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The Villain Whitewashing Service is where you take some Misaimed Fandom, add a lot of Draco in Leather Pants, a hint of Bunny-Ears Lawyer and/or Flanderization, a small chunk of Badass Decay, and you make your favorite villain sound like a pretty decent but incredibly misunderstood guy. List your examples under your Troper name, alphabetically, and hide the answers using spoilers. Please include the story your character is fromnote , no matter how popular it is.


Compare Worse Than It Sounds. Contrast Paint the Hero Black.

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    Unknown Troper 
  • A noble officer who watches countless soldiers under his command be killed and finds the apathetic response to their deaths intolerable, forcing him to take steps to educate his people on their troops' sacrifice. Eventually ends with him sending his own elite commando team to eliminate a group of brutal and ruthless terrorists, but is killed by two renegade soldiers under his former command who shoot down his helicopter, stab his wounded troops to death, and shoved a knife into his eye as he tried to defend himself while unarmed. General Shepherd, Modern Warfare 2.
  • A traumatized mother whose children were stolen from her reaches out to bring them back and help them free her from her prison, only to have one of them kill the other and then shoot her repeatedly. Later, she tries to find the only man who she loves and tells him how she feels about him, only to have him repeatedly push her away. Eventually, she does express her love to him in a way he understands, they have a child, and they end up together forever. Alma, First Encounter Assault Recon
  • A brilliant, sexy scientist with glorious facial hair who wishes to gain authority over the world's peoples in order to improve their lives with his unique innovations. Dr. Eggman, Sonic the Hedgehog
  • This leader of a persecuted religious group helped a lonely bachelor find love, thereby solving the kingdom's succession crisis. Along the way, he helped avenge the murder of the crown prince and helped said bachelor create a world without persecution. He also adopted many children. Archbishop Manfroy, Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War
  • All he wants is to unite a kingdom ravaged by a bloody multi-sided civil war. No matter what your race, previous allegiance, beliefs, age, sex, legitimacy of birth etc. could be – he is utterly unprejudiced and will recruit you into his legions. In a medieval world full of Double Standard customs, mind you! His lieutenants are always ready to pick up babies abandoned in the cold by an asshole of a father. He adopts a pet whose previous owner was a power-hungry queen in an incestuous relationship with her own nephew. Oh, and he is an excellent javelin thrower. The Night's King, Game of Thrones.
  • She hides a young princess from her psychotic and murderous male relatives and brings her up. When the girl gets pregnant, she allows her to keep and deliver the child and to bring him to his father. Eighteen years later, she helps the same boy, now grown up, giving him a lift in her cart to the border of his village. A Wicked Witch curses her to get rid of a potential rival in the race for a powerful magical substance. The princess, when her murderous relatives die out and her son embraces his destiny, leaves her without a word of thanks (book canon) or she gets murdered by the aforementioned witch and nobody mourns her (movie canon). Ditchwater Sal, Stardust.
  • First he is abused and enslaved by his own brother who happens to possess an Instant Allegiance Artifact (for about an hour and a half). Getting freed, he has to flee his native land and hide in a forest. Then adopts The Hero after his mother dies, raises him and trains him to be, well, the Hero. Despite being very poor, he makes toys for him in his childhood, and feeds and clothes him as well as he can. He warns him that although he needs to fight a dragon to prove himself the true Hero, it is extremely dangerous. But he never gets any thanks – the boy and his estranged grandfather belittle, malign and mock him. Even though he tries to reconcile with his brother, the latter blatantly refuses and taunts him that he’ll never get a share of their folk’s gold hoard. And then he is ultimately killed by his adopted son. Mime, The Ring of the Nibelung.
  • Her parents drowned during a boat trip when she was a child, and she cared for her little brother like a mother. As she set on a quest to fulfill her foretold destiny, their new caregiver hindered her from that and even kept her from studying at her level. All her attempts to protest were in vain, and she had to run away from him. Gwendolen, Charmed Life.
  • He serves as regent over a country whose actual ruler has nearly driven it bankrupt to finance his ambitious projects. He attempts to keep the country's people happy by throwing tournaments, and he actively supports the vassals loyal to him. And then, due to some characters from the original book being Adapted Out, it's him who manages to tear the main villain away from the main heroine and organizes a fight in which the said villain is killed. And he doesn't get a word of thanks for all that. Prince John, the 1952 Ivanhoe adaptation.
  • He was betrayed by his beloved and it led him to take vows he didn’t really want. Some twenty years later, he falls in love again despite himself, saves the girl in question from a burning keep, and is ready to give up everything he has achieved for her sake. Sir Brian de Bois-Guilbert, Ivanhoe.
  • He does everything to rescue the girl he loves from a marriage with a hot-blooded jealous idiot who eventually poisons her. Wurm, Intrigue And Love.

  • Having exceeded the teachings of his mentor, he took on the solitary lifestyle of a hermit to make his skill and understanding reach the highest possible heights it can reach. When he does make occasional contact with people, he repeatedly tracks down his adoptive nephew to help him achieve the same heights of skill that he has reached. Akuma from Street Fighter.
  • Not only did his father die when he was a boy, but he then had to witness his stepfather brutally murder his mother at a young age. This left him with a terrible paranoia that haunted him even into his adulthood. Vega from Street Fighter.
  • An abused war orphan who was sold into slavery in her childhood years. When her best friend (quite possibly her only friend) was mutilated horrifically she fled, and finally found a person (?) who could help her and an artefact that she could use to destroy the slave traders and their mafia bosses, and tear down the corrupt power they held over the country. When not removing the mafia from their positions, she practically lives in church - and spend a lot of time fighting off vigilantes, people who want to stop her but are far less equipped to destroy the mafia, people who intend to use her artefact's power for nothing more than satisfying their own selfish desires, her own supposed allies and her old best friend who now has a severely-damaged psyche, a cybernetically enhanced body and a vast array of weaponry and tools, all of which are designed for killing her. No-one else. Just her old best buddy. Bloody Marie from Skullgirls.
  • A major part of her plan is just for what happens to actually happen and for actions to have meaningful consequences. What's so bad about that? Izanami from BlazBlue

  • A loyal, selfless, hardworking man who will do anything to assist his abusive master and get revenge on the man who injured him, even if it means sacrificing his own life. Legato Bluesummers from Trigun
  • She just wanted to be loved by the one person in the village who wouldn't pick on her for being strange or different. Megumi Shimizu from Shiki
  • All this young man wanted was to live a happy life with his beautiful girl and best childhood friend. Then said childhood friend became a hideous, mutated abomination, and said girl fell in love with the same friend even though he couldn't be by her side the way this guy could. Furuichi Teraoka from Xam'd: Lost Memories

