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Videogame / Clone Drone In The Danger Zone

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"Earth stands no chance. When the harvesting fleet arrives, it will wipe out every living thing on the planet. Human weapons will be useless against them. But we are no longer human."

Clone Drone in the Danger Zone is a voxel based Hack and Slash game by Doborog. The story follows the human race's struggle against to avoid extinction at the hands of malevolent extraterrestrial robots, who are systematically slaughtering the entire Human population. They do this by destroying their bodies in fire, uploading their minds into robotic drones, and then forcing the roboticized people to endlessly participate in Gladiator Games until they inevitably die AGAIN for the amusement of their captors. They will not stop until there are no humans left.

The player character is one of very many humans who have already been taken by the robots. You must now continually fight in the arena to survive.

Thanks to it's unique controls and voxel based damage model, the game has very interesting and intuitive combat mechanics.




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