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FarmVille FrontierVille was a Flash-based game by Zynga Inc., available through Facebook. You play a farmer, with a single farm homestead that consists of isometric tiles. You plow land, plant crops and trees, buy animals, and harvest them at regular intervals. You may also buy buildings, decorations, vehicles and various other items, many of which are cosmetic rather than functional. The primary currency is "coins", which are earned through harvesting, completing achievements ("ribbons"), and assisting your neighbors. There is also a secondary currency called "Farm Cash Horseshoes" which is primarily purchased with real money, and is necessary to buy most of the really good stuff. Through working on your farm homestead and buying items, you earn experience, which in turn unlocks better items as you gain levels.

The game promotes socializing and sharing. Your ability to expand your farm homestead is dependent on how many neighbors you have, so if you have Facebook friends who play FarmVille FrontierVille, you will probably be getting a lot of neighbor requests from them. Other than that, there are many items that can only be obtained by having someone send them to you as a gift, and you can earn extra coins and experience by visiting other farms frontiers and fertilizing their crops, pulling weeds or scaring off crows snakes, coyotes and bears.

The game supports many play styles. You can go for maximum coin earnings or maximum experience gain, become a collector, design your farm homestead around any theme you can imagine, or compete in the weekly contests for best-looking farm homestead. Play is allowed in any desired intervals, mainly through having a variety of crops that harvest at different rates, from two hours to five days.

It is a sister game to PetVille, FishVille and FarmVille. It was shut down by Zynga in 2015.

This game provides examples of:

  • Anti Poop-Socking: While you can sit there and obsessively farm homestead berries clovers if you really want to, most crops ripen and most events occur in daily intervals.
  • Arcadia: Considering that the only places you see in the entire game are farms homesteads, pastures and orchards, and everyone is an adorable little farmer in overalls...
  • Bears Are Bad News: ...and coyotes ...and foxes ...and groundhogs ...and snakes.
  • Bribing Your Way to Victory: The game may be played entirely for free and is fully functional, but there are a whole host of cool items, shortcuts and time savers available for those who shell out real money for Farm Cash Horseshoe, which otherwise trickles in at the rate of one per level earned.
  • But Thou Must!: There's a woman over there with a broken wagon, and I absolutely will not let you click on anything else until you answer the letter she just sent you. Every day. You physically can't ignore her.
  • Cosmetic Award: Nearly every building and decoration, save a handful of functional ones, is there simply to make your farm homestead look pretty.
  • Desert Skull: These keep popping up on disused parts of your homestead.
  • Determined Homesteader: The playable character is one, more so than in FarmVille, where the country is already tamed. You can also fulfill the full archetype by getting married and having a slew of children.
  • Engagement Challenge: Though not for the groom-to-be Hank, proposing to Fanny but for the player, who has to complete challenges so Hank can propose. The challenges include making a ring, and creating a customizable Pimped-Out Dress for Fanny.
  • Experience Points: You earn them by doing just about everything, and each level you gain unlocks new crops and items.
  • Gay Option:
    • You can have a spouse of the same gender as your farmer.
    • When you finish building the Kissing Tree, you can start one of three romances. One of such involves Fanny Wildcat and Bess.
  • Gotta Catch Them All: All the different types of trees, animals, miscellaneous decorations, collectibles...
  • Holiday Mode: Many of the decorations (as well as some animals and crops) are limited edition, meaning they can only be bought for a few weeks after they're introduced, and then they become virtually impossible to get your hands on. Limited edition content is usually based around themes, with holidays being especially popular.
  • In-Universe Game Clock: The game uses real-world time. Make sure you harvest your crops on schedule, because they'll wither if you leave them alone twice as long as you should.