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Third Odyssey: Return to the Motherland is a Game Mod for Europa Universalis IV originally built around the concept of the dying Byzantine Empire deciding to pull up its roots and flee to another land, emulating the Trojans of legend. A series of events eventually result in the arrival on the east coast of North America, basically in the same position as modern Washington D. C., and founding the Empire of Elysia. From there, the path is open, there is an extensive mission tree, a small book's worth of event text, unique decisions, and two new religions, as well as two vanilla religions modified for the purposes of the mod, as well as three culture groups. To the north are the remnants of the Viking colonies, long since reverted to paganism with their own, somewhat more limited mission tree as well as their own unique decisions and flavor events. To the south the Central American jungles will become the home of a splinter group of the Elysians, modeled after the ancient Spartans. There have been stated plans to add in two Persian nations coming from the opposite side, to help give more of a challenge to the Elysians, and ideas have been tossed around to add a smaller Chinese exile accompanying the Persians.


Third Odyssey: Return to the Motherland contains examples of:

  • Alternate History: The Greeks are fleeing to North America, and it's a Paradox grand strategy game.
  • Alternate History Wank: The Elysians have a tendency to have very few problems taking over most of the continent even in the hands of a moderately competent player. Despite repeated attempts to minimize this.
  • Game Mod: Of Europa Universalis 4.
  • Horny Vikings: The Nordic colonies of Markland and Helluland survived in this universe, are at each others' throats and have been raiding the Native Americans for centuries.


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