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In 2049, a mysterious cataclysmic disaster known as the Shattering completely destroyed Earth's moon. Fifty years later, much of Earth is still uninhabitable. With boiling oceans and huge storms engulfing the planet, what few areas remain are subject to gravitational instability and lawlessness. The gravitational shifts have lead to a boom in technological advancements surrounding the phenomenon. The US Government and other nations form together the Transnational Authority of Supplement Control to help maintain order, but there are many criminals, as well as the Shura Corporation, who are more than capable of putting up a fight.

LawBreakers is a Hero Shooter developed by Boss Key Productions, led by Cliff Bleszinski of Unreal Tournament and Gears of War fame, is published by Nexon, and available on Steam. Its alpha testing stage began in 2016 and was released in August 8, 2017. The game revolves around 3-Dimensional combat through the use of anti-gravity zones on the maps. Players are split into teams of 5, and randomly chosen between fighting for the law, or being a Breaker. Each side has their own characters for each class:

  • Vanguard: Maverick (Law) and Toska-9 (Breakers) are both equipped with high-tech flight suits that allow them to fly around the map like a fighter jet and take out their enemies with an arm-mounted mini-gun. They also have the Pulsar Blast, a secondary ability to that fries enemies, and can throw multiple grenades at their enemies. The Enforcer's super ability, Starfall, charges up their flight suits to slam down on their enemies.
  • Enforcer: Enforcers are your typical run-and-gun shooter class. Axel (Law) and Kintaro (Breakers) are both equipped with assault rifles that let them take out enemies from far away with precise accuracy and an electric pistol for close range combat. They can sprint around the map, and have electromag charges that shuts down their enemies abilities. Their super ability, the Bloodhound Rockets, can lock onto enemies and follow them around the map with deadly precision.
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  • Titan: Titans are big brutes designed for sheer destruction. Bombchelle (Law) and Chronos (Breakers) charge into battle with rocket launchers equipped. While slow, the rockets cause massive damage to the detonation area. When rockets don't do the job, they pull out the Crisper, a lightning gun that fries their enemies in short time. They can leap across the maps and pulverize anyone they happen to land near, and can slow down enemies with their Neutron Mines. Their super ability pumps them with a cocktail of chemicals known as Berserk, which increases their size and health and lets them shoot electricity at their enemies directly from their bodies.
  • Assassin: Hellion (Law) and Kitsune (Breakers) are deadly high-mobility assassins who use their Arc Blades to make short work of their enemies and as grappling hooks to swing around the maps. Their secondary weapon, the Romerus Shotgun, fires high powered energy blasts, and can be charged up to unleash a single powerful blast that makes short work of their enemies. Their Flux Blast can push enemies out of the way. Their super ability, Frenzy, unleashes a deadly spin attack on any enemies in the surrounding area, and reveals their locations throughout the map.
  • Wraith: Deadlock (Law) and Helix (Breakers) have the power of gravity at their control, allowing them for unsurpassed mobility. The Spektor is fast and deadly in short bursts, but quickly loses significant accuracy with suppressing fire. Their secondary weapon is the Wasp, a short sword that makes quick work of their enemies. Combined with their ability to Double Jump and slide around the environments, they can also use their explosive Stinger knife to attack enemies from a distance or set up an explosive trap. Their super ability, Chrono Switch, allows them to control gravity and slow down their enemies around them.
  • Juggernaut: AEGIS (Law) and Nash (Breakers) are tough, huge robots who can barrel through defenses just as easily as they can take the punishment. Armed with the Instigator shotgun, they can make short work of any enemy they can get close to. Where the shotgun fails, the Instigator's built-in blade can Impale and finish the job. Juggernauts, living up to their namesake, can Charge at enemies, building up momentum to close the gap fast. They can also set up Holo-Deflectors to shield their allies and block enemy advancement. Their super ability Armor Protocol gives them vastly increased firing speed and armor.
  • Gunslinger: Abaddon (Law) and Faust (Breakers) have fast feet and even faster triggers. Their primary and secondary weapons are Alpha, a semi-automatic pistol, and Omega, a precision pistol that can be charged up. They wield both guns together at once. They have the ability to instantly Warp a short distance nearby, and can detect nearby enemies by throwing out their Tac-Knife. Their super ability, Barrage, unleashes an endless barrage of bullets from both guns for a limited time.
  • Battle Medic: Tokki (Law) and Feng (Breakers) are the typical healers, but are also armed to the teeth. Their primary and secondary weapons are the Lobber, a grenade launcher, and the Firefly, a burst energy pistol. Battle Medics can easily glide around the battlefield with their Hoverpack, and provide support to their allies by unleashing up to two Support Drones, which quickly heal. Their super ability, Defense Grid, sets up a protective field that repulses enemies, shields from projectiles, and heals allies within.