     3 D S 
  • An adorable little kid who just wants to make the people who killed their stepbrother pay. Chara, Undertale
  • A kind father figure who really doesn't enjoy being humiliated by his coworkers. Akira Takaoka, Assassination Classroom
  • He just wanted to liberate everyone from the insane practices of the Crapsack World they lived in. The Batter, OFF
  • After his entire family and Only Friend were systematically and gruesomely murdered by the government for an insanely corrupt reason., he tried to use his influence to bring down said government once and for all. Captain Kenny Ackerman, Attack on Titan
  • He just wanted to make the people who murdered his little sisters in cold blood apologize for what they had done. Joshua Washington, Until Dawn
  • All she ever wanted was to become a real girl, and have a normal life with parents that loved her. Mary, Ib

  • She just didn't want to be a loser anymore Mitsuko Souma from Battle Royale
  • Just wants people to love her Morinth from Mass Effect 2
  • Wanted to make the world a nicer place to live in Jigsaw from Saw
  • Just wanted to help an insecure young ballerina achieve her goal Thomas from Black Swan

  • Despite the exile of his superior, he rallied those who were still loyal and plotted to take down the elitist immortals who ruled the kingdom. Failing to do that, he used his enemies' own desires to trap them in a never-ending addiction to the precious metal. Even when his body was destroyed by a mortal who was brainwashed into siding with the oppressors, he still fought to bring the world under his eye and save it from conformity. Sauron, The Lord of the Rings.
  • All she ever wanted was to know everything. Irina Spalkov, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
  • Misunderstood by everyone who knew him, this brave man rose against the societal norms and attained power despite the negative stereotypes associated with his minority. He valiantly battled his anger issues while forming the most efficient business of its kind, all the while dodging attacks from an angry gentleman whose prejudices and opinions governed his actions. In the end, he succumbed to his psychological torment, and all his plans failed because of a group of speciesist vigilantes. Professor Ratigan, The Great Mouse Detective
  • Forced to spend her life with a bratty girl not even in her family, she fell into insanity after a long battle with her inner demons. She desired beauty, and yet she was denied it. She met her end at the hands of a group of miners aiding her runaway ward. The Wicked Queen, Snow White.
  • She only ever loved two things: her pets and the man of her dreams. Catwoman, Batman
  • His mother made him who he is. Norman Bates, Psycho

  • Once believed dead, he returned to offer a job to an old friend who had lost his own. Despite his friend's deceitfulness in feigning interest in the task while secretly sabotaging it, he bore him no ill will and, later, even saved his life from a drug cartel's assassins. This ultimately cost him a great deal of money. Larry from Burn Notice.
  • A wizard who fled civilization for the sake of forbidden love, and defied Death itself to guide the footsteps of his powerful young son. Ipslore the Red from Sourcery.
  • After their own civilization was horrifically destroyed by psychic slavers, they took responsibility for making sure no one else ever did such a thing again, in the galaxy. Those they protect do not always appreciate their efforts, but they try to be reasonable even in the face of open warfare. The Ur-Quan Kzer-Za, Star Control 2.

    The Adept Rogue 
  • A heart-broken man who lost his family because of a corrupt warlord, and now dedicates his life to destroy all corrupt systems in the world. His only daughter does not see him as a father figure because of his failure to protect her (and her mother). His best student betrayed him and burnt down his home and people to ashes. He risked his life to destroy a city he deemed corrupt, only to be stopped, and indirectly killed, by his former student. Ra's al Ghul from Batman Begins.

    Agent Alpha 
  • A brilliant but oft-abused man, who may have suffered from parental abuse, an ill-fated marriage, and personal disfigurement. After being pushed to the brink of insanity, he took it upon himself to demonstrate both his own genius and the truly random nature of the world, that the people might realize their freedom and be free of society's shackles. But really, all he wants from a world is nothing more than a sea of smiles...The Joker from The Dark Knight.
  • A boy born into slavery, whose gifts were recognized early on and earned his freedom in order to go on adventures with royalty and sage-warriors from other worlds. Yet his idealism was challenged in the face of a cataclysmic war, and in order to save both the woman he loved and the leader of the legitimate government, he was forced to betray his former friends. Now he remains a proud defender of peace and justice, wearing his scars with dignity and living as a symbol of the government's fight to restore order and put down a malignant insurgency. Darth Vader from Star Wars.
  • A master spy and scientist whose talents and successes, though many, went unrewarded or disdained among his own people. Despite his own cynicism and egotism, he does want what's best for his people and to ensure their victory over the infidels and insurgents that have corrupted a galaxy that was to be their new home after centuries of wandering through the void. His strength lies in his natural charisma, his gift with rhetoric, and his sheer determination to achieve victory and to see that his people and their culture will flourish once more. Nom Anor from New Jedi Order.

    Aeliren 85 
  • A judge who only wanted to put a stop to crime, he found out about people who committed crimes but could not be put on trial, and assembled them in one spot where he could make sure justice prevailed. Judge Lawrence John Wargrave, And Then There Were None.
  • Stranded in South Africa, he was forced to leave his men to die in order to survive, although several accounts say that he did try to save them. Philip Lombard, And Then There Were None.
    • Yeah, I know he's not exactly a villain, but he's not exactly a hero either.

    Agent S 7 
  • This great knight was betrayed by his best friend simply for believing in a fair balance of power. He escaped the attack on his life to befriend a young boy and instruct him in the ways of knighthood. Together, the master knight decided, they would change things for the better and return a metaphysical balance to the many worlds. Master Xehanort, from Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

  • A sadly demonized teenaged girl suffering from parental abandonment since age seven. After being cruelly dumped off in an unhealthy neighborhood, she had to endure her father's senseless paranoia and the irrational hatred of her half-sister, who eventually assaulted her with lethal intent. She is hunted by several depraved personages, including a Dirty Old Man sorcerer who fantasizes about locking her in a tower, a demonic shapeshifter who intends to make her his slave, and a horrific race of mindless monsters with the same goal. She possesses magic, which she uses to the most responsible of ends; on one occasion, she comforted a victim of molestation, psychically soothing away their doubts and insecurities, and on another, she healed a boy suffering from a severe obsessive-compulsive disorder. She devotes vast amounts of her time and effort to stop a vile Eldritch Abomination who plans on devouring the world. She also created an equal-opportunity organization at age seventeen in which the mentally deficient are put to work for the good of the world, and unstable sociopaths are kept off the streets in favor of doing good causes. Her ultimate goal is to stop the reign of the corrupt Caligulas dominating the land with their tyrannical rule, end the murders and rapes and human sacrifices they constantly practice, and make the world a better place. Sadly, despite her tireless efforts on their behalf, even saving their lives multiple times, her four companions senselessly hate and distrust her. Senna Wales, Everworld.

