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Picture a mix of World of Tanks and BattleZone. You've got ThinkTanks, developed by Bravetree Productions and published by Xbox Game Studios.

First released in 2003 for PC and Xbox, the game featured a simple enough, arcade plot: You've been kidnapped by aliens, and fight your way out. By the way, you're a disembodied brain in a tank who is implied to be the brain of a soldier.

The main attraction of the game which has subsequently died down was multiplayer. The developer has since been absorbed into Garage Games and the game had a short F2P period from 2009 to 2010, before simply vanishing from the radar altogether, not even being available for purchase from the publisher's site (however, it can still be purchased from for seven American dollars).


This game provides examples of:

  • Competitive Balance: Theoretically it was designed to be this with the three classes of tanks. In practice, it was all high-speed, fast-shooting light tanks all the time in multiplayer. Players who tried to compete with the medium and heavy tanks would get utterly destroyed by the light tanks driving circles around them, and the use of the other two classes quickly became an indicator of noobishness.
  • Excuse Plot: You get kidnapped by aliens and subsequently make explosions happen. Repeat until you run out of tanks.
  • Tank Goodness: The other half of the game's title. You can have the typical Light/Medium/Heavy tank choices as per a normal tank game, and you can unlock the UFO which is lighter than the regular light tank.
  • Game Mod: At one point, entire sites were devoted just to skins for the game, but now the majority of such skins are hosted off of Planet ThinkTanks
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  • More Dakka: Sported by the Light Tank, which actually looks like more like a Gatling Gun on treads than an actual tank.