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Don't let Senpai notice you!

"That girl is talking to Senpai. That's unacceptable. We're going to have to get rid of her. But how?"

Yandere Simulator §  is a stealth indie game for PC that explores the tropes and clichés associated with the Yandere character archetype. Its protagonist is a high-school girl, the titular "Yandere-chan" (real name Ayano "Yan-chan" Aishi), who until recently, felt empty. That all changed the day she met Senpai and developed an obsession for him (or her) at first sight. Unfortunately, Senpai is starting to get pretty popular at school. So, what's a girl to do to keep Senpai for herself? Why, remove any rivals for Senpai's affection by any means necessary!

Originally beginning production in April 2014, with the first notable public build appearing in January 2015note , the game is currently a sandbox, slowly approaching the demo stage. It is programmed in the Unity engine by a single person calling himself "YandereDev"note , who has a development blog that is updated periodically.


Please note that, as this is a game still in development, things can and often do change radically with subsequent updates. Some of the listed tropes below may not be true by the time the game has an actual demo (everything up until now is officially a pre-alpha sandbox to bug-test). Even the development process itself, due to its unusual openness and the creator's interactions with the community, has accumulated a large number of tropes.

The official website, which has a link to any current builds, can be found here.

Due to the site policy about Speculative Troping, tropes applying exclusively to the final game have been moved to this sandbox page, to be retrieved when the game enters full beta development.


Debug Builds and Developer Videos of Yandere Simulator provide examples of:

  • Absurdly Powerful Student Council: Word of God confirmed that the current members of the student council were handpicked by the president, Megami, which means that she already has more power than most of the students at the school. They also patrol the school in-between classes like hall monitors on the lookout for trouble. And then there's what happens if you kill one of them...
  • Abuse Mistake: Ayano comes to the conclusion that Kokona is being abused by her father after overhearing a conversation between her and Saki. But when she talks to her, it's revealed that he doesn't come up to her room to abuse her, but to cry about being unable to pay off his debt to a Loan Shark.
  • Acme Products: Eagle-eyed players will notice that nearly every product in the game, from background props like a coffeemaker to essential items like students' phones, was produced by the SAIKOU Corporation. Like most things in this game, it's a multilevel punsaikô (最高) means "the best", which is also Akademi High's motto, and of course it's a homophone for the English word "psycho"… no points for guessing why that's relevant to this game.
  • Adjustable Censorship: You can censor the panties, which makes looking up skirts become peering into a dark shadow.
  • Adults Are Useless: Zigzagged.
    • Prior to October 2017, the School Nurse lacked any sort of AI. She could not be interacted with; all she did was walk or stand around the infirmary as Yan-chan steals a syringe and drugs from her. Her only reaction was when Yan-chan fails to pickpocket keys from her.
      "I... don't know what you're trying to do, but if it's supposed to be a joke, it's not funny."
    • Genka Kunahito, Akademi's Guidance Counselor, was only partly-functional until October 2018 – you could talk to her to tattle on (read: frame) your rival, but she lacked AI, so you could murder a student or twelve right in front of her and she wouldn't bat an eye. Now that she's fully implemented, when you enter her office you immediately enter the dialogue sequence, so it's impossible to carry a corpse or weapon around her. This means that if you manage to break the game and bring one in with you anyway, she still doesn't bat an eye.
    • Played for Drama in the Delinquents' backstory video, where the Guidance Counselor's inaction against the bullying of five students in the past leads to them becoming the delinquents we see today. The only reason they weren't expelled was due to the Guidance Counselor striking a deal with the principal to try and rehabilitate them, as atonement for her mistake.
    • However, if the player fails to keep the murder scenes neat and a teacher sees it, she'll call the cops. If she then sees Ayano with a weapon and/or blood on her uniform, or if Ayano tries to attack her, she will grab her and pin her to the ground. A base-stat Yan-chan is unable to overpower a teacher.
    • The Nurse in the infirmary keeps a close eye on her equipment to keep you from taking it. You'll have to distract her by, say, non-fatally poisoning a student. You'll also have to pickpocket her for the key to get the drugs to do that.
    • The police aren't completely useless. If a murder is reported, they will arrive at the school within five minutesnote . If a murder scene is cleaned up such that there's no evidence that Yan-chan did it, but there's still evidence that a murder took place (like a spot of blood), they will still be suspicious of Yan-chan and keep an eye on her. If you leave any evidence connecting you to the crime at all, they'll arrest you on the spot.
      • This includes if you managed to clean up everything but are still visibly insane. The cops will take Yan-chan in due to her "suspicious behavior", and the text blurb states that they will eventually uncover her crime (lack of evidence notwithstanding), so she will never be able to confess her love to Senpai.
    • Played straight if Yan-chan decides to bully a student and gets the class involved. The teachers won't do anything to stop it or lessen the damage being done. What's worse is that the student can be Driven to Suicide because no one is stopping the bullying. note 
  • Aerith and Bob: The characters in this game have names that range from the Japanese equivalent of John Smith to Two First Names to meaningful names to incredibly lame puns to names that are just made up.
  • All Anime Is Naughty Tentacles: YandereDev has pointed to "anti-anime bias" as a reason why Yandere Simulator is banned from Twitch along with a number of other anime-style games like HuniePop and DRAMAtical Murder, yet Western games with player-controlled torture scenes like Grand Theft Auto V and full nudity like Conan Exiles are allowed.
  • All Crimes Are Equal: Before the guidance counselor was implemented in the October 14, 2018 build, disrupting class, laughing evilly, and murdering a student in broad daylight all brought the same punishment if a teacher caught you — instant expulsion. This is mainly because the other punishments weren't programmed in yet. The only aversion was being late for class — you'll lose Study Points and get a reprimand based on just how late you were.
  • Almighty Janitor: One of the problems YandereDev discusses about adding a school store to the game is that the clerk would be this, gameplay-wise. Since they'd be inside a locked room with no way for Yan-chan to get in, they would be essentially invincible and them catching you murdering someone would basically be an insta-Game Over.
  • Alternate Universe: Word of God is that Mission Mode is one of these. In the Mission Mode universe, Info-chan runs an assassination service (instead of being a Knowledge Broker) and Ayano is a Professional Killer instead of a Yandere.
  • April Fools: YandereDev has established a habit of making April Fool's Day videos, dating back to 2015. For more details, please see the Trivia page, as there are now many examples.
  • Arc Welding: The Befriend/Betraynote  Update ties together all the elements of Kokona's story. Here! 
  • Arc Words: A meta-example, something that YandereDev constantly points out as a theme and point of the game: "Getting away with murder should not be easy."
  • Artificial Atmospheric Actions: Until March 2019, reactions to blood, dropped weapons, and severed limbs were not implemented yet. That meant that as long as there was no blood on Yan-chan or any bodies in sight, students and teachers would not react to gallons of blood on the ground. They also don't tend to notice people dying ten feet away from them, such as the example of Kokona graphically choking to death (listed under the YMMV page's Narm section). On a less creepy note, for a long time, when students interacted with each other, they made the same few stilted gestures, one of which was randomly saluting for no reason.