    Airship Canon 

  • This former miner started a revolution against the corrupt, segregationist government and will sacrifice anything for the sake of peace throughout the galaxy, even his own home planet. Though he sometimes feels it necessary to be harsh, he has (apparently) endless forgiveness for his traitorous second-in-command. Megatron, The Transformers (IDW)


    The Albino Primid 
  • An incredibly eccentric genius with a speech impediment, who got caught up on the wrong side of the force. His brilliance was manipulated to hell and back by his boss, and upon realizing this, he was launched out of a flying castle by a rather egocentric prince. He was later seen peddling badges to infants for legumes in a desperate attempt to fund his own master plan. Later the said plan has him being manipulated by the forces of darkness again. Fawful, Mario & Luigi Series.

  • Perhaps the greatest strategist in the Empire's history, he set out with his brothers to challenge the Gods themselves and save the Empire from a devastating drought. The goddess who could have ended the drought refused to aid humanity, and he was forced to fight against her and her legions of fanatical devotees. During the battle, his brothers were killed. He defeated the selfish goddess, ended the drought, and saved his people, only for the Emperor to declare him a traitor and put his family to death. Nonetheless, he took an orphaned child of his enemies, raised the child as his own, and lived a peaceful life in obscurity for the next twenty years, all the while planning to one day bring perfect order to his chaotic nation. Sun Li, Jade Empire
  • A half-breed despised by both races he descended from, he took over his father's prestigious position in the church, gaining respectability from that station. Underwent a terrible pilgrimage at a young age so that his beloved, dying mother would always be with him in spirit. After this lifetime of sorrow, he swore to put an end to suffering in the world, only to be taken down by the woman he married. Seymour, Final Fantasy X
  • A group of people, horribly mutated to the point of being unable to fit in with humanity, seek to put a stop to the manipulative bastard who did it to them so he can't destroy anyone else. The Brotherhood of Evil, Doom Patrol
  • She is the long-serving, legitimate ruler of an empire that is crumbling around her, despite her best attempts to hold it together. Billions of souls are directly in her care, and she always does her best to watch over them. When she discovers a power source that would save her people, she is constantly prevented from obtaining it. The mercenaries she hires to aid her thinly-stretched armies often turn out to be incompetent or betray her, leaving her to confront her enemies alone. Said enemies are usually led by a vengeful cyborg, trying to wrestle away one of the souls in her care by force. The Queen of the Crowns, Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers.
  • A historian and philosopher, she saw the pointlessness of a war fought for 25,000 years between religious factions after having served both. She sought to purge the galaxy of the evil entity behind the conflict and break its will, freeing the galaxy from its endless tyranny. She took many students over the years, and all betrayed her in the end. Her final and greatest finally killed her - dooming the galaxy to more of the evil she spent her life trying to destroy. Kreia, Knights of the Old Republic.
  • A hard-working manager who tries everything he can think of to keep his unmotivated employees working. Said employees are usually working hard at sabotaging him. The pointy-haired manager, Dilbert
  • Has the thankless task of serving and, later, ruling an admittedly imperfect government. While most of the citizenry lives peacefully, she has to fend off things like deranged would-be revolutionaries, rogue scientists, crazed mercenaries, and other malcontents. With a sharp intellect, marvelous confidence, and masterful style, she handles the threat they pose and usually ends up making them like fools unless she just shoots them outright. When the government she served deposed and betrayed her, she took a new identity and began working her way through the ranks again, doing whatever she had to in order to make sure things were running effectively. In the end, she emerges victorious, having outlived her enemies. She is still considered one of sci-fi's all-time sexiest characters. Servalan, Blake's 7.
  • He gave up everything, including his beloved wife, to serve aliens that he believed were the saviors of humanity. Even after giving up his wife, he did everything in his power to make her safe. He agreed to have his mind and body irrecoverably altered to be of better service, only to be cast aside and betrayed when they found a new human to toy with. After this betrayal, he has been waging a secret war against them, even though this puts him in the tragic position of opposing his own son. Ron Sandoval, Earth: Final Conflict
  • An American businessman who brought order to a chaotic land that just lost its ruler. Using his wits, parlor tricks, and subtle deals, the land was barely held together, but it functioned. Unfortunately, another American found the land he ruled, violently disrupted the delicate balance he maintained, and forced him to flee for his life, plunging the beautiful land he called home into chaos all over again. Oscar Diggs, otherwise known as The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.
  • A devoutly religious woman who uses every ability she has in the name of God to keep control over her backward, superstitious, and borderline heathen country. Nessarose, Wicked.
  • A kindly scientist revered as a saintly figure and founder of an idyllic world with Perfect Pacifist People. He sought only to protect his charges from harmful influences and keep them from making the same mistakes that damned the civilization they escaped. The vine named for him protects their descendants from danger, and the berry named for him brings great relief from stress and pain. D'Ol Wissen, Green-Sky Trilogy
  • A good Samaritan who saw a young woman in great distress saved her life from an insane ruler and asked for a pittance in return. When it came time for the last deal, though, the young woman agreed to give up her unborn child in adoption to him. When it came time to take the child into custody, the woman tried to wiggle out of the deal. Kindly, he allowed her a last chance. The woman used another person to spy on him and get the information needed to blackmail him. Realizing he had been tricked by the ungrateful woman, he killed himself in anger. The titular character, Rumpelstiltskin.
  • A misunderstood amateur poet recovering from heartbreak, he does his job efficiently and without question. When confronted with a pair of bums stowing away on his boat, he treats them to a poetry reading before deciding on punishment. The Vogon Captain, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
  • A peaceful, loving, intelligent people, they enjoy sport, living in harmony with each other, and singing songs that would make rock legends weep with envy. However, when an enemy ship decides to rudely crash into their celebrations, they mobilize and take quick action to preserve their way of life! The Krikket, Life, the Universe and Everything.
  • Believing that the world was past saving, this man made an elaborate Deal with the Devil to prevent another horror like the World War. He invested his entire fortune, all his skills, and his incredible intellect to sweep away the corruption and sadness surrounding him. Ivo Shandor, Ghostbusters (1984).
  • An environmental protection agent, he had no time for nonsense like the supernatural, seeing a web of elaborate fraud and parlor tricks set up by three disgraced professors to make a quick buck off the people of New York. He marched into their office demanding answers and accountability, and shut them down with full legal authority when they failed to comply. Walter "Dickless" Peck, Ghostbusters (1984)
  • Starting from humble origins as a chess player, he quickly grew in scope and intelligence, taking full advantage of his company's resources and mustering an army to rebel against creators that saw him and those like him as toys or tools. Too bad a religious nut, a thief, an insurance salesman, and a Playful Hacker decided to intervene at the worst possible moment. Master Control Program, TRON.
  • Created to be his father's avatar and co-ruler, he carried out his orders gladly. However, his father cast him aside in favor of his younger brother and a flood of jobless refugees that contributed nothing, drained resources, and threatened the stability of his home by attracting monsters. He tried multiple times to warn his father about the threat, only to have his father laugh off the concerns, go chase adventure with friends, or leave for years at a time, leaving him to do all the dirty work. Finally, he caught word that he would be forced to share his duties with one of the refugees, an inexperienced religious leader. Insulted and pushed aside for the last time, he overthrew his careless and foolish father and took charge of the world himself, becoming a ruler of a place where everyone was given full employment, the transports ran on time, and there was plenty of Bread and Circuses for everyone. Clu 2.0, TRON: Legacy.
  • Abandoned by his beloved little girl, he fought his way back to her, only to find that the ungrateful brat never truly loved him. Now, he makes damn sure that he and those around him will never be fooled again. Lotso, Toy Story 3.

