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One warrior. One sword. Against them all.

A long time ago, humans have imprisoned the Old Gods in the ancient Citadel, and humanity prospered. Great and mighty kingdoms rose from the now-abandoned temples of worship. However, victories and successes were short-lived. In revenge, the Old Gods have released a plague known as the Desolation on the world, turning farmlands to deserts and rivers to dust. The armies of the Great Crusade were sent to Citadel to slay the gods, but they all fell and perished, and the human kingdoms were in despair. Then came a lone Crusader, going to the prison by himself to slay all the Old Gods.

Eldest Souls is a Souls-like action-adventure role-playing game developed by British independent video game development studio Fallen Flag Studio and published by United Label. You play as a lone warrior, set in a Dark Fantasy setting inspired by the likes of the Dark Souls series and Bloodborne where you must fight and destroy gods to save the world from them draining it in epic boss battles in pixel art form taking cues from Titan Souls. While exploring the Citadel in search of the Old Gods, you'll run into NPC's, take exciting quests and discover dark secrets and mysteries. Each battle against the Old Gods will be life-threatening, as you engage in fast-paced and challenging combat. Slaying an Old God gives you powers from their Shards to develop Talents to kill your next target. The game is set to on PC via Steam and GOG, and the Nintendo Switch as a timed console exclusive in the fall of 2020.


General Tropes

  • Big Bad Multiumvirate: The Old Gods, by the Desolation, are draining the world of all it's life as the final act of retribution for their imprisonment by humanity.
  • Boss Rush/Boss Game: Much like some of its inspirations, you fight huge, powerful beings the whole time, and kill them.
  • Captured Super Entities: The Old Gods have imprisoned in the Citadel for centuries.
  • End of the World: The Desolation caused by the Old Gods is causing great decay on a global scale.
  • Fantasy Pantheon: The Old Gods like everything in the lore of the game is fictional.
  • God Emperors: The Old Gods long time ago were the rulers until the humans rose against them and imprisoned them in the Citadel.
  • The Hero: The Crusader who must slay all the gods to save the world from ruin by their hands.
  • Jerkass Gods: It's suggested that the Old Gods are this as they released the Desolation out of revenge on man and likely to spite them for thriving in growing their civilization without them.
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  • Kill the Gods/Kill Them All: Pretty much the goal of the entire game is to annihilate all the Old Gods.
  • Power Copying: When a boss is slain, the player can get their remains of that boss known as a "Shard", which claim their abilities against other bosses.
  • Sole Survivor: The Crusader is the last of the Great Crusade, and the world's only hope for salvation.


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