    • The old animations, including the salute, were (finally) replaced in early 2017 with more natural gestures. However, all NPC's in a group will perform them at once as if they're talking over one another.
    • After March 2019, students (and teachers) now react to blood, weapons, and severed limbs on the ground. However, there is still some jank with this mechanic, as whole crowds of people will all notice the object at once, and proceed to perform the exact same animation at once - often clipping into one another in the process.
  • Artsy Beret: The Art Club members seem to be typified by their berets. Their leader wears one, and if Ayano joins them, she wears a beret to signify it.
  • After-School Cleaning Duty: Between 3:30 and 4 every day. It's the only time of day Yandere-chan can carry cleaning supplies and not be considered suspicious.
  • A Lighter Shade of Black:
    • The Delinquents. They're trouble-making bullies who try to goad people into fighting with them, but if they see you hurt someone, they'll beat you senseless.
    • Ayano can be this as well, if the player opts to eliminate her rivals non-lethally. One example from the debug builds: Taking the "Friendship" route with test-rival Kokona requires kidnapping the daughter of a loan shark and using her as blackmail to get Kokona's family's debt forgiven. Say what you will about Yan-chan's motives and methods; she still saved Kokona's father – and probably dozens of other people – from crippling debt and danger, and also saved Kokona from needing to prostitute herself to help her father.
  • Ambiguously Human: Played with in-game regarding the Basu sisters – they are rumored to be a succubus and vampire, yet their Student Info profiles state that "only a fool would believe something like that".note  Further Explanation 
  • Amateur Sleuth: The members of the Photography Club will become this if/as School Atmosphere drops. As more people die/disappear, their personalities shift as they endeavor to find the culprit (i.e. you). At lowest atmosphere, they are essentially walking sentries and will dole out a swift Game Over if they catch you. Of course, this can be averted if you eliminate your rivals non-lethally – the atmosphere will stay bright and cheery and the Photography Club members will just be a bunch of goofballs. If you do go the psycho-killer route, though, you must be very careful to not let them find out.
    • The Student Council also fit this trope, as they patrol the hallways and rooms to make sure there's no trouble. And if you find a way to kill one of them... oh boy.
  • Anime Hair:
    • Some of the girls have really crazy hairstyles. One has bright purple Mega Twintails, another has long Miku-style pigtails, a third has a cobalt blue ahoge nearly as tall as her head, one has two-tone hair, and so on.
    • This also applies to a few of the male students – most of them sport hairstyles that are themselves fairly normal, mostly following the "generic spiky-haired anime boy" cliché, but are bright primary or secondary colors. Then there's Ryuto, whose hair defies all logic and sense.
    • Ayano herself can wear any one of several pre-made hairstyles, running the gamut from normal (like her default 'do seen in the image up top) to absolutely nuts (green corkscrew pigtails that fade to red).
  • Anyone Can Die: This is a game about killing. Well, it can be a game about killing. It doesn't really have to be, but most players choose to murder the other students. However, it's not played completely straight.
    • Senpai zig-zags this. He is not killable during normal gameplay, mostly because Ayano becomes a Shrinking Violet whenever she gets within a yard of himnote . He still has the same hitbox as any other male student, though, and you can kill him in certain Easter Egg modes, but he just magically comes back to life the next day. This video implies that Senpai will be killable in the final game; however, there's no confirmation on that as of yet.
    • Teachers are killable once you've leveled up your P.E. stat enough. Delinquents can also be fought and killed.
    • Averted with the school counsellor, whose job is to punish Ayano for minor infractions or expel other students for larger ones – she is explicitly stated to be unkillable. Indeed, her model lacks a hitbox.
    • Info-chan is also unkillable. She's easy enough to find – in the Info Club room (natch), which is locked from the inside – but players who have glitched in there have discovered she has no hitbox either.
    • Akademi's Headmaster is, as of Winter 2017, not in the game, and it was assumed by fans that he would never appear outside maybe a cutscene. But YanDev changed his mind and said this…
      • A piece of art featuring the Headmaster released shortly thereafter showed him brandishing a taser. The guy also keeps a katana in a case next to his desk. Yeah, Yan-chan ain't winning that fight.
      • When the Headmaster was actually added to the game, it was revealed that he will tase Yandere-chan (resulting in a Game Over) if she approaches him, or stays in his room too long. You can't even get close enough to attack him.
  • Anti-Frustration Features: Each club makes a specific aspect of the game easier. To wit…
    • The Martial Arts Club allows Ayano to easily overpower others in physical confrontations.
    • The Cooking Club lets Ayano easily build up her reputation by making snacks for her classmates. She can also carry a knife without drawing suspicion.
    • The Drama Club provides access to gloves for setting up others for your crimes, and masks to prevent reputation loss when committing murder (but only once; masks will be banned afterwards).
    • The Occult Club diminishes Ayano's Sanity Slippage when killing others, as well as making students and teachers slower at noticing your suspicious behavior.
    • The Light Music Club has a cello casenote  for transporting body parts and larger weapons.
    • The Photography Club lets Yan-chan snap pictures of classmates without drawing suspicion, and prevents the rest of the club from seeing her as a suspect when students die without anyone being charged for the murder.
    • The Art Club lets you safely walk around school covered in blood while wearing a smock, under the pretense that it's just red paint.
    • The Science Club has a homemade roomba that will clean up blood for you.
    • The Sports Club lets Ayano carry around a bat without arousing suspicion. It also gives a movement bonus.
    • The Gardening Club lets Ayano carry around a shovel with no penalty and provides easy access to the garden shed (she'd otherwise have to pickpocket the key from the club's leader), wherein may be found emetic poison and a circular saw. note 
    • The Gaming Club allows Ayano to gain a skill boost in any one of multiple stats for the rest of the day.
  • Arc Symbol: The SAIKOU Corporation logo. It shows up everywhere, from computers to radios to Yan-chan's phone and even a cardboard box. It's also part of Akademi High's logo, so it appears on the girls' swimsuits and the male students' uniform buttons.
    • Also, cherry blossom petals and hearts.
  • Artistic License – Biology: YandereDev has admitted that the "Burning" elimination would actually take longer in real life than it does in the game (several hours versus a few seconds of gameplay). However, it was necessary to speed things up for the sake of the player.
  • Artistic License – Law: Lampshaded in the December 2015 update, which introduced the Frame-Up to the game. YandereDev notes that Kokona, your scapegoat, has a rock-solid alibi and a perfectly innocent explanation as to how her fingerprints ended up on the murder weapon – she is a member of the Cooking Club and she earlier used the murder weapon, a kitchen knife, to prepare a snack for her friends.