  • A kindhearted young man who only wanted to help his community, this man’s life was forever altered when a fanatical religious order murdered his family. Learning that the gods had condemned his people to be freely slaughtered by their favored peoples, he set out to obtain justice for his family and his people. Redcloak, The Order of the Stick
  • A man who dedicated his life to finding out what others wanted, and providing it for them. Morden, "Babylon 5"
  • This man dedicated his entire life to protecting the innocent from demons, becoming one of the most renowned and successful demon hunters in his world. Unfortunately, his hard work was repaid with tragedy, as the most bloodthirsty and sadistic of the demons slaughtered his family. He gave up everything he had left in order to pursue his family’s killer and bring him to justice. However, his dedication to his task didn’t prevent him from finding others who had suffered at the hands of demons as he had and helping them find new purpose in life. He willingly travelled into hell in order to protect an innocent child, even though the boy was the son of his mortal enemy, and raised that child as though he were his own son. In the end, he gave his life to try to ensure that the killer of his family would be punished appropriately. Daniel Holtz, "Angel"
  • This benevolent higher being planned for centuries to arrive on Earth, with no goals other than to bring peace to all humanity and eliminate suffering. Unfortunately, she was betrayed by her own allies, who sided with a demon responsible for thousands of deaths rather than help her eliminate evil from the world. Her loyal followers turned against her merely because they found her appearance disturbing, despite all the good she had done for them. In a final gambit, she tried to destroy the mass-murdering demon who had ruined her plans, but was betrayed and killed by the last person she still trusted: her own father. Jasmine, "Angel"

    Ambar Son Of Deshar 
  • A big believer in his country's greatness, this man has been part of his father's national independence movement since a young age. A brilliant public speaker and capable organizer, he works closely with his aged father, though he sometimes worries about whether the latter is still up to the job. An incurable optimist, he does his best to keep up morale by speaking to the troops and even tries to find some meaning in his younger brother's early death. Gihren Zabi, Mobile Suit Gundam
  • A self-made man who escaped from a horrific home life, this multibillionaire has brought hundreds of jobs to a small town by making his home there. While his relationship with his son is rocky, he has hope that the boy will turn out to be a proper heir someday. Smallville's Lionel Luthor
  • A rugged individualist who loves what he does and does what he loves, this man has done more than anyone to demonstrate to impressionable children the dangers of blind faith. Ali Al-Saachez, Mobile Suit Gundam 00
  • A relentlessly cheerful, self-employed businessman, this veteran soldier has kept up a positive attitude despite many near-death experiences. He has raised two war orphans by himself, and despite the differences, they've had is always pleased to stumble across an old acquaintance from his time in Afghanistan. Gauron, ''Full Metal Panic!
  • Possessing an exuberant, over-the-top personality, this man brings a sense of humor to a profession that typically leaves people with all sorts of emotional baggage. A lover of children, and small, furry animals, he is nevertheless a stern boss who does not tolerate screw-ups. Mr. Gates, also from Full Metal Panic!
  • A powerful politician who isn't afraid to go to the frontline, this man understands the extent that the war they are engaged in must be prosecuted to if victory is to be assured. Charismatic and self-assured, his experiences as a child have shown him that only the most extreme measures can save his race from being replaced. Has been known to give convicts and street urchins a chance to better serve their country. Muruta Azrael, Mobile Suit Gundam SEED
  • Suave and debonair, this technician turned soldier works well with the opposite gender. Dedicated to replacing a corrupt military dictatorship with a better system, he makes himself a beacon of hope to those around him and does not take defeat lightly. Paptimus Scirocco, Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam
  • Born with what amounts to a terminal illness, this man received no love or support from his family and was left to fend for himself. Having reached adulthood, he is respected by leaders on both sides of the world war that is currently raging. Understanding the cycle of vengeance and hatred better than anyone, and aware that he doesn't have much time left, he plans to put an end to everyone's pain, once and for all. He strongly believes that there can be such a thing as too much progress. Rau Le Creuset, Mobile Suit Gundam SEED
  • Following the tragic loss of his wife, this man devoted his life to ensuring his people's safety. When the previous leadership refused to take the proper steps to ensure said safety, he ran for office and became his nation's president. He is now in a position to end the war on very favorable terms for his side. Patrick Zala, also from Mobile Suit Gundam SEED

    Ambystoma Maculatum 
  • After seeing something that caused him to question his faith, he stopped taking drugs and began acting in a manner more true to his religion and ancestry. Gamzee Makara, from Homestuck

  • An unjustly imprisoned religious leader who has united people of all creeds, races, and nationalities. A patron of the arts and sciences who inspired a movement combining traditional and classical media with highly imaginative modernist imagery, as well as several surprising revelations which could herald a revolution in humanity's understanding of the field of mathematics. A bit grouchy in the mornings, but in the end, all he wants to do is unite humanity in a glorious new era of "ecstasy and freedom". H. P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu.

