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Video Game Cruelty Potential / Idle Game

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  • Idle Apocalypse has this as a game mechanic. In order to get many types of resources and Dark Energy, you as the Villain Protagonist need to constantly sic your minions on the champions. Your minions will easily die against the champions and provide Organ Drops and Dark Energy for you. Then, there's the Juicer, a building that redirects specific types of minions there in order for them to be crushed and made into various juices. Finally, the spell Treachery makes the champions turn invincible and kill your minions in one hit but multiplies the Dark Energy drop from slain minions — essentially you're sending them to a quick demise for your Dark Energy gain.
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  • In Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms, you are straight up killing people. No joke. Granted, a good number of them are bad guys like bandits... but then some aren't as evil, such as drunkards at a tavern or sailors at a pier. That said, pretty much all of them are trying to kill you if you don't kill them first. This is subverted in later missions, where your characters no longer kill innocent people — once their HP is depleted, they run away instead.
  • Slurpy Derpy gives you the ability to wantonly sacrifice Derps (or their evolved equivalents) as one of the game's crucial mechanics, since those with lower stats than the current king and queen are usually worthless. The hordes of enemy Derps (or equivalents) you fight in the warfare minigame are explicitly stated to be those you sacrificed and are out for revenge.
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  • In Tangerine Tycoon, shortly after you build your first tangerine machine, you will find a cat sitting next to it and be offered the chance to throw it into the machine, which will unlock the next tier of buildings, the tangerine cat. The achievements screen has a message for you if you choose to do this:
    Schrodinger: Put the cat in the machine - You Monster!
  • Zombidle: Happens pretty much all the time, and casually to boot. You play as Villain Protagonist Bob the Necromancer, and the "enemies" you fight mainly comprise of the houses of innocent townsfolk. When destroying houses, they explode into flames, and sometimes burning villagers may run out screaming. Clicking on them ends their miserable lives and even gives you more skulls, and it's highly recommended to do so since it may also give you diamonds, a rarer currency.


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