    • It's also notable that you can currently go on a killing spree, clean up all the evidence, and leave witnesses alive (though possibly suffering a constant reputation drain depending on the witness's personality). You will still get away with the crime. Asking someone to follow you doesn't arouse suspicion even at lowest atmosphere (but Yan-chan still needs a high reputation and/or Seduction), and even if the student ends up murdered, the cops don't question it so long as concrete evidence is disposed of. Additionally, there's no forensics involved except fingerprints and blood-typing on weapons and Yan-chan's clothes (the victim's clothes would realistically be examined for fingerprints and foreign DNA, etc.).
      • Accounting for these details would be difficult for YandereDev, so it's not likely that many, if any, of these smaller factors would ever be considered in the game's programming.
    • In addition, even if it is clear that a murder did happen, the police will give up if they can't catch the perpetrator on the day that the murder happens. The police will leave and the students will be allowed to go home. The students will return to school the next day (or Monday if the murder happens on Friday), and the police will not be there. Realistically, the police would have continued their investigation for weeks, and would still be there searching when the students returned. Though this one, at least, gets a Hand Wave (see the "Final Game" folder for details).
  • Ascended Fanboy:
    • Borderline example: A fan going by the handle "kgftbz" created a mod that allows the player to pose different characters. YandereDev found out about it and loved the idea so much he added his own "Pose Mode" to the game in mid-October 2016. He credits "kgftbz" in this update video.
    • Qvajangel, the 3D modeler who replaced Druelbozo, was a fan who sent in some of his hair models and ended up being commissioned to work on the game.
    • Some of the 2D artists whose work appears in Dev's videos got his attention through creating fanart.
  • Ascended Meme: A Word of Saint Paul variant: A parody video made by Mom0ki, Midori Gurin's voice actress, has Midori refer to herself as "Midori Gurinuuu", which is the Fan Nickname given to her by popular LP'er Jay from the Kubz Scouts.
  • Ass Shove: YandereDev's explanation for how Yan-chan can hide two weapons and a smartphone on her body while nude includes a clip of Metal Gear Solid that states "Well, women have more hiding places than men."
  • Aura Vision: It's called "Yandere-Vision" here. It highlights Senpai (in pink), rival love interests (in red), people whose info you've learned (in green), people who know you've committed a crime (in yellow), incriminating things like blood and corpses (in orange), and useful objects (in cyan). You can also "tag" students you want to keep track of specifically — this appears as a red circle around that particular student. This is explained as Yan-chan visualizing their schedule, which is why it doesn't work on random students until you've gotten their details from Info-chan. For the record, Yan-chan herself has a black aura.
  • Axes at School: There are plenty of weapons to choose from. Most of them make sense and are logically placed. And yes, there is indeed an axe; it's in the Gardening Club.
  • Badass Bystander: Akademi High has quite a few of them.
    • Anyone with the Heroic persona (that'd be the Martial Arts Club). If they see you kill someone, they'll run up and try to disarm you, even if it ends up costing them their lives as well.
      • Budo Masuta, president of the Martial Arts Club. Unless you level up your PhysEd stat, he will completely overpower you. He's also the only one unaffected by a drop in school atmosphere – while everyone else becomes paranoid and shaky-kneed, he still retains the same confident pose.
      • Some students, if they witness you murder someone they love (sibling or crush), will attack you without hesitation, their strength suddenly bumped up to Budo's level.
    • Even students who don't attack can be this. If someone with a Loner, Social Butterfly, or Teacher's Pet persona sees you kill someone and you get away with it, they will spend the rest of the game badmouthing you to the rest of the school, constantly draining your reputation until you… deal with them. If you try to talk to them, they'll tell you all this to your face.
    • If four or more students witness you kill someone, they will gang up on you and pin you down.note 
    • The delinquents are usually content to hang out by the incinerator, and even if you provoke them into a fight, they will disengage once either side is too beat up to continue fighting. However, if you murder a fellow delinquent or get spotted carrying a corpse, they will attack without mercy and will only stop once they themselves are dead.
  • Badass Teacher: Every single teacher at Akademi has "extensive self-defense training". Without the proper stats, attempting to attack a teacher will result in her grabbing your wrist, disarming you, slamming your head into the floor, and holding you down.
  • Barefoot Suicide: Exploited. When Yan-chan shoves someone from the rooftop, she slips their shoes off before they take the plunge to make it look like they took their own lives.
  • Beware the Silly Ones: The Photography Club is described as a bunch of goofballs who like to have fun. However, if you drop school atmosphere to the minimum, they will hunt you down like the rabid dog you are. They will sweep the school looking for evidence of your crimes, and if they catch you committing murder, they'll snap a picture of you and send it straight to the police. Game Over.
  • Big Ball of Violence: The rap battle between Osana Najimi and Ayano Aishi ends in this.
  • Breast Expansion: In the debug builds, you can adjust the size of Ayano's chest from supermassive to nearly concave on the fly. Though the Dev has said that Yan-chan will be customizable in the final game, it is unknown if her bust will still be adjustable (either in a pre-game menu like Senpai's features, or in-game like the debug builds).
    • Technically in the debug builds you can do this with every girl if you know how to mess with the JSON file. You can even upend the natural order to make Kokona flat as a pancake and Yui busty. However, things get weird if you set the bust size much higher than 2… or to a negative number.
  • Butt-Monkey: The debug builds and update videos have two in particular.
    • Kokona Haruka, the big-breasted, purple-tornado-twintail girl.
      • While every student in the game aside from Senpai and Rival-chan is killable during regular play† , Kokona was designated the Test Rival, and as such is often used as the example girl in the builds to demonstrate the various more-creative methods you can use to kill people (such as faking suicide, planting bogus evidence to get her expelled, brainwashing her best friend to kill her, etc.). Crosses over into woobie territory since Yan-chan can eavesdrop on her conversation about her father and use that to kill her. Not to mention the fact that Yan-chan can have her bullied badly enough through malicious gossip that she is Driven to Suicide.
      • Lampshade hung in the video for the "Drowning"note  update, where the dev sighs as she approaches the fountain and toilet, commenting on her Too Dumb to Live status. Before that, in the June 1st update (the poison video), he makes it look like he's going to target Saki Miyu (the girl with Miku-style pigtails) before quickly panning over to Kokona and picking her.
      • He further lampshades it in the August 2015 update by referring to her as "everyone's favorite punching bag".
      • He lampshaded it again in December 2015 when explaining the Frame-Up mechanic, saying that at that point, only one student would put her hands on a weapon Yan-chan could then use for framing: "It's… yes, that's right… Kokona-chan."
    • invoked Midori Gurin was created to represent the game's well-meaning but counterproductive fanbase. As such, she exists to be shut down, insulted, and often murdered. Heck, she's been murdered by YandereDev himself at least twice in his update videos – granted, the first time happened after she slapped him (to snap him out of a funk), and the other time, she was attempting to murder him because his abuse finally pushed her Berserk Button and sent her over the edge.
