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Slender Fortress is a fan-made game-mode for Team Fortress 2, coded by Kit O'Rifty(As of 2015,by Benoist) and mostly mapped by Glubabble.

Heavily based off Slender, Slender Fortress strips the RED team of their weaponry and tosses them into some Abandoned Area where they must collect several items, usually pages or documents, and escape, all while being hunted down by... anyone, really.

Slender Fortress's main attraction is its large variety of enemies, called "bosses", that the RED team are hunted down by. The most obvious is the Slender Man, but the 100+ boss list can range from creatures of Outlast, SCP – Containment Breach and Cry of Fear to Black Mesa, Killing Floor and Five Nights at Freddy's monsters.


Slender Fortress shows examples of:

  • Abandoned Hospital: The Ward and Sanatorium maps qualify.
  • Abandoned Laboratory: Glubabble is quite fond of these. Frost Run, Sector Six, Containment Breach, Atomics, Alpha Complex and Storage Zero all take place in abandoned research facilities.
  • Abandoned Mine: The Abyss.
  • Abandoned Warehouse: Funnily enough, the Abandoned map.
  • Absurdly Spacious Sewer: Gutters and the Sewer map has tunnels big enough for an mountain tier boss to fit in
  • Always Night: There's not a single map that's not in the dead of night.
  • Ancient Tomb: The setting of Forgotten Tomb.
  • Artificial Brilliance: The bosses' AI are more complex than you think. They'll go into alert mode when they hear voice-commands and will investigate the noise, target specific classes dependent on the situation, and are surprisingly deadly...
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  • Artificial Stupidity: ...that's not saying the AI is perfect. Most will give up chasing the player in seconds, get stuck on objects very easily, and you are literally untouchable if you hide behind a prop as big/bigger than you in the corner, as the bosses' AI doesn't allow themselves to spawn too close the the player. To combat this, the gamemode has an AFK timer implemented in it that auto-kills players if they're still for too long.
  • Bedlam House: The Asylum map, of course.
  • Booby Trap / Death Trap: Forgotten Tomb are full of these.
  • The Cameo: On the Containment Breach map, SCP-106 and SCP-035. In random scripted events, 106 has a chance of sprinting down a corridor, and can actually insta-kill the players if they get in his way. SCP-035 can be found locked up in his chamber, begging the player to let him out, and they can do so optionally.
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  • Creepy Twins / Creepy Child: The Sisters from SCP-087-B. They are pale brunettes with blank eyes that jump at you the more you explore the Staircase.
  • Ear Rape: Woody's extremely loud laugh that plays for the entire server when he kills someone is funny at first. But when he's on a killing spree? Just mute your game to avoid permanent ear-damage.
    • Timorous's sounds.
  • Excuse Plot: A few maps have small backstories on how the RED team got there.
    • In Frost Run, they crashed their boat into an abandoned arctic facility and must search it for gas-cans to fuel up their boat and leave.
    • In Abandoned, they got trapped in a warehouse and must scavenge the place for fuel for the escape elevator.
    • Like in the original, Containment Breach has the team finding several key-cards, talk to SCP-079 and convince him to unlock the gate, and escape at once doing so.
    • Some maps, however, make no sense. In Sewer, how the hell does finding eight pages make an escape manhole open?
  • Fire and Brimstone Hell: Hellfire is as stereotypical Hell can get.
  • Ghost Town: Arizona takes place in an abandoned Arizonian desert town. 4way also takes place in an abandoned urban area, but only a parking lot with office buildings enclosing it.
    • The old Townsend map.
  • Haunted Castle: Cellars.
  • Haunted House: NoExit, Mansion, and Manor.
  • Hell Is That Noise: Some bosses rely on this to cause Paranoia Fuel but also, depending on the monster, their noise can be unexpectedly heard from the BLU base.
  • Joke Character: Shrek, Hentai Woody, Duck Nigga, Buzz Lightyear and Undead Führer.
  • Jump Scare: Bosses like Timorous, Trypophobia,Prisoner Head and Paranoia do this frequently but they use it as part of their attacks not as their coup de grâce.
  • Leitmotif: Every boss has one when they're chasing a RED.
  • Monster Delay: Most bosses don't show their true form until they're close enough to the player and kill them.
  • Non-Action Guy: Believe it or not, the entire RED team; a group of warmonging mercenaries. They're reduced only to their melee weaponry and even then, they can only use it pick up items and stunning bosses. Apart of that, the only thing they can do is run and hide.
    • Averted in The Tower map. This time, players can fight back and even kill the boss with their normal inventory. Note that kill only works on the default bosses of the map. Guns will only stun other bosses if the admin of the server spawns them(it might not even do anything if the boss is something like Woody or Paranoia)
  • Nothing Is Scarier: As with the original Slender, the atmosphere of the levels rely on this, building up some tension over the player where the monster could be anywhere.
  • Old School Building: Elementary takes place in two of them.
  • Original Character: Quite a few. Villar, the Sisters, the Bunnies, Trypophobia, Paranoia, The Horror, Timorous and Phasmo all originate from Slender Fortress, unlike most bosses who come from other games.
  • Swamps Are Evil: The Swamp map is haunted by who else but a rabid Shrek.
  • Unexpected Character: The most common bosses are famous horror creatures like the Slender Man and Jason Voorhees. However there are dozens of bosses that don't even fit the gamemode, like Shadow Miku, the Psychos and Merasmus.


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