cheat Commandos.
    • Pretty much the idea for Strong Bad Email; when he isn't antagonizing Homestar, Strong Bad answers emails from his fans. Heck, Strong Bad in general is pretty much the epitome of this trope, if you still consider him a villain. He's been seen shopping at Bubs's Concession Stand, regularly invites the other characters over to his house, goes fishing and a whole bunch of non-evil, non-villainous things.
  • Legendary Frog's cartoon "The Return of Ganondorf" has Ganondorf come back after being defeated by Link, claiming to have reformed. Link doesn't believe him though, so he keeps trying to spy on Ganondorf to catch him being evil, but only succeeds in seeing him playing Saria's Song, getting a drawing from him after sneaking into his room, and watching him at Zelda's slumber party as everyone does the Chicken Dance.
    • The drawing he made for Link (I'm sorry I made you sad) doubles as a Funny Moment.
    • Also from Legendary Frog, in the "One Ring to Rule Them All" series, Sauron, the Dark Lord of Mordor, enjoys eating pizza, making shrink-e-dinks, and cooking.
  • The Gag Dub series The Skeletor Show reveals what the villains from He-Man do in their off-hours. (Going on blind dates, yammering on about skincare products, singing to themselves, etc.)
  • How It Should Have Ended: This is the entire point of the Villain Pub. A place where movie most iconic villains hang out, swap war stories and invent new ways to torture the heroes.


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