      • She has no routine in the debug builds – she arrives at school and beelines to the roof and just stands there for the rest of the day unless the player interacts with her.note  Next to her are a knife, mop, bucket, and utility sink, just to make killing her that much simpler.
      • Midori was the guinea pig for the "Dismemberment" update video, marking the first time in nearly a year that a student other than Kokona was used to demonstrate an elimination method (though the end of the video showed Yan-chan holding Kokona's severed head, just to ensure "everyone's favorite punching bag" wasn't left out).
      • As development shifted in early 2016 – fewer elimination methods implemented but more under-the-hood fixes – Midori was getting the business end of the knife more often than Kokona. This includes one video where she finally snaps from all the abuse and tries to murder YandereDev.
      • August 2016 saw the implementation of sanity-based killing animations. It also gave Yan-chan the option of praying to a turtle to, among other things, "summon a victim". Naturally, Midori is the female victim. In the video demonstrating the mechanic whereby mashing the Attack button while at low sanity causes the killing animation to loop, Yan-chan smacks Midori in the face with a baseball bat twenty-nine times (plus the initial blow that knocks her down).
  • Censor Shadow:
    • In June 2016, YandereDev proposed a grid-style inventory system, but some fans objected to the original design because it had Yan-chan's panties front and center. So he offered the option of shrouding her body in silhouette instead.
    • In September 2016, YandereDev inserted a key-command that covers the girls' panties in shadow while keeping the mechanic in place. He did this to make it easier for YouTubers with monetized accounts to avoid their videos being taken down or age-restricted (thus unable to earn revenue).
  • Cerebus Syndrome: Aside from the whole killing-people-thing, the early builds of the game were fairly lighthearted and humorous. Now, not so much thanks to nastier ways to kill people, the school atmosphere dropping, Kokona's issues, the Journalist's backstory, and more!
  • Content Warnings: The game once came with a long disclaimer listing things Yandere Simulator contained, starting off serious and then delving into comedy. Currently there is a disclaimer that states that what people are playing is the debug mode, there is currently no way to win, many features are unfinished, and that all of the characters are 18 or older even if otherwise indicated. note 
  • Crash-Into Hello: This was how Yan-chan and Senpai met in the 2014-era intro and the 2017 video about Yan-chan's childhood.
  • Cyber Ninja: The "Cyborg Mode" Easter Egg transforms Yan-chan into a cyborg à la Raiden, as she will don black armor with a neon blue visor, and a long silver ponytail. Also, her running speed is nearly doubled, and she gains an "Energy Sword" that immediately dismembers anybody she attacks, while hard rock music plays in the background.
  • Dead Man's Chest: A very early test showed Yan-chan able to dismember bodies in order to hide them in a cello case. Later, this was replaced with an instrument case to fit intact sedated students, but a later build put the cello case back in, albeit nonfunctional. The dismemberment function returned in February 2016, complete with circular saw.
  • Declaration of Protection: Megami Saikou in the Rival Introduction Video vows to keep Senpai safe from whoever is stalking him.
  • Dem Bones: The "Spooky Mode" Easter Egg turns every female student into a skeleton, but keeps their hairstyles intact. Originally, this was accompanied with a remix of Andrew Gold's "Spooky Scary Skeletons" playing in the background, but that music has since been replaced with a soundalike.
  • Demonic Possession: One of the Easter Eggs added in the "Perfectly Normal"note  build. One of the demons in the void room, The Horror, has a ghostly gape and stumps for arms. Talking to it reveals its arms were cut off and it wants revenge. Dismembering five students†  and placing their severed arms inside the Occult Club room's sacred circle will satisfy The Horror and cause it to possess Yan-chan, with ten demonic arms sprouting up from the floor around her. Anyone (other than Senpai) who gets slashed by the demon's claws is instantly dismembered.
  • Difficult, but Awesome: Becoming a member of the Student Council has stringent requirements to get in, as well as stay in, that will lessen the amount of time you have to eliminate your targets. That said, there are numerous benefits to doing so (such as being allowed to be a half hour late, being allowed almost anywhere without a tresspassing penalty, having students feel more safe around you and willing to do favors for you, and something special can happen when Megami becomes an active rival in the final week).
  • Dissonant Serenity: YandereDev talks about the features in the game (namely stalking, murdering, and disposing of bodies) in a calm, soothing voice.
    • Like this gem from the aftermath of his (first) e-mail related breakdown…
      "Gee, you're right, green-haired girl. It's time for me to get back to what I'm good at: murdering schoolgirls in horrific ways."
    • A great example is from the "Kidnapping"note  update, where he talks about the mechanics of torture.
      "As you can see, our prisoner is no longer watching us as we move around the room, and she's no longer twitching either. This is because we have completely destroyed her mind. There are no traces of a human left inside of her. She's permanently broken, forever. …Let's bring her to school!"
  • The Dog Bites Back: A proposed DLC pack has Kokona being stuck in a time loop where she gets repeatedly murdered, and the only way for her to break out of the loop is by murdering her murderer.
  • Dummied Out: Certain characters, like Victim-chan (who never appeared in a public build) or the girls with Ayano's hairstyle but blue (actually the default character model YanDev bought from the Unity Asset Store), are impossible to meet unless you access the game's code in earlier builds.
  • Easter Egg: Both traditional and what might be better termed "cheats"
    • For the latter, the debug builds have several, accessed via a secret menu, all of which mess with the game for the rest of the day. Whether any of these will remain in the final game (since Word of God insists the debug menu itself won't) remains to be seen. See the Trivia page for more information.
    • There are others, more correctly called Easter Eggs this time, that the player can only see by messing with the game files in certain builds. Again, see the Trivia page.
    • Certain characters have been called "Easter Eggs" by the wiki, although they're really either Expies (Midori, Ryuto, Kuu), cameos (Pippi), or inside jokes (Mai). The Phantom Girl, however, really is an Easter Egg. The only reference to her in-game is obliquely in the Journalist's Tapes (which are not required listening), and you wouldn't even know she's there unless you either learned from someone else how to see her or lucked into it.
  • Extended Disarming: Before the rap battle between Osana and Ayano starts, Midori insists that Ayano drop her weapons. (there's enough weapons to fill a grave) ALL of them. (cue chainsaw)
  • Failed a Spot Check:
    • NPC's in the debug builds before March 2019 did not notice blood on the ground/floor. So if you dragged a corpse far enough away before a teacher got there, she'd assume the student was pranking her… even if she was looking at a massive pool of blood leading right to you and the corpse. You'd still get the five-minute timer to clean up the scene if another student managed to contact the cops, though.
    • Dismemberment was implemented in early 2016, but was only done halfway. As a result, until March 2019, NPC's (teachers included) did not react to body parts unless Yan-chan carried them within their cone of vision. For anyone other than Senpai and the Delinquentsnote , she needed to be visibly bloody and/or insane and near the body part for them to react. At the end of the day, a teacher would notice a "blood stain" and call the cops, but they didn't notice the body parts either.
