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  • Archvillain: the Blue Freak teams up with Mad Mask in the second book. Naturally, Mad Mask betrays him and he has to team up with Mighty Mike to stop him.
  • Broken Ring: Kyrian and Wyre. The first is a Dark Messiah, the second an Ax-Crazy vamp, who meet and become a couple.
  • In Taylor Anderson's Destroyermen, this is a fear of the Grand Alliance should their two enemies (the Japanese-aided Grik and the Holy Dominion) find out about each other. While they admit that the thoroughly racist Doms wouldn't even consider allying with such vile creatures as the Grik, they wouldn't put it past Hisashi Kurokawa or the Celestial Mother to offer the Dominion a chance to join the Hunt. By the end of Storm Surge, both of the enemies are aware of one another. The Doms intend to send an expedition across the Atlantic to see if the Grik can somehow be subverted to serve their "holy" purpose. Of course, the "Grand Alliance of all Allied powers united beneath (or beside) the Banner of the Trees" is the heroic version of this. Originally made up of the crew of the USS Walker and several Lemurian Homes, it now includes most of the known Lemurians, several more crossed-over crews, the Empire of New Britain Isles, and the Republic of Real People. Additionally, another potential new ally is found, the United States.
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  • In Lies, the third book of the Gone series, Caine and Zil team up to burn down Perdido Beach, which acts as a distraction to let Caine escape to the island.
  • In Harry Potter Voldemort is capable of recruiting the Acromantulas, the Giants and the Dementors to his army, apart from his own dark wizard servants the Death Eaters.
  • In Loyal Enemies, the Big Bad turns out to be a team of separate villains working together for a common goal and doing their best to off the heroes. There's Tairinn, Veres' ex-girlfriend who was once (correctly) accused of practicing dark forms of necromancy, and Etvor, a psychopathic werewolf, as well as a rogue monster hunter and his former apprentice who once tortured Shelena for hours, if not days, just for the sake of it.
  • Two of the more colorful villains in the Relativity series are Cricket and Carnie Kid. So, naturally they're the two who end up teaming up. Of course, it doesn't run smoothly...
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  • In the Star Trek Novel Verse, Villain Team Up is the idea behind the Star Trek: Typhon Pact series, though it's uncertain if the Typhon Pact is an enemy of the United Federation of Planets or not. Politically, everything is highly uncertain, following the formation of the Pact in A Singular Destiny. While the Pact members were historically antagonistic, their outlook is changing, at least in some cases.
  • The failure half of this occurs in the Star Wars Expanded Universe novel Darth Bane: Path of Destruction due to nature of the Sith's Chronic Backstabbing Disorder. Bane creates his rule of two to avoid this problem.
  • The fourth Skulduggery Pleasant book see's the 'Revenger's Club' created, a group of various nefarious figures from the previous books who have tentatively teamed up under the Big Bad who's promised them each their personal vengeance on the protagonists. It doesn't last very long.
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  • The Omen Of The Stars arc of Warrior Cats features all the villains who were killed off except Scourge and Bone teaming up to destroy the clans.
  • In The Warlord of Mars, third book of the John Carter of Mars series, Matai Shang (a previously-offscreen but often mentioned chessmaster), Thurid (a minor villain from the previous book) and Salensus Oll (a newly-introduced Evil Overlord) pull off one of these, which ends up falling apart messily, since all three hate each others' guts and have only temporarily-related goals. Rounding out the partnership is Matai Shang's daughter Phaidor, though she's genuinely loyal to her dad and is mostly along for the ride rather than a co-conspirator.
  • In Twilight Sparkle and the Crystal Heart Spell, Trixie and Gilda have become partners in crime since we last saw them, though for the moment they're just pulling pranks, conning crystal ponies, and giving Twilight bad advice.
  • J. R. R. Tolkien
    • The Silmarillion: Morgoth convinces Ungoliant (the Giant Spider of unknown origin) to team-up for the destruction of the Two Trees that gave light to Arda, in exchange for giving her anyything she wanted in return. Ungoliant succeed, drinking the light out of the Trees and killing them, submerging the entire Arda in darkness. Later, Ungoliant request all of Morgoth’s treasures including the Simlarils and he refuses, causing the battle between the two.
    • The Lord of the Rings: Saruman manage to bring the Southern Men and the Pirates into an alliance serving Sauron. Notice that unlike the Orcs and Trolls, the Southern Men and Pirates are by no mean bound to Sauron's magic and influence and were already a treat on their own.
  • In Shipbreaker Nailer's Archnemesis Dad, Richard Lopez, and Nita's Evil Uncle Pyce come to some sort of agreement offscreen that sees Richard joining the crew of Pyce's ship, the Pole Star.
  • Johannes Cabal: The demon Ratuth Slabuth grants the Red Queen, aka Lady Ninuka, tremendous magical power for free because they both want Revenge against Johannes.