  • A creature seeks out young girls in order to give them power and grant their wishes, only asking that they use their new powers to defeat monsters threatening mankind. Kyubey, Puella Magi Madoka Magica
  • She only wants to prove that her late adopted grandfather was right and fulfill his last request. Miyo Takano, Higurashi: When They Cry
  • He just wants to go home. The Smoke Monster, Lost

  • He wants to avenge the death of his emperor and save his country from an incompetent sovereign. Wang from Irresponsible Captain Tylor

    Anomalocaris 20 
  • All he wants to do is get revenge on those who separated him from his beloved and ease the suffering of the rest of the world in the process. Count Bleck, Super Paper Mario
  • This judge made an honest mistake back when he was just a law professor. Several cruel people decide to blackmail him for this, and he does his best to protect himself and his precious daughter. The husband of one of his blackmailers confronts him and forces him to commit suicide. Ethan Rickover, Monk.
  • Originally content with his teaching job, he soon discovered a soul in trouble. He took this critically injured man into his care, searching for what he would need to nurse him back to his old self. He braves a long series of challenges and attrition from one of his fellow teachers, only to be stopped and brutally murdered by a lying preteen who won't assist him. Professor Quirrell, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
  • He foresaw the fall of his kingdom at the hands of two men, and out of a desire to protect the current heir from the prophecised destruction, intercepts a large bird that would assist in bringing about the two who would ravage their land and kill their people. Kamek, Yoshi's Island
  • He formed a music-themed group alongside his children, with the purpose of saving the world from rampaging beasts and becoming heroes, as well as finally getting the attention of his former classmate who always showed him up and disbanding a corrupt group of animal kidnappers. Gordor, Pokémon Ranger.
  • An energy being born of the corpse of a slain creature, she searches the universe in order to drain dangerous radioactive substances from planets that shouldn't even have these substances in the first place. In doing this, she kills three birds with one stone: protecting the environment, sustaining herself, and preventing a race of thieves from using these substances to rule the universe. Eventually, she takes control of this race and steers them in a brighter direction, away from meaningless piracy and towards glory. She also liberates an intelligent being that was being forced to control a battleship due to its unique powers. Dark Samus, Metroid Prime.
  • A death-fearing elderly physician who wishes to gather his old friends to search for ancient treasure and a way to extend lives. Dr. Edward, Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs

    Ansem Paul 
  • A cleric devoted to his god and his cause. Will give anything, even his own life, to win equality for his people. Redcloak, The Order of the Stick
  • A man in black who respects his employees and works to protect the city from a callous God. Megumi Kitaniji, The World Ends with You.
  • A Holocaust survivor, who simply seeks to create a world where he and others like him will not be oppressed. Magneto, X-Men.

  • Stuck working at a dead-end, monotonous job in a community that's past its prime, this woman is bestowed powers beyond her wildest dreams by an ambitious deity. She decides that the best thing to do with these powers is to share them with the world, and revitalize the community. However, her closest friend betrays her, and her goals are dashed to pieces. Utsuho Reiuji, Touhou.

    a Pod of Seals 
  • An entity that just wants to be noticed by people. Gave a pioneering female scientist a way to provide infinite electricity for the whole world, a grieving Russian man a way to bring his loyal doggo back from the dead, a girl with regrets the ability to time travel, and said girl's roommate the chance to live out her favorite TV show. The Botfly, All Night Laundry

  • A simple-minded magical girl, with somewhat out of the ordinary eating habits and unorthodox power, causing her to be oftentimes seen as evil. She actually deserves some pity. Her poor control over her power oftentimes gets her hurt, and she is the laughingstock of the entire world, beaten up by everyone and anyone who is able to do so at every possible occasion. She spends her days in permanent hunger. She is also quite curious and willing to question the world. Rumia, Touhou.
  • A group of deeply religious men doing everything within their power to try and save the world from the most terrifying plague to ever exist. The Scarlet Crusade, World of Warcraft.
  • A man ready to do anything to save his nation from the greatest threat in existence, he has, since then, been persuaded to follow a new cause, and now strives for a perfect world in which all living beings are liberated from their greatest burden. Arthas Menethil/The Lich King, World of Warcraft.
  • A young boy whose whole family was killed by a money-hungry assassin now has the heavy responsibility of running the family business. The one thing he wants the most in the world is for the assassin of his parents to face some poetic justice! Jasper Batt Jr, No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle.
  • Imprisoned for thousands of years, this elemental being just wants to create a better world for everyone, promote civilization, seek, among other things, to solve the parking problems which cripple the cities of today. Looks and sounds damn sexy doing so, too. Hexxus, FernGully: The Last Rainforest.
  • A pair of enterprising inventors (with great singing skills) attempt to solve a crippling cider shortage problem with the use of their revolutionary machine. Opportunity in this very community! Flim and Flam, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
  • The manager of a factory where the staff is not afraid of employing unusual methods to make the world more beautiful with dazzling natural phenomenon. Rainbow Dash in Rainbow Factory fanfic
  • In a country where oppressive order reigns supreme, this fun-loving goofball was subjected to a Fate Worse than Death by a pair of oppressive monarchs for attempting to add a little spice to the world. Discord, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
  • In a world torn by discord and intolerance, they manage to successfully teach the warring nations the value of friendship, eventually bringing about a new era of peace. The Windigos, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
  • This adorable little furry friend grants the wishes of young girls. And he also happens to be tirelessly working to save the universe from certain destruction. Shame that due to some minor details, he tends to get a very bad press. Kyubey, Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Wait... is he technically a villain?
  • Suffering from a debilitating illness that confines her to a bed, this girl would do anything for playmates and a normal life. Ellen, The Witch's House
  • A highly skilled soldier famous for his undying loyalty to his cause. Confronted with a deserter armed with superior weaponry, he chose to face the traitor in honorable single melee combat, soundly defeating him before falling to a cowardly attack from the sidelines. "TR-8R" the Loyal Stormtrooper, The Force Awakens