      • The reason for this is that individual body parts are not coded as a corpse and what programming they did have at the time was slipshod at best. For the first several builds after Dismemberment was added, a clean and sane Yan-chan could literally walk into the middle of a group of students or class carrying a severed head and no one would bat an eye.
    • If you kill someone and take a photo (or several) of the scene, but get rid of any physical evidence tying you to the deed (burn the weapon and your clothes and regain sanity), the cops won't check your phone. Arguably justified, as going through someone's phone usually requires probable cause and a search warrant… or whatever the Japanese equivalent is.
  • Failure Is the Only Option: As the debug builds are made just to test out features and check for bugs, they have no win condition. The ostensible win condition of "kill or otherwise deter all 10 rivals and win Senpai's heart" can't even be started, as your first rival, Osana Najimi, doesn't even appear in the game.note 
  • Funny Background Event: In the "Expelling Your Rivals" video, Kokona dies multiple times in the background, with YandereDev simply ignoring all of them.
  • Gainaxing: Zig-zagged. None of the female students (or any of the female faculty) have Jiggle Physics regardless of their bust size. The succubus in the Void Room has breasts that move up and down as she breathes. Many fans have expressed hope/desire that if the game gets enough of a budget for new character models, there will be jiggle. YandereDev – known to be a lover of large bouncy breasts – stated he tried to implement it on the current character models, but the results fell into the Uncanny Valley.
  • Gang Up on the Human: Heroic and Strict characters will not try to restrain brainwashed characters due to the difficulties in programming such interactions.
  • Guide Dang It!: Inverted example. YandereDev provides a lot of information through his videos about the game mechanics and intends to build a tutorial into the final version specifically to avert this (and All There in the Manual). However, it is possible to be misled by early videos. A very early look at sanity in the game shows Yan-chan killing several people and then standing in Senpai's aura to calm down… which is still technically possible, but in later builds will earn you an immediate Game Over if Senpai sees her bloody and insane; you'd need to be in his aura but out of his field of vision. note 
    • Going into a new mechanic completely blind can sometimes lead to this, as the only complex elimination method that currently has explicit in-game instructions is Expulsion. Even that gives you very little indication you can do it – players have a tendency to not look at Yan-chan's phone beyond the first screen; doing so provides a lot of help, though not every menu screen is fully completed.
    • Yandere Dev has begun to add several different ways of averting this trope; it is now possible to purchase instructions for various complex elimination methods from Info-chan, and it is also possible to watch anime in Yan-chan's room that provides "inspiration" for others. In the future, there will be a tutorial that explains basic mechanics.
  • Harder Than Hard:
    • YandereDev has proposed allowing Yan-chan to join two different groups on opposite sides of school life – the Delinquents and the Student Council. Joining the Delinquents forces Yan-chan's reputation into the low scores and prevents it from rising into neutral zones or higher, potentially locking her out of certain school activities and making others more wary of her actions. Joining the Student Council saddles Yan-chan with a lot of extra responsibilities, and any misbehavior would get her kicked out immediately. Both are optional, and will likely carry powerful benefits to make up for it.
    • Killing a Student Council member sets the school atmosphere to its absolute lowest the next day, with incredibly stringent security measures all across the campus. YandereDev likens the consequences to raising the difficulty level to its highest possible setting.
  • Hate Sink: Midori Gurin is meant to be one of these. She's a Take That! at everyone who sends YandereDev unwanted questions or suggestions. All the other characters — especially the teachers — consider her an annoying idiot who wastes their time, and many development videos featuring her end with her being killed by either Ayano or YandereDev himself. However, depending on one's sympathy (or lack thereof) for YandereDev regarding his e-mail situation, she may instead come off as a woobie.
  • An Ice Person: One Easter Egg turns Yan-chan into Cirno, an ice fairy from the Touhou series. In this mode, she can shoot ice beams that kill almost anyone they hit, including Senpai and the teachers. Exceptions 
  • Identical Stranger: For much of development, as more unique character models have yet to be made.
    • The designs for the other male characters started out as being pretty much clones of Senpai with different hair and eye colors and less-complex AI's. This changed a little starting with the mid-August 2015 build, as the boys now sport different hairstyles just like the girls always had, although they all had the same face until very recently.
    • Same can be said about the female students, who are all variants of the "Aoi Kiryu" character model (Yan-chan included) but with different hair/eye colours, hairstyles, and breast sizes.
    • Even the teachers used to look like an adult version of Yan-chan, except with brown hair and eyes. In fact, until early 2019, the only girls in the game whose faces were not simply Yan-chan's model with different irises were Rival-chan and Info-chan, the latter of whom is barely visible during normal gameplay.
    • YandereDev has repeatedly attempted to give characters differently-shaped eyes. It usually works just fine... if you ignore the strange and terrifying bugs that happen as a result. It wasn't until early 2019 that these attempts finally worked out.
  • Implacable Man: The teachers are a heroic version. The early versions of the delinquents are even more implacable, with them always running straight towards Yan-chan, even to the point of floating through the air and running through walls and floors.
  • Insistent Terminology: Works both ways.
    • In combination with You Keep Using That Word, the Easter Egg Menu in the debug builds, despite the fact that the very presence of such a menu makes them not "Easter Eggs", technically speaking. They're actually cheats, and the Dev has said that in the final game they will probably be unlockable either via code-input or achievement.
  • Kill 'Em All: Quite literally in this case – the "Mission Mode"note  builds added a debug command in the main game to "Kill All Students". Pressing it leads to Exactly What It Says on the Tin… and also takes out the teachers.
  • Knight of Cerebus: YandereDev introduced the idea of a character known as "The Yakuza", the Yakuza's method of elimination made the game shift in tone due to its mysteriousness. Fans stated that if he was added to the game then they will not use him because his methods implied a Fate Worse than Death for the rivals or a death too gruesome for them. YandereDev offered a compromise by adding him a 1980's mode of the game or modifying the character so that he isn't as dangerous as the original idea.
  • Konami Code: Inputting the code on the official website's character page changes the page to show the profile of FUN Girl.
  • Late for School: How the game started in the original intro. As befitting the cliché, in the game proper you can give Yan-chan a slice of toast constantly hanging from her mouth… or if that's not enough, an entire toaster.
  • Life Meter: When talking about non-lethal attacks, in the April 26th, 2018 video, a green one above damaged people's heads that decreases from right to left. To clarify, he's explaining that these will not be included in the game, as there's no reason for Yan-chan to non-lethally attack someone.
  • Literal-Minded: In the June 2017 update video, YandereDev tells Midori not to bother him unless she has a bug to show him. She does… only it turns out to be a ladybug. In response, Dev stabs her in the face.
