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Virtual Family Kingdom is an independent MMO run by "a small group of technology specialists", created in 2008. The developers claim to have made it for their own purposes, but at least 90% of those who play it will agree that it was a half-baked replacement for the Disney MMO Virtual Magic Kingdom, as evidenced by the somewhat similar graphics and gameplay, and many players flaunting "VMK FOREVER" in their profiles. It has been in Delta for at least two years of its run, and remains so at the time of this trope page's creation. With a wonky economy, countless glitches and rather Uncanny Valley avatars, it has very little gameplay value unless you're a long-time player or are simply in it for the nostalgia of its predecessor.


Tropes found in this game

  • Adam Smith Hates Your Guts: GOOD GOD.
  • Allegedly Free Game: Non-paying players are usually much less favored than those who do pay.
  • Expy: Virtual Family Kingdom itself of Virtual Magic Kingdom, also including the following minigames:
    • Castle Fireworks Remixed = Victorian Fireworks Show
    • Haunted Mansion = The Haunting of Sleepy Hollow
    • Jungle Cruise Photo Safari = Audubon's Bird Game
    • Magic Checkers = Western Checkers
    • Pirates of the Caribbean = Space Pirates (All latter from VFK)
  • Obvious Beta


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