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Video Game / X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter

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Dogfight in a Galaxy Far Far Away... Online!


The galaxy is engulfed in the
flames of Civil War. In the vast
reaches between the stars
great battles erupt with searing
laser blasts and fiery

Amidst the Empire's Star
Destroyers and the Rebellion's
Mon Calamari cruisers dart
small craft of incredible power
and speed... the starfighters.

Through the skill and bravery
of the men and women who
pilot these deadly craft, the
outcome ultimately will be

X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter was the sequel to both X-Wing and TIE Fighter and was first released in 1997. Though the game lacked a comprehensive campaign mode (like the well fleshed-out, highly praised story-based campaigns of its predecessors) it included a series of non-connected single player missions. Its main selling point, however, was that it would allow online play for players to hone their interstellar dogfighting skills against fellow wetware-based intelligence. In this sense, it perhaps could be best compared to Electronic Arts' Battlefield series or other games focusing strictly on online play.

That said, critics and gamers alike were disappointed by the lack of a single-player campaign mode, so LucasArts released an expansion pack, Balance of Power only a few months afterwards. The expansion contained a campaign each for the Rebellion and Empire, and greatly expanded the playability of the game.

Report on primary target: They've been troped.

  • Easy Level Trick:
    • In single player mode, the Pirate Targets melee will set your AI competitors to use the exact same craft that you've selected for yourself. If you give yourself torpedoes, the AI will never fire these, even though they can be used effectively against some of the slower targets.
    • Some missions where the primary objective is to destroy a capital ship can be won very quickly by equipping heavy rockets. By rotating through the fighters on your wing and firing the rockets as soon as they are locked on, the battle can be over within a couple minutes.
  • Gang Up on the Human: Possible tactic used by AI - one mission has three fighters specifically target human players. In addition, humans can do the same by pressing 'P' to target the next human craft.
  • Hitbox Dissonance: As long as your cockpit doesn't slam into enemy containers, your craft doesn't take Collision Damage (especially with the B-Wing). Lasers and other projectiles work as expected.
  • Old-School Dogfight: Standard use of space-sim dogfight games. This installment adds a feature that reduces turning rate if the throttle is above 2/3rds power.
  • Post-Defeat Explosion Chain: When larger ships (anything from a corvette up) are defeated, explosions are shown across the surface of the ship as it keels over before a larger explosion occurs and it disappears.
  • Sprint Shoes:
    • Like in TIE Fighter, Tractor Beams can be installed on several Imperial craft, and come with their own separate power supply that can be entirely redirected to the engines for a massive speed boost, if not using it to make up for the hit increased shield and laser recharge would incur normally. For multiplayer, most players loaded them entirely to take advantage of the power boost.
    • Also like in TIE Fighter, the Missile Boat is supported by the game engine (despite not actually appearing in the game), and it still has its SLAM system to double its speed.