  • Long List: As part of a Take That! against banning the game from its site, the February 1st 2016 build displays this message before the main title screen, warning players about all of the game's objectionable content. It starts out normal, but quickly devolves into insanity.
    WARNING: This game contains bullying, kidnapping, torture, murder, suicide, graphic violence, partial nudity, kittens, raw sewage, cooked sewage, microwave-ready sewage, true nightmares, eldritch monstrosities, bald assassins, DK Mode, fake tans, Titans, murderous ice fairies, impossibly-strong punches, genocide crusades, spooky scary skeletons, STANDING ON THE EDGE, zombies, vampires, succubi, lewd manga, busty pink-haired schoolgirls, game-breaking bugs, an overworked programmer, and much worse.
  • Lord British Postulate: YandereDev has made two videos spoofing repeated attempts to kill the currently-indestructible Rival-chan.
    • Players have tried everything they can think of to pull off one of these on the unfinished Delinquents. Unfortunately for them, "invincible" means invincible.
    • The Headmaster has also been the target of a lot of murder attempts, despite the fact that not only does he not have a hitbox, but he kills you if you get too close to him.
  • Memetic Mutation: Deliberately invoked in multiple ways, to the point that this game needed its own subpage for Shout-Outs just to contain all of them. Many memetic items have been placed together in a storage room on the school's ground floor that the Dev calls the "Meme Closet".
    • YandereDev himself, due in part to the Dissonant Serenity tone he uses in his videos, has almost become a meme in his own right. It's not uncommon for him to say something in a video that ends up going viral, most notably "WHOA TECHNOLOGY!".
    • invoked And yet… Dev has gone out of his way to avoid the implication this is a "meme game". The update videos show very clearly that YanSim is, at its core, a rather serious game intruding itself upon a Cliché Storm setting that happens to have some funny things on the periphery, which a green player might not even notice unless they actively looked for them.
  • Mexican Standoff: During at least one iteration of Mission Mode (mid-December 2016), it is possible (but freakin' difficult) for Yan-chan to complete the Hand demon ritual while Nemesis is after her. Once the ritual is complete, Nemesis can't tackle a floating Yan-chan out of the air, but the demon hands can't dismember Nemesis.note  Furthermore, Nemesis is prone to spinning while she's within the demon hand ring (making it nearly impossible to stay behind her), and pressing the attack button returns Yan-chan to the floor where Nemesis can get at her. Who kills whom boils down to sheer dumb luck of positioning.
  • Mood Dissonance: Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting the special 2015 Christmas carol: "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Murder".
  • Mook Chivalry: If multiple Heroic personalities catch Yan-chan committing murder (for example, if you're dumb enough to charge the Martial Arts Club with just a piddly knife), they will politely attack you one at a time, allowing you to easily dispatch them.
    • Averted as of the mid-January 2017 build – if Yan-chan attacks a student in front of four or more students of any personality combination, the witnesses will work together to restrain her, each grabbing a limb. However, the mechanic may later be changed to require at least one student with the Heroic personality to act as a catalyst for a group takedown.
  • Moving The Goal Posts: The goalposts for when Osana will be released, keep changing and getting longer, because, when making the checklist, Yandere Dev is "constantly remembering things that [he] forgot to add to the list", and that there is no clear concept on what ideas are to go on a accurate and complete list of what he needs to do before implementing Osana.
  • Mundane Horror: This video, illustrating Ayano's mother teaching her how to properly clean up after cutting yourself, followed immediately by a scene of a now older Ayano cleaning a much larger area on her school floor. Nothing in explicitly shown or said, everything is completely innocent when taken objectively, but...
  • No Name Given: "Yandere-chan", "Info-chan", and "Senpai" for much of early development. However…
    • Yan-chan's name got a low-key reveal in October 2015. The social media website she can visit at night lists her as "Ayano Aishi". That name was further confirmed once the official website launched in Spring 2016.
    • That same social media site gives Senpai's name as "Taro Yamada" (basically the Japanese equivalent of John Smith). YandereDev has been unclear about whether this name – along with the female version "Taeko" – is a placeholder or not. While he has expressed a desire to allow the player to choose Senpai's name, the inclusion of Taro/Taeko on the official website suggests Senpai's "canon" name is set, regardless of how the rest of development goes.
    • Info-chan still lacks a name. The Dev says she has one, but the player will never learn it, mostly because it's not important to the game.
    • For over a month after her introduction, Midori Gurin had no name, so fans called her "Churuya" due to her first dialog being paired with a Nyoron Churuya-san panel (and her in-game character model bearing a strong resemblance to Tsuruya, at least at first). Her name became known once she appeared in the game and her Student Info page was accessible.
  • Nothing Is Scarier: In the theoretical Yakuza elimination method, YandereDev leaves it up to our imaginations what happens to the victims you abduct and give to the Yakuza.
  • Obvious Rule Patch: There are a litany of bugs that are a direct result from the player being able to run away if they're spotted committing a crime by a teacher, delinquent, or anyone with the heroic personality. The May 1st build attempts to solve this preventing the player from moving if they're spotted by such characters, therby forcing them into a fight.
  • Only Six Faces: To the extreme - until early 2019, every character in the game had the exact same face. In February, after years of YandereDev assuring us that this would change, it finally did. However, the "new' faces are still modifications of the original face, now with differently shaped eyes and mouths in additions to the different eye colors they had before.
  • Our Ghosts Are Different: If you take a picture in the girls' bathroom on the third floor (or by the Confession Tree in earlier builds), you can see a girl with torn clothes and a triangle headband flanked by blue flames. An old post from Halloween 2014 suggests that she was the girl that Ryoba, Yan-chan's mother, killed in the bathroom, and that a future DLC may focus on her attempt at revenge.
  • People of Hair Color: The students in the Drama Club are marked by their purple hair. The Occult Club has a similar thing going on, all having the same blue-grey hair. the rest of the clubs, however, have a more natural diversity.
  • Psychotic Love Triangle: Back when the final rival was planned to be another Yanderenote . Senpai really knows how to attract the wrong type of girls.
  • Quintessential British Gentleman: One of your head accessories in the debug builds is a top hat and curly moustache, which causes Yan-chan to spout Britishisms when the player presses the "laugh" button.
  • Ragdoll Physics: It is said that, unrefined, the Unity engine considers this a suggestion rather than a reality. As such, it is more likely than not that corpses will do bizarre things, especially when you try to move them.
    • If someone dies by a wall and any of their body clips into it, trying to drag them causes their limbs to stretch and contort horrifically until they finally, uh, pop out.
    • Using an Easter Egg like Falcon Mode or One Punch Mode on someone will send them flying (their bodies will be grossly contorted for a couple of frames the instant the punch connects). If you're inside, chances are the body will hit a wall or floor, at which point the corpse will get stuck and spaz out.
    • Anything having to do with Titan Mode. See the Funny and Nightmare Fuel pages.
