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Vs Saxton Hale Mode is a fan-made game mode for Team Fortress 2, created by Dr. Eggman and the Random Fortress community.

Vs Saxton Hale pits the RED team against Saxton Hale, a single, player controlled enemy with the ability to One-Hit Kill and Super Jump. To compensate for this, most of the RED team's weapons are modified to be more powerful or versatile.

In addition, the base game mode features 3 other playable bosses (Vagineer, Christian Brutal Sniper, and the Easter Bunny). An extension of the game mode, titled Freak Fortress 2, has many more bosses to choose from as well as additional gameplay changes. These bosses can range from characters from Spongebob and The Matrix, to Metal Gear and The Legend of Zelda.


Vs Saxton Hale shows examples of:

  • Limit Break: All bosses have a "rage" meter that is filled up by taking damage. Most of the time, it is a simple area stun, although some rages can have extra effects.
  • One-Hit Kill: Subverted. While most classes are killed in one hit by a hale's normal attacks, overhealing tankier classes can prevent them from falling victim to this. In addition, some bosses cannot one hit kill every class, although they usually make up for this by having extra abilities or enhanced stats.
    • Played straight with One Punch Man. His attacks kill everything, and will rip through ubercharges and shields.
    • Ash Williams during his rage attack
  • Play as a Boss: Saxton Hale and any other boss is controlled by a player and they all have insane health and attacking power plus a Rage to boot. It's balanced out by the other team having several members on the other side who can whittle him down.
  • World in the Sky: Several maps, namely vsh_skyway and vsh_road_from_nowhere

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