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Cloé's Requiem is an RPG Maker horror adventure game released in October 2013 by Nubarin and Nanashi no Chiyo of the group Buriki Clock, the same people who made Fantasy Maiden's Odd Hideout. It follows the experiences of a twelve-year-old boy named Michel D'Alembert, a violinist who is extremely talented, but hates training and is very lazy. One day, he runs away from his family and ends up in a strange mansion. There, he meets a young girl named Cloé, who tells him that he has a curse.

Cloé's Requiem consists of disturbing themes such as murder, incest and sexual abuse.

An English-translated version can be obtained here

There's a spin-off called "Cloe no Requiem: Con Amore". It's about Cloe and Michel's respective cats and their actions to stop Cloe's curse. There's also the light novels "Cloe no Requiem: Infinito" and "Cloe no Requiem: Infinito Andante". Also see Fantasy Maidens Odd Hideout, another RPG Maker game by the same group.


Cloé's Requiem contains examples of:

  • Abhorrent Admirer: Charlotte, to Michel.
  • Abusive Parents: Cloé's father, Alain regularly abused her and it's heavily hinted that he may in fact have also been sexually abusing her. Also, when her mother found out, she started neglecting Cloé.
    • Also, Michel's father neglected Pierre and forced Michel to perform on concerts in order to get some money for the family.
  • Adorably Precocious Child: The D'Alembert brothers in varying degrees.
  • Adult Fear
  • Advancing Boss of Doom: The vengeful spirit of Alain.
  • Alone with the Psycho: Those terrifying scenes when poor Cloé is left alone with her abusive father Alain.
  • Aww, Look! They Really Do Love Each Other: Michel acts as an Aloof Big Brother in front of Pierre, but when the latter snaps in front of him, Michel is so disoriented that he starts crying. Also, Pierre is distraught by Michel's disappearance, as shown in the Good Ending.
  • Because You Were Nice to Me: Cloé's attachment to Michel is that he once saved her from her abusive father.
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  • Big Little Brother: Pierre is more responsible and hard-working that the talented but lazy Michel.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: Charlotte the maid may seem sweet and reliable at first, at least until she starts talking about how Pierre should dissapear.
  • Bittersweet Ending: The Good End. Cloé is freed from her curse and dies on Michel's arms, giving Michel the strenght to resolve his own curse. Unfortunately, he has accidentally killed Charlotte and maimed his father and maid, meaning there's little chance he'll ever get to have the normal life he wanted.
  • Brilliant, but Lazy: Michel is a very talented musician, but he is very, very lazy.
  • Character Portrait: Full-body pixel portraits stand next to dialogue boxes. Their facial expressions can change to reflect whatever they're saying.
  • Cheerful Child: Cloé acts as a Foil to Michel's seriousness.
  • Cute and Psycho: Cloé, Michel and Charlotte.
  • Curse: Where to start? Cloé killed her abusive father in self-defense, who becomes a vengeful spirit and curses her, forcing her to become a ruthless monster. Also, Michel accidentally killed her very obsessive maid Charlotte, who curses him.
  • Crime of Self-Defense: When Cloé's father implied that he would kill her one day, she killed him in self-defense.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Michel.
  • Downer Ending: Most of the endings involve either Cloé eventually dying from her curse or Michel being killed by her.
  • Don't You Dare Pity Me! / I Wished You Were Dead: When Pierre snaps in front of his big brother, he says this almost word for word.
  • Dysfunction Junction
  • Foreshadowing: On a bookshelf in the first room to open on the first floor, a book that can be read talks about a famous performer who is believed to abuse his wife and daughter. This is none other than Cloé's father, Alain Ardennes.
  • Forgotten First Meeting: Cloé and Michel met a few months before the events of the game during a concert, when he saved her of her father's abuse.
  • Green-Eyed Monster: Pierre, towards Michel for taking their father's attention.
    • Also Charlotte, towards Pierre for being so close to Michel.
  • Hard Work Hardly Works: Poor Pierre practices on the piano hard every day, but he is never acknowledged, in favor of his big brother.
  • I Just Want to Be Normal: Michel.
  • I Just Want to Be Loved: Cloé states that she wishes her father to love her like a normal daughter, not in the way he actually does.
  • Life Meter: In the form of your sanity bar, which causes a Non-Standard Game Over if depleted.
  • Light Is Good: After you uncover all of the secrets on one of the floors, the lights turn back on.
  • Mismatched Eyes: Charlotte's left eye is red and her right eye is brown.
  • Multiple Endings
  • Non-Specifically Foreign: Judging by the names and surnames, we can hypothesize that the characters are French.
  • Not So Different: Michel realizes that Cloé is just like him, because their fathers treated them coldly, as if they were objects.
  • Parental Incest: Cloé's father frequently calls her to his room and rapes her roughly enough to draw blood. To make things worse, her mother not only doesn't care about her, but feels jealous over the sexual attention he shows towards her and hates her as a result.
  • Third-Person Person: Cloé.
  • Tragic Villain: Poor Cloé. She kills her abusive father, he becomes a vengeful spirit and curses her and the house. She becomes prisoner in the house and the only one who can save her is her Living Emotional Crutch.
  • Revenge: The main theme of the game.
  • The Reveal: The Cloé we have seen in the game is an astral projection of the real Cloé, who is cursed by her abusive deceased father and is nothing but a shadow of her former self. Michel is cursed as well, by Charlotte, the young maid he accidentally killed.
  • Sibling Yin-Yang: Michel and Pierre.
  • Soul Jar: Alain's is his favorite piano. Once Michel destroys it, Alain dies along with it.
  • Stalker with a Crush: Charlotte the young maid immediately falls for Michel.
  • Yandere: Charlotte can be very creepy over her love for Michel.


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