Following the closure of Boss Key Productions on May 14 of 2018, the game went Free to Play on Steam for a few months. This was because all multiplayer servers for LawBreakers were to be shut down on September 14 of the same year and be removed from digital platforms, which has prevented anyone from downloading or playing the game again.


  • All There in the Manual: Backstory for the world and various factions are explained when you unlock player icons for your profile.
  • Apocalypse How: Societal Disruption on a Planetary scale as a result of the Moon's destruction. Humanity survived the Shattering, and has advanced both technologically and physiologically thanks to exposure to Hadronium, but all the coastal regions across the entire planet were wiped out by tsunamis, flooding, and super storms.
  • Applied Phlebotinum: Hadronium, named after the gravity research center on the moon that is believed to be the source of the Shattering, is a mysterious mineral that rained down from the Moon. It has the ability to alter gravity, and even peoples DNA.
  • The Big Guy: The Bomchelle and Chronos are physically imposing over everyone else in the cast, and dish out huge amounts of damage, have high health, and lack conventional forms of mobility.
  • Bottomless Magazines: Subverted like with many Hero Shooter games; each character has unlimited ammo, but still needs to reload. This is even lampshaded on the Lawbreakers website, which states that the Alpha gun that the Gunslinger class uses has a built-in 3D printer that prints the bullets right inside the gun.
  • Chain Lightning: If a Titan shoots an enemy with their Crisper gun or while Berserk, any other enemies nearby will also take damage.
  • Combat Medic: The Battle Medics are designed with combat in mind. Their main healing abilities are two support drones that heal your allies over time, but they're equipped with grenade launchers for anyone who tries to get too close.
  • Curse Cut Short: The "Rise or Fall" trailer starts with Faust keeping a lookout at the perimeter of a TASC facility and making sure none of the personnel try to make any moves. When a giant explosion blows up the building behind him, he mouths out "What the F-" before the scene focuses on Chronos and Nash emerging from the explosion.
  • Cyborg: Many of the characters, especially the Breakers, have artificial limbs to some extent. Toska-9's legs are both robotic, and Feng's entire lower jaw is replaced.
  • Death Row: Chronos' body is infused with electricity, a result of him surviving years of torture, and ultimately, the electric chair.
  • Flipping the Bird: During the Alpha and first two Closed Beta Test periods, Toska-9's profile on the Victory screen showed her sticking her middle finger right at the camera. The third CBT removed it.
  • Gatling Good: The Vanguard class uses an arm-mounted minigun. It takes a couple seconds to charge up to full speed, but it becomes much more accurate when it does.
  • Hired Guns: Kitsune is an assassin who works for whoever is willing to pay her. Currently, it's the Shura Corporation.
  • The Juggernaut: Living up to its namesake, the Juggernaut class is difficult to take down. They're heavily armored, can build up great speeds by charging around the battlefield, can set up temporary walls that physically block anyone trying to pass through, and make short work of anyone who gets close to them. Their super ability adds even more armor and an increased firing speed.
  • The Leader: Axel is the leader of the TASC.
  • Lightning Gun: The appropriately named "Crisper" that Titans can use shoots out lightning. Their Berserk ability allows them to shoot it directly from their hands without needing to reload while the ability it active.
  • Living MacGuffin: The "Rise or Fall" trailer shows Axel, Hellion, and Maverick responding to Chronos, Faust, and Nash breaking into a TASC facility and trying to escape with a container. The container opens up in the ensuing skirmish, revealing a small, spherical robot inside. When the robot boots up, he's first happy to be released into the world, but quickly realizes what he's gotten involved in.
  • Ludicrous Gibs: Dieing from a sufficiently high powered attack will reduce you or your enemies into a blood smear on the surrounding surfaces.
  • Mega-Corp: It's no secret that the Shura Corporation desires control of the planet.
  • Painfully Slow Projectile: The Titan's rockets take a few seconds to travel, but they do significant damage to the area they hit.
  • Precision F-Strike: The Breakers are more than happy to swear.
    Toska-9: They wanted the best, we'll they fucking got it.
  • Ragdoll Physics: Getting killed in an anti-gravity zone will result in your corpse floating around before eventually settling on the ground. If a Vanguard gets killed while using their jets, the jets will rocket the corpse around.
  • Rich Bitch: Kintaro is said to be a very wealthy sociopath who has more than enough money to get away with murder. Who lives and dies in his mere presence is entirely up to him at any moment.
  • Robot Buddy: AEGIS of the Law, and Nash of the Breakers, are both in the Juggernaut class and are the two robots in a cast otherwise consisting entirely of humans.
  • Short-Range Shotgun: The Juggernaut's Instigator is most effective when your enemies are less than 15 feet away.
  • Speaks In Shoutouts: Nash was reprogrammed by the Lifers and given a "personality". They intentionally programmed all his verbal responses with lines from songs and movies from the late 20th century.
  • War Memorial: The Aftershocks and Effects Memorial lists the countless people who died from the Shattering.


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