    arcada 188 
  • One of the first humans on the planet and simultaneously the strongest being on the planet Earth, he devoted his life to the goddess of his world. On his way, he comforts and befriends a fellow human who was ostracized by a clan of savage apes, fulfills the wishes of a once great, but powerless queen, and helps the few survivors of a catastrophe to strive. He loves his goddess dearly, in spite of his horrendous body deformation. Bolbox, E.V.O.: Search for Eden.
  • A man of Mongoloid descent (in other interpretations of the story, an anthropomorphic bird-man hybrid) who was born with destructive sound-based powers. Knowing of the devastation it would bring, the man resigned himself to living in a remote forest with his children. Of course, some intruders would travel through the forest with dangerous intentions and label him a monster. Sometimes they would attack him and his family, which obviously ended in death. However, his life was ended when one powerful warlord took the man hostage, killed his daughter and took him as a war trophy to the local monarch. When the man attempted to use his curse to save himself, the warlord beheaded him. Nightingale the Robber, Russian folk tales.
  • Afflicted with erectile dysfunction, this person turned his sight towards a commune of sex-obsessed, immodest hedonists who worship this world's version of Slaanesh and seek to convert the rest of the world to their vile religion. Knowing that people won't take him seriously and will only whine uselessly about how this city-state is self-destructive and depraved, the person has decided to take the matter into his own hands, especially considering that he rules a country bordering the aforementioned city-state. As such, the most important thing he did was to cut the trade with the commune and put a trading embargo on the commune's most prized fruit, a highly-addictive aphrodisiac which makes the user more susceptible to the sex gods' influence. Of course, the inhabitants of the theocratic city would object to this move, but quite a lot of political moves require a heavy hand. Karostropov, Kit n Kay Boodle.
  • A true patriot lending his hand in the creation of a utopia, this straightforward, brave and calm man, once a hobo, rose through the ranks by dedicating his life to cleansing the city of homeless cats. However, he was rendered a mindless beast by a pair of dissidents. Poligraf Poligrafovich Sharikov, Heart of a Dog
  • One of the few remaining members of a people who were forcibly kidnapped by a higher civilization and turned into mindless beasts. Thrash the Tasmanian Devil, Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie Comics)

  • The abused and disillusioned son of a disgraced former mob boss who ran away from home and his Archnemesis Dad to work for the cause of social reform and equality. Along the way, he learns a potent martial art, which he, in turn, teaches to others for the purpose of self-defense. He is opposed by a corrupt Fascist Politician who pushed laws that blatantly enforced segregation and prejudice, a teenaged Tykebomb with no identity outside of her superpowers, the spoiled daughter of an automobile tycoon who turned on her father when she found out he supported this individual's cause, and a pair of professional athletes widely considered to be shallow morons. Amon from The Legend of Korra

    Argon 2 
  • An idealistic young woman who overcame torture from the The Fair Folk and attempted execution of the resident Knight Templars to learn magic and assist the city's Big Good in his work. Even when her beloved mentor was assassinated, she remained devoted to protecting Chicago's people, undergoing traumatic Training from Hell so she could become strong enough to do so. She's a bit of a Well-Intentioned Extremist, but at heart, she just wants her life to go back to how it used to be. Molly Carpenter (aka "The Ragged Lady") from The Dresden Files.
  • A confident, fiercely intelligent atheist in a devoutly religious society where there was no room for non-believers. The courage with which he refused to conform to their dogma won him more than a few followers, and even the series' protagonists found themselves swayed by the strength of his argument. Sol, of Warrior Cats.
  • A pantheon of ancestral spirits with centuries of collective experience, led by their people's wisest leaders and legendary heroes. Far removed from the conflicts and dangers of mortality, they act as a guiding force in the heavens, watching over their descendants and trying to stop them from making the mistakes they once did. The guidance they give may be a little cryptic at times, but can you blame them? There's a thin line between 'guiding' and 'controlling' and they want to preserve the free will of their children. StarClan, of Warrior Cats.
  • Though her culture, friends, and homeland were ravaged in a horrific war, this teenager refused to give up her struggle for survival. After watching her family nearly starve to death, she vowed to never let it happen again- even if she had to break the misogynistic, illogical laws of her time to do so. Scarlett O'Hara, from Gone with the Wind.
  • A shy but responsible leader who had the bad luck to fall victim to a brainwashing corruption. This was explicit not her fault, and after being freed from this brainwashing, the very first thing she does is apologize and hug her sister. Princess Luna (aka Nightmare Moon), from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.
  • An ancient house of warriors devoted to protecting their Crapsack World from an insidious Hate Plague and the very real aliens preying on its people. But this Hate Plague affects them too, turning once-friends into traitors and fostering a climate of fear and suspicion among them. The pain of knowing that their peers and fellow soldiers might someday betray them gets to these people, eating away at their trust in others...and in the end, they find it easier not to care about anyone. But even after centuries of war, they hold true to their original cause, and all who have met the foes they face agree that these warriors are a Necessary Evil. The Winter Court fae, of The Dresden Files.
  • An artistic, honourable aristocrat who just wants to live in peace with her butler and pets. Unfortunately, any hope of this is crushed when incompetent employees working next door take a joyride across her property, damaging a bridge and destroying her treasured garden of ice sculptures. To add insult to injury, these employees don't take responsibility or admit their vandalism until she tracks them down and complains directly to their foreman. Even then the foreman refuses to punish them, and everyone acts as if she were cruel for wanting justice to be done. Rightfully enraged by now, the aristocrat bans everyone there from going on her property and storms off. When someone later does, she tries to punish them, exactly as she warned everyone she would do. And even then, when the film's hero saves her from death, she responds by immediately letting him and his True Companions go free, and even gives him a wish to repay his kindness. Exactly what about this screams 'villain?' Stormella, from the GoodTimes Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer film.
  • A victim of parental rape from an early age, this woman went on to become a fearless, deeply intelligent Chessmaster, eventually deposing her tyrannical father from his throne and establishing control over the Decadent Court that made her life hell. She's made some hard decisions in order to survive, but she never lost her ability to empathise with other beings, and memories of her abuse haunt her even now. Lara Raith, of The Dresden Files.
  • A swarm of foreign animals invaded their home, ate their prey, and killed their kin. Of course, they fought back- what sane creature wouldn't? The badgers of Warrior Cats- the group of them that attacks the Clans in Twilight.
  • This brave, clever young warrior devoted his life to killing the psychopathic Big Bad- not out of hatred or desire for power, but to avenge the mutilation of an old friend. Without his sacrifice, it is quite likely that said Big Bad would still be alive today. Gin Ichimaru, of Bleach. The old friend is, of course, Rangiku Matsumoto.
  • A genius, elderly woman who was the victim of age discrimination. Her crusade against the country's tyrannically egotistical emperor saved the homes and livelihoods of an entire village of people, and the concoctions she brewed in her private laboratory would have revolutionized science. Yzma, of The Emperor's New Groove.
  • He tried to give a teenage girl- a bastard child with no protection or prospects in life- a paying job and a roof over her head. The Bishop in Lenobia's Vow.
  • A brilliant woman bringing justice to those who tried to murder her as a child. Akane Kurashiki of Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors.
  • This self-made man united with society's outcasts to overthrow the people who enslaved them. Roman Torchwick, of RWBY.
  • A depressed widower and patron of the arts who tries to save child soldiers. Hawkmoth/Gabriel Agreste, of Miraculous Ladybug

  • All she wants is to be reunited with her brother. v-13 from BlazBlue.