    • Somehow, porting the game to Unity 5 made ragdoll physics worse. It's not uncommon for a newly created corpse to simply spaz out and fly a few feet away before finally settling down.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: Paired with Rhymes on a Dime to form the backbone of the rap battle between Osana Najimi and Ayano Aishi.
  • Rhymes on a Dime: See above.
  • Romance Sidequest: While YandereDev had long stated Ayano would have NO interaction, direct or indirect, with Senpai until the end of the game, he appeared to change his mind by 2017. In the Progress Report video from that January – much of which revolved around explaining Senpai's hidden Sanity stat – he floated the possibility of allowing the player to leave him anonymous notes and gifts as a way of restoring his sanity, in order to try and avoid the likely bad endings resulting from violently murdering Ayano's rivals (especially Osana and Hanako). Actually dating Senpai during the game will never be an option, so this trope is downplayed even if gift-giving is implemented.
  • Running Gag: Up through September 2016, any time YandereDev wanted to show off a new method of eliminating a rival, he would invariably test it out on Kokona Haruka, the purple-haired girl. Lampshaded in his poisoning tutorial.
    "Because Yandere Simulator doesn't have an official rival yet, we're going to pretend that one of these girls is our rival."
    [approaches the six rainbow girls and stands in the middle of their circle]
    "Okay, let's just pick a girl at random…"
    [takes out camera and focuses it on Saki, the teal-haired girl]
    "For today, the rival is going to be…" [suddenly moves the camera over to Kokona] "You."
    • In the video for the August 2015 update, he refers to her as "everyone's favorite punching bag".
    • When demonstrating the dismemberment mechanic, YandereDev uses Midori (his other Butt-Monkey) as the test subject, but at the very end of the video he reveals that he had already dismembered Kokona and the video fades out with Yan-chan carrying Kokona's severed head towards the camera.
  • Schedule Fanatic: YandereDev has a tendency to be one, trying his best for nearly three years to release updates to his game on the first and fifteenth of each month, along with an update video (plus critical bug-fixes in between). He didn't always succeed. His desire yet inability to keep to his self-imposed deadlines were the direct cause of his email-related rants in 2015 and early 2016. Slower than expected progress on Osana into 2017 nearly caused him to crack from stress and led him into a partnership with tinyBuild, which was later terminated because - you guessed it! - they were slowing him down.
    • He took two-week breaks in Fall 2015 and Fall 2016 (both times to play new video games), but admitted a bit of guilt over doing so – he released a bug fix during his 2016 "vacation". He felt slightly less guilty over taking a week off in Summer 2016 to go to Anime Expo, as he got to meet fans of his game.
    • So what should you email him about? (1) If you've encountered a bug in the most recent build of the game and can explain to him how to reliably reproduce it. (2) You want to help with the game and have the résumé/CV/portfolio to prove your usefulness – the game's website has a list of areas where help is most needed. (3) You want to show him your fanwork (he likes seeing fanart and cosplay photos). Other than that, best to leave him alone or he'll get very crabby very quickly.
      • The website's "Contact" page has a very useful (and entertaining) guide on when to email Yanderedev. That is, if you list your reason for contacting him as something you're not supposed to, the normally lurid pink website will turn blood red, the heart designs floating in the background will turn into broken hearts, and a drawing of Yan-chan will appear brandishing a knife in full yandere mode with the text "YOU DIDN'T LISTEN!"
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: If a delinquent witnesses a corpse without knowing you did it, he'll say this before running away.
  • Script Breaking: Inevitable since the game is not at this point even close to finished.
    • If you use an Easter Egg mode to kill Senpai… pretty much nothing happens. Yan-chan will somehow stalk him home at the end of the day and, in an Obvious Rule Patch, he'll magically come back to life the next morning. note  Otherwise, it's the same as if you had killed any other student.
      • This used to be true for the teachers too. However, as of the "Sanity Animations"note  update, killing a teacher results in her staying dead and a new randomly-generated teacher taking her place the next day.
    • As of the "Befriend/Betray" update, if you start Kokona's storyline, kidnap Musume, but then kill Kokona before the end of the day (making sure to clean up your mess), the rest of the sequence – filming the ransom video, having a text conversation with Kokona, and the cutscene of Kokona visiting Yan-chan's home the next morning – will still play out normally. However, Kokona will not be at school the next day or in your basement if you chose to "eliminate" her during the cutscene.
    • If you perform the "Befriend" elimination sequence correctly – asking Kokona to not pursue Senpai (which she'll agree to) – but finish it by Tuesday night, Kokona will still do her pre-scripted dialogue from the "Poisoning" sequence at lunch on Wednesday, which makes her come off as a liar. (This is no longer true as of the "Manipulating Students" update, where all of Kokona's scripted events were removed.)
      • This is also the case if you somehow manage to pair her off with Riku by 5:30pm Tuesday. She'll still pine for Senpai the next day despite otherwise spending her free time in blissful happiness with her new beau.
  • Shout-Out: This game is packed to the gills with these. The ones unique to the debug builds and developer videos are described in detail on the Trivia page. The others intended to be in the final game can be found on the Shout-Out page.
  • Shown Their Work:
    • Sometimes in the videos or on the blog, YandereDev will explain elements of Japanese culture that are in the game, such as why Yan-chan removes the shoes from a girl as she tosses her to her death, what bullying looks like in Japanese schools, and what exactly Compensated Dating is. An early post on the blog also has information he learned from an actual Japanese high school teacher, such as what a typical day looks like.
    • In the January 2nd 2017 blogpost, while introducing a new game mechanic linked to Osana, he explains what an emetic is and why there would be a bottle of it at school.
  • Single Woman Seeks Good Man: Gender Flipped in the Budo vs. Taro rap battle. Taro says he doesn't care what a girl looks like — just that she's nice, and maybe likes reading like he does. Time will tell if this holds true in the game proper, but if it does, Yan-chan may have her work cut out for her...
  • Soft-Spoken Sadist: YandereDev speaks in an incredibly calm and pleasant tone, but the subject matter of the game he's making results in him using this calm pleasant voice to regularly talk about bullying, blackmail, kidnap, torture, and murder with relish and cheer.
    • The very first noteworthy example, from Spring 2015, sets the tone for what would come.
      "Hello. Today, I'm going to show you how to kidnap a girl in Yandere Sim." (audible smile) "Let's get started."
    • One of the greatest examples (of many) came in April 2017 when he began a video with this gem.
      (cheery tone) "Let's start off with some good news. I've made progress on Osana!"
      *Yan-chan removes the AC unit's cover, grabs Osana's pigtail and feeds it into the fan, messily decapitating her, then faces camera*
      (ignoring the carnage) "However, I haven't made enough progress to make a whole video about Osana just yet."
