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  • In the webcomic Narbonic, mad scientist Dr. Lupin "Wolf" Madblood and his 15,000 robot duplicates spend a week of strips singing the "Madblood Battle Anthem".
  • Richard from Looking for Group has a very... touching song from the upcoming animated movie.
  • In an in-comic example, Jason of Something*Positive asks Davan to play Judas Iscariot in his deliberately provocative play, Nailed! Davan's big musical number is called "You're The Son Of God, But I'm A Son Of A Bitch".
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  • Played with in DMFA: Fa'lina goes into song and dance about how she's literally invincible in her university since she's a Physical God (with no followers) and has complete predictive power of whatever goes on in school grounds. Unfortunately we don't get to witness the hysterical song, but it ends with Fa'lina in some kind of top hat.
  • The main villain of Homestuck's Show Within a Show Squiddles!, Skipper Plumbthroat, gets Catchyegrabber and Plumbthroat Gives Chase in the Squiddles! album.
  • Brawl in the Family has "A Simple Request", sung by Ganondorf about what he wants for Christmas: the Triforce.
    • There's also "The Minion Song", sung by Bowser Koopa, lamenting the many deaths of various videogame common enemies and chastising the heroes for their slaughtering them wholesale.
  • The Good Witch has "Things Will be Different." This is a rather unusual Villain Song in that it is both very upbeat and sung by the comic's protagonist. (Justified since she's a Villain Protagonist.) The song focuses on Angel's happiness that she is free from her previous life as a transsexual male who was ostracized by everyone in the town, and how great life will be now that she has infinite power. Which is to say, great for her, as she is also ruining the lives of everyone else. Throughout the song, she carelessly transforms innocent bystanders into random and bizarre things, and hypnotizes the others into singing with her. Ultimately, it foreshadows the selfish and arrogant bitch she'll eventually become.
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  • Evil Plan has a theme for Mad Scientist Kinesis, by Andrew of Songs To Wearpants To.
  • Fraud from A Loonatic's Tale gets one in the chapter "Fraud's Day Out," set to the tune of Voltaire's Villain Song Brains!


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