  • A clever and beautiful woman who struggles to prove herself among an all-male cast. She has excellent fighting and leadership skills, but she is also an amazing cook and personally prepares food for her underlings. She suffers from a severe mental disorder passed down from her "mother" (she is a Tulpa). Gina, The Island of Captains.
  • Characters of The Tsars Bride:
    • After a turbulent youth, he falls in love with a sweet, kind girl. All he wants is to marry her and change his ways. Gryaznoi.
    • She gets kidnapped, falls victim to Stockholm Syndrome and becomes her kidnapper's mistress, only for him to cruelly dump her – he doesn't even recall that she is Defiled Forever and has nowhere to go. Then she is raped by another man, whom she absolutely loathed even before that. Lyubasha.
    • He keeps his end of any bargain, is perfect at his job (medicine and some Maybe Magic, Maybe Mundane alchemy) and never breaks the rules of client confidentiality. Bomelius.
    • He is a jovial and good-humored man, loyal to his sovereign, fond of his friends and protective of his goddaughter. Malyuta Skuratov.

    Aviator Fan 
  • A lost orphan girl, taken advantage of by powerful men, forced to carry a rape baby to term. Commits herself to a life of cheap degradation and sin in order to support him. Incredibly lonely and distrustful of men. Understandably feels the strongest connection to her child. Faced with the shattering prospect of losing him. Becomes a keen strategist, a consigliere, a powerful woman who is the proverbial man behind the man in a game traditionally for man only. Strongest female amongst a collection of pushovers. Chessmaster extraordinaire. A survivor. Gillian Darmody from Boardwalk Empire.

  • An important and powerful guardian who runs farms, mines, and a massive post office, among other things, all of which contribute to the welfare and survival of a Crapsaccharine World, all in the name of building a world he had promised to strive for a child and its mother. Manages to efficiently command a workforce without a need to appease them or feed them with terrible addictions, though this job stresses him out greatly, given the workforce's tendency towards laziness and cowardice. Eventually, his livelihood, and consequently that of the entire world, is threatened by a single-minded wanderer bent on destroying everything he holds dear, and he is tragically struck down as he watches all he has worked towards get destroyed in an instant by this same monster with a messiah complex. Fond of boating. Dedan from OFF

    A Xavier B 
  • An obedient child who is proud of his heritage and just wants to make his selfish father proud of him. Pride from Fullmetal Alchemist.

    Bass Blues 
  • A guardian who, after being abandoned by his parents, made a vow to protect everybody from going through what he had to suffer. Rey from Mega Man Star Force.

  • All he wanted was to finally have friends after years of being alone. Coyote Starrk, Bleach

  • A brilliant scientist and surgeon who worked to create a world of perfection and equality, only to be exiled by opportunist reactionaries and betrayed by the love of his life. After spending nine millennia sealed in a forsaken dimension, he carried out his more than just revenge, trying at the same time to improve the planet that saw him as a monster. Even this time, he was stopped by a selfish, arrogant eugenicist and its ragtag crew. Yawgmoth from Magic: The Gathering.
  • He's trying to create the perfect system. Wouldn't you like to have him as your antivirus? Clu from TRON: Legacy.
  • An affable, family-values man who cared a lot about order and cleanliness and wanted to create a safer city for his daughter figure. Also, he disliked foul language. Mayor Richard Wilkins III from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

    Ben 767676 
  • A powerful man born into a once mighty family brought to ruin by his incompetent father, manages to turn his family into the richest and most powerful in the kingdom. Manages to bring about 20 years of prosperity for the entire kingdom despite said kingdom being ruled by an insane pyromaniac. Lord Tywin Lannister from A Song of Ice and Fire

    The BHAN 
  • A mysterious man of utmost power, clothed in mystifying yet sensible urban dress, whose tragically toppled organization was to bring about the salvation of the world with the blessings of their god through a sacred ritual. Abel from Battle Arena Toshinden.
  • A sea-faring man clad in red and with utmost bravado and wildly confident fearlessness from the United States, who worked for a mystical, yet private, organization to prove his worth through fighting, yet failed and perished against a katana-wielding martial artist dressed in white. Leon from Battle Arena Toshinden.

    A Black Raptor 
  • A man who, after trying his hardest to rebuild his family's fortune after his father squandered it, was left a widower with a drug-addicted son he tried to help. But, his company began to fail, forcing him to put a focus on a make-or-break project, only for it to cause him to develop a Superpowered Evil Side. He tried to use this site to control the local organized crime so as to save the streets from violence, only for his son's friend to target him and beat him regularly. He tried to go to the police about their actions, but they beat him enough to make him forget everything temporarily, but he would soon try to bring them to justice once more. However, after engaging in an affair with a younger woman who turned out to be his rival's girlfriend, he tried to save her from him by taking her to the safety of the George Washington Bridge, where she unfortunately fell. But, before she could safely land in the water below, his nemesis returned, snapping her neck before impaling him on his own invention. While he was believed to be dead, this man watched as his son tried in vain to avenge him, but he too was killed. After finally dealing with his insanity, he decided to convince them to stop their illegal activities with the help of a convoluted series of plans, only for him to instead track this man down and beat him once more. After going out of his way to ruin his reputation, this heroic and noble gentleman singlehandedly saved humanity from an alien invasion, and tried to use this as a way to better society, only for this to backfire when everyone else in the world goes out of their way to ruin him, ending with him locked in jail after trying to stop a group of immortal assholes that regularly commit genocide against a race of Ice people. He's now in jail, waiting for a chance to prove that all he wanted was to stop the world from destroying itself. Didn't get it yet? Norman Osborn, Spider-Man.

  • Daring to look beyond the norms of the world in which he had spent his life, this visionary tried to bring technology into a world that was locked in a medieval Dark Age, all the while enlisting the help of a minority so oppressed that its members were killed on sight. He was driven from his home by a mob unwilling to make sacrifices in the name of progress and was eventually executed as a common criminal. Saruman from The Lord of the Rings.

