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Video Game / Yendorian Tales The Tyrants Of Thaine

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Yendorian Tales: The Tyrants of Thaine is a role-playing video game written for MS-DOS in 1997.

Following on from the story of Yendorian Tales Book I and Yendorian Tales Book I: Chapter 2, the seal on the wizard Paltivar has been broken and his return to the lands of Yendor is imminent. However, as dire as the threat from the great wizard is, the kingdoms in the land of Thaine are on the brink of war themselves and must be pacified if the wizard's threat is to be averted.


Yendorian Tales: The Tyrants of Thaine was developed by SW Games and released as shareware by Spectrum Pacific Publishing during 1997.

Needs Wiki Magic Love.

This Video Game contains examples of:

  • Big Bad: Paltivar.
  • Druid: One of the possible classes you can have in your party.
  • We ARE Struggling Together: You must prevent the kingdoms from attacking each other before you can take on Paltivar.


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