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Video Game / Vendetta (1991)
aka: Vendetta

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Crime Fighters 2 is a Beat 'em Up and the sequel to Crime Fighters, made in 1991 by Konami; it was released outside of Japan as Vendetta. The game has even more humor than the original and many more weapons.

Taking place in Dead End City, the Dead End Gang seeks to expand their territory. Only their rival gang, the Cobras, can stop them. The Cobras consist of ex-prize fighter Blood, former pro-wrestler Hawk, martial arts expert Boomer, ex-military convict Sledge, and Hawk's protegee, Kate. Kate gets kidnapped by the Dead End Gang who seeks to use her as bait in order to lure the Cobras into an inescapable trap and it's up to the Cobras themselves to rescue Kate and defeat the Dead End Gang once and for all.


This game has examples of:

  • Alliterative Name: Buzzsaw Bravado and Kruel Kurt, the first and fourth boss, respectively.
  • Angry Guard Dog: They appear in the last few levels just like in the previous game. In the Japanese version, some of them are in heat and attack the player via dry humping.
  • Bald of Evil: Kruel Kurt, The Rude Bros, Buzzsaw Bravado and Faust have varying degrees of baldness and make up most of the Dead End Gang.
  • Boss Rush: The final level. Unlike in Crime Fighters, you don't face them all at once.
  • Bowdlerise: The Western release removed two enemies from the game; in addition to the horny dogs in Stage 5, a Macho Camp BDSM punk that can dry hump the player to death was also removed. On both instances, their appearances are replaced with that of other enemies.
  • Captain Ersatz: The playable characters are clearly based off of popular celebrities, though the level of resemblance varies a bit. Blood looks like Mike Tyson, Hawk IS Hulk Hogan, Boomer resembles Jean-Claude Van Damme, and Sledge is a Caucasian Mr. T.
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  • Cat Scare: The big mook in the spiked shoulder pads and hockey mask, sometimes charging in with a large wooden beam as a weapon, is terrified of black cats, which are often conveniently hiding in the scenery where you fight them.
  • Competitive Balance:
  • Dominatrix: The female enemies.
  • Do Not Drop Your Weapon: Just like in Crime Fighters, enemies only drop their weapons upon death. You'll only lose a weapon after several uses, but at least unlike its predecessor, pretty much everyone drops their weapon upon defeat.
  • Dual Boss:
    • The Rude Bros., who serve as the stage 3 bosses (though the tall one is your actual target and the short one drops the instant his brother does).
    • During the Boss Rush, you face two bosses at once. Unlike Crime Fighters, instead of a new boss subbing in once one goes down, you ultimately fight three pairs of bosses.
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  • Elevator Action Sequence: In Stage 2, you have to get out of the way of two falling fat mooks during a particularly quick descent. Funnily, they don't survive the giant drop that their attack requires. A more traditional such sequence takes place in Stage 5, with the addition of some unseen foe above attempting to drop potted cacti on your head the whole way through.
  • Extremity Extremist: Blood is a boxer, though partially subverted - if both he and the enemy are on his feet, he's got a full kicking combo just like everyone else.note 
  • Faux Action Girl: Exaggerated. Despite being Hawk’s protege, Kate is not only the Damsel in Distress, she also never bothers to help out during the Boss Rush, instead just standing there and dancing.
  • Giant Space Flea from Nowhere: Joe Ohsugi, the mid-boss of stage 2. You're never told in the game that you'll fight this guy. He's probably there as an excuse to make sure that you're ALWAYS fighting two bosses during the end-game boss rush.
  • Guns Are Worthless: AMAZINGLY AVERTED on your end. A single shot from a shotgun will straight-up take out an entire row of enemies in just about all circumstances. Bosses take far less damage from it, but it can render entire chunks of stages a joke if you're careful. As an added bonus, it's way less deadly to the player characters as well! Though watch out once Faust is on death's door in Stage 5; he'll pick up a machine gun that IS equally as deadly to you.
  • Hoax Hogan: The game has a Hulk Hogan expy on Hawk, a former pro-wrestler part of the Cobras, a gang that antagonize the Dead End Gang, who has to rescue his protegee Kate from them.
  • Macho Camp: The gay sailors and dogs in heat return, and once again, they're only in the Japanese version.
  • Oddly Small Organization: The Cobra Gang. The game states it's the Dead End's rival gang and the only thing that can stop them from expanding. Yet while the Dead End gang has hundreds of members, the Cobra Gang is just the four playable characters and the Damsel in Distress. Guess they make it up by being One Man Armies.
  • Only One Name: On your side, all of the Cobra Members. For the enemies, Faust, the final boss.
  • Screams Like a Little Girl: Your death scream your characters make. They certainly sound wimpy.
  • Slasher Smile: Unusually, on YOUR side - Blood is clearly loving every second of the brawl.
  • Stalked by the Bell: If you don't get in gear once the 'go' prompt appears, an additional low-level enemy will eventually spawn in. If you don't take the hint, high-level enemies start spawning in until you do.
  • Sunglasses at Night: Blood, Joe Ohsugi and Faust.
  • Turns Red: When Faust is extremely low on health, he'll pull out a machine gun and fire it in a sweeping motion, and if you somehow don't die from that, he'll sweep it right at you. The machine gun is basically GOING to kill you unless you get to where he is and hit him first, and even then you have almost zero room for error.
  • Whip It Good: The female enemies. Beat them down and you can take their weapon of choice for your own use.
  • Wild Hair: Faust.
  • You Get Knocked Down, You Get Back Up Again:
    • Averted, knocked down enemies can be attacked. The same can apply to you, though.
    • Averted more as you can outright SHOOT enemies on the floor if you've got one of the shotguns.
    • Averted still more by you being able to kick the enemies while knocked down on YOUR back. You're still screwed if you're lying on your front, though, so watch for those cheap shots to the spine.
    • Some of the enemies (Buzzsaw Bravado, the shotgun mook, etc.) can also attack you while prone or as they get up.

Alternative Title(s): Vendetta