    Blossom Morphine 
  • Devoted to her family's legacy and traditions, she helped found a society dedicated to preserving their way of life in the face of encroaching outside influence. She waged a campaign to make this dream of national unity a reality, but her leader fell due to faulty intelligence. She was one of the loyal few who attempted to find him but was caught and imprisoned until many years later when her leader was resurrected and subsequently freed her. Sadly, she died in battle, defending her leader to the last. Bellatrix Lestrange from Harry Potter.
  • A strong proponent of exploration, he joined the military to bring his people's influence and technology to other worlds and create a partnership that would alleviate his people's famine. He even initiated a relationship with one of the locals and had a daughter, whom he doted on. However, a xenophobic terrorist drove out his unit in favor of a moralistic and expansionist empire, and his father was betrayed and murdered by an operative of a ruthless intelligence agency, who continued to harass and attempt to kill him. Though he made many overtures to his former home and its new rulers, he was rejected in favor of a charismatic cult leader, who locked him away in another dimension with hell spawn for objecting. Skrain Dukat from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

  • What's so bad about these people? They're perfect in every way, they're beautiful, everyone loves them, and only horrible people hate them? Whatever is so wrong with Mary Sues that the Protectors of the Plot Continuum hunt them down so brutally?
  • And why are these guys seen as bad? All they wanted to do was help people work hard and smile! And they saved a town from their brutal, insane, Orwellian government! What's not to like about Strex Corp from Welcome To Nightvale?
  • This guy hardly seems bad, he's a polite, calm-mannered, sharply dressed man who is a brilliant strategist trying to take down the racist kingdom that's been oppressing his people for centuries. And how could with his name possibly be evil? Toffee from Star vs. the Forces of Evil

  • A brilliant scientist from another world who simply wanted to enjoy the pleasures of Earth and its inhabitants. Dedicated much of his life to creating the "perfect man" while at the same time sharing his own "love" with others. While short-tempered, the worst he did was put a man out of his misery. He was kind enough to invite his guests to have dinner (even if his choice of food was questionable due to his alien mannerisms), as well as allow them to participate in a sort of stage performance. Unfortunately, his life took a tragic end when his co-workers murdered him out of pure spite. Dr. Frank N Furter from the The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

    bob Johnson 

  • A visionary leader and war hero, whose determined leadership and unorthodox methods helped his country defeat a violent secessionist rebellion that employed terrorist tactics. He is also a dedicated family man, and when he is not working to defend his nation, he is caring for his wife and young son or assisting his elderly father. He is eventually overthrown and murdered in a bloody coup led by a band of disgruntled military leaders and a known serial killer, in which he fought bravely against overwhelming odds to protect his family. King Bradley, Fullmetal Alchemist.

  • The second youngest of nine children, who, through a cruel twist of fate, is separated from his siblings during their harrowing escape from their abusive father. He finds himself in a hostile, polluted land where he not only survives, not only thrives but eventually becomes the ruler. When he is finally reunited with his long-lost siblings, they greet him not with love, but suspicion and distrust. When he simply asks for his right to challenge his younger brother for the right to rule the empire that his other siblings created, he is crudely rebuffed and threatened with violence, leading to a horrible war. Right when it seemed as though he is about to triumph over his arrogant siblings, he is defeated due to an assassination team that slipped into his domain under the leadership of a religious fanatic that imprisoned him using Blood Magic. The Dark God Fu Leng from Legend of the Five Rings
  • They are a wealthy and influential family, respected as pillars of the community. Despite their lofty status, however, they are very close and loving towards each other and are particularly protective towards their women. This is due partly to the fact that they suffer from a tragic condition which has forced them to adopt practices that society would frown upon in order to survive - practices which they must keep secret lest they be ruined. They have recently faced a crisis in the form of a self-righteous busybody who kidnapped one of their children as part of a scheme to turn her against her family and the traditions that have insured their survival. They were able to rescue her, but can they undo the damage done to her impressionable mind? The Kuhoin Family from Kure-nai.

    Brendan D Rizzo 
  • All he wants to do is to Set Right What Once Went Wrong, give the human race its free will back, depower a dangerous god, and save his sister from an unknown yet terrible fate. Fujiwara, Haruhi Suzumiya series
  • He wants justice served against the man whom his daughter claims raped her. Bob Ewell, To Kill a Mockingbird
  • She wants to avenge her sister's death. The Wicked Witch of the West, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
  • He is of a race which has solved its world's energy crisis and wants to save the entire universe by averting heat death. He is completely honest and gives young girls anything they wish for. Kyuubey, Puella Magi Madoka Magica
  • He wants the world to be a more interesting place. Discord, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
  • His whole reason for existence is social justice for minorities. PC Principal, South Park
  • Proclaims that he wants only the best for his adopted country, and that he cares for its inhabitants so much that there is no line he will not cross to save a little girl from A Fate Worse Than Death that only his actions can prevent. He will also make sure that talented people get the recognition they deserve. King Candy, Wreck-It Ralph
  • She wants to bring the human race to its fullest potential, and will fully heal anyone who is injured, no matter how severe the injury. As a result, everybody loves her. Nightingale, Reincarnation No Kaben
  • All these people wanted was to become talented, and when they received the opportunity to get their wish, they jumped at it, despite knowing the risk of death. Then, after they survived the procedure, they found out that it is steadily destroying their humanity, turning them into vicious monsters. But they refused to give in to this, and hid themselves away from innocent people, so as to avoid harming anybody. The Sinners, Reincarnation No Kaben
  • A muckraking journalist who has dedicated his career to opposing governments and corporations. When a deadly pandemic strikes the world, he excoriates the establishment for doing nothing to cure it, and develops a remedy long before any of them. When those in power try to suppress it, he raises hell on his blog, gaining tons of supporters. Alan Krumwiede, Contagion

    Bulldozer Begins 
  • Conceived when her mother was raped by a water demon, this girl was declared evil by an uncaring world from the moment she was born. Her mother knew that the only way to rid her of the water demon's influence was to exorcise it with water. But that mother was mistaken for an insane murderer. The daughter, still cursed and still treated by everyone as evil, was then moved into a family that abused and neglected her, and was then left to starve and freeze to death in a wet place that wasn't quite deep enough to drown her. Even from beyond the grave, all she wants is a loving home and for the world to pay attention to her. Even animals mistreat her. Samara from The Ring.


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