  • Spear Counterpart: In test builds released prior to December 2015, the boys – well, the Rainbow Boys at any rate – were literally just male versions of the original six female students, although their AI base is different. Sending their photos to Info-chan revealed that the boys and girls who shared hair/eye color were in the same classes. They also used to be in the same clubs. The only real difference between them at that point was their personality type (girls were all "Loner" and boys were all "Teacher's Pet"). Over time, things became much more varied, until late 2018 when the "Rainbow Twelve" were removed from the game entirely to make room for more important characters.
  • Symbol Swearing: Played with during the rap battle between Osana Najimi and Ayano Aishi. The single swear word during the rap isn't censored, but the Big Ball of Violence after the rap has symbols (?!#@#**@@!#?#@) flying out of it, implying that the Angrish is censored swearing.
  • Take That!: YandereDev likes to do this whenever outside forces attempt to prevent exposure of his game.
    • After his video explaining the panty shot mechanic was flagged for inappropriate content on Youtube, YanDev added the feature to strip Yan-chan naked (with clouds of Censor Steam covering the objectionable bits… and only those bits), stating this was his way of getting back at them.
    • In mid-January 2016, YanSim got banned from livestreaming site Twitch without adequate explanation. As a result, the February 1st build opens with a joke Warning Screen with a Long List of "inappropriate" things the game contains – starting sensibly (bullying, kidnapping, torture, etc.), but becoming increasingly ridiculous (various states of sewage, game breaking bugs, an overworked programmer, "and much worse"). He later dropped the screen for being too narmy, but it got the point across.
      • Working under the assumption that Twitch's issue with the game was the "naked" (but Barbie Doll Anatomy) Titans, YandereDev changed the texture of the Titans' skin… to a low-resolution photograph of what is apparently red feathers but when stretched kind of resembles muscles (but looks more like bacon). A later build changed the Titan skins again, this time to something more resembling the source material (exposed muscles and all).
  • Take That, Audience!: The third installment of the critically acclaimed Kuudere Simulator is this towards impatient fans that won't stop bugging YandereDev about implementing Osana, so he gave them what they wanted… in the most anti-climatic way possible: Kuudere-chan whips out a gun and shoots Osana in the face, then gives a Deadpan Snarker reaction.
  • Teacher's Pet: A standard personality type in the main game, but it's notable in the builds that almost all male students not in the Martial Arts club qualify as this.
    • This began to change as the finalized clubs were implemented; some boys in the Drama club are Social Butterflies, the Sports Club are Heroes along with the Martial Arts boys, the boys in the Photography clubs are Sleuths, some boys in the Science Club are Loners, etc. It's now more split by club than by gender.
  • This Means War!: If any of the student council members are harmed or go missing under any circumstance, Megami will correctly assume that Yan-chan had something to do with itnote , and effectively declares war on her with additional security measures.
    • The Sleuths, along with anyone whose loved one is killed by Yan-chan, also fall under this if they find out she is responsible for the deaths. They will stalk her constantly, 24/7, without breaks, trying to catch her in the act.
  • Throw the Dog a Bone:
    • Most videos showcasing elimination methods use Kokona as a guinea pig, but the June 1st 2016 update video finally showcases a method that does not require harming her in any way. Instead, Yan-chan befriends her and helps her out of an unpleasant situation. Then, when Kokona visits Yan-chan's home to thank her, Yan-chan simply asks Kokona to back off Senpai, which she agrees to out of a sense of honour. The end of that video states the next elimination method to be added to the game would be Matchmaking, meaning that unless Dev picks a different guinea pig (unlikely), we'll get to see Kokona happy with another boy.
      • Defied. The next elimination method implemented wasn't Matchmaking; it was Crushing and Immolation.
      • Of course, when Matchmaking was implemented at the end of September 2016, Kokona was the test dummy again. To put the icing on the cake, Dev declared at the end that Kokona's time as the game's resident Butt-Monkey had come to an end.
    • YandereDev will occasionally have Midori ask legitimate, non-stupid questions, including ones he'll admit he has no satisfactory answer to, such as how exactly the skirt inventory system will work if Yan-chan isn't wearing a skirt (whether that be because she's wearing pants, is naked, or is hypothetically a man) or why all the students keep coming back to school when it's obvious there's a serial killer loose in it. invoked
  • Totally 18: The game comes with a disclaimer that all of the characters are 18 or older regardless of what the game itself says, or even what YanDev has said in the past. This was done, at least in part, to get around laws that ban depicting sexualization of or violence against minors (most notably Australia).
  • Uncanny Valley: An In-Universe meta variation occurred not with people, but with clothes. YandereDev mentioned that, prior to a programming breakthrough in May 2016, he could add assets not associated with the "Aoi" model to the game – other articles of clothing, for example – but they would glitch when the characters moved. He gave the example of wearing a pair of pants that would not move with the body of the person wearing them, and that it gave everything an unnatural and eerie feeling.
  • Underboobs: You can see Yan-chan's when you go into Venom Snake mode.
  • Unusually Uninteresting Sight: Several, as reactions to things aren't fully programmed yet.
    • While people will react to bodies or body parts, they will have no such reaction to blood on the ground. If a Teacher's Pet calls a teacher over to the scene of a murder, she'll assume it was a prank if Yan-chan simply drags the body around a corner, ignoring the blood trail.
    • The Magical Girl Wand Joke Weapon is (depending on the build) undetectable by police. You can leave it, obvious and bloody, at the scene of the crime, and the police won't find anything.
  • Unwanted Assistance: Midori in development videos is constantly interrupting YandereDev and harassing him by asking questions he's heard many times before and offering unwanted advice. In the game, she spends all day on the roof mulling over whether to do this to an unnamed game developer.
    "I wonder if he already answered this in the FAQ? I'll ask him anyway!"
  • Unwitting Instigator of Doom: If Kokona is repurposed for the eventual in-game tutorial, she'll ask for Yan-chan's help rehearsing a play about a serial killer, thus giving Yan-chan the idea and the practice to kill her rivals.
  • Video Game Cruelty Punishment: After reading an article about the game that expressed concerns about how it might be trivializing serious social issues like bullying, YandereDev wrote a thoughtful response that acknowledged the concerns and even considered including a mechanic in which if a student is bullied into suicide, the bullying option becomes unavailable as the rest of the students become horrified at their actions.
  • Villain Song: Yan-chan got two official ones for the 2015 holiday season: "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Murder" and "Yandere-chan is Coming to Town" (the latter courtesy of Ayano's own voice actress).
  • "The Villain Sucks" Song: 2016 saw the release of a Christmas-themed one called "You're a Mean One, Yandere-chan" (again sung by Yan-chan's voice actress).
  • Wide Open Sandbox: Discussed in a video, with YandereDev contemplating adding a number of previously unconsidered features the game, including a small town, to prevent it from becoming boring, with a warning that doing so would necessitate extending development time by at least half a year and/or soliciting for additional funds to hire professional aid.
  • Work Info Title: The title contains the game's genre.

"Thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator."
YandereDev at the end of all his videos.

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